Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1948
Page 6
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sfioj HOPE STAR,-HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, December 23, T948 SSIFl Adi Must Be In Office Day Before Publication Three Six One Days Days Month • ol One Words Day Op to 15 .. A5 16 to 20 .60 21 to 25 .. .75 26 to 30 .. .90 31 to 35 .. 1.05 88 to 40.. 1.20 «. to 45 .. 1.35 WtoSO.. 1.50 Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only • All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.60 9.00 10,50 12.00 13.50 15.00 For Sale GOOD BOIS'D ARC POSTS AT reasonable prices. See E. M. McWilliams at McWilliams Seed Store, Hope, Arkansas'." 9-lmo FHYERS, BATTER Y; RAISED. White Rocks. $1.00 each. Phone 966-W, Vernon Osburri, 805 W. Oth Street. .-.,,; 14-2w FANCY SCHLEY PAPEtt SHELL pecans, 25c per pound. Smaller size, 15c. Dr. Chas. A, Champ- Jin, 40* South Elm St. 20-31 Wanted to Rent Use of hand-made paper bags for packing food started in the United States in 1800. Lost 3 DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT ring Thursday downtown. Reward for return to Mrs. Jim Huekabee, Phone 1052. 18-31 BLACKAND ^TAN FEMALE hound dog and brown shaggy ficc dog. Reward. W. L. Alton, Phone 723-W, 318 N. Elm. 20-3t Emmet Cogers Edge Spring Hill 31-27 Spring Hill Independents were edged out in n close game, with the Emmcl Skychiefs at the Emmet gym last ni'Khl. Mixing a rough brand of basketball, the Skychiefs came from behind in the closing minutes of play to defeat the Spring Hill boys 31-27. Better That Way? Painters sometimes work with the tranvas upside-down, in order to concentrate on the abstract elements of a scene, according to the Kncyclopedia Britannica. SERVEL KEROSENE REFRIGER- ator in good condition. Write Clifford Powell, Patmos, Arkansas, Route 1. r 20-3t GOOD SIZE FRYERS FOR ONLY $1.00 each. Phone 445-J. 20-31 DUPLEX, , ONE APARTMENT has 3 rooms and bath, one has 4 rooms and bath. Small out house 12 x 30. Price $3,650. See Jack Simpson. Wesi~Ave. B. Phone 1174-W. 21-11 HOME FREEZER. ELECTRIC mixer and miniature press camera. Phone 952-M. 21-31 1947 2 DOOR PLYMOUTH. RADIO, good tires, 19,000 • actual miles, motor guaranteed. Driven in city. Phone 1164-W. 21-3t HOUSE 5 ROOMS, REDECORA^ • ted, Venetian blinds, attic fans, garage. Close in. Terms. A. H. Eversmeyer. 21-Gt Notice DARK BROWN SADDLE HORSE, weight 1,000 pounds. Notify Frank O'Rorke, Hope, Route 4. 21-3t Basketball Results By The Associated Press East: Temple 51 Colorado 50. Syracuse 07 Iowa Slate 40. South: Kentucky 51 Tulane 47. Baltimore Loyola 66 Detroit 53. Chicago Loyola 56 DePaul 44. Midwest: Chicago Loyola !50 DePaul 44. Notre Dame 70 Navy 02. Minnesota 52 St. Marys (Calif) 42. Bradley GO Los Angeles Loyola 50. Kansas State 54 Iowa State Tchrs 47. Purdue 54 Drake 47. Iowa 47 Texas Christian 46. Evansville 06 St. Josephs (Ind) 45. Wayne (Neb) 46 Drake 47. Springfield (Mo) Tchrs 63 Simpson 33. Texas Tech 65 Marshall fWVa) Southwest: Texas Tech 65 Marshall (WVa) 54. Texas Aggies 50 Southwestern Okla Tech 30. St. Marys (Tex) 44 Oklahoma Baptist 43. Far West: Wyoming 5G Oregon 51. Ohio State 68 California 64. WE BUY, SEL1, AND REPAIR all makes of Sewing machines. W. H. West, 215 North Hamilton Street, Phone 1226-W., Hope, Arkansas. 1-lmo NOT TOO LATE TO GIVE MAGA- zines for Christmas. Charles Reynerson, City Hall. Phone 28 or nights Phone 369-W. 16-lmo AVOID HOLIDAY RUSH. STOVE repair, all models, makes and kinds. Any place, any time. Call "Oscar The Fix-It" in Hope 17 years. T. B. Fenwick, Sr., Phone 195-W. 18-3t For Rent FURNISHED APARTMENT. PRI- vatc bath. No children or pets. Couple only. Phone 364. Miss Lillie Middlebrooks. 18-3t FOR SALE Surfaced Oak Lumber — $40.00 per Thousand GENERAL BOX COMPANY PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7623 (phone collect) If No Answer Dial 3-5770 Legal Notice WARNING ORDER No. 6917 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. E. W. FAUCETT Plaintiff vs. WILL HILSQN et al. Defendant The Defendant, WILL HILSON is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, E. W. FAUSETT Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 15th day of DECEMBER 1048. C. E. Weaver, Clerk By Omera Evans, D. C. W. S. Atkins. Attorney for Plaintiff Lyle Brown, Attorney Ad Litem (SEAL) Dec. 16, 23, 30, Jan. 6 Porker Cogers Entertain Oklahoma A&M Fayettcville, Dec. 23 — (ff) —Ar Kansas' Razorbacks will play the Oklahoma Aggies for the second ;ime this basketball season here tonight. The Aggies defeated the Porkers handily at Stillwater, Okla., a few weeks ago, but Arkansas expects to make it clear at least tonight. While the Razorbacks have won but two of seven games to date, both against minor fores , Coach Gene Lambert believes they have shown definite improvement. GUY M. GRIGG Building Contractor Phone 513-J 300 East 15th St. Building Repairs Labor Contract, Fixed Fee or Turn Key Job. LET FOY DO IT • Level yards • Dig Post Holeo • Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work. MAMMONS TRACTOR CO Phone 1068 a Walnut 8t. Let Us Rebuild Your Old MATTRESS or moke your old one into a comfortable innerspring. One Day Service "Al! Work Guaranteed" DAVIS Furniture & Mattress Ca. 606 N. Hazel Phone 3i>7 REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on all makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1280 or 1231-J Nights and Sunday* 119 Edgewood Hope REFRIGERATORS • See us for New and Used Refrigerators. • See us for Refrigerator Service, any make or model. A complete refrigerator service department. (We know How) • Refrigerator Headquarters New and Used. McPherson Appliance Co. Your Frlgldalre Dealers 222 East 3rd St. Phone 81 WANTED • PECANS • SCRAP STEEL « CAST IRON • CAR BODIES • JUNK BATTERIES « RADIATORS « ANY KIND OF METAL • BURLAP BAGS, RAGS and BONES. Top Prices Paid Finest Fairbanks Scales WILLIAM M. DUCKETT North Main Street WANTED-Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM - LYNN SYCAMORE - HOLLY - BAY H f\ ft IT D A C* \/ IT *°f" /"* OPE BASKET C Call 1000 or Contact Office •KK'A-iMKX>jHi-0a/l 9 RMSSC " ~ ~ ~ T31.<;' VV)*. m "The grace of God that bringcth salvation hath appeared to all men." Titus 2-.11 Mock Wants a Long-Bali Hitter That we wish each all of our friends customers the very Christmas is the time of the year when people all over the world rejoice with their family and friends. May this Christmas prove to be a joyous ono and the New, Year bring an abundance of good health one! prosperity to all. OUR BEST Wisui-s AHK OFFERED To EACH OK You . . . MAY Tins CIIHISTMAS TIU;J.Y KI-; A ll.u'i-v OMC. C r% i 4 i i T* i" n r> A /** 11 . D. LAUTSiRBACH CONTRACTOR Philadelphia, Doc. 23 — (UP! — Connie Mack, as spry as his amaz in." 1948 Philadelphia Athletics, celebrated his Sfith birthday today and said Santa Claus could oblige bv bringing him a "long ball hit- ler." A man who could hit a fio;id one at the right time would do won tiers for the A's, who confounded the experts last year by "staying up there ' through a major part of the season. Connie said. Mack cut a birthday cake in his Sliibe Park tower office and explained to reporters and photo graphcrs how he already had nlueged up one weakness of his ••!<" team. Last season. Connie was plagued bv the lack of a dependable pinch hitler. To fill the gap, he acquired Conker Tripletl, Wally Moses and Trifl. Wright during the off-season. But Connie, the only manager the- A's have known in their 47 year history, isn't kidding himself about a Christmas present distance nitter. "We offered to buy or trade for a long ball hitter," Connie said. "EUi( they all want my best pitch crs." Silver-thatched Mack is not pas ily angered. But you can get his dander up in a jiffy by asking questions about his retirement. "I'll retire when I'm good and ready." ho says heatedly. "Who al ways starts those rumors that I'm going to retire?" Mack will leave Monday for a several weeks stay in St. Peters- bur/'. Fla.. before going to the A's spring training camp at West Palm Beach in February. BROADCASTING SYSTEM Thursday p.m., Dec. 23 5:00 Adventure Parade—M • 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M 0:00 Salon Serenade 0:15 News, Five Star Edit'-m 6:25 Today in Sports 6:30 News Comment 6:45 Fulton Lcwii:, Jr.—M 7:00 What's the Name of That Song—M 7:30 Erskin Johnson's Hollywood Story—M 7:55 Hy Gardner—M R:00 Gabriel Hcatler—M 8:15 Carols from the churches (Gospel Tabernacle) 8:30 Mysterious Traveler—M .'.i:5h Bill Hr-nr.v, News—M 9:00 Thin Man—M 9:30 Rcdlands Univ. Choir—M 10:00 All the News—M 10:15 Bonny Strong's Orch.—M 10:30 Allan Holmes' Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M 'i-nn Sien-Off Friday a.m., Dec. 24 5:57 Sign On First Edition of News Hillbilly Hocdown '••jjjjsjiz May this Christmas bring to.your fireside every joy that is dear DKTIDf GBHTIflGS « 6:00 6:05 6:25 Bargain Roundup New York, Dec. 23. — (UP) Future rivals of Kentucky's great basketball got a dim, flickering ray of hope today—those evcr-win ninsj Wildcats are human, after all. Ole Kaintuck marked up another victory last night on their Louir, ville stamping grounds, but this time they had to work hard, worry n lot, and call on their best shots jeforc edging a plucky team from Tulane, 51 to 47. It was much too close for the Wildcats' comfort. Tulane. suffering its first loss in nine games, proved nevertheless lhat it has one of the finest college teams in the country. And they ep.rncd carloads of praise for n same fight and refusing to ciuit, even when they trailed by 14 points in the second half. Kentucky's victory was its seventh straight, the closest since it nicked Holy Cross by three points. T5 i fl !i-i' TD .nl .-ill TD ,. „ i i j i_ <-~i i _. Riflin' Ralph Beard paced the Cats with 15 points and big Alex Groza nooped 12, but Groza ' was out scored by the Green Wave center, Jim Riffey. who tallied 22 points. It was Kentucky's 47th 1 straight Southeastern conference victory. Minnesota and Ohio State took „. „„_ . on added stature as Midwestern 5:15 Superman—M powers by racking up victories 5:30 Captain Midnight—M over Pacific Coast teams. 5:45 Tom Mix—M Unbeaten Minnesota gained its 6:30 Face the Music 6:45 Musical Interlude 6:55 Market Reports 7:00 Farm Breakfast Program 7:15 Riders of the Purple Sage 7:30 The Devotional Hour 7:45 Musical Clock 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Editioi 8:00 Sunrise Serenade 8:30 Slogan Parade 8:55 Arkansas News Roundup 9:00 Cecil Brown—M 9:15 Faith in Our Time—M 9:30 Nashville Program 9:45 Airlane Melodies 10:00 Passing Parade—M 10:15 Victor H. Lindlahr—M 10:30 Gabriel Hcalter's Mailbas —M 10:45 Lanny Ross—M 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks—M 11:15 Kate Smith Sings—M 11:30 Luncheon at Sardi's—M 11:45 Luncheon at Sardi's—M Friday p.m., Dec. 24 12:00 News, Home Edition 12:10 Market Time 12:15 John Daniel Quftrtet 12:30 Melody Mustangs 12:40 Shortest 5 min. in Radio 12:45 Eddy Arnold Show—M 1:00 Queen for a Day 1:30 Golden Hope Chest—M 2:00 Movie Matinee—M 2:30 Ozark Valley Folks—M 3:00 Songs of Love 3:15 The Johnson Family—M 3:30 1490 Club 4:00 Swing Time 4:45 To Be Announced 5:00 Adventure Parade—M fifth straight win by thumping St. Mary's of California, 52 to 42, at Minneanolis. The Gophers featured a great two-man scoring perform ance by big Jim Mclntyre with 29 points and Whitey Skoog with 15 points. Ohio Slate whipped California for the second straight night, 68 64, much closer than their earlier 14-point victory. Walker of Hie losers had 20 points, Dick Schnittker of the Buckeyes, 18. Bow! Briefs Hammond. La., Dec. 23. •—(UP) —The Tarheels of North Carolina are "ready to go," Carl Suavely jK.-ucl todav after the squad fiii- I is hod a drill in preparedness for Hie " - - • 6:U'J Salon Serenade 6:15 News, Five- Star Final 6:25 Today in Sports 6:30 News Comment 6:45 Fulton i_.ewis, Jr. 7:00 Great Scenes from Gres Plays— M 7:30 Leave it to the Girls— M 7:55 Hy Gardner— M 8:00 Gabriel Heatter— M 8:15 Carols from the Churches Unity & Garrelt Memorial 8:30 Yours for a Song— M 8:55 Bill Henry, Ne\vs--M 0:00 This Holy Night— M 10:00 Boys Town Choir— M | 10: 15 Benny Sironti's Orch.— M 10:30 Henry Jerome's Oroh.— M 10:55 Mutual News— M i ::u() Siifn Off F i q h '• 3 L. 01* , he Sugar Bowl game with Okla BU The Associated Press r"']/" ! j'' nv ^ ears . da J'- i Phoenix, Ari:' -- Voun- Amaclo, 1 Cuttina down practice sessions j 1GO , lunre ;,, Mexico, stopped Benny |licMTi two o one a day, Suavely IjSvans, ,5:1, Oklahoma Uiy, 6. ' declared, "we are doing well. All are doing well. All i boys are in good shape and i they arc ready to go." , El Paso, Tex.. Dec. 23. —(UP)— ! jWr-sl Virginia's football team was! j scheduled to arrive here today and i immediately begin the final phase, :of their preparations for the Sun !Bowl game against Texas College of PJines on Jan .1. Coach Dudley Do Groot of West Virfinia expressed only one fear. 1'lir.t the fiesta and carnival atmosphere, traditional backdrop to the annual game, might distract his players. Waco, Tex., Dec. 23. —(UP) — The Baylor Bears, who have a New 'Year's clay date with Wake Forest in the Dixie Bowl, began their Christinas vacation today — "in the best condition of several weeks." Coach Bob Woodruff said he was satisfied with his players' overall form but was worried about Wake Forest's vaunted passing attack. The i!ears resume practice Monday. Austi, Tex., Dec. '23. —-(UP'i — ! Tile Texas Longbnrns were slated j to participate in a calisthenics workout today and then disLvnd ! for the Christmas vacation until next Monday. Texas, which meets Georgia in ihe Orange Bowl on Jan. 1, p'artici- patL-il in a lengthy kicking session yesterday and then added .some contact work. Top Radio Programs New York, Dec. 23 — f.-T.l — Topics tonight: NBC — 7 Henry Aldrich; 7:30 Burns and Allen H Al Julsim; ;;:3u Dorothy I.amour. CBS -- 7 FBI in Peace and War !i Herbert Marshall in "Rich Alan. Poor Man;" «:30 Prime Pholocra- pher y:3i) First Nitilitor "Little [Town of Bethlehem." j ABC -- 6::«l Theater USA: 7:80 Mo Stafford }! Personal Autograph; iii C'hild's World. ; MBS ~ 7 Name of Song Quiz jt!:30 Mysterious Traveler; 9 The 'riiin )\Um. | Friday programs: I NBC — 0 a.m. Fred Waring. I CBS — 9:30 a. m. Godfrey Hour. ABC ID a. ni. Kay Kyser. MBS — ID a. m. Passing Parade. *-^ •.-•:--:.- -, :•::•: This !ii;+Je gesture? comes to you in true appreciation of the tough^u! trearment you have afforded us in the past year. We are ! r uiy grateful and in the most friendly \vay we knov/, v/e extend the compliments of the sensor". Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Kelley

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