Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 15, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1938
Page 5
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ttA*-*Sc *0rd, minimum Mo ,time»-3Hc word, tnih. 50c ** ttoitfru*. Wd, minimum Me On* month (26 tinfea)— Me • t frard, minimum lUtos art for continuous ttonaonly. ; In making word count, disregard fei^kficaUon name such as 'Tor Ite&V' "For Sale," etc.-this is free. But each initial or nanw, or complete telephone number, counts «s * full word. For example: fOR KENT--Three-room modern nttnlshed apartment, -with garage, close in. Bargain. J. V, Blank, phone 9999. , ftofci, 15 words, at 2e word, 30c for.one time; at 3%c word, 53c for three times, etc. .NOTE:' AU orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill ; PHONE 768 FOR RENTES fodfli fHlfnlshed apart **ent BUU paid, See Hattl Abram, a Mary's Beauty Shop. Services Offered See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 Wett Fourth,.for New and Re-built Phone Paul Cobb, 658-J. l-26tc • Notice . NOTICE—See Frisby, Ideal Furni- *ture Store to buy, Sell or Trade Furniture, Homes or Farms. Some bargains, act quick. < 20-26tp. NOTICE—Local money to loan on improved farm lands and city proper- ••ty; low interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lemley, Hope Arkansas. t ' ' , IM-Oct 20c 11 Help Wanted—Female $i ,The Arkansas State Employment Ser- 'VHvicehas openings for two Women Gen- ri-^eral Office Clerks, must be neat, ac- 5iU'curate and diligent workers. Must be _ experienced. 104V4 South Main street. . ' 15-3t-dh FOR HINT Today'* Antwcr to CRANIUM CRACKIR Question on Page One The musician referred to is Ignace Jan Paderewski. He appeared in "Moonlight Sonata." He was once premier of Poland. He was born in 1860. STORIES IN STAMPS Boring d Tunnel UrvJer The Swiss Alps - Wanted WANTED—New or renewal of subscription of any magaine in U. S. Cash or easy payment plan See Chas. Reynerson at City Hall 8-6t3 Found FOUND—Warranty deed, H. O. Car,son and wife to James T. Smith, lots ** in blocks nine and ten Hempstead < Heights Addition to Hope, dated April ,r 16, 1917. Apply Star office. ll-3dh ^ FOR RENT—Three room apartment, i,modern, including glassed in sleeping porch. South exposure :fumished or .unfurnished, reasonable. Mrs. J. H. Bennett, 110 N. Washington. Phone ' 669-J. ' 14-3tc '' FOR RENT—Apartment with private bath and entrance and garage. Mrs. ST G. Norton, 520 N. Hervey. Phone 427-J. 14-3tc FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, kitchen sink, continuous hot water, Tourist Rooms on Hi-way 67. Mrs. Tom Carrel. 14-3tp For Sate FOR SALE—SORGHUM SYRUP AT , STAR OFFICE. 13-20tdh 'A!"Munich doctor who collects transport tickets now has a collection of more -than 40,000 from a hundred different countries. mMom, «A lamps, and the picks and shovels of 3000 workmen drove the St. Gothard tunnel to completion on May 22, 18M. In less than 10 years, engineering skill and unremitting labor had bored nine and one-hall miles .under the Alps to link Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and the rest of Europe by one of the greatest railroad routes of all time. But the toll was staggering. The construction cost more than |25,* 000,000; 179 men were killed or suffocated, and many contracted disease. Even Louis Favre, chief engineer, died before the tunnel was finished, collapsing from, a heart attack induced by the extremely .bad atmosphere in the excavation. Crews worked 24 hours a day to drive through the tunnel. They used oil lamps, employed animals to haul out rock. The terrific rock pressure of the Alps caved in the roof repeatedly, until finally it became necessary to build masonry vaults 10 feet thick. The tunnel itself Is 28 feet wide, 21 feet high, double-tracked. It runs "from Goeschenen to Airolo, over nine and one-quarter miles, once the longest tunnelm the world; At first, steam locomotives caused much additional difficulty in the tunnel, expelling gases and smoke. Many engineers suffocated. The electric railway used today solved this problem. In all, the St. Gothard railway now includes 80 tunnels, 28%. miles' in total length, 324. bridges of more than 32-teet span. A current Swiss stamp shown here portrays a trcene along the Alpine railway. > , (Copyright. 19»8, NBA Service, Inc;)l OUR BOARDING HOUSE V. , TOM SAWYER'S ORIGINATOR HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous Puzzle 1, 5 Writer pictured here. 9 "Huckleberry ' " is one of his famous books. 12 Boat deck. 14 To make a mistake, 15 Banner. 16 To strike. }7 Restless. 20 To doze. 2? You and me. 23 Wigwam. 24 Perches.' 26 Postscript.. 27 Feminine , pronoun. 28 To glide ' through water 30 Made of oatmeal; 32 Goodby. 34 To :erect. 35 Metallic . element. 39 Small island. 38 Piebald pony. 39 Car4 game. 40 Without, .41'Transposed. 43 He still has a huge 1 of readers, 48 Per. 49 To observe. 51 Securing. 52 Meat. 53 Branch. 55 Wrathful. 56 Old wagon track, i 57 His native land. 58 Knitted coat. VERTICAL 2 Genus of bees. 3 To decay. 4 Measure, 6 Occident. 7 Work of skilL 8 Lily. 9 Note in scale. 10 Wayside hotel. 11 Low tide. 13 To primp, J5 Judicial opinion. 16 He ranks among the best s, 18 Hall an cm. 19 Force. 21 Mark Twain is a Samuel Clemens. 23.Of this. 25 Moving sidewise. 27 Horse's home 29 Deportments, 31 Bronze. 33. To sup, • 37 Indian mahogany. 38 Throe. 40 Muscular power* 42 To countersink. 44 Secular, 45 Italian rhoney. 46 Palm leaf. 47 Mind. 48 To moderate .50 Sooner than. 52 Cabin. 54 Mister. 56 Sun god. <sef jf BACK/ A dREAT STRANGE-WE Vfe SEARCHED AMD IN THIS KOdM AND WE •KIND THE SLIGHTEST TRACE OF: YOUR BYE ^-^-^ YOU "^ SAY IT WAS A VERY VALUABLE I CLASS EYE ? / AS l)U POCKET t *5t>0 TO IT SPECIAL -FOR ME WAS SLJCM A PERPECf MATCH WOBODy KNEWI WORE A C3LASS I'LL PAY CASH ON THB POT TO <3ET JT I'LL <3IVE YOU MY PHONE NUMBER / REWARP IS POSTED= \IP~I9 'COPR. 1938'BY NCA SERVICE, INC. T-lvTREC. I). S. PAT. OFF OUT OUR WAV ,* By J. R, WILLIAMS WHAT CAM I , t>O FOR. VOUMG ' MAKJ V f 1 NfeEp SOME LfeOAL AtMCE , M ,t USAMED'A BOY SOME MOWB.Y otf A BIKE AMD SOME OTHER THINGS. AMD THEY W6Re STOLENJ,.,, CAM HE \V^KE ME PAY FOR THEM 6E- 1 TORE. HE PRODUCES TME. MOWEV TO REDEEM THEM ? OF COURSE THEY WERE WORTH MORE THAW THE / LO^KJ - BUT tOM'T ANSWER. THAT '• UNTIL YOU TELL ME HOW MUCH YOUR ADVICE WILL COST ! r. M. BEO. U. S. P iTJlFF. \^. COPR. 1«38 OY N6* SEBVICE. INC.' THE BAC.OAIM HUMTE-R, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Everybody's Happy Boo^sl By EDGAR MARTIN VOVKAX A CROViO _ COPR. 193B BY NEA_SERVICE, INC._T. M/REcluTS. PAT. OFF. By Y: 1'. HAMLIN ALLEY OOP Push 'Em Up HELP DINNV? SURE.'.VOKAV THEN--WE'LL BOTH HELP.'/ /HA! ONE MORE TOGETHER. NOW-- ^\ HEAVE WILL DO IT.' QUICK, FOOZV- BEAT IT FOR HIG GROUND WHILE KAKKV KEEPS THATV kAKKV' BUSY/ * KINtw - DONT WORRV, 1M GWAN 5AV.' X1U BE ALONG DINNV OUT A ( ) -- -.'^vw m ! n*f// ,/.vVi-:w.. -•^.TH COPR. 1938 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. A Woman Scorned WASHTUBBS £y Ray Thompson and Charles Coll A QUARREL WTH THE 61RL HE WVES, OLD WASrME HAS FLOWM TO ZUELA. ggATlMS CAROL'S SH\P SV IVE FLOWN 5000 MILES TO X CO WE 1 , EXPLAIW THINGS, CAROL— VOIT ! YOUR'E JUST PRETEUD \ CAROL'. <30T VOU 60TTA L\STEW TO WAVE A W\HTAP.V ESCORT! 1 MY HEART. WAIT, DARLING, WAIT! oeov! VWOM'T SHE BE UCOPR. 1938 BY NEA SERVICE^NC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFFj FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Gentle Hint By ROY CRANE I WONDER. MOW COACH BAQLEr LEARMED l.WAS STAYING OUf LATB WHAT LL PEOPLE- . THINK NOW ? THEYLU SAY I LET THE TeAM DOWN / AND THERE'S THAT LITTLE MATTER OF MY FOOTBALL. FEUP WITH, DUD WANGLE / BUT DONT YOU WORRY) i FRECKLES ,' I'LL LIKE YOU , jusr AS MUCH , : EVEN IP HE WON'T L£T .. _ 1 YOU PLAY /^( THANKS, ON THE ///. i SUE / TeAM.' ONLY WISH ir* REMINDED MINCE WORDS V. COfll. 1»38 BY NE* SERVICE. INC. T. M. R YRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Look Out, "Spider" By MERRILL BLOSSER JEEM- I'M EXPECTIMCij A LEETLE COMPAKjy/ I ,WAWT VOU BOVa SHOULD Sfc=T UP VOUR A-RTILLEPZ-V DOW.J &V THE COR.I2AL FEMCE. LET MO OWE CKOSS THE LIME BUT THAT PILOT, WHITEV. THEM OFFICIALLY THAT FEMCE IS ACTUALLY IM U.S. TERRITORY, E.H z . THAKJKS. THANKS - —i A LOT/ OH, BOY/ LET'S GET OKA 1 -/', WHITEV DUVVVAY PACK AKJD THIS TIME KEAL f AMD XJO\W THAT WE WOM'T BE DiSTURBED- -0V \NnH TH& 't PARTY' nr^ JACK IWTH THE BURSA.U OF &JRVBYS f

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