Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1948
Page 5
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Friday, December 24, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS OZARK IKE By Chick Youn? By Roy Gotte If WHAR Jf AH DON'T "t > ISTH' ,7 'SEE HINNf E f RASCAL? " IKE A1NT EVEN IN SIGHT/ WE BEEN '2\/ THROWED _ TRICKED/ U OFF STRIDE/ NOT ALWAYS, DEAR GIRLS MARPV POP CAN A MILLIONAIRE MARRY AMY GIRL HE WANTS TO, MAMA V FOR THE MAN -*- TO HAVE A < , MILLION DOLLARS }&*./'*'A BUT WE GOT FUST DOWN ON THEM MISUH8UE By Michasi O'Molley & Ralph Lane SIDE GLANCES CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Bv Galbraifh YOU'RE RIGHT, GRANDMOTHER. I DIDN'T SWEEP UP WEU ENOUGH AfTER I KILLED WINDY GALE A BOTTLE, RIGHT ON IAT VERY SPOT. iRE BY THE TOWER ROOM WINDOW IS WHERE HAPPENED MURDER t HAPPEN/ .31 Leslie Turnpr ? ftSV'5 OWE HOPE TO CLEAR HIMSELF ISTOSEETHW POLICE FIMP SIR ROLftNO'5 ROMftM RELICS (W POSSESSilON... GOT OUT T NOTEIUNG IP HE SUCCEEDS, I'M SUMK. 1 . THE CASH HE DWIDED WITH SCROOG 4 / CAM'T B& IDENTIFIED,., WJO LCOULOM'T PROVE HE WP.S EVEN NE^R THE MURDER.SCENE! TO- HMML THIS CLEAMS ME OUT CASH I OSE ITEMS OUT ENCLNJD WHERE UE CWJ DlSfOSt OF 'EM WITHOUT /., cp i*. r ^ - ; '•••" a-, :sfe. 3M * zsS"""..'.^™*! ti^f\ ,--- . COPfi. 1MB BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. . flOFR. 1SWC BY HEA SCRVICE, IDC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. "Is it too late to go down and buy a train? He told Sis if it wasivt there in the morning, he'd know that fat Santa • in the store v/as^a phony I" "After we pay the plumber, dear, I don't think we'll be v much ahead on our home canning!"-'""' FRECKLES AND HIS FIENDS '. ' -— —-— •— i .-. ., i •• -.,-.. i. i— .—— i,.....^ MI, HECTOR/ COK\E OM iM •'/• i^^iiT'/r --——> —- —•— ^ 'V FUNNY BUSINESS 'T YOU / WELL, EE r MOW? THERE'S He's &POU&HT / THIM6 1. A WAS 6OIN& PRESEMT TO SIX/? AMD J- V VOUiBUT—- HAVEN'T v GOT AMY- THIM& , FOR HIM ' UONALDDUCK 6y Wait Disnay So LONG .' I GOTTA HIS PACKAGE fOK. SIS/ TM;S is GEE,THANKS-FOR. YOU, WELL, i JUST HECTOR- WANTED To SAY ' > * HELLO." . I94BBY"HEAHRVICE, INC.~T7M.RtG. U.S. PAT. Or.F. tl-l-'f -~ " '-'— ALLEY OOP J bought an ultra-modern bookcase, and George is tryin to make it pay for itseifl" K5PSYF. .-.^—X HA.W: r KNEW j,« ;7 SIP. TH* V WE \VEBE TCO/^g CAPTAIN. rALL\ BACK WITH (2LJE. \ CP5.' UNLE55 / THE MG3VIAN<5 / • I LEMIAN ARMY HAS \F<2K'EM.'(V WITHPi?AWN.' i THINK TH' NATURALLY, I'LL eer ow ml , HOLO n n"?fj aSV&U /^J By Edgar Margin HE b3l6HT BEFOUL CHRISTMAS MV THU.OXJGH THE ^ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOAROJNG HOUSE Moior Hoople , . v . 3;Cj TUB MU5T'\)£ R.' 6AY, VOU'CEt OLD BOY/ BOT ALAS.' |F> JL5ST FOOlxiDOOT PACKED LlKS A J$ T. POT DOWM ALL THIS f ASOliT CHRISTMAS! F!JRM\TUR.£\'Al^.' M VULt IMPEDIMENTA, % -—PR.OBAH.LV CODLDKi'T S'OU FlMD/:\ I'LL MEVeR 8E ABLE.- IV TlPSV Too—-We A BlRDCASE AMD )•. \ tO Pick IT OP AGAlW/Af COULD Li6BTl4K r A 'DO5 ONi A \/ —ESAt>.' I'M B=HIMO K> NOSE FOR AT(?££ LEASH? L£T'S\ yCHEDDLE TOO GO li^hlAL& ) A TCM ' ivi' < V STOP M.& f.'-^tcciya. IMP HV rJet SERVICE, me. T. M. BEG, u. s pxr ore : . BUGS BUNNY JT I C'N TE'.L BY uOOiiiN', VA ) ,IM'T Vv'Oa«iED ESOUGri , ^~. \ViTH TH' £>(JMB-8£US,' '^A l^ftt^'^^ Lv ^^l^il $ I 1 M.ERRS C AR 1ST A \ AS TO VOD =

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