Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1948
Page 2
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**agc Two HOPE STAR. HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, December 23, 1948 Reds Driven Off in Battle otTangku Nanking, Dec. 23 — (/P)—National ist warships at Tangku, isolated Tientsin's port city, drove off at tacking Communists today Uillin;' l.oflO of them, government sources said. (Associated Press Correspondent Spencer Moosn in Poipinf; snid mnnv small Red attacks on the outskirts of Tientsin had been repulsed. Last night alone, lie sni:l, J!0n Hods were killed or wounded, and as a result today the Com munisls were inactive. (Moosa quoted Gen. Fu Tsoyi's headquarters in Peipinfi as s;i,y"ini! Die Reds were repulsed in almost every North China attack. Fii's headquarters said the Communists dared not attack Peipinr, clireclly because they know it is strongly fortified and the 2.000.MO inhabit ants support the defenders whole heartedly. '.Moosa,added that whether the?;-. 1 residents would show.their support was another .question. In his opin Forjjet your ace! Thousands nte vwfir fit 7(1. •' pt-npiuc up" wltli Ostrcx. contnins tonic for w ' . rundown fcellnrc dun solely to borly'fl JncK-oI which innnv tiion tintl women ctill "oitj." Ostrex Tor.li! Tnhlcta for r'jp. yoracrr fccllrii,', very day. New "get BcuUftlntM" EUo onlu Trf Iron Try Hilt 60i). \ ''•' WISHING YOU LAHA CLEANERS inn (he people of Poiping want peace above all.) NatlciU'ilisI forces in the Nanking 'men look advantage of bad woath j or which has ra:-':.l the action north iof here to throw up defense!; south ;o!' the Yan-;!/c toward which the fv'cds are rrr-epintr .sfendily. The progove) nrneni. Kiangnan Kvening i post said tile Nationalists had in- 'cieased i.he n'eeiv/r of watchposls alo<!" i'.-" 1 easi'-m ranches of the. i • Yangtze, j Th"re '.va:-: little military action :irm-:H-f!ia!!'!y no,-t)i of here. I The (|!iir( \v;'. c . taken in some iquaili'i 1 .-; to mean thai peace for-l- 'rrs iia;l 'r'en r.al out lo Ihe Com i'liioiiM.; i;y m>';:ib!-!V, of Premier | Si MI I'n'". iif.'.-ly formed cabinet. 'Bill ihci-i-' ••va:- 1 . no official word .frrnn ;a>;' soinee. i At I".'!.-;) I wo of the cabinet mini ; is!ers. former .Premier Chang I nifnider of lite northwest headqiiar ;(.'hun and Won;:: Weuhao, com jl.ei:-:. are knov.'ii lo favor a quick j peace with Ihe lit 1 .:!:,, who have 'overrun almost half of China. Premier Sun described the cabi I net member;; a.-; men wlio would "figbl on until we eau secure an honorahk 1 peace." This was widely taken lo m"an the government is warm to a dicker with the Com i mnn.'ffs d.":-;pi(o their insistence a peace can be achieved only if President Chiang Kaishek 'steps out. However, Chiang has not r,o much rs hinled ho will move aside. Stock Markers Chn-st&r&as By United Press The s.ecurily and commodity ni.vrkrt;; of Ihe world will mark the Christmas holiday in • various ways. In London the stock exchange will be closed for four days stJirlin;; Christmas eve and re-op oiiin/; for business on Tuesday, Dec. 2fJ. In the United States com modify market:; generally will observe a half-holiday Christmas Eve but tho New York stock and curb t exchange.'; will carry on as usual j Pec. 2-1 and remain closed Dec. 25. In Canada tho Toronto and Montreal stock ninrkot.s will close at noon, Dec. "A. Tno Toronto market will remain closed until Dec. 2!i but tracHn:; will be lese.mod Monday, Dec. 27, in Montreal. In New York only tho coffee & Su;4ar exchange will have a full irndinj.; session on Dec. 2-\. All others— New York Cotton and Wool e.\cliani.;e.'.:. C'./i.-na exchange, Produce exchange and Mercantile ex- chanpc — will close at noon, Dec. 2'l and remain closed until M.on day. Dec. 27. In Chicago the board of trade will also close at noon, Christmas eve, and tile New Orleans colton exchange plans a similar closiiH; at noon. The London rubber market will be closer! from Doc. .'.!•') to Dec. 27. | inclusive.. The Singapore rubber i market will be closed Dec. 25 through Dec.27. ews Friday, December 24 The Sunday School Christmas tree and program by (he children and young people of the Presbyterian church will be held in Die Men's Fellowship rooms Friday night at (i:: 3 ,0 p.m. Mrs. Claud Price and Mis:; Nina Catherine Scott will entertain with a breakfast Friday mornliv a! I'l o'clock at the Hotel Lavvson i'.,r the Prescotl out, of (own girls. Saturday, December 25 Hotel Lawson has issued tations for a dance to be Saturday evening at 1.h< Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C, E. Palmer, President Alex. H, Woshburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buildino 212-214 South Walnut Street, H6pe, Ark. Plan Approved . Francis President May Continued From Page One salary increases for the following officials: Vice president and house speaker — $30,000 instead of ^0.000 :;al aries, plus expense accounts of $10,000 a year each. Only the spr-a'.;- er gets an expense' account now and it amounts to S2.:iOO. Cabinet heads --- sari.llOO instead of the present S15.000. Top assistant's to e.-ibinel mem i-s and heads of independent . .. , agencies, board:; and commissions Kor $31,100,000 program which the The American l.,e;,'ion Au:;iliarv of Hooker-Nelson Post. No. 51 met Monday a \. the Hotel Law:;on for its retfunr monthly nieof.in;:. The president. Mrs. .1. 'I'. iMcRae, conducted the business session. The auxiliary will send gifts to veterans in hospitals. Mrs. H. IT. McKenzie gave nn informative gram on "Rehabilitation for c mns''. pro- Vet- Alc-x. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager -.nterocf as second clasi> matter at thi Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under thi Act of March 3, 1897. (AP).—Means Associated Press. (NtA)—Means Now?pooer Enterprises Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable It Advance): By city carrier per week 20i per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller am LoFayctte counties, $4.50 per year; else where T8.5Q. -- $22,500, $20.000 and ?17.iMiO, icndiiu; on their respon.sih'litien. They now get SlO.dOfl. v.'i'.li certain exceptions where the salary is slightly larger. White House officials— two positions at salaries up io S'-'l! "ifiu- three at $20,000, and seven' at $17.500. Presently, one official rets ?l5,000 one $12.000; nine $10 .TJO- and one $10,000. The Fruit and True!" committee of Prescott Chamber of Commerce met with Bob McCluro and other guests Tuesday, December 21, in a luncheon at tho Lawson Hotel. Aecompnnyinfi Mr. MeClure lo Prescott was C. MeClu.ro and Lester Bradley. Attending the luncheon was Mayor C. D. Ward. R. T. Murry; President of the PrescoU Chamber of Commerce, T. C. McRae; President of the Bank of Prescott Floyd Hubbarcl. Wells TTambv, Horace Fuller of Bodeav/. Sid Purlle. Hap Powell. E. C. Turner of Bodcaw, Floyd Hamm. ,T. V. McMahen, T. J, Silvey of Bodcaw, Claude Price and J. H. Rogers. The luncheon wait an informal gathering and Mr. McOnro discussed the opportunity existing in fir Motional Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich igan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madisci Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grant Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 3)4 Terminal Bldo Now Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of Iho Associated Press: Thi Associated Press is entitled exclusively ti rhe uso for republication of all the loca news printed in this newspaper, os well o p sll AP news dispatches. a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duke of Dallas are expected to arrive tonight to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hcrvey Bern is. Mr. and Mrs. Romie Rogers and sons, Buddy and Jirnmie of San Diego, Calif, arrived Monday for a development of a truck farming I weeks' visit with his parents, Mr. program for this area and expressed his enthusiasm for the success of the Packing Shed, Other guests who discussed the truck farming program and extended a welcome to Mr. MeClure was Mayor C D. Ward. R. T. Murry, and T. J. Sili vey, who represented the Fruit and I Truck Committee. Following the luncheon Mr. Me- | Ciure presented to Floyd Hubbard a copy, of the drawings which will be used in the construction of the Packing Shed. Mr. Hubbard is Chairman of the Construction Committee and other members of his committee arc Sax Regan, Sid Purtlc and George Easley. Mr. Hubbard and his committee will work to see that final details of: this shed are worked out imined- iatcly in order that construction can begin as soon as possible. Lee Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Carr of Commerce, Texas are expected to arrive tonight to spend" several days with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. S. B. Gee. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Combs of Fayetteville are guests of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. McSwain. bi- Av r* " BE A MERRY ONE FOR YOU „ • : f'"j!(f IS B<L WE WILL BE CPJ riiroogli Monday 8N OBSERVANCE: OF CHRISTMAS Please Col! for Your Cleaning Before Christmas R. T. Murry, President of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce, announced today that the By-Law amendments presented to the Chamber of Commerce memebr- ship at a special meetings called on Monday night, December 20. voted unanimousy to accept the amendments recommended by the By-Laws Committee. The By-Law committee was headed by Dudley Rouse as Chairman and P. A. Ks- carre and N. N. Daniel. After unanimously voting on the? acceptance of these by-laws which give the Prescott Chamber of Commerce a larger board of directors, the Nominating Committee sub- milted to the membership a list of nominees to be voted on to fill the vacancies that resulted from the By-Law amendments. Those elected to the board to serve through October 31, 3951, were N. N. Daniel, Sax Regan, Dr. G. Mr. and Mrs. John Barrow Jr. and son John Harley of Little Rock are guests of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cox. Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 23 — (/T 1 )— A proposed flood control program ("lesignccl to protect thousands of i acres of rich farmland in eastern Arkansas and Missouri has been i developed by the U. S. engineers. i Col. L. H. Foote, district cngi neer, announced yesterday plan: be recommended to congress by It is designed to protect the low er area of the river from headwater flooding, as well as backv.Til':'.' flooding from the Mississippi river. the chief of engineers. A new GOmile floodway and lo- vee would be constructed to protect some 505,000 acres at land in Cross, St. Francis, Lee and Crit lender) counties. Memphis district has ben working j on for more than two years. It involves the St. Francis river basin. [ The program, prepared for the I Mississippi river commission, will ! Airlift F!5ers to Gel Turkey for Christmas Berlin, Dec. 23 —(/Ti—Americans flying the airlift will Ret turkey and all the trimmings ( day—but they'll have to grab it between flights to tliJs blockaded city. Round-thc - clock flights are scheduled for Operation Viltles on Dec. 25, U. S. air force nffir.'inls ! said today. Berlin's aerial lifeline to the west, hard hit by fogs during most of November, can't shu. holidays, air force officials out. For in. a 24hour period weather, American and pilots can ferry over '1.000 tuns of supplies to this Soviet surrounded city. So Christmas will be just another day of routine flights from Western Germany to Berlin and back again i'or the airlift crows. Paul Hamb'-ight. student at Henderson State Teachers College, Ar- kadelnhia is spending the Christmas holidays with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hambright. Harley Cox, who attends Ihe Universitv of Arkansas is spending the Ynletide season with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cox. Miss Betty Rene Hamby of Fayetteville will arrive tonight to spend several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wells Hamby. Here and There in Arkansas' Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 23 —(#•)— a young man robbed Demuth Furniture "company 'of about $1,000 last night after opening a charge account there, Manager Charles W. Young said. The robber calmly ordered $228 worth of furniture and gave a $100 check in a Little Rock bank for down payment. Then when Young "' A'ci'ir- > vcnl upstairs, he held up the cash Eton and Miss Frances Thrasher lel The nominating committee. was composed of Duncan McRae. chairman, Dr. A. W. Hudson and Jewel Long. Mr. Murry announced that a membership manual would be mailed to every member of the Chamber of Commerce. This manual contains a copy of tin. of the organization and other information. Mr. Murry wishes to express his Jn his application for credit, the man said he had moved to Memphis about two months ago from Little Rock. appreciation to the ini'niber.ship for |"'vision manager the support ihev have ^ivon the i -Knodes said, Chamber of Commerce and stated ] P>'""''s on heavy that tin. 1 oryani/ation would I'liriea- vor to woi'l: harder and serve more fully our community of PrescoU. Nevada Coiintv and the li-acle area, Mr. and Mr>'. J'liiHOii Mr. and Mrs. John P. S'liusls Si.inda.y of Mr. John A. Davis. Miss Dorothy Ann C.ee Texas v.'Mr arrive: tonight to sp several days with her narents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee Sr. Memphis, Tenn. Dec. 23 —- (If) — The wholesale price of gasoline Buyiplied by the Esso Standard Oil si K'ompany in Tennessee and Arkan ' was went up one-hall a cent today. Tho increase in the price was announced last night by Tennessee J. T. Rhodes. however, that fuel have been re li.icod 2.T cents a barrel — and that d'osi'l fuels have been dropped onc- fh'th of a cent a gallon. The gasoline price increase is cf fi.'clive at all levels of wholesale 'li.slribution, he said. Little Rock, Dec. 23—[/Pi—Flames j u wept through tho Desha Negro [high school here early today, de of Dallas, j slroying the one story, ISroom nd I brick buildlilnlg. ' Unofficial loss was $100,000. Ori gin of the fire was not determined. Kirernon saved an adjoining economics building but were work when a Mr. and Mrs. Harry Helton ... companied Mrs, Homer Mitchell of ! Hampered in their Anloiue to Memphis Tuesday when 1 ! hose line broke. Mis. Mitchell will receive treatment. Mr. Helton relumed Tuesday evening. Miss Margaret Whitaker of las will arrive tonight lo be miest of her parents, Mr. Mrs. Norman \Vliitaker. Mr. and Mrs. John | sun John Marvin of weekend fjuesis i i-'rancisco. :\larv Paragould, Dec. 22 — Oft — J. A. Kubank, 5-1 Kiiperintendent of schools at Marmaduke, died in a hospital here today. IHubank formerly was supcrin lendent of tho Masonic home at llalesv'ille. He was veteran of World War One and a royal arch mason. Surviving are his widow, a daughter, three sisters and two Funeral plans are in The heart of the crop is the seed you plant ase fi'.:l,l of Cokcr 100 Wilt Ci.;t!ni!, I'J-IU Breeder :i Stock. Pkiilo takim in eof.'y .'•/'•/•''•''•'•''•i-. r .'.'jou's heavy :iat*i •;,'; l:-iJt:. Unity, O/;L-/J</K/ / .'..(j//.-.-, iv..., 1 ;' :.;-.-ijrvJ liuitintj ' Coker 100 Wilt Resistant Cotton wins First Place in 3 state contests end combiner premium staple, earlinosi; and easy picking. Come i;i ,::iui Looh your order now io: Co'-e-r lOUVv'ilt Resis- t-ut Cutton S..c d uud ic'iaoiri- bei to iuck up your copy of Cukoi'c /,'•-•.•,•• Coitou C;-.taloy. PLANT TO PROSPE TOM KSNSE CO«OK Row HOPE, A in:. 5% Discount on Paid Pcrchc-ci Tin's Month Only! The Full CHRISTMAS May you reivi\v. llic licii hli'^-iii^s nt' a iiuppy Christnius C ^TV ri r/^^fOS/"" 1 1 i LLiiL I KSC Dr. Emmefrt Thompson Optometrist Christmos means splendor to everyone. Its brightly lighted trees, shopping for presents, singing carols, children hanging stocking, gaily decorated shops and windows . . . these and countless others that make a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! with all good wishes for Christmas and a sincere thanks for all past favors Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Floyd Sfe?::--:-^-- f{SJv-^> o KAay the star of the wise men which shone from above, reflect down the years bringing goodwill all men. --•'K &*%&&£•'>"•' ? .^eSBSrSSSJsiisSH CU. FT. DELUXE MODEL 7V2 CU. FT. STANDARD MODEL 5-YEAR WARRANTY So welcome at Christmas . . . modern re« frigcralion at a low price. Gives you years of practical service and lias many features our more expensive refrigerators. Freezer compartment holds 18 pints of frozen food as well as 2 trays of ice. Freshener keeps vegetables garden-crisp. Glass tray. Rustproof steel cabinet. §37 Down on Terms. 69 C 72811 Cash 18-1,95 .Mure convenience? . . . greater flexibility of interior. Henio\al)le haU-M/n 1 r-Iu-lf. Larger vegetable freshener. Jiffy eulio releases mi .'' ice Iravs. While porcelaiuetl food IVusler. :?•!:; J.'i'un on Terms. 09 C 758K Cash 214.95 2T4 S. MAIN }&" ^ NEW 8.8 CU. FT. REFRIGERATOR Yianls finest . . . oiTem] al a special low price! Full- wiilth iVee/ing coinpai'linenl at top . . . slores 50 Ihs. nf Irnxrii inoil. ';> single, 1 (Inublu ice Iray. 'f'wo i'n-sh- uncrs. IJoU Down on Terms. 69 P 97LSU Cash 291.95 TELEPHONE 1080

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