Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1948
Page 3
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Thursday, December 23, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Paae Phone 1268 or 1269 Reuwoen 9 A A/, and A P M Miss Effie Hyatt ! ,-nv' Mrs. Fo\- Kammnns. r.- Honored Wednesday The B. E. McM.-ihon home in • "Oakhaven" was Ibo scene o.i : one of the loveliest, j.arlies of In ' Christmas season when Mis r < (V,r-i .lene Brunei-. Miss 1,'ttlh M.t.rin.i Mrs. Finley Ware!. Mrs. Foy <] -,:,-,- ,' nions, Sr. and Mrs. B. K.' McM->- \ hen entertained horiori'i:: Mi,-; ]•'.•-, fie Elise Hyatt, bride elect of ' George Fra/ier, and. ihe two n-.v-v.i- Jnr bride elects, ivli^-t 'i'-a./.-'ib-'--;. Pilkinton and Miss KI i •/.;-. b 'til V.",' son, Wednt sdav aflei'ioon ,'Voin two to five o'clock. Mrs. R. V. Henu'o.':-. Jr.. : I .< Tom Mcl.arty and Mrs. -\. n. Brannan. Sr. greeted i'n--. g-'esl;: at ; the door and Mrs. Vineo--.! !•'-.;;: -.introduced them to the r.-ci-iv'.. • line. Receiving il:- ,'ii-vis •••• - Mrs. B. K. Mc^l-iheti. iv'i.^ f- " Elise Hyatt, Mrs. B. C. ilyatl. ^r,, •• -Elizabeth Piikinton. Miss ' Ei; ---a'', .'i Wilson. Miss Carlone. I'ruiu-r. V'-l'-.--.• Ruth McLain. Mr;;. Finle-- ..Y.i.-d ; alternated at (lie silver service and Mrs. Franklin Mel. arly. Mrs. ] Walter Verhalon. and Mrs, Lester i Hobbs alternated serving the indi- ! vidual snowball angel cake;; which I were lopped with miniature erruiy I canes. ' During th.e :j"toruoon. Mis'; __ i iYorma Jean Arch.-r played Ohri.-.l- The bride el.vcls were presented | mas carols al the piano. M) s. Joe cvely yard'-iiia col sag.-s and ivie'iii-j IsVesey presided 'at Hie hride's . -'ts o,' ilr 1 hous"n.",rty wore eiaKity • book. ' 'ii; :-:. :-ias !:ors";;es. j Approxirnateiy "ad quests called A brilliantly Ii-;h1ed Christmas • '-Utring the appointed hour?. •. e >"d .(1 at tiie entrance door n !h porch. The living room was } Buffet Supper Honors i" Mil : -uli-- (leeoratod in red. silver | M iss Elizabeth Wilson and ii.'i ••.•i'i i e\ Th • mantel lieK an ar- ' Foy Mammons. Jr. whit.' taper;- ! Mr. -mrl Mrs. R Iv i red glass •fir! W i OH G« MlE DOROTHY D!X Christmas Program j Short-Tempered Husband A truly devotional and inspira-' B To Broadcast Special Episcopal lional Christmas Kvo pre.i;ram with ( Dear Miss Dix: My husband is Christmas Tree Tonight at Presbyterian Church A Christmas Ti' eo party will be i"!d at Presbyterian Church at 7 Veioek tonight and old Santa will >e on hand to pass out gifts for ill. Tit? parly is for members of he Sunday School, the church and .fiends. •uvercd in a clump of bushes T in'- ii'ano I'rnt. On each side of the lire- ( nl;-ro were 1 owl ;.; ran::emenl.-: of j mas season. The Hues! list ii-- . .. .....,:. \,,,, in wall red Chid, d: the honon.-es. Mr. and Mrs. , 1 '"'.' 1 '"V> lo\\nea!.% Aug. M. , Ai ' .no.---! f''.,v Hammons. Sr. a>:,i Little Miss ..., A . «'' ou » (l1 , sma11 . K 1 !' 1 ? ^ l ^\ o-f hoM.'.hu'ly Hr.mmons. Mi-s Carien.- !-!,„- |-hrismia.s carols in the lobby of j "candle ner'and Mr. and M.rs. Vin.-on' !> - ; ll»' Douglas county courthouse as | iler and children and .Terrv Me- • '-' : "•'"'' in'onnnnee.d sentence The ; -,.s p'-iecd' on an end tnb'e. , Mahen. . me'' o-irM-oom " " X l slap-way was onlw'tvcl with; ceiii.uim. i-l whit.'.- salin ribbon, will; i Sgf.. Glync'el May New Fire Snuffer jold babv. On two occasions when lh:n ,' ; f " r , ''] !: "' 1 , Ul 1 ' ( - % " 1l)V1tl I! V M ' '" : ' il was a few minutes late cuiuinu \ * Uck ™ A have her mouth c:earp home he locked nie out of the!' 01 ' "d'"". «s it were before she & Bfoxe New York— AP— A new house in the cold, and in ! lion 1 hael lo break the back window to gain entrance. Drofi Boord to Close Office i or Local draft board directors hefR ;ai<l iodny tlie office would be clos^ •d from Friday noon until Moni;\v, D?cemt>er 27. Iliern sni'lax anil held j Entertaine'd at Breakfast ' 'Morton' Kni'uhl, an official of the i™" !( y ^ battle "ii'plane engine A T-! >';• W Bii", company, Alex i 1 "'" ls nnnounced by Walter Kidde , . . ., , . , ,, ,.,,,,.. andria. watched the trial'and son ; & Co - y 1 . 01 ' tests m planes The I-".''S 01 red and '.•.•line .?n:n.- i Mrs. Lornal Rowland . nler. ;unen : teTiciu" The bus company is owned i'-'m'mical i.-i monochloromonobromo s at. interval;; along the stair- : \yith a breakfast al her bom.'. i )v n .;'.' n -j 1 .. ]x O f the May ' family. "'ethane, nicknamed "CB". It was !'---i po'.nsettiiis lined the j r r u ,.seiay morning al. P. o'clock, for j-;,,...,,'^. '\'j.,'.'. f--ther 'of' the * slain ! cll> vcloped by the Germans during r steps ! the pleasure of Sgt. Glynclel May. . vo ,;/ h va's'too i'l'l to attend. Knight l thc , lasl V !lml has S ' 11CO V " XMl v t ,'.'.< ,he fur-- s :U'.--T Ur |-.,.,-ho is home on furlough. s:: ;.j ' ' '" jpcrtected horo. C-. LAST DAY 2:33 - 4:33 - 6:33 "on of with ® BASIL RATH BON T: © BOR5S KAI1LOFF 6 -BEL.A LUGOS1 room were Mrs. I-I.'.xlri.v j The Rowland home was allrac Mrs. T. C'. Cran'ord. Mrs. ; |j\-e with its many Christinas dec Johnson anrl Miss F! : ":>- ; oraiions. Covers were laid for Ssct |i;h. ':-. I.JrM'v.vll ."nd Mrs. RijVce ; May. Mrs. L. C. May and Mr I Smith. w!io -itetnalerl duriv: the ; and' Mrs. Rowland. 5, 'Ihe d'p'm; ta'e'e \v.".' eeivere-.] j: 'vilb. a roc! floor !->mah net. clolh. t'< '*'•'•• c'-'"i!,erpiece was a bcaulif'.e I : tiered '.• r y s t a 1 ; ree on a j<' r-:'ind iv.i'-ror. topped :yith re" 1 j; - :-.n.tv C-MVS auc 1 circled v.'ith tall [ i wh'U- tapers oii'w' ; !v:"a icrn. Kach. t.j '.ncy hoiner.i' i .-"'e candies. ''"!> •m .'ir. .•m.","!nfnl of MeClelhind. still under sentence! d KXAR Staff Honored at Dinner JVir. and Mrs. 1... B. Toole-y e:i- '.eriijinod members of th" KXAl'i staff al their home on South M-iin street, with a dinner Weclnesday I with phi- ! night at 7 o'clock. The TooK-y of lh-~ 1 r <"> ' i home was decorated in keeping ,v:th the Yuletide season and the mantel in the living room held an agreement \vas reached , ehcr and Mrs. Hatcher. "C 13" is as effective as methyl hi smothering fires, and ,vei ne between ' '-'ornpany said. All three kill a fire ! bv robbing it of its oxygen supply. .The new chemical can be stored 'as a liquid under pressure in con to the Colorado penitentiary on a ' f'omiele in smothering fires, anc -•barge of fraud, pleaded guiltv to 'Omewhat more eilectiye. on we sec-end decree murder after" an i- 1 '" basls - than carbon dioxide, the steps out. with a lad who is a Ids- shi{! bun. it is no wonder that the j bo.vs are in favor of il for it save: , ,, , You mav ask whv T don't leave i \, m , a sm . a ! f « nui . ie , in fJU'irv him. Well'. I'm old-fashioned and bllls :. '' '"n\ while lipstick won t. stay believe in ionu marriages, i would 'T , llps ' ^ V S h f' d -^ K ° l ° !f '" like to uive my child a home and '-'""'hes. Husbands with suspicious family background.-But 1 don't feel that I can take much more abuse. All I ask for is a happy home. vVhat can I do to t{ot one? DESPAIRING WIKK Chief Indoor Diversion Answer: Your husband is evidently one of the men whose chief wives are particularly enthusiastic over girls kecpim; their meiuthf , as Nature made them. And thi: | leaves the lipstick problem up to the individual. pear Dorothy Dix: What do you think of the custom of giving showers every time any member of a has FLOV/ERS For All Occasions CHRISTMAS POT PLANTS Cemetery Decorations "H-EMPSTEAD NURSERY & FLORAL CO. S. M'ain Phone 236 indoor diversion, is tormentinj! their whotlier it is the first or the forty-j wives, and there is no known way first, and of beim; held up by every of reformini; them and makin as a liqiuu under pressure in con!"' ••-.••.<•....., ...»-... ...... ,,,,,,v.,,., tamers within the plan fuselage. I ']<••"' :i(; \ lhl; flccont luimnn beings. ! Tfs released as a spray into ; , I rhey {,'et too much tun on ol kick- prospoclivc bride'.' MISS 2:39 - 4:37 6:40 - 8:40 idu-.li. bahv breath and fern, with i arrangement of red'candles against ; Mr ,,,„., M ,. R _ D O I,-,] IUS Whitten. imide. '•n eancileiabara holding light-| a background of miniature tre-.-s , y,. rinr | daughter. Suxanno of Ar-I and greenery. The din'nt'. table h?ld an and Mrs. J. R. Baker and lemale martyrs. Ol course, there are men whose vile tempers and utter lack of self- around the women to whom j Answer: I think showers are a ' racket that should be stopped. IIa! f ! the women you know are' wearing i hose with holes in them because i :_' i they have had to contribute to so i 1 many slocking showers that they didn't have enough money loft to get themselves a pair of nylons. Lost Purses, Chap, 2. ; !-- 'elenhia and Mr. and Mrs. Horace ar- , \ l '! 1 'tlen ami sons. Richard and T.-ny n'' Hoitmn. f.n. f>'- 0 spend- j In Blythevillc. .Ml' a Spitz pup ith their par-.named "Scoopy" owned by Lavone Mr. and Mrs. Dolphus Whit- |Portlock, has a trick of bringing w ; small articles home to tress. his mis- <){ red i:;me!!es ;;>!"!- sper.-eri with red balls a.nd greener;.- the entire length of the lab'e. '."n.-ist.mas place cards marked th ? pH-v.'s for the follov-'i";! guests: -Mr. •:ici ?.I"s. -Boyce Wiikinso/i. Mr. and :\us. Jame-s GarcUv.:!'. i'.'iss K-T.r- iLlise Hyat'i, George Kraxler. I\I'.-;.; PC it .' Martin. Novrni'n Bradiord. Grant, Hadc-n and A. H. Washhr.rn. i-'o)lowin,a the thre. 1 ceiurse dinner, gifts were distributed to the Varia'n Buchannan will leave Fri-Umd a juicy bone. guests Iroin the beautilullx l:t,nte;l , c(av ,_,, s ., r >-,-,-i the Christmas sea- tre.e which added to the decorations ' son ^j,)-, -^^ a , K ) j^,.^ -^^ p_ Price \ The dispersion of industry is ?.Tr. an-' Mrs. Olan J. Neighbors •' '•"'hite Tiall. Ill : nois were Wcd- ii'L'ht noests of Mr. K. C. Daniels. and Mr; Mark M. Smyth and Mrs. Recently, he came home with a billfold containing $;iO in money. It turned out that the purse had been lest the day before by a neighbor, Mrs. Eddie Johnson. "Scoopy" was rewarded with a ease of dog food 1 control is a form of insanity. They (.Released by The Bell Syndicate. I i arc the men who are failures in i Inc.) i lite, who never can keep a job or succeed in their undertakings because nobody wants to put up with their insults, or to bother to walk high, wide and handsome around j them to keep from arousing the devil in them. But most men have enough : ' Jt ; Notice' Place, your order now for a Holiday Supply of E6GNOG MIX and CREAM with your Favorite Grocer or call OLIE'S DAIRY - JMione 938 of F.hre-vepovt and Mr. and Mrs. their tempers j *j): in their homes I ^Jf, necessary for and vfial to national | ; defense. Tills is a basic conclll- ' c sion of the National Security Rc- sense to control abroad. It is only that they abuse their wives, spank the. baby and kick the cat, and have 'i a perfectly grand time showing how mean a husband can be. And, 0 ' 10 " Bob Ward of Oklahoma A ,",• M! Miss Lucille Ruggles of Emory j sources Board. A new urban real Stillwater has arrived to spend . University, Ga. arrived in Shrove- development for industrial and, SWS » MARCH OF Tli : nic | v.'ill accompany Mr. and Mrs. ; Truman Humphries anrl family to , Mr a.nd Mrs. Paul Schreck of ; 'Ifne Friday to spend the holidays ! Dallas will arrive Friday to visit , with T-.'ir. and Mrs. W. B. Rugglos i Mrs. Sehreck's parents. Mr. and | and tarmly. Mrs. Homer Fuller and other rely- \ i lives for Ihe holidays. j Hospital NnTGS Mr. and Mr:-;. Filler 1 N. May left i Julia Chester Thurtelay to spend the holidnys i Admitted: with Mr. and Mrs. Floer", N. May. I Mrs. H. E. Porter. Hope. Jr. a;i:l family in Ode---sa. Texas, i discharged: i They were accomoanieei by Mr. and, ! J. B. Reed. O'/an. Mrs. Mack May. ' j Mrs. C. E. Brooks. Hope. Mrs. O. J. Wade and Mr. and Mrs. James Clayton of Conway are ho'ridav guesls of Mr. and Mrs. i Jess Davis. ; Branch Mrs. R. E. Carroll, Hope. B"bv Jerry Barbaree. Lcwis- vilie. ' Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hatcher left | Josephine Thursday ruornin;.; for Erookhavon. | Mi. and Mrs. V. E. Johnston, Mississippi to spend Christinas with Kt. '2. Hope, announce the arrival Mr. Hatcher's brother, Floyd Hat- eif a son on December 22, 1948. *<^i^^«^;3E&^i^^ tV$v" 5 ^&'^4">* I V r 'V^ U/^MP^G Y^ll A. V V Li S.-5 ti a i! i "' \J> E ^^' \k;' a *. ^ffel m m population dispersion also is essential. Dcuglas County Attorney James J. Fitzgerald and public defender Joseph Lovely. McClelland confessed the slay nigs while in the Colorado prison, he was returned to Omaha where he- repeated his confession. The prosecutor and public defender dis covered holes in the confession and McClelland was returned to Colorado. He confessed again, adding details and claiming an accom plice. He was brought back to Omaha. the confession was checked, and the trial followed. Fifgerald said the accomplice's name was known and that his ar rest was expected shortly mean husbands claim lo love their wives. I have seen many a man weep over the coffin of the wife whom he had tortured all of her married life. Dear Dorothy Dix: We are group of teen-agers who would like lo know if. when a girl has been going with a boy a lot a.nd sh knows he is going to kiss her. it is permissible for her lo remove | her lipstick before he kisses her. or does that make her look too anxious? Our boy friends approv of us doing so because they say it saves handkerchiefs and ties and collars. What do you think about, this? FIVE PALS Answer: This is a delicate and difficult question to answer because there are two sides to it. both of which have their points. Undoubtedly it is a good line for a to 1 OPEN ON XMAS DAY AT 1 FRIDAY SATURDAY ^ ^ > ,t ,,^J^!». .CL^ eume fj i » <•* «.! J KOuertO UOUrtlOnd Copyright by Gromcicy Pub. Co.— I tiy NEA SERVICE, IN<^ THE STORY: When sixteen- year-old Merry Carson le arris that her dashing father, Kin, has asked her selfish mother, Susan, for a divorce, her whole world turns .topsy-turvy. Kin tries to explain to Merry where the marriage tailed: he tells her about Lissa, the woman who promises him the companionship Susan never gave him. But Merry is too dismayed to leaves and' Au;H Jane comes to young chin set even more stubbornly. Dr. Dickson sighed, snapped shut his instrument case, and said calmly, "Well, I'm terribly sorry, Merry, bill I've done all for your mother that I or anyone else can do. Time and patience and her own menial altitude will call the turn from now on. See that she gels plenty of sleep; the little red capsules I've given your aunt will insure thai. No more than one or look after thing's. Susan lakes to t two a night, of course." j «, her bed. " i "'^\ I 1 " 1 ' 1 '» . hor , ( . :(llf>st y , °!'' k I Dick—she complains ol it a lot. Is ' | il anvlhing elaiigerous'.'" sin.' asked. Susan kept lo her bed. The doc- i a f n ij' ( | of his answer. lor came, examined her. held j "I've given your aunt, some tab- j long conversations and con.,ulta- | ] els tu l;l | u , t .;'iri' of thai. Merry." ; lions with Aunt Jane, and finally l s ;,j f | )),•. Dickson, and hesitated aj talked to Merry gently but firmly, moment as though about lo say j "Yenir mother has gone com- j .;on:ethim; e-lse. But finally he j foti pbtely to pieces. Merry." lie said i c j l; -,iigec! his mind and made his j ", unnecessarily. "It's very bad for j ( !..,p arul |-c. j <!as her to stay shut up in that dark ! j h )(| room, hiding from all her friends, j Aunt Jam 1 came in when he j developing a martyr- complex, j n;u | ..on,., and looked swiftly al Some-how we've- got to pull her j Mt-rry. out of it. Your aunt and 1 think it "Your mother's quiet now." she would be- an excellent idea if wo K: ,J,I |,,j s klv. "1 gave her eme- of got her away from here for a H U , tablets for the pain in her while. I've suggesleel a few weeks, j ,. n( ,. st an ,i H | u .' s dropping off to I ftj or months perhaps, al Si. Vin- i s |r. ( .p. She's quite, convinced that j ft;, cent's." pi's her heart. but thai nice doctor;*^ Merry caught her brealh. j savs her heart is as sound as a i «,« "A hosnital?" | bell, and her blood pressure is as i h ),^ "Lord bless you, no, child! It's ' normal as could be- expected. Neiw j a small island'off the coast. This | you and [ have to make our plans j j time of the year there won't be i about gelling down lo Si. Vin- I many people there except the I cent's." riW i year-round residents. Usually by ! Merry asked uneasily, "Yon $$!, | midsummer it's pretty crowded. ; think she's able to make the trip?" j . • & j But now you ought lo have no clif- ; Aunt Jane stared at her. i ^i i$Z I ficully gelling rooms al the inn, j "Two hundred miles in that big ' ft ^At ' ni ' perhaps' a furnished collage, i Cadillac thai rides like an am- ' :fW Your mother needs to be out nfjbulaiice with thai export chauffeur, doors in the sunshine: she needs j at the wheel? Merry, don't talk , cheerful surroundings, new stir-' like a silly little fool!" sh" snorted. ! M , roundings. Your aunt will go with [ Merry saiel huskily. "It fright- [ M i you: we've' talked ihinws over. And I ens in"." 1 think il would be best if you j Aunt Jane-, who was chary g [ went as soon as possible." | demonstrations of affection, palled . ^ Merry hesitated. her shoulder warmly. : ^ "But" she's so Icrribly weak, Dr.! "Poor kid, of course it does. To ^ Dick. You you think she's slromi ! hr.ve your nice, safe', sheltered ~' ! enough to travel'.'" she- asked wor- little lite- blow up in your face is riedly. I enough lo scare 1 tin 1 daylights out Dr' Dickson studied her for ;; j of a downy little- chick like you," rnoment. his eve.s kind anel ge-nlle-. ^ she 1 cejmtui ted her. "Bui il's ! "Merry, you' may as well know, ; ihruugh things like this. Merry i The re's 'absolutely' nothing organ-j dear, that p.-op!e grow uii." l ically \vroiig witli your mother, i Merry maoa!',.--d a small, wry •• She's as v.'eli as j'he y.'ants to be; J smil.'. this trouble v.'ith your lather has i Aunt J;-ne hesilal"d Mid then hit her hard and '.-he's taking al- ! she- said quclly. "Thai nice Ke-n- '.ogether the v.-rong slant." : ni-dy boy v/as hafi;.',ing around iie-re "Breaking up a marriage as; lar,l night, and again this morn- iong-stajidio:.: an.l ,'i.s hafipv as > ing." 1);-. Dick--" ' ; Quick blurred tears stung :Vl.-rry'.i ; ryes anrl sh-.- looked down al lh. "1 i;now, it'.s a tragic thi'i;',, '< large ela>s ring ic.-ld to her l!-i-;er Mirry. But liieKc things hap-'b\ a childish \vad ol on'on. Sin: j«-n and \\'e ha\''.' tu aflju.-.! eiur- ; drew :i ileep breath e-; the ring s; Ives lo '.hem and make Ihe best 'came .'if in her hand: Ihi-n >h'.- .m' of Hum." said Dr. Dickson unielly. : il into Aunt Jane';; palm and said "Voin- n-.oihe.-'s auilude is. foruive ihinly. "\Viun !;.-- e'.m.-s bad:, give me-, palhelicatl.s olei fashi-.ned. Sh" ; hiru this. Aunt Jaue. He'll under- lee):: In-! I'riendsi are s'oing to snub ' sland 1 "She couldn't ever believe that, i "I don'i \vant lo discuss it. Aunt nur Ciii! ].'" .said Merry ;:l>ibbr.>rnlv. i Jjnc-. He'll unelersUuid," saicl "Well. you must, ' child. You : Merry huskily, and went running j must, for your cr.vn sake." \ up ihe- slaiis to her own room. I "I'm sorry, Dr. Dick." The (To Be Continued i • We hove a Ronson to plase any one on your list. See these ighters now. $6.50, $7.00, $7.50, : .50, $9.00, $10.00, and 14.50 In Wine, Yellow an Blue. Peach oniv;.!/ OPEN UNTIL 8

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