Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1938
Page 4
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PACE FOUTf HOPE STAR, HOPE,. ARKANSAS ,. October 20, 10 CLASSIFIED RATES One time— 2c word, minimum 30c Three times—3Vic word. min. 50c Six times Co word, minimum 90c One month (2(3 liir.es>—ISc word, minimum _ |2.7i) .Rates arc fov continuous insertions only. In milking word count, disregard classification name such as "For itent" "For Sale," etc.—this is fre«. But each initial or namo, or complete telephone number, counts «s a full word. For example: FOR RENT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garagt. close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 13 words, at 2c word, 30c for one time; at 3Hc word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill. PHONE 768 REST AND RELAX Enjoy a good game oE Billiards with your friends. CRINER'S B1LLARD and DOMINO PARLOR Next door to New Theater GAS RANGES—HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Automatic Water Heaters Butane Gas Systems EASY TERMS Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 WE ARE PREPARED To Do All Kinds of Cold Storage and Meat Curing COMMUNITY ICE & PRODUCE CO. Phone 330 for Particulars Government COTTON LOANS Quick Service Classed and paid imme- ditcly in our office. Bring or send your sealed samples to me. Licensed to classify and certificate cotton for 1938 government cotton' loan. Hope, Ark. See What You Bake UsePyrex OVEN WARE Reduction Bed Room Suites Just Received a Full Assortment. Hope Hardware COMPANY You Owe It to Yourself TO TRY OUR Superior Dry Cleaning Meth- makes in the appearance of your clothes. Phone 148 CO OKI White Star LAUNDRY & CLEANERS g^MMlM* AUTUMN SPORT 1 Pictured ball is Used for V A player in this sport. 32 Sun god. 13 To got up 14 Earth. 15 Above. 16 To question. 18 Russian empress. 20 Black bird. 21 Being. 23 Foe. 24 Palm leaf. 25 Hymns. 27 Turf. 29 Inlets. 30 Bronze, 31 Senior 33 Fruit pastry. 34 Verb. 35 Southwest. 36 To soften leather. 38 Compass point. 39 Curse. 40 Game of •> marbles. 42 Journey. 44 The bendy tree. Answer io Previous Ptmle 22 Petticoat, 24 Is indebted, 25 Air play in this game. 26 Principal • conduits. 27 Holy man. 28 Period of play in this game. 32 Bast fiber. 35 Possessing flavor. 37 Russian village. 39 Large. 41 Containing boron. 43 Wireless. 44 To discuss. 45 Paid publicity. 4C Measure. 47 Flat-bottomed boat 48 To merit. 49 Street, 51 Eyes. 54 Tree. 55 Breakfast food. 57 Bushel. CO North America. Services Offered See Hempstcad Mattress Shop, 712 Weet Fourth, for New and Re-built. Phone Paul Cobb. G58-J. l-26tc 45 Beasts of burden. 50 Money changing. 52 Whirlwind. 53 Plnnted deeply. 56 Doctor. 57 Twice. 58 Neither. 59 Cotton picker 01 Scoring piny in this sport. 02 Plnces' where Kcorc is made . in this game. VERTICAL Brother. 2 Fertile desert spots. 3 Transposed. 4 Bite. 5 Person who is assessed. 6 Thin. 7 Wee. " 8 Constellation. 9 Court. 10 Pertaining to the moon. 11 Roof point covering. 14 Not bright. 17 Burr in wood. 19 Note in scale. 20 Sound of sorrow. Not now/ . . . thanks to Black- Draught. Often that droopy, tired feeling is caused by constipation, an everyday thief of .energy. Don't put up with it. Try -the- fine old vegetable medicine that simply makes the lazy colon go back to work and brings prompt relief. Just ask for B1ACK-DBAUGHT.. "An old friend of the family." Legal Notice Warning Order Plaintiffs No. 5217 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation, et al vs. Claude W. Garner, et al., .... Defendants The Defendants, Claude W. Garner and Ruth Stuart Garner, his wife, are hereby warned to appear in the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation, and H. L. Hodell. Trustee. Witness my hand as clerk of said Court end the seal thereof on this llth day of October, 1938. 'SEAL i RALPH BAILEY, Clerk Oct. 13, 20, 27, Nov. 3. SEE JETT WILLIAMS For Quick Service when making your Government Cotton Loans. Classed by a Government Licensed Classet, 108 South Walnut Street STORIES INSTAMPS UNI'I 111) STATICSWA.MI.IHrV COMMONWEMIHOI THlPNILIPPIN! b Permanent Oil Wave SI.50. All work uaranteed. White Wny Beauty Shop, hone 119. 20-3tc Notice NOTICE—See Frisby, Ideal Furni- ure Store to buy, Sell or Trade Fur- iture, Homes or Farms. Some bnr- ains, act quick. 20-2Glp. NOTICE—Local money to lonh on improved fnrm lands nnd city property; low interest rotes; quick action. Harry J. Lemley, Hope Arkansas, iM-Oct 20c FOR RENT FOR RENT— 3 room apartment, garage. Utilities paid. 100 E. Ave. B. riinne 908W. Mrs. B. M. Jones. 18-3tc FOR RENT—Room with or without bo:ird. Reasonable. Phone G;M. 20-3tc For FOR SALE-SORGHUM SYRUP AT STAR OFFrCR. t3-2()lcl!i Take iidvtmlngc of oiir special offer . . . repair, repaint, or re-roof now mi,I I)? prt'imred for winter. No down payment, small monthly ti>rins. lltnip- stcad County Lumber Co. 20-(Hc FOR SALE—A rear stock farm. 387 acres. 30 ucres cultivated. Three houses, two barns, deep well, fnrm- iiu! tools, well fenced, will sell chenp. A. C. Erwin. 10-3lp T ' i „ t £'ave Money by mnkilig repairs and save your home. Lot us furnish lumber, pnint. nntl roofing. No down payment, pay by month. See us for iii- fonniition concerning vepaining. No oblifintinn. Ht'tnpstciul County Lumber Co. Lost LOST, STRAYEt> OR STOLEN- Qroy-.ftl'iped kitten, about two months old. Hcwiml of $1. Upturn to B, J, Oitlnirn. 517 South Mnin, phonu 855. LOS i -Brown leather purse, eon- lniniriR white pearl cnmpmU. Holurn to Alibey Hutt'hetis, 707 East Division, Phone 71). ai-Iltc he-roof NOW before cold wenthor and ruins begins. No clown payment, easy monthly terilis. Hempstend County Lumber Co. 20-file A new dt-vico bns boon invented for airplane!; which worms pilots whenever they are approaching mountains, II i.s nn altimeter which registers height above land. Today's Answer t« CRANIUM CRACKER mi Piige One ''£,., The pink reTer'-ed to Is Hy f <io < Park, In London. The fictional character is Dr. .Tekyll (Mr. Hydft)'* He ti|ipctirs in Unhurt .Lewis Stfi* vensnn'.s "Stnnif;e Case of Dr.,,.. .Tekyll mid Mr. Hyde." "'I' Could Prove Ills Ajri'l UTU1ANA, 111,-i/lv-VVhen » 72-yoat-* old Urbann man applied for an old age pension he was asked for proof f of his asc. He referred riuthoritic^ia his mother, JIG. who i.s in good health except for her sinht, ' ;*• OUR BOARDING HOUSE ... with ,.. MAJOR HOOPLE MV UWCLB PEACH WAS ONLY OWE EVE AMD OFTEN HE'D HOCK HIS WOODEkJ LEG DAY FOR A TWIM TO MIS Bi I'LL R e THE AWTb TO TWO EVE? EGAD/ THAT'S IT/ HERE,GIVE'lT TO MB PROSPECTIVE TOOMER LOST IT WMEM ME CAl.'-ED TODAY ASIP ME REQUESTED THAT t KETUKM IT TC> Ml.V\ AT THE EARLIEST POGSIBLB T'AA COLLECTING 6LASS EVES I'LL GIVE Vt>U A WHAT YOU ARE LOOKIkia FOR? LOOrtS LIKE A PIECE OF 6 IT'S A GLASS WOW WHERE •DID THAT COME FROM? BUCK FOR IT, 3AKE' READV TO SET THE HOOK=» Q. U. 8. P«T. Off 1938 BY NEA SERVflfETlNC OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS ncr.T^. HE.BOES A RE AAADE - MOT BOPSJ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 'T. u. PEC, u. 8 P»T Of F. Those Men Again By EDGAR MARTIN \ ]* • ' POOR GOY TRVIKV ! XN TO SWf^vit THOfet ,-^V^~^ " ALLEY OOP t 1 1- L ^'j-h'^ -• UseA Hope Star Want Ad Spaniards Killed Rizal To Save Philippines Tf 1 O_RTY-TWO years after bril liant young Jose Rizal was out to die as a rebel against the Spanish authorities in Hie Philippines, the islands are trying their wings of freedom under the provisions of a bill passed by the United States Congress in 193-1. American recognition of Philippine independence is provided in this bill after a 10-year transitional commonwealth government. Thus Rizal's long struggle for his people's eventual liberty is pointing toward an end, and Filipinos see at last that it was not in vain. Leader of the Young Filipino Party, Rizal was shocked at the cruelty of the Spanish government in the islands, began an intensive campaign against it after he returned from education in Madrid and Germany. He first turned the light on affairs in a novel published in 1886, "Nole m«> Tangere." Thereafter he became a fugitive. Later, however, at the risk of his own life, he returned to the islands, was banished again to Mindanao. This time he founded a secret organization to carry on. An uprising was plotted, but the government learned of it prematurely, arrested and deported hundreds of natives. Rizal h/mself vas executed. Soon afterwards he United States won the islands n the Spanish-American war. Rizal is shown here on a special ommemorative issued in 193G, ne of .three values. Copyright, 1938, i,'EA Service, Inc.) IAY KftKKY AINT NO / AND I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW ^ SCRAWNY CRITTER.' THAT I'LL NOT STAND FOR I LL HAVE VOU KNOW VVOU DECEIVING ZEL ABOUT THAT IF IT WASN'T I\ THOT -" T HAT MID6ET.'! FOR HIM— '^ Ooola Has a Surprise Coming Nf A SERVICE, IKC. I.M. HCC. U.S. PAT. OFF. SO-3 By V. T. HAMLIN Government Cotton Loans Quick Service—Immediate Payment Cotton classed by a Licensed Government classer in our office. T. S. McDAVITT & COMPANY Hope, Arkansas The; brink of Niagara Falls has rnov- icl seven miles westwai-fl in the last 30,000 years. Just a Few of the Thrifty Women who Shop the Grocery Ads in The Star Every Thursday AND SAVE! Don't Forget the Grocery Ads Appear Every Thursday NOW SEE HERE OOOLA vou GIT 7 VOOR AJOW, FOOZV-COME"! ALONG AND BRING L THAT FUNNV LOOKING LIZARD WITH VOU- WASH TUBES I'M TIRED OF LISTENING TO OKAV, HOT-SHOT/C'MON. FOOZV- VOUR IF 5HE 'N5I5TS ON STICKIN' HER ' .^..nvi. . luwui iwu»\ \ ir one u^jui3 ui^ Jl|ur\liN nt JG DINOSAUR/ I WANT^I NECK OUT WE'LL GO ALONG HER TO SEc IT/ ^-~\ AND SEE^ TH 1 FUN/ ^ <<TN •**"%*&> $ © ^M^ *. ^^ _r^^-f -Lu. i-U — rm " ^ ~ TOW OMDERSTAND. YOU \HOTH\M6 THAT DRASTI?! NEYER \WEESU TO SEE YOUR. \ OtO CHAP. " SUiTOB A6AIM. THEW VJHV /, e\ f^ 7 H T 4 s i>y An Old Enemy Reappears SEND FOR CAPTAIN ) ^ DAUl^OM ^- —N—— / COPR..1838 BY NEA SERVICE. INC.. T. M. EEC. U. S. P«T. OFF. By ROY CRANE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A THEES CAPTA\K1 DAVOSON" TAKE CARE OF HEEM. AVJ OLt> SEA CAPTAIN, AND HARD A-S WAtL-5. HE WAS A GUVS RUWNER EEM OUR MEXT TO THE LAST REVOLUTION — I BEEtA AUO APP01V1T HEEkA CHIEF OF T POUCE THE RVSHT HAMD WAVJ.THA'S WE, . KNOW W«ri,\ YOU'RE A FRIEND OF W5 E<CELL6MCV, VER ADOLFO DE L<\CUCAB/>,CHA, DO WEETHOUT P BULL, 9AL OF NMWE, BY THUNDER, AN' DON'T FOC6ET IT. Bagley Is Picketed BUT BET WE GET Pur OFF TME FIELD / WS CAM TkY IT.THOUSH, By MERRILL BLOSSER WMAT WOULD YOU BOYS THIMK IF 1 HAD YOU <ICKED our OF THE «/^i 'oTACJIUM/ -#—".*• \r MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Surprise Attack WITH FRECKLES ON THE BENCH, WHO WOULD You GET THAT COULD KICK THAT FAR ? WELL- AIMED TflAR (2, AS BOMB' EXPLODES INJ THE MIDST OP THE .TUST AS THEY P(?el^ARE TO "DGOP WHITE 1 / I"O COLD 8LOOD/ -• By Ray Thompson and Charles Coll (] U SJ A FLASH JACK -SPRIWGS TO AID 1)0 -SUBDUIKJG THE CHOKIWG BAMDITS . . . 0' , ' MVEA IS AUA.RMED AT THE SOUWD OP THE SHOOTIM&... LEAVE IT TO AAV BOYS 10 TAKE CARE OF

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