Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Clearance SALE Used Cars Drastic Price Reductions Sale Starts Saturday October 15 KOBE STAR, HOPE; ARKANSAS Allies More Able Than Nazis to Pay Price of Long Wa Entire stock used cars and trucks a' Rock Bottom Pi-ices. '37 Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan. '37 Chevrolet Master Town Sedan. '37 Ford VS Deluxe Town Sedan. '36 Ford VS Deluxe Town Sedan. '36 Chevrolet Standard Town Sedan. "36 Chevrolet .Master Coach. '35 Chevrolet Standard Coach. '31 Chevrolet Master Coach. '33 Chevrolet Master Coach. '30 Chevrolet Master Coach. H TON and l'-j TON TRUCKS '36 Chevrolet IV.. Ton Truck, Cab and Body. '36 Chevrolet 1> 2 Ton Truck, Closed Cab. '37 Chevrolet !- Ton Pickup. '35 Ford VS !-i Ten Pickup. '36 International a;, Ton Pickup, Cab and Body. Easy G. M. A .C. Terms YOUNG Chevrolet Co. Phone 140 Hope, Ark. With the sharp eye for realities that won him fame as n writer on business topics. Joint T. Ftyim lakes n look at the Germany that recently boasted of being stocked up for a "30 year's war" if necessary, and at her phoicntial eitlmics. ..He weighs their respective chances lit this article, \vrlttcn exclusively for NEA Sen-ice JIH! Hope Star Thch long-drawn out agony of the civil war in Spain has created the! impression tha (European nations can, il necccssury, carry on a war for an indefinite period. In an earlier piece 1 tried to show that Germany cannot possibly obtain a sufficient supply ol steel, oil and other essential metals to carry on a very long war against | . combination of powerful nations. But it must be conceded that other nations also face some difficulties irti this respect. England, for instance, while have- ing a supply of steel and coal, has to get oil, cotton, rubber, copper and other essential supplies from other coutries. And the same thing is true to France. But these countries are better equipped to purchase supplies abroad than Germany is. Germany at present has iterally no external credit of con- equence. She cannot buy abroad or any length of time unless she can] jiiy with goods. She cannot produce nough goods to buy much abroad vhen all her energies are consumed i making war materials. She can | uy little with gold since she has so! mall stock that would be exhausted! i a couple of weeks. I Lnghaid on the other hand, while he has a much larger gold stock, as also enormous foreign credits. er banks and investors own immense uantities of securities in America nd in other tarding and producing j countries. And these would give her ] a means of buying abroad. Thetre se. curities could be converted into cash and used for paying for war supplies. What is more, after buying these supplies, England has-the ships with which to transport the goods to her cwn shores. The same thing applies in a lesser degree to France. These resources in the case of England and Frtnce amount to perhaps four or five billions, an this sounds like a ereat deal of money. But against the , greedy demands of a war effort thhese 1 billions would be consumed quickly {enough. But despite' that, these resources. Thehre arc things she needs. No one knows what the Russian gold reserves are. But they arc great. She would h;jvo to buy less of essential war goods abroad. However, all these nations face one difficult which was not present in 1914. They would go into this war a J ready close to econmic exhuseion by the old disease of the last war and by the gigantic efforts they have made in the last three years for. the present war. They are war t weary before they itart. England, in particular, is bending under the weight of a dreadful debt which is already too big for even hchr otout shoulders. The economic ruin which v/ould visit every nation engaged would be unlike anything that Europe has ever seen. But Looking at the two camps, and predicting the issue of the war on the basis of their respective economic rcsoure.s, Germany is utterly, even hopelessly, behind her enemies, German economists know this. It is difficult to believe that the government decs not. England not only can buy what she needs, hut IIH.S the ships with which to transport the K »ods to her own shores. Above is an artist's sketch of Great Britain's newest transatlantic Riant, the 1930-foot Queen Kll/.al,elh soon to be launched. Larger than any ship aflont, she would undoubtedly be transferred to government service hi utint The soinbero gets its name from the Spanish word "sombre," meaning "shade." f,-* MYSTERY CONTROL Blouse, Dress, Houfccont—All Three In One Design 832.6 It Tunes the Radio from Any Room in Your Home! Sensational, amazing, brt«ih-lak ing! Imagine the thrill of changing »u- lions, control! iji« \olume,even turn, ing off this new I'hilco . . . from upstairs, downstair., on thi> porrh . . . without going n^ar the set. .4nil remember — no ivirpt , . . ,,o connections of any kind'. Away with lire- some inconvenience! Let Philco M)>tcry C'ontol bring vou and your family complete radio onjorment. COME IN-TRY IT- YPti'll Be Amazed! Alk about tur Special Introjurlort Ogmr on Philco Mvttvry Control Kotiiai. ' Trad^-ln Allou**!*. £<wy World's Largest Builders of Radios AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO. 112 South Main Hope, Ark. By CAROL DAY Now isn't this .something? In fpict, it's three perfectly lovely tilings, for any way you take it—or make it— 8326 gives you charming high-shouldered .sleeves, soft .shirring on the shoulders, and a tiny, tiny waist. In satin, chiffon or silk crepe, the bluusc (slide fastened or buttoned) will be the better hiilf of an extremely smart afternoon costume, whether worn with your suit or a separate skirt. The dress (slide fastened to the lower edge of the girdle) will be lovely for afternoon, in velvet, thin wool or crepe-satin. The housecoat (slide fastened from neckline to hem) should make you feel like a princess, in velvet, brocade, broadcloth o r moire. Make all three. Pattern 8326 i.s designed for sizes 12, 14, 16. 18. 20 and 40. Size 14 requires for the blouse. I'-;, yards of 30-inch material; for the dress, 4>/2 yards of US-inch material; for the housecoat, 5% yards of 39-inch material. The new Fall and Winter Pattern Book, 32 pages of attravtice designs for every size and every occasion, is now ready. Photographs show dresses made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Lie the charming designs in this new book help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Fall nad Winter Pattern Book—>5 cents. Pattern or book alone—J5 cents. For a Pattern of this attractive model icnd 15c in coin, your name, address, style number and size to Hope Star Today's Pattern Bureau, 'ill W. Watk e r Drive, Chicago, Hi, A Hope Star Want Ad For Better New Model Pontiac Automobiles Have Beauty, Many Improvements Duflex Rear Spring Is Called Outstanding Engineering Achieveinent—Three New Lines of" Cars for 1939 Soil Moisture May Prove Key to Crop Forecast By The AP Feature Service TOPEKA, Kos.—Farm experts this fall are going to try to forecast nearly a year abend of time the approximate si/« of wheat yieldh in the western i\ry land farm belt. They hope to take some of the gamble out of wheat raising through soil moisture te.sl.s. Kxperls of the bureau of agricultural economics, working at the Kansas experiment stations, discovered Din! depth at soil moisture at the time wlient is planted in the fall nppnrcntlv largely determines the size of the crop harvested the following summer. "Experiments indicate western Kmi- sas wheat seeded in dry beds will result in complete failure 71 times oul of 100," says H. L. Collins, statistician for the department of agriculture at "opeka. "With one foot of soil moisture there will be n crop failure 34 times oul of 100; with two feet of soil moisture there arc failures 15 times out of 100; with three feet. 10 times out of 100." To test the new method on a wide scale holes will be drilled every ten milch over a 3.500-milc route in 'Kansas and H similar route in Nebraska. Depth of soil moisture then will be compared to crop production on the land that is drilled. "The purpose is to supply wheat growers information renting to depth of soil moisture at seeding time mid assist then, j n detcrminhiK whether they should seed wheat acreage. It al«i gives additional information U|x>n which to biise an ofirly senson forecast of probable wheat production" Collins said. .Friday, October 14. Pushkin, Russi.-m writer niul poet, w«.s ;i direct dc.sccndandt of ;, Negro Slave. Public Sale MONDAY, OCTOBER, 17 1 will offer for sale at my place, located 12 miles North of Hope, 4 miles Southeast of Blevins, to the highest; bidder, as follows: 2 Horse Mules, Smooth Mouth, 1100 Ibs. each. 1 Mare Mule, Smooth Mouth; 900 Ibs. 1 Brood Mare, saddle and work, 900 Ibs 1 Horse Colt, I'/, years old. 4 Jersey Cows, fresh in November. 2 Jersey Cows, fresh in February 1 Jersey Cow, fresh in April. 0 Yearlings. 2 Cream Cans, 5 and 10 gallons. 1 Do Laval Separator, used 1 year. 400 Bales Good Pea Hay, with peas on 400 Bundles Corn Tops. 35 Bushels Whipponvill Peas. 75 Bushels Ear Corn 1 Weber Wagon, good as new. 2 Double Breaking Plows. 2 Cultivators. ' 1 Good Section Harrow. 2 Georgia Stocks. ' I New Planter, just made 1 crop. 1 Middle Buster. C AH sizes Cultivator Plows and Sweeps, Hoes and*' Pitch Forks. ,*, 1 Set Harness and Plow Gear. 4 Collars and Bridles. d Many other things too numerous to mention includinir Household Goods. Sale Starts At 10 o'Clock L. R. URREY, Owner. S. L. SANFORD, Auctioneer. Pontir.c engineers have displnycd skill and originality in the design of three new lines of cars for 1939 that combine the height of fashion and good taste in modern streamlining and rich appointments with important mechanical improvements that feature Duflex rear springs as the greatest engineering achievement. The Quality Six, a newcomer to the line, is designed for large production at a low price. With five body models (Two and four-door sedans, business and sport coupes, and station wagon) of 190 inches overall length, it digs deeper into lower price field than any previous Pontiac. The DcLuxe Six, with the same engine but longer chassis than the Quality Six, comes in five more finely appointed bodies. A cabriolet with two coupes end two sedans constitute the lino. Overall length of 196'/i inches makes it the longest six by four inches Pontiac has ever built. The DeLuxe Eight with its famous imooth running and economical straight eight engine, will embrace the same five body styles as the DeLuxe Six: In the appearance of the three lines | we find complete modernization in the styling of hood, radiator, fenders and body. Containing the Silver Streak through the center of hood and radiator for the fifth year as the central motif, there is more of u yacht- line prow to the radiator, which in turn is flanked on cither side by chromed side grilles set into the front -surfaces of Die fender catwalks. The radiator ornament serves as the locking handle to raise the alligator type hood. Harmonizing multibcam headlights are mounted on the front fenders. The Quality Six thus .is the lowest priced car today with three-beam headlights. • There i.s increased visibility for drivoi and passengers alike in the new Pontiac which, of course, is an added safely factor. In the DeLuxe Six and Eight models vihihility is fully 25 pqr cent greater than in previous models. Windshield and window glass are wider and higher. Windshii-ld corner posts are narrower. Cowl-line L* lower and the radii of u|-pi>r windshield corners are shorter, thus enlarging the vision all around, A single panel rear window in all models also adds to the visibility. With wider and lower DcLuxe Six and Eight bodies these- models are equipped either with or without running boards. Flours beiiiR only curb- high I two inches lower than laM yean ! many people desire In stop directly into the car without the use of a run- ; ning board. Fisher unistccl bodies on DeLuxe models provide greater scat width and more log room both front and rear with a finer handling of instruments and accessories for 1939 than ever lie- fore. Front seat frames are constructed of' steel tubing for lightness and .strength.' New door locks require only « light pressure on the doors to elo.se them' securely. The new three-spoke -steering wheel is T-shaped to permit an unobstructed view of the instrument panel. I Cimpletc color harmony is provided in the front compartment by fin- 1 , ishing the steering column, gear shift) lever, steering wheel, brake lever, pedal pads, floor mat and accessories >uch as radio, heater, etc., in the .same' warm shade of Um. j Quality Six models arc upholstered in. mohair or cloth; DeLuxe Six and, liiglit sedan and coupe models in; brown Bedford cord or tan mohair j with cabriolet models in leather or' cloth and leather. j The remote control gear shift pi-! onecrcd lust year by Pontiac and now) copied by many manufacturers has' been refined and improved and is I standard equipment in all.1939 Ponliae) models at no extra cost. Thus the wide ' front scuts are free and clear of all ob- ' struction and as comfortable for llireo! passengers a.s the rear seats. Considerable refinement in the appearance and operation of the gear shift has been effected this year. The shift lever and other exposed parts are -smaller and less conspicuous. 666 cures MALARIA in 7 days and relieves COLDS Liquid, Tablets first day Salve, Nos« Drops Headache, 30 mjn, Try "Rub-Mj'-Tism"—World's Best Liniment OPENING SPECIAL This coupon good tor 1 game uf BilJards clip and take to CIUNER'S BIIXARD and DOMINO PARLOK Next door to New Theater There arc about :i.>0 varieties of clicc.se in the world, many of which are nut known outsidu their native land. Government COTTON LOANS Quick Service Immediate Payment Bring your Samples tit ME. TOHKINSER A Government Licensed Classcr. Hope, Ark. ANNOUNCEMENT The SOUTHERN CREAMERIES has moved from Third and Hazel Streets to SOUTHERN ICE CO. PLANT. Will appreciate customers calling. PHONE 72 For Your Ice Cream Needs. [Government Cotton Loans Quick Service — Immediate Payment Cotton Classed by E. C.Brown, Licensed Government Clusstr in Our Office. E. C. BROWN & CO. Hope, Arkansas The most IMPORTANT ST^P you'll make this Fall C ..when you drive in for Winter conditioning You'll be doing the right thing- by your car and yourself- when you see your Texaco Dealer early about a complete winter conditioning. He'll refill your engine with the correct winter grade of New Texaco Motor Oil. Result: Your crankcase stays FULL longer. Because this oil is Fur-f;ir-al refined. Wasteful oil impurities are removed completely. You can't get a better oil at . . . and we use EjS^ for chassis conditioning be- , ^ d™»~.**^ .M..LI....U—J r"> *"* cause it lasts twice as long as ordinary grease. 40 needed services for one low price go with it. These include all needed lubrication services—PLUS many KXT services in caring for body battery, and other parts of your car. c * Drive in soon to TEXACO DEALERS ,>,. ,„ Townsend Service Station Otis r»\vnseud,,Pro|). Emmet, Cecil Wyatt's Service Station Stress: Ptouc (i iu,If SCO Ser r i(ce Station -ul and siwvcr Sis. Hgy. 1'eny Taylor 933 Service Station „..;;., P.. ..

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