Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1948 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1948
Page 12
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Page Twelve HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, December 23, 1948, Slight Error. While conducting a personal survey on traffic problems in Hot Springs city Alderman Walter Sharp thoughtlessly parked his car in a no-parking 7.0110. A triffie cop left him a ticket. Airmen to Nail Down Chile's Arctic Claim a AP Newsfeaturcs Valparaiso. Chile — A handful .' of airmen .'ire making ready to 'nail down Chile's disputed claim i WORLD or HAPPINES^ each cri you GLORIOUS SEASON Crow Burlingame Co. in the Antarctic w.tth a third base. They are scheduled to leave soon to plant the air base "for purely scientific 1 purposes." Its site has not been announced. But it is expected to be somewhere near the navy base on Greenwich Island, in !bc South Shetland:;, iind the army" 1 base on Graham- land. President Gabriel Gon/.alei: Videla forecast establishment of the new base on -his return last February from his trip to the Antarctic, where he dedicated the army base. The two existing bases are weather stations.;..from which the personnel also go out on exploration trips. These Chilean outposts arc in territory also claimed by Great Britain and Argentina. Chile and Argentina agreed early in 1048 to negotiate a settlement of their own Antarctic boundaries and defend their claims jointly against third par- lies. Doth have rejected a United States suggestion for international control of the region. Aside from Argentina. Chile and Britain other countries directly or indirectly interested in the'Antarctica include France, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and the United Stales. Comedian Lists Prize Joke of Program By LEO TURNER Now York. Dec. 22 —(UP)— The (public laughed ' most in 104!! at Jokes which left the principal char- lacter up in the air, Peter Lind | Hayes said today. i I The United Press asked Hayes, | ; a young radio comedian, to select \ the ten best jokes that could be published in a family newspaper. Here arc his selections: A stage-struck young man called a booking agent and asked him to come to his club and see his act. |When Ihe agent rcluctatnly agreed. he imitated the calls of several kind of birds, then leaped into the air. flapped his arms, and flew around the room for fully two minutes. "What do you think of it?" he asked the agent. "I can't do a thing for you, kid," the agent replied. "There ain't any market for bird acts." Mosquito Favors Chicken Over Man By FRANK CAREY Associated Press Science Reporter Clubs R serin of- comes to wish you all the joy and happiness which ).. belong to the DtASDN Three drunks staggered into a galloon. One fell flat on his face at the door the second barely made a table and sat down and the third managed to reach the bar. "Gimma a stoch 'n soda," he said, and gesturing toward his pal at the table, added "and he'll have a rye 'n ginger ale," the Bartender aksed "what about your buddy on Hie floor, the drunk replied, "just igvc him water, he's driving." The woman walking a spirited doberman pinschcr along the sidewalk was obviously pleased with the attention she and the clog attracted. "He looks pretty ferocious," said an old lady, "What kind of clog is he?" 'Does he bite." asked the old "A doberman pinscher." "Does he bite." asked the old lady. "No. lie just pinches dobcrmans," Joe Frisco, the stuttering comic stood on a sidewalk watching several men ripping up the street, here'.'" he asked. "W-wwwwhat's here'.'" he asked. "We're building "W-wwwwhen running?" "In about three years." I'd b-bbbettcr take a then," said Frisco. Give a woman an inch and she'll think she's a ruler. jomg on a new subway." will il s-ssstart A political] is your hand first \\ man who shakes and you later. bank to Waiting in line at the .„_ . cash his cheek, a man watched I ken I another customer take his money from the teller, put it in his pcoket. jump to the ceiling, walk around it two times, then walk down the wall and out the door, turning to the teller the man said: "That was odd, wasn't it." "Yes." said the teller, "he never | chicken, left before without saying goodbye." Auburn, Ala. On the bill-of-farc of the mosquito, chicken appears to be a thrcc-to-one choice over man. This is the preliminary evidence gathered by researchers of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute who contend that common varieties of "nuisance" mosquitoes arc hilhcr- to-un-considcrcd threats to the nation's production of eggs. They also say that mosquitoes —given a choice among chickens, cattle and hogs—apparently prefer to fill themselves on the blood of chickens about nine times in ten. Thus, they conclude, any programs designed to achieve mosquito control through use of VJDT and other measures should pay primary attention to chicken houses as the preferred restaurants o.f these high-ranking pests of nature. Research at Polytech, headed by Dr. S. Allan Edgar, is concerned primarily with the "nuisance" mosquito, as distinguished ,*rom the malaria-transmitting type. And the .scientists point out that the "nuisance" mosquito, in one form or another, is found in all parts of the United States as far north as Alaska. In Alabama, they say, one type of "nuisance" mosquito also can carry a disease called "fowl pox" from one chicken lo another —and they arc seeking evidence as to j whether this same pest might even transmit cholera and typhoid fever from one human being to another. They have suggestive evidence on what Alabama's No. 1 mosquito nuisance —the "culeax quin- qucfasciatus" —can do to chickens in the way of effecting lowered egg production. In 1940, when the population 'of mosquitoes was high, the scientists found that a group of chickens screened against the insects produced 15 per cent more eggs for the year than c^d birds left open lo attack. The conclusions arc' that the mosquitoes drain sufficient blood ] from the birds to lower their bus I egg-producing capacity. In tests designed to, determine the mosqui.lo-'s choice of food, the Polytech scientists capture insects and" subject engorged blood to techniques used by criminologisls to differentiate between poultry, animal and human blood. In a spot check to determine the mosquito's choice between chicane! man, J. E. Hill, a graduate student working with Dr. Edgar's group, shoved his arm in a mosquito-filled cake where a chicken also rested. He left his arm there for more than hour, counted the mosquitoes that gathered on his arm and those that picked the Doyle Doyle Home Demonstration Club mel on December 15 at the church with eleven members, three visitors, and five children present. The meeting was conducted by the vice- president. Two Christmas hvmns were sung by all. Devotional was read by Mrs. Luther Westfall followed by a prayer by Mrs. J. P. Hutson. New officers elected were: President. Mrs. J. P. Hutson: Vice- President. Mrs. J. H. .Tcffcrs; Secretary and Treasurer. Mrs. Luther Westfall; and Reporter. Mrs. Orville Westfall. Christmas gifts were exchanged and one new member added to our club. Everyone enjoyed the meeting very much. The next meeting will be held January 12 at the home of Mrs. Mark Jackson. May you have a full share,, our wish for Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Ed Morris, Rep. 214 East 14th St. Standing on the cgde of th of the Astor hotel, a drunk ed to his equally drunk girl friends. | and said, "I'm gonna .lump off this roof, fly to Central Park, around the St. MoriU hotel, glide back here." She nodded calmly. "Aren't you going to slop he said teetering perilously. "No." she said admiringly, can do everything." "The ratio was three to one in favor of the chicken." Hill said. The researchers. say they hope roof i to have more extensive tests along turn- i this line. In studies designed to test the efficacy of DDT in controlling 'skcctcfs in chicken houses. it was found . that a week after spraying with the insect killer, chicken houses that had a normal population of about 500 mos- quitqcs had no more than four of the insects. circle then "you In Hollywood funny name for little while they they have a very marriage. After a call it quits. Before a man marries, he carries his girl's picture in his wallet. After he marries, what else can he use his wallet for? Overheating and lack of exercise frequently cause persons to develop symptoms of indigestion, Home Demonstration Agent Lorraine Blackwood points out. This happens more often in winter than in summer months, because people cat more of the heavier foods such as pork, gravy, butter, rich desserts and highly seasoned foods. "You've got lo get enough exercise when you're eating heavy foods or the organs of the body refuse to function properly," the home demonstration agent asserts. A minor ailment, indigestion is tolerated .by, most persons, who take it for" granted thai il will follow a gnpd meal. But symptoms of indigestion may be a warning sign of certain diseases of the digestive tract, the agent explains. If the symptoms persist over a period .of months, she recommends seeing a doctor. "Don't try to treat indigestion yourself," the home demonstration agent cautions. "Home remedies sometimes give temporary relief, hut often they do more harm than good. Let your doctor diagnose your case and prescribe the proper treatment." But the best thing to do to avoid indigestion is to eat moderately, according to the amount of exercise taken, avoid mental or emotional tensions; and keep in good physical 'condition. IT ADDS MUCH TO THE Jov OK CHRISTMAS TO OUR VERY BEST WISHES TO THOSE WHOM WE SERVE That each of you may enjoy the fullest measure of happiness and prosper* ity is our Christmas wish to t!ie fine people of this community who have made possible the splendid growth of this organiza- tion. Whatever degree of success we have attained, we attribute to the splen- did goodwill of our friends. i o ^' f > Q

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