Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1938
Page 3
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Thursday, Oclob'er 20, 1938 PAGE THREE A Dream Of Autumn Mellow Un7.es, lowly trailing Over wood and meadow, veiling Somber skies, with wild fowl sailing Sailor-like to foreign lands; And the north wind overleaping Summer's brink, and flood-like sweeping Wrecks of roses where the weeping- Willows wring their helpless hands. Flared, like Titan torches Hinging Flakes of flame and embers, springing From the vale, the trees stand swing i"K In the moaning atmosphere, With the sorrow of the year. Hich us wino the sunset flashes Round the tilted world, and dashes Up the sloping West, and splashes Hcd foam over sky and sea— Till my dream of Autumn, paling In the splendor nil-prevailing, Lake « sallow leaf goes sailing Diwn the silence solemnly. —as. Whitcomb Rilcy. A called meeting of the Choral club will be held at 3 o'clock, Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. C. Carlton. A full attendance of the Friday Music Choral club is urged as business of importance will come before the meeting. Miss Kjilherine "Pondrum of Tcx- arkana is the hnu.se guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Cooper. A Three Days'Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you have tried for your common cough, chest cold, or bronchial Irritation, you may get relief now with Crcomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing nnd you cannot afford to take a chunce with any remedy less potent than Creomulsion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble nnd aids nature to soothe and heal the inflamed mucous membranes and to loosen and expel gcrm- Inden phlegm. Even If other remedies hnvc failed, don't be discouraged, try Creomul- ston. Your druggist Is authorized to refund your money If you are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained. Creomulsion is one word, ask for it plainly, see that the name on the bottle Is Creomulsion, and you'll get the genuine product nnd the relief you want. (Adv.) 1111111 u 11111111! 1.1.1 mm ii i!.! 11111U11 'Ji lU i Just Unpacked New Barbizon SLIPS LADIES Specialty Shop The Bny View Rending club held its second meeting of the club year on Wednesday nftcrnoon nt the homo on Mrs. J. It. Arnold, North Hcrvcy street, with Mrs. D. B. Thompson as joint hostess and Mrs. E. E. White Vending a most interesting mid m- formntive program oil the subject, "Along the Old Trnins With Wnshing- ton." The rooms were bright with colorful fall flowers mid 17 members responded to the roll cnll with some interesting current event. Following the opening routine by Mrs. T. R. Billingsk'y, vice president, in the absence of the president, Mrs. Hugh Smith, Mrs. V. A. Hammonds rend the minutes of the previous meeting. Mrs. While told of the beginning and development of Washington City followed by Mrs. Hugh Jones who gave interesting facts in regard to the national highway leading into Washington along the lines of the old Brnddock trail. VIi.s.s Minnie Twitchell told of the men iving in the time of Washington, who lad built and followed the old trails. During the business period, the time tf meeting and program for November was exchanged with the program of Clh placing the meeting of the 2nd at he home of Mrs. II. M. Briant, with Mrs. T. R. Hillingsley as joint hostess uul Mrs. Arch Moore leading on 'The Oregon Trail." During the social lour, the iio.sto.sacs served nu ice course with cake. -O- Mrs. Wayne England and little son Jeiic, have returned from a visit with relatives in Horatio and DeQueen. _O- The regular monthly busintss and social meet of the Alnthean class of the First Baptist Sunday school was held on TucMliiy evening in the educational building on South Main street, with Mrs. Claude Suttoii, Mrs. Frank Douglas and Mrs. W. E. Thrash as hostesses. The Halloween mutif was used in the decorations and re fresh men Us. Following the business meeting, games and conle.st.s were enjoyed and delicious relreshmcnUs were served to M mem- Iwrs. Animals of Adam's Day WiUBe Shown Pictures Reveal Startling Discoveries About the Bible Britain's "Aerial Fence' 7 Needs Mending In his archaeological lectures illustrated with beautifully colored pictures, Dr. John T. Morris, nt the First Presbyterian church each evening this week, is revealing startling discoveries about the Bible. Wednesday njght, he presented the pictures of excavations of the ancient city, Ur of the Chnldees, disclosing the fact that scientists have discovered the cradle of civilization to be exactly where the Bible places it—in Mesopotamia, instead of Egypt. Excavations have unearthed revelations of marvelous civilizations existing hundreds of yours before Abraham was born, and scientists make the statements that the farther Uiey go back into ancient civiliiataions. the greater those civilizations appear. Of special interest were the pictures of magnificent vessels of gold, golden cups and vases and statues, displaying artistic ability equal to modern times. Thursday night actual photographic pictures of the animals of Adam's clay will be shown. Pictures of other marvels of the ancient past will be shown, such as huge building stones, quarried on four sides, which modern machinery cannut move, many of which have been found in walls more than 20 feet above the ground. Everybody is invited without charge for admission, but a silver offering Ls expected. No poultrymMi should b« without poultry-house lights. Once llgt is staarted in the fall, it must be continued regularly until about April 1, poultry sepcialisU say. Alasaka is fcoon to rtcclve the United, States government's attention In th> <3Slambllshment of defense works on it' Pacific Coast as a precaution against attack from Asia. MALARIA KILLS THOUSANDS Mr. and Mrs. Jack Huckaboc announces the arrival of a son. born Sunday October 1C. he has been christened Terry Lynn. Don't Begin the Fall With Malaria In the System Malaria works as a parasite by feeding on the energy corpuscles in your blood. It increases as time goes on and since you get it in the summer, Fall is the danger time. First you feel tired, cross, run down, have nc energy, nervous and are constipatcc and bilious. Then you get horribly achy and finally Malaria, Chills and Fever strike you. A large percentage of Southerners have Malaria and Biliousness so if you have the slightest symptoms, take easy, pleasant Hash's C. & L. Tonic. MADE BY SOUTHERNERS This splendid proven remedy is made by a Southerner who knows Southern ailments. Thousands in the South take Wash's C. & L. Tonic and know how well it rids the blood and Malarii thereby helping energy return and reJ lieving that bilious and sluggish feel-- ing. GUARANTEED Today get Nash's C. & L. Tonic take one week. If you don't feel much better, return the bottle to your druggist and he will return your money. Nash's C. & L. Tonic at good drug stores everywhere 50c. For sale in Hope by Ward & Soru And all other good drug stores.. Mrs. Elva Ward Hackett Dies at Gladewater Home Word was received,in Hope Thursday of the death of Mrs. Elva Ward Hackett, daughter of C. C. Seaman, ormer Hope resident. Mrs. Hackett lied at her home in Gladewater, >X:IM. The body will be brought to Hope "or funeral services Friday afternoon 'rom First Methodist church. The funeral hour, although not definitely innounced, will probably be 2:30 o'clock. Surviving are her father and three laughters. THURS-FRI. Saenger's Big Picture Will Be Shown here due to closing of SAENGER for Sound Installation 'ALGIERS" with CHARLES BOYER Sigrid Hedy GURIE LAMARR 10c-25c Mat. 15c Thurs. & Fri for Stopped-l)p NOSTRILS. dui I* eoldi W HY try to open stuffy nostrils by blowing into your handkerchief until your nose is red? Simply insert a little Mcntholatum into each nostril. Note how effectively, yet gently, It relieves the stuffiness and soothes irritated membranes. Instead of being a "blowhard," use Menthomtum. It's the clean, gentle way to open stopped- up nostrils due to colds. MENTHOLATUM Hitler's Demands Steep for French French Won't 'Buy' Peace, But Negotiations Are Continued PARIS. France.-!/! 1 )—Chancellor Hit ler's re|K>rU'd price' for a guaranty o Franco-German pence appeared tot high to France Wednesday. In preliminary conversations Gcr many was said here to haveoffcre< 10 guarantee French forntiers again attack if France would return Tog and the C'ameroons, prewar German I colonies in West Africa; if France I would recognize that Germany should have numercal superiority in war planes and if France would assure Germany a free hand in Central and Eastern Europe and renounce the Franco-Russian mutual assistance pact. The possibility renvained, however, that sonic kind of an agec-nient might l>e eaelicd. English leaders have been lining the French to seek something parallel to the Anglo-German friendship pact initialled at Munich. In the willingness of both France and Germany to discuss possibilities of a non-aggression pact some Paris observers saw a diplomatic game aimed at Italy—a warning by France that Italy should confine itself to the Modi- ; tcrranean and a hint by Germany that unless Italy abandoned its support for Hungarian claims, Germany could find a powerful friend in France. Count Johannes von Wclczcck, German ambassador to France, talked to Georges Bonnet, foreign 'minister. Andre Francois-Poncet, French ambassador at Berlin, flew to Hitler's Bavarian home, Berchtesgaden. The visit to Bonnet followed a talk von Welc- Great Britain's air defense exports conceived the-idea of erecting an "aerial fence" of captive balloons broke Iwav and ra?s£d considerable damage to-London houses with their, trailing cables before they broke away^ana causey c^ , Nevei . the , css>&the experts- declared, the experiment a success Big Circus on Saturday Washington Negro Commits Suicide Robert Tyree, 54, Kills Self With Single-Barrel Shotgun i Robert Tyrce, 54, negro, shot and killed himself at his home two miles southwest of Washington Wednesday, Coroner J. H. Weaver said Thursday after completing an investigation. The corroner said the negro apparently placed the muzzle of a single- barrel .shotgun into his mouth and pulled the trigger. Death was in- stanttaneous. Coroner Weaver said the negro had been in ill health the past three or four years. The negro's sister was in an adjoining room when the shooting occurred. LOUISIANA STATE FAIR Shreveport, Oct. 22-31, Incl. Agriculture—Livestock—Poultry ("Belles of Liberty"--Sup«r Musical Production] 300 Living Artists . AiiTnRAPFS FIREWORKS AUTO RACES Every Night Sundays FOOTBALL SATURDAY, OCT. 22 Louisiana Tech—Normal ^ Daily, Except bunday SATURDAY, OCT. 29 Central—Loyola U. Pari-Mutueis LOS Angeles 6 or more Races Daily N^OCT.U "IT'S YOUR FAIR—SO BE THERE" Mclrosc Revival Meet I John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps .There will be a revival meeting at Melrose Baptist church beginning Monday night, October 24, and will be conducted by the Rev. D. O. Silvey. The public is invited to attend the services. Sale! DRUGS Guernsey School play "' """" | A three-act play will be given at Guernsey High School auditorium H-illv Hall o.v of the army of funsters thats coming to Hope with the Guernsey High School auditorium j big circus on Saturday, October 22 is telling his friend "Quccnlc" .that cir- Friday night or the benefit of the I b , . ..,,_,..:.. „„:— ,„ !,„ ., „•,)„ /^ncir,,, fnr nil 4hn vnnnpsiprs and Sirls' basketball team. The public is • jjj f, £l[*cmi (JI1 iJ" ULt I U« J i **S »- vvi-"-t •"• •" ,_-.,-- o ,.~ ,-. -» cus day in "Hope"-is going to be a gala occasion for all the youngsters and !> The'circus city will be located .on the Pond street show grounds, there will be two performances at 2 and 8 p. m.Tain or shine, with the main entrance 1U u,,. u .^> opening precisely one hour carlicr-to afford all ample .time, to leisurely inspect zcck had with Premier Edouard Dala- ^ mammoth ( | ou |jle zoological arenas in which over 400 .furred and feathered ' --- ! — ' n -''" creatures are on display. There .ire 785.people in the mammoth portable city, 128 performing horses, 3troups of-pcrforniing seals nvitcd. dier on returning from Berlin. Daladicr's friends hoped an agree- nicnt with Germany would improve his domestic position. He had conversations with the Soviet ambassador, J.-icob Surits, presumably as to what effect a Franco-German agreement would have on Franco-Soviet relations. Wit ll OVCr «)00 IMl i" i u i<-~i ;». itrfv j."-i *«i 111 •• >g, ..-•. -•——, — •- f-— — i and sea lions—besides four big herds of trained elephants will all be in in the largest and wily big show coming this year. Under our electral system a Prcsi- ; dent may be elected although he re-' ceivcs fewer popular votes than his chief opponent. This has occured three times, in 1824, 1876 and 1888. Disillusioned Every year college deans pop the routine questions to their undergrad- u-ites: "Why did you come to col- fiC*'" Traditionally the answers match the questions in triteness. But last year one University of Arizona girl unexpectedly confided: jin.ny*- 1 -"""'"*- 1 * 1 . . I ciiine to be went with—but I am t ' largest &i finest CLOSED THURSDAY and FRIDAY For Installation of NEW Sound System Formal Opening: Sunday DEANNA DURBIN •^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^•^^^^••^•1 ••^^^^^••••••iBBBPBpillBBPPiiiiiBip^^^^^s^^^^^^^' 11 ^ 1 ""• (Government Cotton Loans Quick Service— Immediate Payment Cotton Classed by E. C.Browu, Licensed Government Classcr in Our Office. E. C. BROWN & CO. Hope, Arkansas Also Smith | "TENNIS ' TACTICS" Color Travel "Rocky Mountain" Curtoon "Rabbit" Brave Pilot Saves 13 in Fiery Plane Eastern Airliner Lands Safely, None But Pilot Is Injured MONTGOMERY, Ala. —(/?)- Pilot Dave Hissong rested in seclusion Wednesday while the 13 persons he stcerec to safety in a crippled, blazing airplane praised his skill and courage. At his home in Atlanta, lli.ssont who, with fire licking at his head anc hands, one motor gone and a wing kicking into the air, mushed liis big Eastern airliner down in a dark dealing near here last night to s-ive 1 liges, shrugged off the role of hero. The twin-motored Houston-to-Ncw York plane got into trouble near midnight just after the take-off from its Montgomery stop, Hissong said the right motor began to vibrate, then suddenly burst into flames and fell out. Co-Pilot Russell cut thu gasoline and wielded a firo extinguisher, a.s the lightened right wing flung upward. Steward Gibbs made sure Unit the U passengers had their safety belts tight. Hissong cased the burning craft down from a 1,'100-fnot altitude into a clearing. "There wasn't much wi.- couM do but wrestle with it," he said. --\\i:ri. we hit, the. whole Mdo was afire. A moment after the OCCUIMI!!* hurried out there was an t'XploMi.n and he whole ship was a mass of fire -lissong said a damaged propellei irobahly caused the motor vibratioi n such a way as to start the fire. Not Covered By Restriction Sweet Young Tiling: "Why arc ; running that steam roller over Ilia field?" Fanner: "I'm goin' to raise mashed potatoes this year." Orlii. Full Pint Hydrogen Peroxide Full Pint ..... .... Ceradyne Pain Tablet. , Castor Oil «4-o».Size .;.. . Kidney Pills Succeit Brand HOPE Pond Street One Day Only SAT. OCT. PEVIEW TONIGHT OCT. 20th 11 p.m. Adults Only "SH E-D EV I L ISLAND" Tribe of Mciilcss Women ruled b> a Beautiful Heartless Queen NOTHING EI-SE LIKE IT! ADULTS Colored IJulcoiiy THOSE CHILLS AND FEVER! Take This Grand Medicine for Malaria Don't suffer like a dog! , The minute you feel a Malarial chill or fever coming on, start taking Grove s Tasteless Chill Tonic. This good, old medicine will soon fix you up. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic contains tasteless quinidine and iron. It relieves chills and fever due to Malaria and also tends to build you up. That's the double effect you want. . The next time you suffer an attack ot Malaria, try Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, This is no new-fangled or untried preparation, but a medicine of known merit. It's pleasant to take as well as effective. . _ . All drug stores sell Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, 50c and $1. The latter size is the more economical. . Spasfcs presents L MEW 'UNIVERSAL CIRCUS" r HOPE STAR Kiddie Circus Party City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMAUSS and OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY. PHONE 76T x ° Downie Bros. Circus Thli coupon and only 15 cents presented to the circus ticket wagon on circus day, Hill admit one child under 13 years of ace to the circus, the menagerie and Includes a general admission seat, at th« regular matinee only Lu HOPE SATURDAY OCTOBER , , 2 & 8 P. M. (CUT COVPON HBBf.) *"* •*' Featuring The HODGINIS 7 CRESSONIANS ROYAL FIVE PICKARP'S SEALS Chii. Sp.rk, «0 DANCING HORSES «oj 40 DANCING GIRLS i H*r<U of Ptrlorminj iUphtnb 'lol SUPER CIRCUS ACTS g POPULAR jWlCfeD CIRCUS Largest Circus on Earth For Adults 50c, Children 25c an . . ... . • ABDG Capsules O4c Oltf «en, Box 23 . . . . '. . «P«»: IQe *^ Aft • • We have been trusted over a QUARTER MILLION TIMES in our Prescription Department. TOILETRIES Houbigant Cologne With Atomizer $-1,25 Both I — Pepsodent Antiseptic 2-50c El* Bottles VIU AIR MAID HOSE Extra sheer, $4.00 2 thread I — DOROTHY PERKINS Rose Lotion $J.OO $1.75 Size I — BARBARA GOULD Special Cleansing $4.00 Cream, $2.00 size I — —Electrical Dept.— ZENITH RADIO 1939 Model, Six .95 14 Tubr; biggest value in Radio. Other Models I'p to 579.95 Rand Electric $ft.50 Shaver, new type V — Bed Lamps $1.39 DOUBLE TOASTER Extra Heavy $ft.59 Chrome, with tray V —* At Our Fountain Hot BuUer Toasted Sandwiches CHICKEN SALAD. 15c A Real Treat COFFEE Brvwcd Frosli Every Hour Whitman's Sampler Fresh shipment $1-50 Pound 5c 1

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