Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1938
Page 4
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PAG'E FOUB flOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED RATES One time—2c word, minimum 30o Three times—3Hc word, min. SOc Six times—6c word, minimum 90c One month (26 times)—18c word, minimum 12.10 Bates are for continuous taser- tions only. In making word count, disregard classification name sucn as "For Rent," "For Sale," etc.—this is free.. But each initial or nam-a, or complete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOR RENT—Three-room mod«rn furnished apartment, with garage. close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total. 15 words, at 2c word, 30c for one time; at 3Vic word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill. PHONE 768 REST AND RELAX Enjoy a good game of Billiards with your friends. CRINER'S BILLARD and DOMINO PARLOR Next iloor to New Theater GAS RANGES—HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Automatic Water Heaters Butane Gas Systems EASY TERMS Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 WE ARE PREPARED To Do AH Kinds of Cold Storage and Meat Curing COMMUNITY ICE & PRODUCE CO. Phone 350 for Particulars Government COTTON LOANS Quick Service Classed and paid irrune- ditely in our office.* TOMKS.NSER .Bring or send'your sealed samples to me. Licensed to classify and certificate cotton for 1938 government cotton Tdari. •Si Hope, Ark. See What You Bake Use Pyrex OVEN WARE 38 to 59% Reduction Bed Room Suites Just Received a Full Assortment. Hope Hardware COMPANY You Owe It to Yourself TO TRY OUR Supei'ior Dry Cleaning Metli- t U le L-J «,* ?^ i<*u> Ic i innkos in the appearance of ytur clothes. Phone 148 COOK'S White Star LAUNDRY & CLEANERS How Do I Feel?—Swell! Louder Uiaiv any words spoke the famous family smile of Jimmy ?hP IE -7 h £ n reporters asked a «*r his health at Oakland, S The Present's son was en route to a Hollister ranch, where he wil convalesce from an operation performed at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Minn 19TH CENTURY AUTHOR HORIZONTAL 1, 9 Author of "The Three Musketeers." 14 To arm again. 15 Uncle. 1C To arrogate. 17 Chick-pea. 18 Sorrow. 19 Ship's officers "" at a meal. ' 20 Musical .note. 21 Bar-tailed Answer to Previous Puzzle 23 PJepositiop; 1 ••''• 25 Kind. - ; 27 Beam. 28 Data. ; ' 29 Measure of cloth. 31 St. 32 Common verb 33 Tissue. 35 Cherub. 38 Kafir warriors 40 Heraldic wreath. 41 Year. 12 Camel-liko animal. 44 Nay. 46 Russian council. 50 Paper mulberry. 51 Equally. 52 Musical note. 54 Raised platform of earth. 56 Transposed 57 Jot. 59 Place of business. 60Window glass 62 He was -— by birth. 63 He also wrote . VERTICAL 1 Measure of area. 2 Lawful. 3 Organ of hearing. 4 Roentgen ray, 5 An abbess. -6'Dowdy womqn. V Corvine bird. 8 Turkish titles. 9 Short and thick. 10 Employs. 11 Genus of rodents. 12 Malicious burning of property. 13 Spain. 20 His son was also a writer of r and Plays. 22 Dines. 24 Both the , and son's works are still popular (pi.). 26 Water spirit. 28 Genus of beetles. ?0 Scotch tenant. 32 Fragrant smell, 34 Measure bt type. • I 36 Public ;! storehouse. 37 Postscript. 39Pulpit-'block' 43 Fastened as shoes. 45 Genus of swans. 47 Note in Guide's scale. 48 Lace. 49 Work of skill. 51 Wild buffalo. 53 Devoured. 55 To steal. 56 Beret. 57 In case that. 58 Indefinite article. 60 Father. 61 Electrical unit Halloowen Masquarade Ball Is Suggested Here Boys and girls grow up fast nowadays, you know. At least they think so, even if you don't. "Halloween age" boys don't "go for" parties. Just plain old parties tire too sissified. But a masquerade ball, now that is different. In fact that's even better For Quick Service when malting your Government Cotton Loans. Classed by a Government Licensed Classer. 108 South Walnut Street Government Cotton Loans Quick Service—Immediate Payment Cotton classed by a Licensed Government classer in our office. T. S. McDAVITT & COMPANY Hope, Arkansas] han an apron and overall party to nost of them. Why? Because it of- ers them an opportunity to be grown up, dignified. And because children associate mys- .ery, romance, and thrilling adventure with a masquerade ball. Give boy his choice of a nice big window :o soap or a masquerade ball with hib st girl, and see which he takes! Such an event should be planned as much like a grown up affair as possible. Everyone should come masked and a grand march, dancing, games anc costumes prizes should be arranged This kind of entertainment, too •hould be under careful adult supervision, but it can be fun for the children, none the le.ss. A Ixiy can get river the Andy Hard; stitge but not around it, and here is < chance to get [.art of it out of hia sys tem. A campaign for more Halloweer parties a.s an answer to vandalism i being continued by the Division o Recreation of the WPA. Any persons desiring a program o information for a Halloween part may get such information free at th Recreation Office, Elks building. Wednesday, October 10, 1038. 'The A/ore You Tell the Quicker You Sell" Services Offered See Hempsteatl Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for New and Re-built. Phone Paul Cobb, 65S-J. l-26tc Help Wanted—Female The Arkansas State Employment Service has openings for two Women General Office Clerks, must be neat, accurate and diligent workers. Must be experienced. . 104 !•• South Main street. 15-3t-ilh Lost LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN- arey-stripcd kitten, about two months old: Howard of $1. Return to B. J. Oglnirn, 517 South Main, phone S55. 18-3tp Notice NOTICE—See Frisby, Ideal Furniture Store to buy, Sell or Traclq Fur- , niture, Homes or Farms. gains, act quick. Some bar- 20-2Gtp. NOTlCB—Local money to loon on improved farm lands arid city property! low interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lemley, Hope Arkansas. lM-Oot 20c FOR RENT FOR HENT—3 room npnrtment, gnnigo, utilities paid. 100 E. Avc. B. Phone 908VV. Mrs. B. M. Jones. 18-litc FOR HENT— Apartment witli private bath anil entrance and garage. Mrs. S. G. Norton, 520 N. Hervey. Phone •127-J. 1.3. FOR RENT—Six-room house ncnr Oglesby school, good condition. Also furnished apartment, private bath. Close in. Middlebrooks Grocery Co., Phone 007. 17-IHc FOR RENT— Furnished nportment, kitchen sink, continuous hot water, Tourist Rooms on Hi-way 67. Mrs. Tom Carrel. 14-3tp FOR SALE— Books in sols, "World Books," "The South In the Building of the Nation," "The Self Interpreting Bible," and other books. Wash kettle, wash boiler, sewing machine motor, Mrs. W. W, Duckclt, 522 S. Elm. 17-3tc FOR SALE—SOHGHtlM SYRUP AT STAR OFFICE. 13-20tdh PIANO CLOSE OUT-Wc have a few more days to move the stock of pianos we have stored it) Hope. We are going to sell this slock at some PRICE, make us on offer, make your terms, we will deliver it to your home. Stored at Holly Usod Furniture Store, E. 3rd St, Hope, Arkansas. Collins Piniio Company 17-3tp FOR SALE—A run I stock uirm, 38? ncrcs. 90 ncres cultivated. Tluce houses, two burns, deep well, farnv ITIK tools, well fenced, will sell chenp. A, C. Erwin. . 19-3tp Wanted WANTED TO BUY-Throo quartet 1 iron bedstead, springs, mnltrcss," 9x12 wool rug. Mrs. Tom Carrel, Tourist Rooms. l?*3trj Today's Answer to CRANIUM CRACKER OUR BOARDlNGJjQUSE^ with... MAJOR HOPPLE OUT OUR WAY EGAD, t HAVE BEEW LOOKIWQ SO IMTeNTLY FOR A STRAY GLASS EYE THAT I SEE GLASS E.YES FLOATING AROLJWD LIKE CONFETTI AT A ^y/WEDDlUG! MOT A NOOK OR CREVICE HAS ESCAPED MV SCRUTINY, BUT TO NO AVAIL. AH, ME / £>,-• o °•£>' 0 ** '<* 0 <<* ^ / TAKE A 1 TIP FROM > AM OLD 1-lcjHTHOLhSE l-OOKOUT—»- T^XKE YOUR EYES DOWW- TOWM AND CiET YOUR SIciHT SHARPENED N) ll^:. WHAT IB THIS"~A CRAP QAME.? OR DID SOMEONE "uose A BEER CHECK? --\'.u SAY, IF ' n:t THAT BABY LOST AM EYE IM THIS ROCM IT MUST HAVE SEEM us COMIMQ I MOW TO SPPIMQ ^i siis 'iHU It \IO-iet 3§ y> X » ' '. I-.1 T Co) UUT UP VOuR G UAR P>, MEM, HERE IT COAXES--' W COME OkJ/" \- COME OM.' ip- PASS THE, ?Y.\ MEAT AMD Qncslion on I'tiffc One "Oliver Optls" was Willinm ..„,- lor Adams. Tin; ninth Psesiddftt wns William Henry Hiiiri.son. *HlC twelfth ^President was Zncn'aty Taylor. The ficlionnl wnnian chat" ncler referred to is Alice AdnmSi' By J. R. WILLIAMS T COMIM 1 UP - BUT 1 J| S WAUT TO SHOW SOU HOW I MADE THREE TOUCHDOWMS TO DA*?. HERE'-? ™* = ™' WEAT - AM' -TH' SPjks IS THEIR LEFT HALFBACK. HERE I COME WITH TH' BALL. AW' HERE Nl ?^ ES - ™' ^^AD W TH ERR E IS THEIR RIC.HT EMD AMD TH 1 BREAT? IS THEIR LEFT TACKLE- AM 1 HERE 1 COME. WITH THEM ALL COMIW 1 AT ME- AM' YOU'RE TH' GOAL / f BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES "7^**F U ' ; 4i M mmmK .m I" 1 :;':.',:; !i il!;, !!4 _WHV MOTHERS GET'GKLAV USTEW ,^O\CV\ •" CAU_ BOO'S 6>\G>MA\_ x . 1Y\. &V.OCW. Vo?i HAM •— Just Like lhat V.O6 Xoo , V UWt ALLEY OOP >*«»The president of Czechoslovakia ha resigned, having read the handwrit ing on the wall: "Bcnes Bones Teke U[-ihar.sin." A correspondent complains of a sp mania in Japan. Oh. that's been go in^ on for mania year. DEfcR (AcKEE, VWAT A LOVELY DAUGHTER! BUT WHERE YOUE HUSBAND, The Methods of Adolfo r~v 0>06H NOW, Stt? VOS\V. irttRt'e MO^WKife By EDGAR MARTIN SE f\ V^ttH THKT , 60^ «OMW\Vi l - \Ky;'c5LV ; tRt»>iCt MV AOK>\ tW\C\ CXIOVO Ol^OtR " tKCH ASM By V. T. HAMLIN BUT I POM' DE£D WOT I, AT3OLFO D£ LA CUCACAC.HA, RECEIVE AK1 TO THE: WETJDIU6'? IT WAS CALLED OFf) TO MAKE A LONG I 5TOEV SHORT.ABOlfq I WE CAIAE TO SOUTH AVAERKA TO 6ET ClD OF THE CONFOUMOED CHAP. WASH TUBES AMD GUESS WHAT HAPPENED! HE FOLLOWED US. HE 3UW9ED OVJ THE TO SPEAK TO CAROL, AVTO ARRESTED. AH, WELL, THAT EES WAN WAV TO GET RIO OF AM UUUELCOME SUITOR. EVIDENT W WiY WEM W\STOOK HEI FOR. ANOTHER. AS6ASSIW, YOU WEE\- NEVER 5EE HEEtA A6A\N. QPFAT SCOTT" WAUT TO ° Told Off v- HOW5 HELLa GlRL FRIEND, 2EL, OOOLA ' 1 "T 815 MORNING? IT'S ABOUT ZEU THAT I'M HERE NOW. FOOZV, YOU LISTEN TO ME! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THIS FANTASTIC BUNK VOU'VE BEEN GIVING /V\v COUSIN ABOUT YOU HAWING A DINOSAUR HA5 GOT TO STOP t By ROY CRANE YOU OUGHTA BE ASHAMED OF VQUR5ELF/ VOU'VE HYPNOTIZED THE KID INTO BELIEVING EVERV WORD YOU SAV ABOUT YOUR FIERCE, BIG MONSTROSITV— Simon Legree Bagley LOOK AT THAT SCRAWNV CRITTER/ WHY, IT WOULDN'T MAKE , A GOOD MEAL FOR A HUNGRY RABBIT/ j:OPB. 19J8 BY NCA SERVICE. INC.' T. M. REo. U. S. MT.'oFF*! IS A BI6 DAY fiOR. EVERYONE BUT FRECKLES.' SHADYSIDE Pt-AYS WESLEY Hl<5H—. \-VS- YES.SIR! IT SERVES TWO PURPOSES / TO KEEP ME •ORTASLP AND ~lb KEEP ME RILED I SEE YOU HAVE YOUR. PILLOW / By MERRILL BLOSSER" I THINK IT WAS MISHTY NICE OF DUD WANGLE TO CUSHION THE BENCH FOR. YOU/ SOME DAY HE'LL WISH HEb 'SENT A CUSHIOM , FOR MY FIST MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE LET HIM * SIMMER A WHILE .' WE (SONNA / CAN WIN THIS PUT I ONE WITHOUT" HIM -(HIM ! BESIDES, IN? ) HE'S GOT TO BE PUNISHED/ W J ..y^- I/ACIKJG THE AUMED EAJvJDITS WITH HIS "DUMMY" OF CASH. WHITEY BEAVELY CARRIES OUT HIS PAE.T OF THE FLAM.., HERE'S VOUC PDLJGH-BFTTER. TELL SOUP. BOSS TO COME DOWM AMD TOSS THE PACKAGE OVER HERE FIRST SO W/E CAM COUKJT THE MOMEV.... THEM WE CALL THE BOSS.' Tear Gas -^ IT HURTS ME MORE THAN IT DO^ HIM/ I FEEL, AS IF 4; WERE ACTUAL^ FLOSSING THE POOR. KID' /IF You \ ^^ '' EVER PlD, Q YOU'D /'-1«Nsr PROBABLY / ^Wo-^^ _ USE A / /'>VO3«i > * S'-" //» -#5 \~~b' D'S WINS , > "sx-t-Sd i'""^ A WHIP/ J .vfe^ /)/ ^~~ --' V^i HUMMINS BIRD'S WINS FOR ti\l x y 2SCc By Phompson and Charles Coll SOEEX CjEklTLEMEM, BUT ktOBODY TOUCHE THIS PACKAGE EUT THE SPIDER. II H/MSELF.' BUT AT THAT IMSTAkIT JACK ^SX \ POPS UP FEOv\ ^ A x HIS HIDIIOG, PLACE WHH A TEAR- c

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