Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 27, 1948
Page 3
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Monday, December 27, 1948 HO P £ ST A R, H O P E, ARKANSAS 8LONDIE PAGWOOD YOUVE RUINED MV BHAUTIFLJL FLOOR THAT I SPENT ALL AFTERNOON WAXING AND POLISHING > U •• '.II .•:.: •' : < I- . .. • •. '. -' . ••: •/.: Cofr. 1SU, KJ»| ttaaici S r nJ,,-:i.-, Inr.' WVuU iirlai'mmi£'":.!.tf By Chick Youn$ nil i THINK OF ME-I'M A MASS "N OF LACeK?ATiON)S, ) CONTUSIONS, <. BUMPS, ABRASIONS ) AMD BROKEN j—^ BONES 'g^£ BUT THOSE '-N «^M, I SCRATCHES ARE ) ', - *3r S- GOING TO BE -==v V ^\ ON OUP FLOOR ) ^ > ** v " -i ALWAYS SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner COPR.J94B BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. c.^^^- yX/^fei l\«^B^:..p^,?'^gS2? l -\-^-«^V(SW&'-;';•>,;;. COPn.,19',B OV H6A SE_P.VIC£. INC. T. M. KG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 'It's lucky you're sick, Dorothy! I know Igot a low score in the exams today—just think what you'd have got!" "He THir>JKS a spark plug needs changing! That means before he's through we'll need a new carburetor, battery, fan, left front soring, generator and engine overhaul!" FRECKLES AND HiS FRIENDS FUNNY BUSINESS By , ,,.^; : *7 _coJjC.l?<?1 | yNtAStavice','i.^T,M.iii Bv BKossa? _„ . ^ . i .n.-. '. LETS ^ IS THE \GETTO B-B-BIGQEST\ WORK/ ICE-BOX I } UP -E-EVER ^ HERE WE HEAT ;. HOUSES '' WITM ELBOW \ "I'm going to get some heat this winter or know the reason why!" POPEYE A r MOUSE ABOUT TO COWUEMC6 / m V SAW/ WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING- FOR, LARD? / ELBOW Y'himbie V heai«-:< , people ij 6V NOUJ YOU KNOW IT'S THE STORY OF— GIANT AMD POPEYE'S PEOSLEM IS TO KEEP IT FROM "GIANT TM£ CAM HE DO IT?? ANS. AT EMD OF THIS Copr. I04fl. Kiiif, FcatuiCi Sj-n.llcilc, Inr , \VoilJ ti^lits tcsen'ej. DIDNJ' SAY THEV PATS. AM' I i DIDN'CAIL ' LJOU PROBABLY HAVE ENOUGH OM , SO THE 15 ypc// / kM*«X » • WE OMLV HOPS YOU WILL WONDER —HOIU.'.' SIMS " OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BQARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople EGAD, FELLOVM MEMBERS/ \\llTl4 V FIRST S G INS, \T BEHooNJssTneT-\"Hi^& ./( -S TO LAUNCtA A PRO6RAK Ol- H v-^r M£&D TvAe DEBATiMG ' , )( TEftNVS? -<~OMLY SYMPOSIUMS OM AR.T A^D \ (s A ^/l tvAlt^G ^ME E\f£l2 tTTERS-^-LeCTORSSONl \WORLt) )/ F£V>J "\) ARGUED V-'AS OLiTiCS-'— RcClTALS BVTKe ./(COSPIT30RS A WHO COULD l-HT VAE-3T(<OS -'— L&T'S MOT Slt^lC > Ar^D -C\ HAR.DER--- / " lOKKiL. OR f IS. V- ' EVERYTHING'S "/ CAM'T VOU Wf I KNOW, BUT SEE IT'S THE W GET SO EXCITEPAWD LATEST ) '^ HALL RUG? J%\ MAKE A SCENE.'YOU •~V s oe LOUIS ' '•-; ^v ^•'^^- ' 1 '•' i ^%K ' J^ 4S^v€f; I 1 'c^^aiSiii;,:^ -•.-7\V *" r^U WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY OZARK IKE By Rtnr Gottss HE RES WHERE FATFIELDS WRAP FOTH DOWN WilN' UP, AM/ TWENNV BOOT '" FIELD GOALf THE AND ANNUAL FIRST CLAH THAT SCORES, W/MS... AND WITH A F/RST OOVVAf OH THE /StBATT'S O/Wr- YARO LINE... By Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lane ^THKRE WAS NO REASON TO WORRY. YOUR MY GRAND 1 HE CONFESSED •O ME THAT, JUST WE WERE WORRIED, MRS./HAUOY, WHEN CHRISTOPHER IS A WEAKLING. CHRISTOPHER, WILL COME AS YOU SUSPECTED, STOOD UP TO HIM, ANU HE HADN'T WE FOUND YOU WERE HE KILLED POOR MR. GALE RIGHT IN THIS ROOM. 1HE COURAGE TO HARM ASH TUBBS Bl I.esHe Turner HES IM CONTACT WITH SOMEONE FROM A BOAT OFFSHORE ...HEARD THEM AGREE TO; MEET TONIGHT WNIME...BUT10UNNO WHERE! PROB'W SOMEPLACE ALONG- THE WEAMWHILE.l'UEGOT WATERFRONT. IXJE A HUNCH HE'Lt TO EAT! THIS GOLD RIWO TO GET POLAND'S TREASURE TO THE COMTIMEMT. MfW BRING ENOUGH TO TIDE W\E OVER. TILL I CAN TRAP HKA AMP .CLEAR POLICE- MAM, .EASY LOSES TRACK OF SNE/VTH. NEXT WORMING, BROKE AMD HUNffRV- By Carl Anderson , MOMS BiRTH- DONALD DUCK 8y Walt Disney JAIL£(1 5 INICHESJJX.^ ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamtin OH.filRLS, COME C3UICK .' TH' WAE MUST BE OVER... <PUE BKAS'E BO>'5 ARE HCME TH L/K6T I SA,\V <3P IN cue. PAL OOF; us WA.S ACTION / PEEP IN TH' ENEMY AT TH' HEAD i?F TH' TEW, A-KNOCKIN' LEMIAsN6 FOE. As By Edgar Martin WKVCHtO "WE OVO BUGS BUNNY .' you RE MY ?'/£:.' THAT'LL COST OM= BUCK, ELMSK/ ... 'ClJ^H.JSia BV .Vi'ARf.ER_ &a05 v CAUT_OlilS3. llvC. Ki'

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