Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, December 22, 1948 British Rations to Be Effective Christmas Also London. Doc. 21 — '/p. •— will get a slight nrlditirn tightly rationed diet to The ministry of food 'n;: catod an extra half pound o Wheat Crop Forecast Shows Drop ^ r i t.'t i i 1 u: • i ,-st next The fore-crop at. Dutch Action in Indonesia Is Creating Another Crisis in Already Seething Orient I in:-: csIimMe i 11 •."•-. ih;.'i< l.hi )>•;,! imi -.'e.'-! "1 :. it. cui i ip:i; i< r.'Ml of !.(({)!!.f.'l in the l!W7--!(> i,lid!). I yvar'.s conil: \vneat ci'O)) ; Odd bushels .honk! equal ?.!)3.000.00(1 bu.,!i- ie a'-'er.iye for the past five By DEWITT MACKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst The Dutch action against the doncsiar, republic is creating another dangcions crisis in an orient already seething with unrest. j Asiatic peoples are bound to i construe this as a further demon; Six Arkansas Guard Storage Garages Announced i'-ii a combined crop Id compart. 1 with this i.:;5<).oO!!.00() bushels sprint; crop should ciiual Co:') biii-.hcly— the average pr:.';t live years. Such a combined crop •.vould compare- with tins total production of l,2!!ii.'i(. bushels. The record wheat wa.s l.:i(i7.U;ii.OOO in 1947. Total 25. ?.<)(). 000 bush- yvar':; winter ijn'o.(I'uuiiio bnsh- v.-ith the 1!M7 finil bushels, average of |arc in revolt. Striking evidence of ned winter and''his interpretation is contained in a would total 1, • statement by Tr.nclil Jawaharlal if the spring iNobru. J'rinic Minister of India. Nehru told the Indian national congress party that Dutch military i victories never will slop the In j donesicn struggle for independ- j Little Rock, Dec. 21 —(.T)— The state military department today announced award of a contract, for construction of six new storage garages for Arkansas National government ]guard units. The contract went to William Peterson. Little Rock, on his low bid of $165,900. The garages are to be built at! (contract for two other similar They were constructed in leccnt jouildings, to be constructed when years and were located near Gari money becomes available. These (land, lo miles east of Dallas. They Iwill be built at Dumas and Brink- jfcll to the ground at ?.;30 a. m. 'ley at a total cost of $56,000. j while KRLD was off the air. .— | y\ temporary antenna was in in 10 veer's if the 21)5,000.- for the declared that has any right sive action in that India's no European power to wage an aggres- Asia. And he added freedom from British im- the i d 0 acres, bushels in the 1!>,?7-4(J period ave.' '' 02'! 000 rule means the end of all nerialisrn and colonialism in u >ii;j orient, e'rop! That is the view of one of the Tiro-'most powerful leaders of India's MOO. 000.000 newly freed people. And it would be difficult to combat World's Oldest ! The oldest effective \ company in the world insurance 1 is Lloyd's of London, named for an Ifilh century coffee house where mcr- i clKMit.3 gathered to exchange trade '• information. a quarter of a pound of V-.". and Ivvo ounces of candy for each ration book holder. Normal weekly ;;'U(-n:; a'-c a half pound of sugar, two ounces of tea and thre ounces of candy. A ''small amount" of non-rationed meat loaf 'and sausage has Uet-n added to butchers normal ies. NO 1 sn, Km Ilia The Frozen Food Locker svill be closed December 25th for Christmas Day. PRODI .shall do well not to be hasty in jour judgment. It is easy to register our firm belief in the inherent right of any people to full independence. We must note that the Dutch admit the right of Indonesia to independence but arc trying to create a commonwealth of nations of which the Indonesian republic would be a part. But what rights, if any, has Hol. land in this question of indcpend- ience? Well, in the first place the Netherlands established herself in the East Indies more than three centuries ago. Her roots run deep. The Dutch pulic has made heavy investments in Indonesia through the generations. So the Netherlands j maintains that she is under obliga I lions not only to protect the in- j vestments oi! her public but to safeguard the interests of all the 7/i.000,000 natives of the Indonesian archipelago. Ttiat brings us up against the present crisis. There arc in the East Indies several governments, of which the republic is one. The Dutch rum at creating an interim federal government of all these slates pending the development of Ihe commonwealth. All the governments excepting the republic agreed to this arrangement. The Dutch say the republic blew first hot and then cold on the proposition, bowing to warring elements within the govern- I merit. I Finally last weekend the Dutch took military "police action" the Indonesian I the U. N. may find a solution unfortunate, we 'perhaps. (against the republic. They claimed (that the Republican In-'had embarked on the preliminaries oi large scale hostilities in Java and Sumatra. Naturally this move by the Dutch has created something akin to con-i Rentonvillc.' DeQueen Hazcn . . slei-ncilion in Uniicd Nations Ozark, Warren and Fordyce. and Lstration of the western mmeria- !cm:!r!<-:. 'ihe U. rf. good offices Peterson also was awarded a 01!,- ;Jism against which many of them .commute has been trying to "'mediate the dispute between the Netherlands and the Indonesian republic, and a U. S. delegation spokesman in Paris says the American government feels the Dutch have 'broken faith" with the committee. , However, the Dutch are going once. He was applauded when he i ahead \vit,i their program. All high 'Republican leaders arc in custody. The Netherlands troops have been cracUiiiL' down on subversive elements without great opposition. From a technical standpoint I suppose one would call the operation a success thus far. But the trouble is that while it may eliminate some trouble, it cannot cure. The struggle of the Indonesian re public to have its own way will still go on, especially since there are strong Communist elements in •inn indic-itea mo- ! l '"' AL - i>io-^"i IUL-IUJ- H.-V;UKIII/.I.-U it. •c";i>ect!vc)v of " winter i ! - his wncn sho Canted independ- This fresh upheaval is before the Missouri 'was 2.010,00;) ! cn "'^ l"; 11 ";.^ 18 ^ a V£,^'™^ ! If . N A s^ily ..council. Perhaps increase and 34,170,000 rk ^ o ^ nl Towers of Dallas Radio Station ToppJe Dallas, Tex., Dec. 21 — (/P) —Radio station KlU.D's two 478 feet lowers toppled over early today, causing the ">0.000 watt station to suspend its programs. Manager Clyde Rembcrt said "we have no idea" why tile towers collapsed. was cxpre.- air within a .getl up and KRLD en to be back on the tew hours. The station is owned by the Dallas Times Herald. Rembcrt said the fallen lowers would be rebuilt, as quickly as possible. Fluorescent lamps, using krypton gas instead of argon. give higher efficiency and, therefore, will decrease electric light bills. Drowr.ed by Clothes About (iOO B.C.. Draco, the famous huviMver. made a stirring speech and was smothered to death by a deluge of clothing, an. Athenian ge;:lure to show appreciation of speakers and actors. 'Plate-Sorss Bother 1 If your "GUMS" itch, burn, or cause you discomfort, druggists will return monoy it the first bottle of "LETO'S" fails to salisty. JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. — Atlv k_drc5icrl. Head, feet and insfclc:, (approx. 3 Hi. waste) Yoji'Si fmdi Bvi«'jiy a-eal values. Buy at West Bros. Now and Save. Shop £' sKr- IXI ^ U •: y M r^ \-\ 50 9.95 PANTS 8.95 PANTS 7.95 PANTS 6.95 I 5 A NTS 8 o'clock — Friday night 7 o'clock « ? te' f n &'•? te i3 m -;Uv;V:>fej }•:•:&!. ^^,. & Armless Girl Gefs Hands But Doesn't Like Them Lovejoy, Ga., Dec. 21 —-'/P)— bluc-eyea Grace Purcell ' has "lianas' 1 at last but she doesn't like tnem. The four-year-old child, born without hanus and arms below the elbow, says the metal de vices that iiave been strapped 1C her arm stumps are urgly. But her parents and officials at the Georgia stale welfare department, whic provided the appliances, hope Grace will learn to use them. Mrs. Helen Carr, supervisor of the department's division for crippled children, said the cur- ley-naircci child's reaction was not surprising. "Sho has never had arms or hands," Mrs. Carr explained, "and she nas no idea what they are lor." The applicanccs were provided alter a specialist said it would be impossible to give Grace hands and fingers thrugh plastic surgery. More than $2000 was contributed to a fund to provide tne child with plastic arms and hands. The iimd was starlet! by Henry R. Lee, a riiilroad engineer, after he saw Grace wave to him as his train passed the Purcell home, -.'ow Lee hopes to send Grace through college with the con- tribulions. U. S. Denounces Kroger Oven-Ready Turkeys are completely cleaned, fully dressed, ready to roast. Giblets arc cleaned, placed in carcass. Enjoy the tcnderest, juiciest, easiest-to-fix turkey you ever had . . . a better value. (An 1Mb. Kroger Oven-Ready Turkey is equivalent to a 14-lb. New York Dressed Turkey.) _es In Latin America Washington, Dec. 21 —(/P)-— The State department today denounced the use of force in cff'ection political changes in Latin America as 'deplorable" and inconsistent with the ideals of the American republics. Il said in a statement thai the use of arms if "increasingly a danger to all the countries of this I hemisphere." The department issued its announcement of policy as it disclosed that the United States is consulting with a number of the Latin American countries on \vhnt niiyht properly be done to stabil- ise- the hemisphere politically. This move came in the wake of a series of revolts and unsuccessful uprising:-; in the past few months Murins; which three Latin American governments have been overthrown and cu'hl others threatened The department said the United States assured the Latin American governments of its concern It K.-id >,he United States wishes to make "every legitimate and use !li'! ellort to encourage nemocra- jlic and cunxr-iUilionnl procedures" I "hi the view of the aovernmenl ;of the United Slates " the depart. :nenf;; statement declared, "the ins--' of fin-re as an instrument of •nohtical change is not only deplor- i'-ib'e, but is usually inconsistent >wi!h the ,'irknmv1cd<;<-'d ideals of ; the American republics and in: civai;nu:lv ;, d:ni::er to all the coun: I rii"-^ cl this hctnisnhcro. i "If lh" us" of I'orce continues it i cannot lail to become ;i sufficient! ly serious- issue to em;am i tent ion nf t'-e American" as a whole." the al- iX'publics m 11 H iJi^lil B i.in!-- Km-:., n.-c. -i .. ,.P: .... Ark:.us,is 1 K-n-ncrat ;.ubseri'-i- ! >'. : ; 1!! o. I'-' o!' i.IUK- Kl'l'n':- i..,.i- i ler :':"-.:i(eiit i;s! ^ee!lon.s u;ot | sen:..- speckil vr;-\ ire \\. slerdu v ai'li'r .in. Drr-'AUTMENT STORE We will be Closed CHRISTMAS DAY and Sursday, Dec. 26th. I^rpjjer .. ___. __. "iTJaiied Tjcjorc you buy. A belter turkey, a better value. Fancy, Large, Dressed and Drawn Northern, Fancy Qualify. Dressed and Drawn. Fancy Michigoldcns. Save Sliced Bacon ]b g< Armour Star or Premium. Sliced Bacon Cuclahy Gold Coin. lb. s\> jjx Oysters Kroger's. Pt. Standards Large Selects Smoked Picnics Tendered. Fresh Pork Horns Cut From Corn Smoked Ham Armour Star, Swift's Premium. Smoked Ham ]b Holly Brand, Tendered. lb. <1> ,f> lb. Fed Porkers. We reserve the right !o iiintt Quantity Sales. These Prices effective, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Fine Shortening Ib. Tin Mixed Nuts Chocolate Drops lb. lb. Cello Kroger's Old Fashioned Candy. Ritz Crackers Made By Nabisco. Save. Vanilla Waffers Sunshine. In Cello Bag. Spotlight Coffee Its Hot Dated. Save. Kroger Bread 2 Its Always Fresh. Save. lb. 4'.-i 02. Pkg. 20 m.. loaves Santa Creams Kroger, Assorted, Creams. Monhatien Mix Kroger Hard Candy. Fine for Salads Qt. / 3C lb. lb. Cello For Good Results. Ib. Tin Fine for Pasteries. Ib. Tin Eatmore Oleo g Excellent for Cooking. Kk-oges- Eggs Gov't Graded Medium Size. VemSlla Extract : Kroger. Pure, High Quality. hcs Del Monte. Halves, Slices Pride Corn Cream Style. Hi ah Qualit Cherries Kroger Red Sour Pilled. Tomatoes Stokley's Finest. No. 2 1!4 Can No. 2 Can Can Ibs. Doz. ',u oz. Bottle Semi- Sv/ee 1 : Chocoioi Cello 11 mm»~. Large, Firm, Red Berries. High Quality. * Fresh, Best when full green. ib. Bag Save on 20 lb. Bag. 83c. Lar^e, Firm Marsh Seedless BANANAS Ripe, Firm and Golden. Ib. U. S No- 2 Quality. 50 Ib. Bag 1.39 V- Q /IQ :.;nq .^, : '^J? Mushrooms P r. 29c Brussle Sprouts Qt . 35c Q t r~ I I , . i f-~. I • . T~ 1 I S~~ . . ^iuJ' 8 if* b Ea. Fresh. High Quality. A 8 AVifin*!nf> c ' /^ T U\^d Vl'L/oi Fancy, Large and Meaty. Broccoli ib. Fresh and Green. Fresh and Green. l M-vvcrsr'jii-i'S'' ,, i i-"^ttjiu^; !b. Picking, l--i'ri,i-jk:_s. C v.i< Fresh Snow White Heads. 12 2 c Tomatoes Selected, Extra fine qLiality. >b- i*3c Lndjve Fresh, Lxcelk-nl lor ^uiadi. ib. 27c Cucumbers n :y, High 0 M

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