Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1948 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1948
Page 15
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& Thursday, December 23, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Fifteen ;\ E"°!II ""p"* • "sr™* Down Thss 1 ime By HAL BOYLE | Ne w York - i.l'i - Mother Na-! a Sunday - a clear sign of mis tnre is slipping. 'She let the big- ; management by someone Who icilv down this lime. I"™, 3 ll ' l ^ 1o '- vs11! ', Nc ^ ^°'t ° V i • ., ,- . , ,. . . 'Sunday? Everybody is already lather Knickerbocker is again, a( ,,„,'. |0 all[l up u ,' his ;, r mpits in the world s oiggest snow man. But m le Sunday nevspip"!" the old boy wasn't knocked on his | Alu | u ' ' v ,.. ls loo ' v ; o ,y ndver tiscd. I ear by the advent of winter lhis; Jt ]acke d pl ,nch. drama, surprise.] yyar.as he was 51 weeks ago i Even the dear old Long Island 1 liken by Broadway si anclards. I ,-ailroad, the commuters'' delight. It only . the giant snow storm of last sab jwas ,. cadv . Ijath was strictly a low-grade pro- can( , elert V, t ,.., i]1? ; \ } fu . nl jducticn. It should have been inert hour? . and manv n V (,( crali r jder |out Hi-it in New Iiaven, Boston or j v> , ul i!lsisl 1his nlakes jt mt i rj diffcr- Prnladelphia before being brought . t from 1H , nrlal dav . crowd onto the stage. Nor do you ! judge a chicken by counting lieaturos. of t;oi. .1 neuu Mini. IL luiu neuri.y ^u,- OflO men out early, and almost as many snowflakes fell on them as on the streets — if we may stretch ,-, , , ,. 1*1 1 - "-'I l l I ll_; CJ 1. I l_:i_ l ri . 11 \Y <vT J I 1 ll Compared to the high drama of ,i, c D0 in1 n bit the blizzards of 15147 and 1888. this Yes sir even a mid«, I year's snowfall was strictly vaude- , ook h ' : d ' t finc , a , " \ ill 1 n li iT/in -i 1 \ li " 1 i I UTdl i \f\ tir»\rm- l get had to [vine. Even at that il would never "p ""'" " J l1 "" " 1Jlllv -° to flounti - jget top billing at the old palace I Talk fn n sul . vivor of thc famous I theater. It would be lucky to get l stonr) of .j, 8> and hc says . "You call this paltry thing a | ia week at Loow's state. Everybody in the metropolitan area today feels cheated. Here they want the biggest and thc best — or nothing. And storm? Why in T!(J the snow piled up to second-story the East river friz j i • • ^ -i '•' l( -" A-J " •"• I 1 i V U 1 .111/. L11 *I J .here is a widespread y , , „ j f ^.! 1 ?^"...^!^..! 1 ?: hour.o district to Grec mally to live up to the weather bureau's advance publicity blurbs. There were a lot of things wrong with it, For one thing it opened on Distributor CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS windows, and j clear across. ! tarn thc gas Brooklyn." Grecnpoint AT THE E were just getting ready to wrap up your Christmas present, But since we can't get around to deliver it to you in person, well just take this means. So, here it is, YOUR FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE And as for a year ago. when the snow stacked, up 25.8 inches before the' weather bureau could say "th- th-lhclhermomcler" — Well That is an epic adventure. The long voyage home took some 'oole more than 20 hours. Admir Peary in his dash to thc North Pole — why. he had it easy. In darkest Brooklyn they were trying to buy snowshoes. In the Bronx (hey were using skis. In the long history of man no race ever faced and won through such a weather ordeal — or so the sons of the sub- wav like to think. Yes that was a real four-star hit snow show. But yesterday Squire Rockefcl ler had his ice noncl already swept clear. Everybody came to work, because thc darned transportation systems worked. The streets are just a lot, of slush and noise. And so is (hc storm. What caused il? Well. Ihe taxi drivers, who know everything in Now York, say: ''It's the atom bomb. Tt changed ll.'o weather all around the world." 1 In any case, America, accept Gotham's apologies. We ad:Tiit it was a lousy storm. Rut watch us next year we'll be back with a new one under better management, j It'll be the biggest, deepest, long- jest, hardest, finest, wettest, coldest snowfall that ever fell. Plans are already under way to use the Empire Stale building for a measuring stick. But as for thc big snow of '48 — let's forget it. Every producer comes up with a turkey sometime, and this one is ours. By TOM REEDY AP Newsfoatures Berlin —For almost a half century, Dr. Hjalmar Schaeht couldn't stay out of banks. Now he can't stay out of courts. The high-collared bellicose banker is in a fail- way to becoming the most-tried man in history. The Stuttgart de- Naziiication Ministry says it will try him again as a major Nazi "offender." He was Hitler's minister of economics and president oi the Reichsbank. He was convicted once and sentenced to eight years. A Gorman appeal court set that aside. The ministry of de- iialluii appealed from the appeal and has the power under are deNax.ifieation law to keep trying a man as long as it doesn't '•:'-' the decision. Theo. Kail chief of the American dcKa;;ilie:i!ion branch for military government ,says the U. S. official position is thai it is playing hands off in the Schaeht affair. Nevertheless. Charles M. La- I-ollr-tte, U.S. military governor at Stuttgart, hailed the German ministry's decision to retry the banker as a good tiling. lie said it showed a Gi'rjnan c)et.>rrniirition "to stamp out" Nazi taint. Schaehl is out of jail for the first time since 15)44. The banker, now in his seventies, slill possesses the mental and physical vigor that carried him to the top of the financial world of Eurooe many years ago. He is the man who jjiillecl Germany out of lior unuLlievable I'muncial chaos in the oujiy I:):'.')'/; and Hitler's logical choice for his cabinet in 1933. Schaeht .sny.s he slopped playing Hitler's game in 15)38. H 'is true he shut OH' more funds for armaments then. Soon he was out as president of the Reichsbank. Waller Funk took il over and now is serving life as a war criminal. In 1JM4, tin" Nazi socurily po- haeht lice took politically him into lion eainj) American' tin- jti:.; ag fendanl. into low as ib;t' and threw iburg concenlra- .'as liberaled by , only to go into a war crimes de- Al Nuernberg, in Ihe ain trial of the "big 21," Scluu-hl won ao aco_uillal. As soon as he moved to Sluttgiirt. tile Germans grabbed him and In- w?u: in jail again for trial MS a Nazi. Schaehl has ir.'iintained (he must kind of delviise. He said ;oiti-Na/i, usually ;.!iouled fierce temper cuts loose \'.'itii a line disrei-'.'n d of ' at. is don't particularly bill they don'! finite )'.'.' hi.' can cuniinuo ii trial all ihe time, an uniiecessaiy stir-.1 issue;;. H a):-o '•:'• a to them as they sec ;' L ighijorhood Nazis New Model Wheelbarrow Buenos Aires —<.•'!')— It took hundreds of years, but somebody finally improved the wheelbarrow. Engineer Arnold Schauer showed city officials his new model. Instead of having the wheel in front, it hub it under the body. Schauer I said this means iho wheelbarrow j ehauifeur carries less load and the wheel iiiclf carries more. The things you have wished for and never received—may they be yours during the next twelve months. May the Christmas Season be one of happiness, usefulness and a full measure of health and prosperity. , <'g&&j&tyy&*WV$$&ffi*$&& tar

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