Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1948 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1948
Page 7
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, Thursday, December 23, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS f *f •M Page Seven,; s'V. •«•; BLONDIE By Chick Youn9 OZARK IKE By Roy Gofte it • I ^ DAGWQOD, WILL > YOU TAKE ME TO ( LITTLE MYRA M^NUPFS ' V. VIOLIN RECITAL, L THIS EVENING? f^. X »;> ("° *f7^flg <* vV.. ^ ^ '.:'. Kinp r 11)1 VJELL, THEN, WILL • YOU TAKE ME TO "\ THE LADIES' CLUB J LECTUPE OM PSYCHOANALYSIS r (HO) •^.V^ c'^'S- ^•^7f SIDE GLANCES Bv Galbraith MAl<E DP VOUS MIND" /^-YCU'LL EITHER LIAVE TO TAk'E ME TO THE VIGi INI RECITAL OR TI-IU LEC-TUPI; ,~i",/M' V i • :;•--> V-,\\ h:Vi! W%%; ;-".;l|---.t-..'- V'slvt&ir vS^te-^i&ii^ £ /'•-** tRSBrt'feV/'.'-.- .-i.-Mitf^ •^•w; K'OGT WIVES //"" HOTTEST KICKOFF RETURN PLAY SIWCE TH' FLYiri'WEDGE/ X?^ /""" '12-23 1 (GROAN) OMI.Y : ' 'xC' NOTHIN' KIN STOP 'EM NOW ' DAYLIGHT BETWIXT K CEPT TMBFF £./*L'W08f>S* THEM FATFIELOS )\ ' ... HOPE THEY ' AN'VICTORY/ ^ ,j)^-r^r wORKr ' JrtEtt'j| CARNIVAL Sy Dick Turner VIC FL5NT By Michael Q;fH\oflev & Roloh Lone ' .COPR. 1S« BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. "We'd better waks your'fatTjer now and let him put the finishing touches on the tree—otherwise he'll toll us we've decorated it lopsided I" ^A^^i?^^ 5 ^^ W-'i - ^^-'ytf^v «a * s -r l * I ^S——— x. sEnvicE.'i?;c.. T. M. REG. u..s/PAT._gFF._ J SHE'S GOING UP TO THE TOWER \ ( RCtoM/SHE HASN'T BEEN UP THERE IN YEARS .' CAM SHE BE SUSPICIOUS? Y ? HMM/WHAT'S 1111 , THE OI.D 6IRL UP TO NOW ? Christopher Malloy was not, as his ^ grandmother thought, ( SOMEBODY asleep. Far from it. \ 'KTHE HAH MYSELF THE SCENE "' ui Lesue » uriner * 1,1 A FTEP. SCROOP'S {£> ftREEST. E, 30IM5 1HE. CURIOUS GROUP OUTSlPcl HE PUB,..I\ND IXFFECTS Pi MORKSHIRE DIMECT. RftRELN HEftRP HERE plffi^S™,* FOUR fAltES PROW THKTIWDl \HHAWl\AIELUi1TSl A SKARP-NOSEP \ABOUT CHUCKIW TOFF. WITH ^ WEE \ OUT TIWE...THIMK MUSTACHE! 'E Jl'LLTUEMlM! TOOK ^ c^B r —vv ARFAMHOUR / V WHERE 1 VORKSttfc. DIP SOU FROM! NOTICE AMVWAN ELSE W T' L(M> BEFORE HE WAS ARRESTEB? U FIMD5 THE VILLAGE CAB DRIVER, (\NP,, HENRY Cor I Anderson "Why look any farther, Joe? After all, in a gift the main ••.him- is -the sentimental und exchange value!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 5v B'osaer FUNNY BUSINESS tfv You pur THE STAR UP LAST YEAR ' BO'r^sM TOMIGMT OF ALL . NISHTS ' "Whatsa matter, Pop—can't you find the pants?" POPEYl BZZ-- JOKEY ooxey.' "" > ^>' HELP PREVENT FIRES EVERV . WEEK / O 's; O 8y Wait Disnay , T. M. nee. U, s. PAT, err. ->.-' ALLEY OOP By V. T. HamSin I hitnbfc Theater (DUO OJASTHE ROLJ6H\THAT WAS SAILOR WHO SPOKE TO ME IN THE I'LL ARRANGE A AAATCHT\ BETWEEN YOUR MAM AND,/ dOHlCH ONE l~/Mt-.ITHERl! I'LL. is CHurzy?? )SHOUJ YOU cHuzzy/y/- . / y'cTAN SAY THAT ^ AS >»UE 5ESCE-ANX j R3U6HT EM CN _ r~;N AGA.IN.' i NEVEJI r SA.Y. vou- EOSS y THEI& OWN !AS.^)\ . ._ / _«.,^ ""\y/gp/\V'E < TEEM5 / „ ' AN' iTNLY I WHO LCST ONE V ? ,''-",'f". I 1 ' ^fe ?. v«?uE HIGHNESS, we DTI io£=ip TH' <3UY X" . 'E^!?HFADEP / &t TH' MOiTVIAN I BKINS ATTACK.' ^D/vV'IM IN.' l&X, BOOK'S f.OPa 1MB BY HEA CCBV1.C£._IHC.__T;__M. |j_EU._U. 1 t'AT^ c^F OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HOLV SMOKE.' HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S TRYIKJ' TO GO V THREE WAY: / HE WAS--THREE RATS \ / RAW OUTA HERE \M / I DlFFRUMT DIRECTIOM3 ^ } AN' I GUESS TO TRY HIGH ( PRODUCTION HE WEMT . \ AFTER. ALL THREE \ OF 'EM.' S _ _ ilR BOARDING HOUSE •DTD YOU CAV $350, SIR ir )'•;; -^-..-O.-A-ifAVJ/ I hi vlie.Vv." '' Of- ThlS MAC5IC PROPER|EG Oi- AV/ iJOMS-'A DRWl^ CLEMlOfcr-c---"-!. HESITATE- TO SELL IT AT A GUCE IJMD'£P.,SAS'' i CHfM^&K AW -^j tie UP i-us,. YOU A PAlP- OF BUDD'r\A THE POIMTER ^ ^ fC?V^ fcr^%f /< VK //*. ' ll"W"^:i * ?Sis=&\' , By Edgar Martin|r ^.S BUNNY ''•' • /(i« ! S|^'' '"i^Kj^ .^^' :: ^/Sldl:ifel R£D SUIT'S ALL THIS EX.TERWINATIN' RKCtJET'S GOT PUHLESITY O' cr^ ' I/' • ;~H2-2 THA-T'S THEIR HOLE, YOU S-C'^i' VCUS. M5.THOO *,

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