Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1948 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1948
Page 16
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Page Sixteen * Our Beer too Potent. In Hot Springs, an Oklahoma woman was brought into poico court for being intoxicated. She ox- plained thai Arkansas beer was "too strong," that she was accustomed to the 3.2 beer served in Oklahoma. "It just struck me sort of sudden like," she added. Officials, Comedian to Fly to Europe in New Plane Washington, Dec. 21 — (UP; — (Vice Presi-k'iit-clect Alhcn W. 'Barklcy air Secretary W. Stuart I Symington and Comedian Bob Hope I will fly to Europe tomorrow in the Greenlee Sheet & Metal Co. Phone 895 fro Make Decorations ofXmas^Tree If basement or spare room space permits set up a Saint Nicholas temporary workshop for family and community recreation. It is fun to make your own Christmas tree decorations, says Lorraine Blackwood, home demonstration agent. Equip the workshop with a pair of tin snips, new and old Christmas ribbons, a jammer, ice pick pair of pliers, small jars of bronze silver and bright., cttldred enamel, small paint brushes, buttons, beads, air force's swank and controversial new plane. Barklcy and Symington will spend Christmas with American airmen flying the Berlin airlift. Hope will join a group of enter- tamers giving a series of Yuletide shows for air force personnel. .. ^fcntly a story got out that the plane was outfitted originally for Gov. Thomas E. Dewey oi New York on the assumption that he would be the next president. But Dewey denies it. And President Truman reportedly has rejected the plane as "too fancy." HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Man is as Old as His Ability and Apparently Joe Stalin Is Doing Fine at the Age of 69 Thursday, December 23, 1948 By DEWITT MACKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analylst A man is as old as his ability to fhink. On that basis Joseph Stalin is doing better than all right as he passes the 0!) year mark. There have been many reports that communism's head man wasn't well. However, news dispatches from Moscow say that all available evidence indicates he is in good hcalllh. In any event, the generalissimo remains the big boss whoso word is law. This means his ability to think fast is unimpaired. You can't remain dictator of a world power and make mistakes in judgment. I here are too many ambitious underlings after your job. Thai's a fact not to be over looked at this crucial juncture in empty tin cans, plenty of string and any other discards that look like they might have hidden possibilities. - Then let each individual's ideas be a guide for his or her creative undertaking. Bottoms and tops of tin cans, removed with a rim can opener, will served dozens of purposes for the person with imagination. For handling tin and tin snippers be sure to have heavy work gloves to protect (he hands. Suggestions for the use of tin discs cut from the top or bottom of a number 5 or 10 can is a sparkling star for the top of the tree. Just divide the circular edge in five equal parts, draw the necessary lines, then with the tin snip- pers cut out the star. In one point make a hole with hammer and ice pick. Through this hole insert a length of stovepipe wire. The ends of this can be twisted to form an upright stem which will wrap around the top branch of the tree to strengthen it and keep the star in an upright position. Now you are ready to paint the star with silver, bronze, or colored enamel. Other uses for tops, bottoms or sides of tin cans arc too numerous to mention Small stars, circles, squares and triangles, or even daisy-like flowers may be cut out with the tin snips. One hole should be placed near an edge or corner to lie a string through. The string should be green or of an inconspicuous color and long enough to tic to the branches of the tree, allowing a few inches between tree and ornament. This will let them swirl in the breeze. Either paint these little ornaments or leave them as they are. Next, try your luck at making a bell with a clapper. Let it be a flat .silhouette type or, by use of the pliers, flute a disc of tin into a bell shape. Add a clapper and a string for tying to the tree. Bolshevism's war against "capital islic imperialism." For just as Sta hn is generalissimo in the Soviet Union, so ho is commander in chief of Communist revolutionaries the world over. His is the voice of Mos co w. Thus when Bulgarian Premier Georgi Dirnitrov—ono of commu nism's powerful leaders— predicts an extension of the Red revolution in the orient, we may be sure it's Stalin speaking. Dimitrov made this forecast in addressing the Bui garian Communist party, and rep roscntalivcs of 18 foreign Commu nist parties, in Sofia. He also de clarcd that what ho termed the British-American bloc cannot endure. Dimitrov said the "peoples of Indonesia. VietNam, Burma and other colonial countries" strug gling for independence, and he emphasized the importance of the Chinese Communist victories, 'add ing: "The forces of democracy among 500,000,000 Chinese people already are outweighing the forces of rcac tion." Well now, these upheavals in Asia aren't all isolated manifosta lions which have just "happened". True, some wore spontaneous, but Moscow inspired others and is co ordinating Ihe whole of Ihem into the groat new Red offensive which is sweeping the orient. This is the second front which Russia has opened against the Western powers as her drive in Europe has been slowed down by fierce opposition. Moscow's pur pose of course is to divide the re sources of the West by this attack on both sides of the globe. And when we are talking of resources in terms of "ready money", we have our Uncle Sam in mind— as who doesn't? The devilish cunning of this Mos cow strategy lies in the fact that Russia is getting others to fight her battles for her. It isn't Rus sians who are fighting in China and VietNam and Burma and where not. Moscow provides skilled agents to direct, but the other fel lows absorb the bullets. In the case of China the Nationalists charge that the Russians even are sending Japanese prisoners of war to fight in the Chinese Communist ranks. The general headquarters in the field for this great offensive is in Bangkok, Siam. There Moscow has established a branch of the Comin form—successor to the Comintern, or general staff for world revolu tion. However, the general policies for conduct of this twofront, world upheaval are developed in Mos cow. That's where Stalin comes in. He's the top man who is credited by the rank and file of his follow ers with never making a mistake. Bread is Better When Baked Quickly Bread and rolls baked quickly until medium brown hold more thiamine, a B vitamin added to enriched flour, than when baked slowly until dark brown. Home Demonstration Agent Lorraine Blackwood reports that tests in home economics laboratories at Cornell University show that rolls hold more of this vitamin during baking process than bread. This probably is because they are baked in half 'the time. The tests indicate that a large proportion of the thiamine added in flour enrichment may be retained in yeast breads. Baking time and temperature seem to be most important in saving it. Bread baked 40 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit held the most thiamine, she states further. More was lost in breads baked more slowly. Whether bread is mixed by sponge-dough or straight-dough method makes only a slight difference in the thiamine retained. The number of times the dough is allowed to rise seems to have little baked in half the time. Studies show that rolls with the least crust hold thiamine best. As bread and rolls are baked to a darker crust, more thiamine is lost. Solicitous Cabbie. A cab driver, nabbed in Little Rock for making a u-lurn in the middle of a street, explained that he had observed a low tire on a police car which was preceding his cab down the street. The cabbie lost the police car momentaily to discharge a fare. In an effort to catch up with the police cruiser and notify the officers of the condition of the tire, the cabbie turned his car around in the middle of the street and was spotted by a patrol man, who handed out a ticket. It cost the cabbie a $1 fine in tr*c fie court. ^ U/'Jbk- rCu-uxe-h-c- Kjej-ixemJa [DISHES MISS HENRY'S BEAUTY & GIFT SHOP Phone 252 Our pleasant associations inspire sincere, appreciation. May your Holiday Happiness and Good Cheer continue with you throughout the coming twelve months THE JOVS OF TH E PHONE 37 V it's been our happy privilege for a Song, long time, to send our Christmas greetings each year to those of you whom we have had the pleasure of serving. W© look forward each year to this occasion, principally because we learned long ago the value of loyal friendships. Each year we strive to add more friends to our list. if we have not had an opportunity to serve you in the past, we invite your consideration. We will do our best to please. And to those of you whom we have been associated for many years, here's our usual, yet genuine, "Merry Christmas"* 220 W. Second St. YOUR FORD DEALER FOR OVER 28 YEARS Hope, Ark. Phone 277 - 299

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