Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1948
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, December 2,4, 1 By Chick Young OZARK IKE By Ray GoHo TH HISTORICAL B'ARSKIN'LL BE YOU WUZ EXPGCTIN'MAYBG SANNYCLAUS? BACK FROM TH'CITY „ JUST IN TIME...'CAUSE Tl QUARK'S CLAN IS HANGIN' ON TH' ROPES/ AND AS PLAY RESUMES.,, THAT'S ODD ON MV WAV TO VOUf? L-gf^ 60 AN ^~V-I NEIGHBORS EXTRA CHOCOLATE 1 r APPRECIATE .^ >^ ( I NEVER FELT ) '^^r > SO SILLY IN < 5M||7 ( ALL MY LIFE J ^^_ AN'ONUY ONE YARD TO VICTORY' TEN MEN WILL HAMMUH OZARK TO (GROAN) OZARK SEND ONE NEXT TOTME WOODL.EV5 TH' LEF' WHILST AH SHIMMV. ER Ttf AROUN' RIGHT END PER WINNI ( N' By MicSioel O'MfiJIey & Rabh Lane KRISTOPHER, MYO//N GRANDSON.' A MURDERER} / HA/I MAS' BE OLD AND HELP( LESS, BUT YOU HAVEN'T THE CQURAG! SIDE GLANCES WHAT'S THAT? CARS STOPPING HERE? By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner THAT'S RIGHT, GRANDMOTHER, AND NOW WE'RE ALL ALONE HERE IN THE TOWER ROOM, AREN'T WE? ^!?irwn«?i* %J^ ''"••• M e ^^t&s\ WASH TUBBS OHiOHJ CAN'T RISK PSiMG- EA2-V CAM HE^R THEIR PLIXNs, SNEftTH'S COMPANION! ROWS AWAV... 7jfuu i; 3, • '$#*Uj$S LICOPB. .1MB DY NEA SERVIC |NC T in" RFC U P/\V 6 By Car] Anderson COPR. 1948 BV NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. RED. U. 8. PAT. OFF ARCHITECTURE , With all these gorgeous, hand-painted.silk ties you got for.Christmas, doh't tell me you're going around all day '~-£" wearing that old black knitted Rtrmcri"--' .-1MO BV NEA SERVICe, INC. f. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. :'»«> "Arthur! Junior's new ouija board says it's the thi \ bulb on tho second string that's burned out'," FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDb By BSosser wearing that ofd black knitted string! FUNNY BUSINESS By Hcrshberger : .' A-'X DONALD DUCK '/ irf'a '•'• •'. W-: v r»f% /H¥/^y-W^i e •'''M^'/tiC~] I 1 h^-^W- X$.Q/''iyi iM\^N!t^ By Wall- Disney -.///•')•— \y','ti \ • lil. y >>->> VM i^* CPLJNCM N A ' xy OWN RECIPE. GULP" ' IPELICIOUS, ISN'T UGH! """ <N > MORE (ACCIDENTS OH,, i WEEPERS, V - PfACf t WRL To BOY/ / JEEPERS.' SSv .*-• r m*5Vtq3 L'^K?&Si= T_x, W TW>X|jg ^Cnt'». 10.11) liy MFA SCBVICE. INC.jjggBig' ^/ ( j<jT. M. B.EC,.U..S. HAT. OFF, t I '! '| " "That's nothing—I already owe them $501" POPEYE FINE THINS, ON fiUAKC? DUTY I . WHILE EVEEyBOPV EL " " HOMS...WHEN \VE6ET ^, »„„,-.TH' V/AE'LL EE^.,. ^LL_...£>%-' 160 HAT?? OKAY, popeye, YOUE MAN CAN EASSLE MI5-AMVS! HOW u^yuu BEING STRANGERS} PIP yoLjKMowi? WOME - 72 i v - ^» : -^M# --iisaffl BEST ONE YOUR ANEW 72 By EcSa^r Mori-in OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams G(JR BOARDING HOUSE With Maine Hooole HAH.' HOW MV CHEEKS GLOW--AM'I BET I LOST TWO POUNDS.' YOU <5UY3 HAP BETTER. GIT HCME AM' READY FEE SCHOOL.' YES--WILL, STOP BY ANP BRIMG MV SCHOOL BOOKS AN' PAMT5 OVER ? GREAT CAESAR/ IT'S OVER-T THIS TiesW MORE GOCKS? VJHELNMMG, ALLTHcSC GIFTS "Y> FCDNA M.V <\ I^°WJ I CAS\ MP-PUP-*- E6AH, ^.7VS/ /( AU^T/SHe )/ TUCOWJ OUT o , IREE |S A Gl "'" °PP 57 WOST WAI^T /\TH6 ONES IN bALAMCE— ~Tcx? . -- T O GET ME {*} ^A.V KEtNS J } ACCE&TEO AV VOO COULD " YOU COULP STAMP AS MUCH , AS HIM.' LOVE MUST BE AWFUL STIMULATING' . > -I j i "\ LIGi ^-?^ " me X/ FPRr-RlGHTesi ." --* I . ; , " (. L tF i - — \V IWG CHILDREN/ Frs ; M"@r — -S ws-rH '* -zz~ f - iilSfSJt/M.' REO. U. E. FAT. OFF , SHE S.X1D YA HAD V" // SHE I JUST COME ~S MOOCHE'S.. ..M Th' FORTUNE „ _. .. TELLER'S/ ___-^\ CKISELER / '- , ' yet.t*>t'W f-(0 WAS 1V£ ME /' ^./J( RlGriT.'/L rr . "~

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