Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 18, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1938
Page 3
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Tuesday, October. 1.8, The World stands out on either side, No wider than the heart is wide: Above the world is stretched the sky, No higher than the soul is high. The heart can push the sea nnd land Farther away tin either hand. The soul can split the sky in two . And let the face of God shine through. —Selected. (By request). 'Hie Bay View Rending, club will meet nt 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon nl the home of Mrs. J. II. Arnold. North Hc'rvoy street, with Mrs. D. B. Thompson as joint hostess. Dr. Etta Champlin was a Tuesda> professional visitor in Lewisville. — f\~— Mrs. Wayne England nnd little son, Gene nve spending this week visiting , 1" with relaitves and friends in Horotio nnd DeQueen. -O- dispatchod nftcr which, the members md gitests were invited into the din- ng room where n most tempting plate lunch was served from one large luce covered tnble. and one smaller table whoso lovely decorations were in the Halloween motif. Huge yellow dahlias centered the tables, nn dtall yellow tnperts burned in antique silver hold ers. The confections and menu were in like motif. A very pleasing entertninmcn feature of the atfcrnoon was the piani music by Mrs. Ernest Cox, who playet selections on the beautiful sweet tone old square piano. Following the luncheon, the spcciti guests were allowed the privilege o exploring this interesting old horn that ha.s seen "A head o' sunshine am .shadow" and on into the boautifi flower garden surrounding it, whic is featured by an unusually beautifu red hud tree that has in course of tim attained the pro]Virtions of n fore Rev. W, S. Barham Here Wednesday Will Speak Wednesday Night Only) at Hope Tabernacle By s'pecinl invitation, Mrs. K. G. Mc- Ruo, Mrs. A. K. Hiincgnn niul Mrs. Sid Henry motored I" Kulton Monday afternoon, where Mrs. Merino, Ounchitn | Prcsbyterinl president wns finest Of I liunnr iit the Ockibor meeting of the I Woman's Auxiliary of the Preshyler-1 inn church. The vt-ry delightful home or .Mrs. J. J. Battle with its many) intoi'estint! heirlooms from Ileiripstead county's oldest nnd niost prominent families furnished the setting for this happy ocension. The Auxiliary represents the community, as we met iictive nifinlwr.s from several oilier denominations during the afternoon. The meeting W:1S opened hy the president, MJ-K. Jolt Or ton followed by pra.ver by Mrs. George Shults. Mrs. Orion introduced Mrs. McHae as Ruest speaker. Mrs. McHae was nt her best on her favorite topics, foreign and home missions, and Have much information as to the progress of the work under the supervision of the Presbyterian church payint; high tribute to Dr. John Burr, who represents the home work in a very high decree, and to Dr. Manton Wilson for his outstanding work among tlie lepers in Korea, another Hope product, standing high in the work was Rev. George McKee, whose parents were closely identified with Ho|v. l 's ednentional institutions during the time the writer was learning the three R's. Rev. McKee's work has been along the African coasts. Following Mrs. McHae's talk. The regular business of the Auxiliary was During the pleasant sunset driv home, we saw: The ha/.c on the far horizon, Tlie infinite tender sky, The rich ripe tints of the cornfie The wild geese circling high. A.nd far over upland imd lowland The chiiViii of the (•oldenrod, Koine of its call it Autumn And others call it—God. —Selected. -O- Mr. nnd Mrs. Wayne Fletcher have moved from f)2<> North Ilervey street ;md are now domiciled at 5'JI! West Third street -O- Circus Features Pretty ©iris With the The Rev. W. S. Bnrhnm, of Dallas, 'exns, is scheduled to speak nt Hope Gospel Tnbernnclc Wednesday night, 'he Rov. Mr. Bnrhnrrt was the ovnn- ellst in the first meeting thnl wos icld in the locnl tabernacle. the public is invited to hear the Rev. Mr. Barhnm again. ITo expects o be hero for the one service only. Mr. nnd Mrs. ,Krank itoarnc, Mrs. R. O. Bridewell and Miss Kate Bridewell were Monday visitors with relatives in Texitrkana. -O- Dr. and Mrs. John T. Morris nnd assistant. Miss Dunn are guests in the home of Mr. i.nd Mrs. A. W. Stnbbe- man, during their .stay in the city. Dr. Morris is delivering a series of Biblical Lectures on Wonders of Ancient Days this week at the First Presbyterian church. . At the New The current attraction at the New theater which plays through Wcdncs- dny consisles of Gene Autry in "The Man From Music Mountain" one of this stars best western performances in which he is ably supported by Smiley Bnrnette the inimitable comic character of many .successes where he was costarred with Gene Autry. The second feature is the unusual in South Sea stories, "Zamhonnga" with an all native cast. Depicting life in the South Sea isles in the true nature character unseen by the white man. Action of rare type is shown in this thrilling screen version of "Xamboanga," Coming Thursday and Friday the New theatev will present a host of stars in "The Sweetheart of Sigmi Chi" with all the thrills of youth cramed into a brief seventy minutes 'of the grandest entertainment. Betty Grabble. Mary Carlisle, Larry Crahbe all top ranking stars are costarred in "The Sweetheart of Sigrhi Chi." Betty Grahle wife of Jackie C'oogan is known as live possessor of the most beautiful figure in Hollywood and her services are highly in demand hy all of the major studios. Mary Carlisle is featured in numerous successes while Larry Crabhe txynt'muos to ride the wave of success in the movie city. All members of the fraternity Sigmi Obi will be admitted as guests of the management upon presentation of their Hemp stead Home Agent Melva Bullington EASHERftOlUNG fraternity pin. TUES.-WED. Brought Back! ! "COLLEGE SWING" GEORGE BURNS GRACIE ALLEN MARTHA RAYE BOB HOPE Edw. E. Horton, Ben Blue Betty Grable Jackie Coogan The O;m Methodist Women's Missionary Society met last Tuesday afternoon at the O/an Methodist church. Eleven members and one visitor were present. After a business meeting at which plans fora Halloween entertainment were made, an interesting program was rendered with Miss Chnr- Iccn Irvin serving ns leader. The group was dismissed by a prayer by Mrs. Carrie Carrigan. Harvey Barr, who is a student in Arkansas College at Batesville, has been elected business manager ot Tlie Index, college annual, in a recent student body election. Mr. Barr is a junior in A. C. Arthur Barr, also a student in Arkansas college was elected reporter for the Freshman class. Arthur is sports editor of Tlie Panther, biweekly publication of A. C. Returns to O/.an Home E. Haselman, age 8*1. who ha.s been a patient in the Josephine hospital, at Hope, for the past two weeks because of malaria fever returned to his home at Ozan, Wednesday. Pupils in the primary room of the O/an Public School welcomed him home with n fruit and flower shower. Under the constitution the salary of the president is fixed during his term of office and cannot be reduced. However, it is permisible for the president to, turn back into the treasury any amount he may chosse. This Apron Gives Complete Protection to Your Frocks There will be countless legions of circus champions seen with the huge Downie Bros Circus, when it exhibits in Hope on Saturday, October 22 for two performances on the Pond Street Circus Grounds, at 2 and 8 p. m.—but a sight for sore eyes will be the legion of pretty girls that have been selected by Manager Sparks this season. ® ~~ Above is .seen Miss Corrine DC Aro, who is not only beautiful but a cap- ible aerial star; likewise, Miss Libertini, who is seen upon the rigging of Fire Hnzards When a rural home catches on fird generally goes up in smoke before nything can be done about it. Home emonstration club women in Hemp- ead county are trying to forestall uch a tragedy by putting their homes n order for the winter months. Mrs. Ida A.. Fenlon, extension, ecori- rmst in household management, Uni- ersity of Arkansas College of Agri- ulture, lists some of the precautionary measures that will lessen the fire hazard. AH chimneys should be gone over arefully, the loose bricks reset firm- arid the cracks filled with morter. Iflues which are suspended from he ceiling or supported by braces lailcd into partitions should be carefully overhauled. The weight of a flue of this type often pulls th'e braces rom their anchorage and allows the lue to sag on one side, thus cracking he morter, she points out. The heat of summer expands the brick and the contraction which takes ^Yace after the cool days arrive helps to loosen the morter. This makes it diubiy important that all flues be carefully checked for crevices where a spark may lodge and smoulder for i time until a bla'/o finally bursts forth. Fire places should be screened to keep stray sparks within the safely /one. Electric wires are also a potontia source of fife. These should Ix; check ed to make certain there is no hazard there. Clothes hung too near the stove wood placfed in the oven to dry, ant food left cooking on the stove ar among the minor causes of fire i rural homes. It becomes necessary i all homes at times to dry clothing nea a fire, but great care should be ex ercised in so doing, Mrs. Ferttori warn '' Many a home has been burned t the ground and a great financial se back experienced by a young coup (Iff* tht *t»cciai cut) PRINCE ALBERT THE NATIONAl JOY SMOKE the 'elowd swing'; Miss Ardele Walters of the peerless aggregation "Die Flying Walters'; Miss Vivian Barnctt. who presents a thrilling display of 'the aerial buttcrflys'; These are but a few of the pretty performers who could easily compete against the worlds beauty winners, not just 'for beauty' but for form, physic and talent oj which the circus school has devolopot and will be noted circut day. Charming Miss Marion Shufford, before entering circus life was a $>- ciety matron of Macon, Ga., and on several occasions won the local as well as the state beauty'contest and was two different years elected 'Queen of the Bibb County Fair' and oh account of her riding ability was signed by Manager Sparks, such as other Outstanding stars that will be seen only with the largest popular priced circus on earth, in Hope oh Saturday. WATCH FOR NEW SOUND OPENING NEXT SUN. A new all-time high record for gross receipts of the Honolulu Post Offce was established last year at $2G,4:13,!»27 Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment with NEW NOW Thru Wed. DEANNA DURB1N •* — Last Time Tues. — "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" •URKDffi DOUBLE FEATURE NO. 1 GENE AUTRY—in "Gold Mine in the Sky" * NO. 2 A Story of the South Sens "ZAMBOANGA" WED. ERROL FLYNN Olivia De Haviland -!n"FOURS A CROWD" with Rosalind Russell Patric Knowles "Better Wed. Pictures" HOPE Pond Street One Day Only SAT. OCT. Medical Science (Continued from Page One) ALL NEW 'UNIVERSAL CIRCUS' MtNAaCXK <f< HIPPODBOMt COMBINEO By CAROL DAY This apron protects your frocks completely, front, and back, and looks very slim iind attractive in itself. This bias cut of the skirt makes 8040 fit smoothly over the hips, without a trace of hulk of fullness. The top of it comes up nice and high, to prevent whipped cream and salad dressing from splashing on your pet blouse. It fits as snugly as a dress, with no annoying straps to slide off your shoulders. 101 W/l HERDS^ NEW IH- of •ACTS AttbPHANlSJ ' E50 ARENIC .STARS DOPES OPEM M7 B'M.- PERFCBMAHCES 2«*8P.M. Adults 50c, Children 25c Percale, gingham and calico in pretty flower prints are good materials fur tills design. You should make some in organdy or dotted Swiss, too, foi occasional gifts, using lace, instead o" braid, to trim. ' Pattern 8040 is designed for sizes 34 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 4G and 48. Size 31 requires 1% yards of 35 inche material 7Vz yards of lace, braid, or bias bind ing. to trim the pockets and round tin edge. The new Fall and Winter Patten Book, 32 pages of attravtice design for every size and every occasion, is now ready. Photographs show dresses' made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Lte the charming designs in this new book help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Fall nad Winter Pattern Book—25 cents. Pattern or book alone—15 cents. For a Pattern of this attractive model send 15c in coin, your name, address, style number and size to Hope Star Today's Pattern Bureau, 211 W. Waek er Drive, Chicago, 111. example of possible success in spare parts, if small enough. Transplanting of corneas (the clear covering over the pupil) from one human to another has been going on for half a century. Medical records say the operations have restored sight only temporarily. The spare cornea always died nnd became opaque. But something smaller—just a little bit of n human cornea, set as a "window 1 'in n blinded eye—works better Tliis eye operation is so ne wits lasting results fire not yet established. But its hopes for success are built on tl rts hopes for success are built on the probability that the foueign part, being small, will be incorporated. Plastic surgery, which borrows skii From one person to cover another' inirt, is another exception to the rule but at present that is limited to skin deep effects. Ropcls for Protection A reason for the innate aversion of the body to a new part appears in man's biological evolution, in which every cell of his body has had to fight off all kinds of foreign substances for protection against disease. Men and women can have borrowed glands with some success. Tris seems limited to the ductless glands which discharge their secretions directly into the blood. Such new parts may live any place. A thyroid, for example, may flourish in a hip for a fairly good length of lime. Even in these oases the body attempts to absorb, and so rid itself ol the new part. Backbone Braced The Mayo Clinc takes slices of a nan's shin bone an dtransplants then oa weakened backbone. These nev jarls are laid alongside the vertebrae ike bridge timbers. They grow ant nerge with the vertebrae to form i complete repair job. But these ncv 3ones arc limited at present to vcr> special kinds of backbone weakness. In one realm, embryology, scienc lias made brilliant advances with ne\ parts. A leg, eye, arm, tail, skin nm other organs can be borrowed froi another embryo o fthe same specie and grafted most anywhere with prob abilities of permanence. But this is useless for man, except as a proving ground for new facts, whose possible uses are utterly unknown. HiaHoween Party Is Suggested by WPA Recreation Office Halloween, the tim'e of ghosts, an goblins and spirits will soon be here What is more fun than a party 01 Halloween? There are many different kinds o parlits which can be held but the can safely be divided into two dtferen groups; indoor and outdoor. The outdoor party may be something in the nature of a hike or a hayride and maybe called a Gypsy, Cowboy, Pirate, Indian, Straw Stack or a Hobo camp fire party or any other appropriate name. because a housewife left 51 pot of food cooking on the stove and left the home. She expected to return in time to care for it, or she left and forgot to remove it from the fire. .The pot boils dry and soon it a blaze threatening the ipuse. A few hours spent now in checking lues, electric wires, and providing storage for wood to use during a tormy period will greatly lessen the ire hazard and keep some folks from )eing homeless this winter, Mrs. Fenoil adds. Light for Study School lessons to be studied by artificial light are a problem in many Hempstea'd county homes. Many parents are showing keen appreciatior Of the importance to the children o the right kind of light for study and a quiet place to do their- work. With either oil or electric light, th lamp should stand so that the bu'rne or bulb is above the level of the eye but its glare concealed by a shade Mrs. Ida A. Fenton, extension econ omist in home management, Universit of Arkansas College of Agriculture, ad vises. If an electric light, the bul should be frosted on the inside t avoid eyestrain. Light should be reflected down in a wide circle falling Also there is an outdoor community celebration type, such as Halloween Mardi Gras parade, with several prizes for the most colorful costume. The parade may end up a a central point with various races and low organized games being played. In many localities, vandalism has radically been abolished by party ampaigns and mass celebrations. So let's have a party and let us ilelp you. You may secure information about . suggested Halloween program at the OTA Recreation office, Elk's building. Trachoma is one of the most wide- ipread of till eye disease. Persons .vho acquire tlie infection develop thick granulated eyelids, a white 'ilm over the eye and inability to open he eyes in strong light. on the books or papers of the student. The inside of the shade should be white or very light-colored for better reflection. It may be decorated on the outside to harmonize with the other furnishings of the room, but if the decorations or pattern on the outside can be seen from the inside, the lighting will not be good, she points out. The illuminating Engineers Society has designed a number of sturdy, 'efficient lamps, labeled "I. E. E." that are considered very satisfactory by lighting specialists. Semi-indirect lighting is used in I. E. 3. lamps by means of diffusing bowl which throws pqrtion of the light upward and ifteiis the part falling downward, Mrs. enton said. "My Skin Was Full of Pimples and Blemishes From Constipation" says Vcrna Schlepp: "Since using Ad- lerika the pimples are gone. My skin is smooth and glows with health.' Adlerika washes BOTH bowels, and relieves constipation that so often ag gravatcs a bad complexion. John S Gibson Drug Co. City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES and OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY. PHONE 7C7 Since his retirement as President i Czechoslovakia, Eduard Bones has een spending much of his time re- ixing at his rustic estate near Sez- novo Usti, Czechoslovakia. FOR MALARIA CHILLS AND FEVER! Take This Recognized Medicine! When you've got Malarial chills and 'ever, you want real and ready relief. You don't want to go through the usual old misery. . , Grove's Tasteless Chill Tome is what you want to take for Malaria. This is no iew-fangled or untried preparation, but B medicine of recognized merit. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic contains tasteless quinidirie and iron. It quickly relieves the chills and fever due to Malaria and also tends to build you up. That's the double effect you want. The very next time you have an attack of Malarial chills and fever, get Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic and start taking it at once. All drug stores sell Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, 50c and $1. The latter size is the more economical. For You We have bought the entire sample line of thelpSiESf DEALER in the South, including"All Kinds of Art Glass Mirrors Gift Goods Toys" Numerous Other Items for Xmas Gifts These Gifts are priced FAR BELOW the price we would have to sell them for if they were bought in the regular way . . . also we can of fer you a much better selection of CHOICE GIFTS. YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS THIS SALE FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS MAKE YOUR SELECTIONS EARLY You Are Invited to Use Our / SPECIAL LAY-AWAY PLAN Pny only 20% down and tlie balance December'26th . . . mid at no extra cost we'll hold your gifts. Try this new and 'easy way to shop . . , hb bundles to carry, no waste motion. SPECIAL CLOSE OUT NEW YORK? TAKE THE MISSOURI PACIFIC Government LOANS COTTON Quick Service Classed and paid inune- ditely in our office. Air-conditioned Coachei TOM KINSER Detailed information, tickets and reservations at Missouri Pacific Station or call 137 and ask for C. E. Christopher. Bring or send your sealed samples to inc. Licensed to classify and certificate cotton for 1938 government cotton loan. , Ark. Drug Store West Second Street Phone 53$

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