The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ( Blytheville andJEarie (ARK) COURIER NEWS on IIKEIITO Sti night Football In Pro spect Tonight; • Firs Meeting Since 1930 A slow rtrhj.linf. inin fell incessantly lir-fore niiou hiililin; forlh pioinecls for a slippery Ili-ld If not a muiltVy lialtle n ll.ili>y .Field tonlBhl. T|,e gridiron Is , fairly well Eoililed however anil will offer as firm a fouling ; , s possible In anylliliif but a ilovin- P«ur. The rain Mils fair In routine, turtles of • lioth lc;iinv lo £tlaighl pouer jilays. Uy J. r. I'ltlKNI) The Biythcvllle chlekasnra will go afler their setond victory of Ihe season tonight when they roecl Ihs Earle high school cardinals at Haley. Field. Thc'ganii! fa schedujDil for 8 p.m. .In the ciirtnlii raiser last week t)« trite got off to a good start under tlieli new cojch, Onaiey Leslie, formtr Alabama trosh mentor, by trouncing a game band of Osceola Scminoles, 39-0, In n driving >aln Chirks Crippled With Byron Walker, linesman, still ailing from a hip injiny. "and Alfred "Slick" Meredith, halfback, r.obblhig around •with n bidly sirallen ankle, the Chicks will enter the fray with a patched up lineup, ji f s unlikely that cither will start. Walker, however, mnj see some action; Murray Harris, who started al tackle •In the Osceola .contest, will probably replace Walker in the,.line. Oneil Craig, chunky ulomle ball carrier, is slated for one of the hahes During ths last 'five years the h\o teams have met but tiviea. In 102D, ullh Ihe: brilliant IMc Craig in his prime, the Maroon anil White forces bowled "over the Cardinals 34-D A jeni later Henry [Unison's charges incllidcd Earie in a ten game, season's wins, 38-0. In 1932 a conflict in dates prevented another meeting. . Cards Have Speed Coich Mnryln Bird's proteges also hn\c plajcd one game this season, defeating Elalns 20-0,-last Friday. The stiong Helena Seanorters were able to beat Elaine but by a 2G 0 count .Reports emanating from the stronghold are trial they have a light but fast team, using their speedy backs on a \arlcd running nnd forward passing nflack ' i IrtVall probability the CWckasaws \U!1 open ulth virtiinlly Ihe same lineup that defeated Osceola Inst neek The line, will consist of Tip-' ton nnj Blnr.kwcll, ends; Rayder and Harris, tackles; Lnnsford and Lindsey, ginrcls; J. W. Purtle, center Ths slufly taekneld of Mosley, qunrler, Locke and Oral?, hnl- vcs^saiibn, fullb.ick, that rolleil up four -touchdowns in nine minutes against the Indians, will start. ; Officials for the game will be: Bill 'MerlweUier (Ilcndrlx), referee; Fr,ink .whitworth, umpire; Dick Patter, J hendllnesmnn; John Holland, field judge. .'COMMISSIONER'S SM,F. Pursuant to! n? decree O f. (he Chancery Court oD. tills county, rendered >in the case, ofErtmecl- ical Lutheran Synod' of. 1 ;Missouri, Ohio nnd Other 'Slates '\~s. 'George D Ray, el al., I will; wilhlnjlnw- liil hours on Octofe, Zl/ 1934. sell at'."Hie•'front :door of the court house at Blythcville, Arkansas, to the highest bidder upon a credit of three moulds, the following described property, to-wit: The East Half of Section 27, In Township 16 North, Range 8 East of the Fifth Principal Meridian. • .. • • The.-purchaser tit snld sale will be required to give bond with approved security to "secure payment of. his. bid, .and ..a, lien will also be retained upon Jhe properly .therefor. - Dated this Sth day of October, 1534, ' -..••• R. L. GA1NES, Commissioner in Chancery. Reid, Evrard fe Henderson, Attjs for Plaintiff. 5-12 COMMISSIONER'S SALE Pursuant ; to Chancerj- Court rendered in the decree of the of this county ease of Peoples Building and Loan Association, ol Little Rock, Arkansas, against W H. McCt|ll, I will, within lawfii hours, . on October 27, 1934, sell at the front door of the courl •house at Biythcville, Arkansas, the highest bidder, upon n credit of three months, the followini described property, lo-wlt: Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, In Block 1, of the Marsh Addition to the City of Blythevllle, Arkansas AUo part of the South nest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 9, Tonnshlp 15 North,' Range 11 East, described as follons:— Commencing at the Northeast corner of ^Btock'I, at the Marsh Addition - to Bljtheville; running < llience- North Ba>qu -DUch; »»slerly along to Lumeraie thence North- said ditch to a point 313 feet due North of -ths Nsrihuest ^rjjer ui MM The 98? Wrong Club * •• * * . C-^ •Gel Inlo ihc Crkiiroii Game of Guessing*Winners GAME Callfornla- Snlnt Mary's Qcoii'lii Tcch- VamlerWlt . Urni-slami stale- sowhem Methodist Mnnhattan- KansiK Sliite Micliifiaii- MJclilgnii Slnie Miniu'.sota- Ni'bimte North Ciirolina- Tciinnsscc •NorUisvcstcrn- loiwi Notre u.imc- Tcxas Olilo Stute- Jlldhuia OWahonm- HAlttt V Oregon Statc- Slruiford P u nl itc - Klce So, Callfornln- WjiEhliiBton Stale Texas Chi-lsilnn- Arkansas Tulnne- Alnbanm Poly Navy' Vlrglniaw VIllnnovB- Wcslern Maryland Washington Utilvcr.- Illlnols Washington & Lcc- Aliirylaiul West. Vlrglnln- IWsburgli Wlsconstn- Alnrciuolta Ynle- Calimibln I'ICKS i California 1(1-7 Vniutorbllt 7-0 Southern Methodist 7-0: Kansas State 20-0 Michigan 27-0 Minnesota 20-0 Tennessee 20-0 Northwestern M-7 Nolrn Dame 21-0 Ohio State 13-0 Oklahoma 14-0 Stanford 14-7 ' • Purdue 21-Q So. California 'Jli-1 Arkansas 14-0 • Tniaiic • 20-7 ( Navy 20-7 Western Mnrvland H-7 Illinois ail-0 Wash. As Lee 1-1-0 Plllsbiu-Bh 14-0 Wisconsin H-0 Yale 14-7 JOCK SIITHKllluVND PICKS California H-7 Vanderljlll 7-0 l.wilslaiui Klate . 7-0 Kansas Stale 7-0 • Mi::lili;;ui 7-0 • • H-O luwu 7-0 Notre Dume 14-0 Ohio Stale V-0 Oklahoma* 13-7 Stanford 14-0 Purdue 21-0 So, California .28-7 Texas Christian 7-0 Tnlanc 28-7 Navy 7-0 Western Mnrylnnd H-7 Illinois 21-0 Wash, ft' |,e c • 14-0 Scoreless . Tic Wisconsin 21-0 x . Columbia 7-0 COIIKIKlt NKWS Sl'OXTS EDITOR TICKS California 12-U (ipor^ia Tech 7-(i Bo, Methodist 1-0 Kiinsas Htatu 18-0 Michigan 14-0 Minnesota i:i-0 Tennessee 14-0 . Noriliwcstjrn 7-0 Notre Dame lll-O Ohio Slnle 14-0 Oklahoma 7-0 Stanfoj'd 14-0 Purdue 24-0 So, California 18-0 Arkansas 7-0 Tnlanc 14-0 Navy 7-0 Villa nov/i (j-o JJIinois 21-0 Wash. ,t Lee 12-0 Pittsburgh 15-0 ' Wisconsin . 14-0 Colijuibln 7-0 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, VOU I'H/K Block i; thence South to • snlil Northwest corner or HlocH 1, above mentioned; thence In a Southeasterly ' direction nlonn: and with the North line of said Clod: 1, to the point of beginning. •Also part of the Southeast Quarter of Section 9 aforesaid, described as follows:— Beginning nl a point on the South right-of-way line of D. L. it A, S. .Railroad, 1207.1 feet West of the East line of said Section::^;, 1 thence run West 055.14 feet: thence South to Ihe North bank of Lumcrnlo Bayou Ditch; Ihcnce in an Easterly direction with said ditch to n point due South 'of the point taken for n point of beginning; thence North COO tcct to the point, of beginning, containing il acres, more or less, mid be-. • Ing known on survey and plat prepared for taxing pur|]osre; ami filed In the office, of the county clcvk nt Blylhcvlllc, Arkansas, ns Lot No. 10, in SE", Section 9-15-11. The purchaser nt said snle will be required to give bond with approved security to secure payment n ... i. tl . ^,^ u ul i LujJIL.l Dulldlng & Loan Association, of Llltlc Hock,- Arkansas, vs.- E. M Eaton and Ell'ie May Eaton i- will, \vithli: Inwfiii ham-* .on October .27, 1931, sell nt the, front door of Die court house nl uly- Ihcvllle, Arkansas, to the highest Milder,-, upon a crallt of.-three months, the-, .following property; to-wlt.' ... .- lien (he will also property of October, of his bid, and n be retained upon therefor. Dated Mils sth day . R. U GA1NES, Commissioner lii qiinijcwy. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attys. for Plnlntllf. i : , 5-12 COMMISSIONER'S SAI.K Pursuant 'to; a ) 'tlcorcc iof lmncnr ' Clmncnry Vgoinl ofi ,thls rendered in the case of St. Union Trust company Tliomason, et al., I Ihc county Ixiuis A S , ., , within lawful hours on October 27, 1934 at the front door of the court house at Blylhcvlllc Arkansas, to the highest bidder upon a credit of three months, the following described property, to- Pnrt of the South Half of Section 7, Township 15 North Range 8 East, described as -follows:— Begin at Ihe South- rast corner .of snld Section 7; thence run North along the East line of the section 15.76 chains; thence run West 2284 chains to South line ol right- of-way of Joncsboro, Lake City •S: Eastern Railroad; thence Southwesterly along snljl rWil- ol-way lo Hie point 0 [ intersection of South line "of Section 7 with said right-of-way Hne; Ihcnce run East aloiv said South line of Section 7 a distance of 45 chains lo the Point of beginning, containing 55 acres, more or less. The purchaser nt snid sale will se required to give bond with an proved security i 0 secure the pay ment of his bid. and n lien will ™ f rctnlncd "I 50 " "« property alC(i thU 5Ul day ct R. L. OA1NES. Commissioner in Chnncerv Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attys. for Plaintiff. 5-12 Read Courier News warn, Ads. For REAL Protection Phone 191 CLARK-WILSON AGENCY General Insurance 'We Pay All Losses With a smile" James B. Clark ;. Baker Wilson COMMISSIONEH'S SALE 'lnsiiiiut (o ii ' (tecrec of Chancery renderci! Court In (He of this cs^e of Hi" county Peoples the 'rjhickasuwlia Addition -to the • City oLMSlytlicvlllc, Arkansas. ' *'' . • •- •' The purchaser* will "be' veqiiired to give/bond wjlli api>roved''scci|r- ily to secure payment of his''b'id and « Hen will also .be rctaSrit'/ upon the. property therefor '<.'^(- ^Dated this Sth -duy 'of. Octoiijr, ; ' Coninilssiohb'r : In Cliatic'efy Reid, i Evrard & Henderson; - v . Attys. for Plaintlft.' • V ••:•:. -Lot Number 4,i In Block 10,- of WALLHIDE f" hrings you One-day Painting! Cl^hJBere Tonight (Continued from Pngc One) out, swinging at a third one NO runs, one hit. no errors Cardinals-Martin doubled a"sln- Et the screen hi f ron t of i-Mit Vld bleachers, Rothroek tripled into deep left, scoring Martin ryiscli tingled, nolhrock scoring. Hogselt a eft hander, replaced Bridges, a right hatider, aslthe Detroit uftcli-' or. Mcdwick grounded (o ijogell a i short. Rogell' (ossei! l!i c ball to C.chringer nt second, Oehringor - --lie >ia C ' b/1 '- to Orec " te 'ir '<"• „ II who (href poorly lo Greon- borg. Collins was safe when Greenberg dropped the ball. no»cll was Blvcii an, error. Cochrane's throw l< Cehihiger nabbed Collins on ar aUemptei! steal, iiil'j, one error. SIxlh 'JUers-jiogscti struck out, white Jlnslcd over second base. Cochrane (lied out. lo right conter, Rothroek going over to make the catch. Geh: ••lusor drove a high fly [ 0 Hothrock n right. No runs, ou e hit, no er- Cardlnals-Dclanccy popped out to Giccnbcrg. Orsnlti struck : out i third strike bslng called, Duro- cJier /lied out to white In center No runs, no hits, no errors. Seventh Inning Tiscrs-Greenberg W ent out on'n TWO runs, three nning grounder, Martin to Collins.'GosH struck out. Rogell lofted a hi? fly to Durocher at short. N 0 rll n no lilts, no errors. Cardinals—Dean grounded bu Gchrlnger to Greenbcrg. Marti walked. Rolhrock grounded to Gch ! ringer who tossed to Rogel) at sec ond for a double play but Rose 1 dropped the ball and both Marl! at second nnd Rothroek at firs were safe. Martin, was out on a attempted steal. Cochrnne to ower f'rlsrti grounded out, Ho» 5e tt t I Greenbcrg. No runs, no hits no -r rois. , , , '. Eighth luiiijit Tigers-Owen filed out lo rHit nclder Hothrock. Fox flicd °ou to Rothrock, In right center Hog sett 'fouled out. to Martin. N, runs,' no lilUij ;ijo' errors. • Cimlliinls-iMcdwick 'struck OIK Collins beat out a grounder lo Clehrlnger for iin Infleld hit DC lancey grounded out; Bogell to Gieenkerg. Orsattl filed out to left. No rims, one hit no errors. , ... - • • Ninth Inning Tigers—White singled over Collins' head Into right, field coeji- rane lifted a short lly I 0 Durochei who .raced bnck of third io makf the catch. Oehrlnger hit a short nigh fly that Prisch gobbled up Wit two down, Greenbero crashed a. hit far into cento-field for a triple, scoring White, ooslin filed out to- Priv-ch In short right, two hits, no errors. One run Phone 777 At Nlitht— Sunday— Anytime For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phil)ip» Motor Co. DON'T LET ANYBODY PULL ADULTERATED WOOL OVER YOUR EYES Come In today and ste the 15 beaulifunVaUhldc colors. It comes In the popular salin finish for wills and ceilings; in serhl- 8 loss for woodwork, bathrooms arid' kitchens. One coat of Wallhide U usually enough. 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AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCV Collins Claims Mirror Helped Schoolboy Ro\vc inetal trays to move fi-om tliolr im cltlon between the bleachers nnd gramtstand. .There were no coin plaints from other members a( M,. Cardinal learn. e ST. LOUIS, Oct. 5. (UP)—Charges of unfair tactics were matte against Detroit baseball fails by James "Ripper" Collins,'cardinal first sacker, when the team arrived here from the Michigan city. A flashing mirror In ihe hands of a spectator who occupied, a factory window across from Navin Held was responsible for the iibor hiUiivj displayed by Red Bird batters, Collins charged.' "Every time f came to Int" h" said. "I was blinded by th" mirror's reflection Ji ;s t as" Howe d--- llvcred the ball." Thafn mirror was being used was •nbslantiatcd by the comedian, Joe E. Brown, anil his 'wife, who. no- iced the mirror flashes in the sixth nnlng. 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