Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1948 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1948
Page 14
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Page Fourteen HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, December 23, 1948 A LITTLE CHRISTMAS NOTE Louisiana Nevada Transit Co. Allies to Set Up Police in London. Doc. 22 VFi— An international industrial police force will be created soon to patrol the Ruhr and prevent Germany from developing secret arms works for a now attempt to dominate the European continent. A diplomatic source who declined to permit use of his name or even of hi.-, nationality, reported this decision •fortay as one of the major accomplismonts of a six- country conference on the future of the Ruhr. The conference also has decided to set up an international control board—with Germany as n member—lo boss the Ruhr's production. According to this diplomat, the international board will supervise the workings of the police force. The police force will maintain a periodical inspection of the Ruhr plants to see that they do not exceed production limits set by the Western powers. The police will also keep a close watch to prevent the Ruhr plants from production of war material. The plan has been developed in a conference of six Western powers, the United Stales, Britain Francce, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, which probably will complete its work this week. A formal communique may bo delayed until after Christmas'. Details of the control board's functions wore not, disclosed, but officials who attended conference sessions said they represented major concessions to French de- imancls for close supervision over production of thn" Ruhr, which yielded Germany the coal and steel lor two world wars. Pigeon-holed indefinitely, one informant said, is the question of future ownership of the Ruhr plants. Delay on this point helps ease French fears (hat a powerful German war potential might be recreated. It is designed also to help stabilize the French government of Premier Henri Qucuillc. The United States and Britain previously had hold the question of ownership, should be left for the Germans" themselves to decide, once they have a legal government. The French have called for internationalization of the Ruhr: the Britiv- - f or nationalization and the United Stales, in general towns, for private ownership. Lye Water Handy About the Home Lyo water solutions arc used in many farm homos for breaking hard water, bleaching clothes, opening drains, and cleaning pots and pans. II lye water is used in the farm home, it .should be with the greatest care and should be placed out of reach of small children, cautions Home Demonstration Agent Lorraine Blackwood. Between the ages of one and six, children are busy with their hands and mouths, grasping, tasting and swallowing nearly everything in sight. In hospitals for children, lye burns caused from drinking ]'ye water present one of the most complicated medical problems. When a small child swallows a solution of lye water, he begins to feel a strong burning sensation of the mouth, throat, and esophagus. Soon after, these surfaces become swollen and the child is in such distress that morphine is required to soothe the pain, the home demonstration agent ox- plains. When this happens, the child should be removed to 'a hospital at once and treatment started im-1 mediately. Medical statistics reveal | that unless proper treatment is started at once, in half of the cases scar tissue forms in this area of the throat producing a stricture of narrowing of the thoat so that food can no longer reach the stomach. Although the child lives, he is handicapped through life by this condition, as an opening to feed him must be made to the stomach. Lye, therefore, should be kept out of the reach of children—on a high shelf. If a child accidentally docs swallow some lye, the parents should immediately give him pome lemon or orange juice or some diluted vinegar. Along with this, use egg white and milk as an attempt to neutralize the caus- tic alkali, Mrs. Blackwood says. Take the child to the doctor immediately and tell him what has happened. Do not try to heal burns inside the mouth and throat at home. If this is done scar tissue gradually forms, unknown to you. Then in about three months, the child is unable to swallow and must be taken to a hospital. In most instances his case is hopeless because the stricture is already there and cannot be removed. Every day children arc in the nation's hospitals with this condition. Reduce accidents by being careful to place such a deadly poison out of reach of all young members of the family, she advises. And be sure to label it "POISON" so it can be seen. In Volcanic Crater Crater Lake is a lake of extraordinary blue water in the crater of .an extinct volcano in southwestern Oregon. The lake was made a national park in 1902. Wm. M. Duckett >#>' • .'. • (' AN OLD, BUT PLEASANT TRADITION The Shipley Studio GARAGE Your Oldsmobile and Cadillac Dealer I Lamp Post Thief Abroad Mar Del Plata, Argentina —C/P)—This summer resort gets pretty quiet in winter, but they don't take in the street lights. So the city fathers were pretty sore when they found somebody uprooted and walked off with half a dozen cast iron lamp posts. An electric eye that can see 1000 feet, nearly four times as far as •present equipment, has been developed to expand such robot activities as the counting of cars on highways, operation of burglar and fire alarms, and the patrolling of prison yards and other re- slricted areas. It is a pleasure and an honor at the eve of the Christmas season to express our sincere regard for your friendship and your loyalty and to wish TOU the Merriest Christmas of them all. With the passing of each year, it becomes more evident that the peace of Christmas is enjoyed only because there were those who made every sacrifice that we might enjoy Christmas to its fullest extent. As we extend our Season's Greeting we are mindful that without those sacrifices, we could not enjoy the blessings of peace. If we strike a solemn note at this glad season of the year, it is only because we are remembering that there were those who gave their all to make it possible for Americans everywhere to observe and enjoy Christmas. The peace of Christmas is sacred. May we never forget.

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