Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Ada MiMt Be In Office Day Before Publication Number of One Three Six One Words Up to 15 16 to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 35 86 to 40 41 to 45 «6 to 50 Day Days Days Month . .45 . .60 . .75 . .90 . 1.05 . 1.20 . 1.35 . 1.50 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2. DO 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 •13.50 15.00 ~ •* •• «i"j ij.-jif it.\nt Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only AU Want Ads Cash in Advance Not Taken Over the Phone For Sale GOOD BOIS'D ARC POSTS AT reasonable prices. Sec E. M Me- Williams at McWilliams Seed Store, Hope, Arkansas. 9-lrno FRYERS. BATTERY RAISED White Rocks. $1.00 each. Phone D66-W, Vernon Osburn, f!05 W. (ith Street. 14-2w Pope's Message to Be Broadcast in 20 Languages Vatican City, Dec. 2} — Ml--The Vatican radio the Christmas Eve mess-arc Pope Pius XII will in 20 languages. The Pope will broadcast his rnes- . ige In Italian at 11 a. in. (4 a. in. CST'i on Dec. 24 on wave lonr-lris of 19.87 and 31.00 meter;;. The English translation will be By Westbrook Pcgler Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate. Washington, Dec. 20 — It •"*• wasningion. uec. a) — it is today i considered opinion of Alf M. I . (' OI rl fin 4 ti.. i, • ^ 11 i,.-.»,..,.. c., . 11 _ broadcast on the lengths at 5:30 a. m. The Vatican radio cast on wave lengths 50.26 meters the service at which ficiate at 11:45 p CST i on Dec. 24. same CST. wili of 31 bread- well-known forgotten man, decline of the United •gnu when the people lost, respect for two pair. -.. , . ... . ., . t „ i ._ ._, j , v , ,., L | V j j I, \Y I I J I li i 1 , ' !us is a fetching theory. Like thoj Mr. M;:cl< ips and parental authority, two lobsorvntion air once were defied only at risk. rov -'- (4:45 FANCY SCHLEY PAPER SHELL| pecans, 25c per pound. Smaller size, 15c. Dr. Chas. A. Champlin, 404 South Elm St. 20-31 SERVEL KEROSENE RElfwGER- <ator in good condition. Write Clifford Powell, Patinos, Arkansas, Route !. 20-31 __ GOOD SIZE FRYERS FOR ONLY ,$1.00 each. Phone 445-J. 20-3t DUPLEX, ^E~~APARTMENT has 3 rooms and bath, one has 4 rooms and bath. Small out house 12 x 30., Price $3,050. See Jack Simpson. West Ave B Phone 1174-W. 21-It HOME FREEZER, ELECTRIC mixer and miniature press camera. Phone 952-M. 21-3t 1947 2 DOOR PLYMOUTH. RADIO, good tires, 19,000 actual miles, motor guaranteed. Driven in city Phone 1164-W. 21-31 HOUSE 5 ROOMS, REDECOR/W ted, Venetian blinds, attic fans, garage. Close in. Terms. A. H. Eversmeyer. 21-01. Notice WE BUY, SELL AND REPAIR a!! makes of Sewing machines W. H, West, 215 North Hamilton Street, Phone 122Q.W., Hope, Arkansas. 1-1 mo LILE Legal Notice WARNING ORD¥R )21 In the Chancery Court of Ilenipstoad County, Ark N. SPRINGS Plaintiff U Th DA ^.'SPRINGS .... Defendant J h<? ,^ Defendant, LINDA M SPRINGS, is warned l,o appear in this court within thirty days and fi'ff'Ti'i U w c ° m P la 'nt of the Plain- tilf, Lile W. Springs. witness my hand and'the sea) of thoii 'J'his cops pair once were defied only Mr. Landon puts the time about Ui.'.r,, the year the people passed up a chanci 1 to hire him to put them back to work at useful jobs, I chase Eleanor Roosevelt down the political neu- Commtmrsts , 1- */Min.. / out of war I hose who call this an affront to a great and gracious lady who is consecrating her life to mankind. I warn that in some future generation, mourners for our vanished Wednesday, December 22, Mack Hopes to Win That One More Pennant Philadelphia, Dec. 22 — (/p) — Connie Mack hinted today on the eve of his f!6th birthday that 1049 might be the year for that elusive "one more pennant." Smiling a bit mischievionsly. the man who helped form the Amen _By Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr. New York. Dec. 22 — l/Fi — It looks as if Notre Dame's Bill Fischer is about the most popular footballer around Chicago these days, He was the first choice oC all three Chicago pro clubs, but the ., .. ""•-•- '--"•v.cij;" pro CHIOS, OUl tllC it through I Bears had to drop out of the bid- .'II HO ll •_! C I r n it t if l-i ,-> >•. 1 1, I I . League ,-md .... 48 season:; admitted that ho has Iding'when they lost -i coin toss to high hopes his Phihdelpbia Alhlet (the Cardinals athat "'sorrel" ics can land the loop champion Pitlsh.u-Kh mcetin" An 1 you ship next son .son for Die first time " "' - ' since 1931. I Mr. IVf;:ck doo:-n t plan any formal of his birthday tomor should hear the Cards' Ray Ben- mg;;en tell about the hazards c'" tof-sing with George Halas. . .May- 22nd day of De- said court this comber 1948. m c- »,•?• E - Weaver, Clerk W. S. Atkins, Att'y. for Plaintiff L >/e Brown. Att'y. Ad Litem. i > j Ii< /i Lj J Dec. 22, 29, Jan 5, 1.2 Bill can i against Ziggie development of run for alderman Czarobski. the so-far .One futile Doak Walker Watches Pro desecrate with j : I- t V I \, ift 1 I V. 1 1 I, ^J[ L[ l(J | "peace" conference in pro'football Iv.ap surprising to even the club [•owners. They suddenly began gel- !t;ng cab;; from players who wanted to sign their 1949 contracts in a hurry. . .Football players ain't so dumb. Cleveland, Dec. 2.2 —(UP)— -The- AllAmerica Football Conference, determined to fight on for its exist jOnce as a professional grid loop, drew up its battle lines today along a list of 192 draftees. That was the number of college Dec. 22 — f/P) — The ,-. , ., ~.....w VS.Ll. IJIIJ^.MI ,^, L l_,OU iitual the graves of editors who straight disguised moral cowardice as gal-!- " •••"•* .t VJ I J t , J_/ 1,, l_ . £.Sj — \/\ f — J_ I 1 t. pagan |St. Louis Cardinals, for the third Jantry and excessive good taste. It is a curious fact tnat Mr Landon's greatest single net, or decision, was of a negative character once he had een defeated n the landslide of 1936 which gave Jim Farley .such empty pride of prophecy. As the reddened Legal Notice NOT TOO LATE TO GIVE MAGA- zlnes for Christmas. Charles R-.-V- ncrson, City Hall, Phone 28 or nights Phone 3G9-W. IG-lmo WARNING ORDER No. fi9Ifi In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark V. O. GIBSON Plaintiff vs. ASLEE GIBSON .... Defendant The Defendant, Aslee Gibson i = w f>rncd to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, V. O Gibson. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 14 day of December C. E. WEAVER, Clerk By Owera Evans, D. C W. S. Atkins. Att'y. for Plaintiff Lvk* Brown, Att'y. ad litcin Dcc/15/22, 29, Jan 5 and as Winston Churchill, by his own boast, toiled and plotted to get us into it, Mr. Roosevelt tried to entice into his cabinet Bob Landon and Frank Knox. the Republican ticket of 193G and scuttle the opposition party. Knox. a vain and silly oaf agreed with Landon 1o spurn all trinkets but broke his word dared face Alf again before Pearl Harbor bo babbled "the navy is ready" and while 3,000 dead Americans were entering the earth or bobbing on the water, Knox cowered behind Roosevelt's "directive" to Justice Roberts to investigate "derelictions" of navy and army officers but not the guilt of civilians in Washington. ' ' ...„.-. year, compiled the best team fielding mark in the National League for the 194f! season. Manager Eddie Dyer's Birds fielded .9(JO as .1' unit Red Getting th.e Chill The reddest face in Philadelphia after after Sunday's "snow bowl" game wasn't the result of the weather. . .Mrs. Pat Harder, wife of the Cardinals' fullback, acquired made the fewest errors, 119 ac cording to final official averages released today. The Pittsburgh Pi rates finished second with a .977 mark and the it in a restaurant some hours later . .Seems Mrs. Harder fell into a discussion of the game with a large and (Stranger whose opinions varied from hers. . .She finally told him: "Iho trouble is you don't know pennant winning Boston Braves third at .976. The last place Chicago Cubs ac cock-crow 0 and never Three days cepted the most chances, 0,049. made the most assists, 1,810 also led in double plays, Io2 Philadelphia Phillies made' „_ most, errors 210, and had the worst fielding record. .904. anything about football. You Jt look at it from the viewpoint of a spectator." . . .The stranger meekly walked away and Mrs. H. asked Goldberg if he knew who ''Sure," replied Marshall the guy was. . and ]Marshall. "He's Turk ' Edward's The tne Washington Redskins coach " the In One Ear St. Louis' pitching staff figured prominently in the individual ords. Seven Cardinal hurlers who |ka 'of Tulane, are Reports from Wisconsin say that George Saner of Navy, Bud Wilkinson, of Oklahoma and Henry Frn appeared in 10 or more games came up with perfect records. Little Murry Dickson lopped the league by accepting 63 chances without a boot. Al Brzazle, Harry B.'-er.-heen and Red Munger of the iarcls trailed Dickson in that or rlcr. All told 34 pitchers who took in 10 or more games came up the guys being 01 civilians in Washington. {part in 10 or more games came Mr. Landon might be allowed ! with Perfect records, some hatred of those who scoffed rho leaders in the remain! him off. However, ho confines him- Positions are: First base, Ed ! self to a small needle on our in- vcns ' Pittsburgh. .99G: scco AVOID HOLIDAY RUSH. STOVE repair, all models, makes and kinds. Any place, any time. Call "Oscar, The Fix-It" in Hope 17 years. T. B. Femvick, Sr., Phone 195-W. ia-3t, For Rent FURNISHED APARTMENT. PRI- vate bath. No children or pets. Couple only. Phone 304. Miss Lillie Middlebrooks. 18-31 Lost 3 DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT ring Thursday downtown. Reward for return to Mrs. Jim Huckabee, Phone 1052. 18-IH BLACK AND TAN FEMALE hound dog and brown shaggy fiee dog. Reward. W. L. Alton, Phone 723,-W, 318 N. Elm. 20-3t DARK BROWN SADDLE* HORSED weight 1,000 pounds. Notify • Frank O'Rorke, Hope, Route 4 21-31 Wonted to Rent Use of hand-made paper bags for packing food started in the United States in 1800. Midgets to Giants Hundreds of species of cacti are native to Arizona. They range from the sixe of a button to (he giant saguaro, which stretches 40 feet high. REMOVED FREE Within 40 Milea DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7623 (phone collect) II No Answer Dial 3-5770 Legal Notice No. 2287 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY ARKANSAS A. Z. TURNER PLAINTIFF THE ATLAS DISTRIBUTING CO., ET AL .... DEFENDANTS WARNING ORDER The defendant. Tha Atlas Distributing Co., is hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, A. Z. Turner, and upon his failure to do so, said complaint will be taken as confessed. Witness my hand as clerk of the Circuit Court ofHempstead County, Arkansas, court, this 21 and the seal of said 1948. day of Dec., C. E. Weaver (SEAL) Clork John L. Wilson. Jr., attorney for plaintiff. John P. Vesev attorney ad litom Dec. 22, 29, Jan. 5, 12' remaining "Ed Ste tu neeuic on our in- -^»^i i in-j^m^n, .yyu; second .ings as when he said P ;lsc ' .Tackle Robinson, Brooklyn, night of public re- i - 9B5 third base, Sid Gordon, New I York. .948: Shortstop Marty Mari Ion s< Louis. .974 catcher, Phil oston. .988: outfield. Jeff Boston. .991 and Whitey Lockman, New York and Frank Baumholtz, Cincinnati, .987. ball and Ma Ferguson, the' latter probably from some Texas—Huntsvillc moral prison swale at a dollar. FOR SALE Surfaced Oak Lumber — $40.00 per Thousand GENERAL BOX COMPANY PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS LET FOY DO JT • Level yards o Dip Post Helen » Plow Gardens « Cut Vacant Lota » Afno custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1068 8. Walnut 8t. Let Us Rebuild Your Old MATTRESS or make your old one into a comfortable innerspring. One Day Service "All Work Guaranteed" DAVIS Furniture & Mattress C<\ 606 N. Hazel Phone 3b7 REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on all makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1280 OJA 231 ' J Nights and Sundays 119 EdQewood Hope REFRIGERATORS • See us for New and Used Refrigerators. • See us for Refrigerator Service, any make or model. A complete refrigerator service department. (We know How) • Refriaerator Headquarters New and Used. McPherson Appliance Co. Your Frlgidaire Dealers 222 East 3rd St. Phone 81 guess. Just as the current a cheap and shameless m.mj, springs from the proud buck once honored by butcher, grocer and sons and daughters of high-school age, these abominations all are- black-sheep relatives of stud. Like narcotics, they stimulate the imagination. A fellow \\--.o has yearned to hold a royal flush finds himself con juring the dream-hand with a king and queen of hearts, two deuces and a one-eyed jack of spades, which are wild. He wins $14.40 with a final reckless toss of four blues value one 60-cent Truman dollar, driving out a dogged office-boy with a full house composed of two treys, two fours and the other one- eyed jack. The actual value of the winning hand is the lowest pair known to society. In normal times, however, dueces have conquered a four-flush. I have heard that Jesse Jones won a ranch or a bank one night on duocx's against nine, ten, .tack and queen assorted, with a .five in the hole. In all such cases. •there is a false belief that a I'our- card draw stimulates the betting. No fallacy could be more disgraceful lo men of character. Wifhin the combinations of five-card poker, draw, or stud, the riches of the earth may bo gambled, even as the toss of a nickyjT Mr. Landon is right. There is a corruption of the American soul. It is expressed in seven-toed Pete. Pete. H is seen in the practice now of teeing on the fairway self to a small |frequent meet i on a recent night of public loicing here, "how goes your new , deal now, my friend?" ! nn > Topeka being in the zone where fundamental American faith found its last refuge, Mr. Landon has been depressed to learn that Jesse Jones, of Houston, played seven- toed pete, a profanation of a precious American institution. Pete is inflationary stud - poker, played with four cards up and throe in'the hole and often with four cards wild. It is only one of many corruptions which Mr. Landon abhorred. There arc other depravities called s.oit in the ocean, up and down the river, hi-lo, one card hi-lo, Omaha, base- •• • — J "••»_ i.uv, ti^-'J'" UlJlllt considered for the job as Wiscon sin football coach, which Harry Struhpldreh--- --- • • — Burnett Sees Sport From players picked by their annual draft AAC teams in meeting here yesterday. But in order to get them in uni form for next season the AAC owners will have to battle down to the last decimal point in a dol lar war against owners of national league teams which named the same players in their draft in Phil adclphia yesterday. The bidding was expected to soar high, unless, ot course, the leagues filially settle their differences before fall. There was a delayed action fuse on the big gunfired at the AAC draft meeting — the selection of Doak Walker, Southern Methodist's dazzling halfback, by the chain pion Cleveland Brawns. Walker is a junior in college and won't be eligibl efor pro ball until the 1950 season. The Browns thought they had stolon a march on all other teams by naming him a year ahead of time, but now they find that the Detroit Lions of the NFL used similar forethought. Down in Dallas, Tex., Walker picked a good seat on the side lines to watch the battle. After saying that he didn't know his plans "that far ahead" and still I" 13 ? nc couldn't sign Fair Enough Del Ennis. the somewhat silent one Quintets on West- Coast Appear r New York, Dec. 22 — (UP) — Midway in a week which sees them assailed from every quarter Pa cific Coast college basketball teams today appeared to be emerging on their battles against invading pow teams from the east and mid west. Of six major clashes so far this WANTED e PECANS & SCRAP STEEL » CAST IRON • CAR BODIES ® JUNK BATTERIES « RADIATORS « ANY KIND OF METAL » BURLAP BAGS, RAGS and BONES. Top Prices Paid Finest Fairbanks Scales WILLIAM M. DUCKETT North Main Street WANTED-Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM - LYNN SYCAMORE - HOLLY - BAY HOPE BASKET CO. Call 1000 or Contact Office week, the coasters have won four games and the invaders only two. Four more attempted invasions are on tap before Christmas. In perhaps the most impressive nei -Tori-nance of the six games, the unbeaten Stanford Indians drubbed Vale at San Francisco's Cow Pal ace -last night, 70 to fi2. It was the eighth straight win for the Tribe and broke the palace scoring rec ore! of 74 held by Arkansas. The west reached a pinnacle of otficiency in a twin bill in Los An Seles as two hiphlyrated Big Nine teams went down to defeat' XJ. C. L. A.'s unbeaten Bruins racked up their sixth straight bv cdfdnf! Northwester. 4!) to 44 while Southern California rocked Wisconsin, ,'ifi to 31. The midwest cained some conso lation from Michigan's 53 to 37 win over Santa Clara after losinj; lo Stanford Monday, and Ohio Stale''; 74 lo On rout oT California. Ohio State.- and California willl '.-lash a^ain tonight but coast to roast the bin; LUMYIO of the nifiht will be at Louisville. Ky.. whore the unbeaten Kentucky Wildcats inoe-t the also unbeaten Tulane Green Wave in a Southeastern conference Phillies outfielder, spranj! in an after dinner speech the oth"- er night. . .Del was batting against Brooklyn s speedball pitcher. Rex Barney, and took futile swings at the trrst two pitches. They looked good but he .just couldn't connect . .The third pitch looked to be nose- high and Ennis let it pass The umpire called "strike three." Del turned and said: "I think you missed that one." . . '.Replied 'the ump: "That's O. K. You missed the first two, so I'm still one up on you." for Chicago Bears Team Philadelphia, Players from Oklahoma and Dec. 22 Missouri Arkansas — (./P) — Kansas, on the Jersey Joe is Logical Contender Washington, Dec. 22 —(/P) — The National Boxing Association said today it thinks Joe Walcott is the loRical contender for Joe Louis' title—and then threw an indirect |punch at British boxing. All thi.s eame out in the final rating for 1948. The NBA didn't name any logi cal contender for Louis' crown But it listed Walcott as the most likely looking of the lot Next came Ezzard Charles, the Cincinnati light heavyweight who knocked out Joe Baksi, the pride of Kulpmont, Pa., in the llth round of their fight in Madison Square Garden a couple of weeks ago. Now we come to the internat'on al angle. For at the top of the "honorable mention" group is Lee Savold of Paterson. N. J. On December G Savold lost on a foul to Bruce Woodcock who swooned to the canvas following a low blow. Well, the NBA showed what it i draft lists of the National Football league All America Conference: National League Chicago Bears — Billy Grimes, Oklahoma A. & M. back : John Hoffman, Arkkansas back. Chicago Cardinals — Mryrl Great house, Oklahoma back. New York Giants, — J. D. Cheek, Oklahoma A. & M. guard. Philadelphia Eagles — Hank Hoi vor, Oklahoma City tackle; Lloyd Brinkman Missouri halfback. Pittsburgh Steelers — Bill Long, Oklahoma A. & M. end. Washington Redskins — Chester Fritz, Missouri tackle. All-America Conference -—None. Washington. Dec. 22 —(ffl — Both Republicans and Democrats in the new senate may scrapping among fore they fightim do some hot themselves be settle down to party line In the making are contests for: 1. The post of senate president pro tempore, mostly an honorary vice presi job as long as there'is a dent to preside over the chamber Friends of Senator Tydings of the adoption of the golf: in the growth thought of that performance by putting the Britisher tenth in a tield which admittedly is far from Brilliant. Following Savold, and ahead of Woodcock, are such boxers as Billy Conn. Joe Maxim. Jimmy may Bivins. Johnny Flynn, Joe Baksi and Rustv Payne. Maryland are trying to' put' him and bigger cup | ..— - ^.^..v.. of soft-ball ! and touch football, the substitution | of (he rabbit ball in the major leagues and. finally, in trial marriage with the Reno reservation in the vows. In the age of oak and iron a man might join the cavalry or run away to xo:i or the Klondike. But. as far as the law was concerned, when he married a vision with a raltler's <-ye and Gila's breath he was stuck till the poor, dumb Indians carried her off to a fate which was said to be worse than death, but whether for her or the varmints we were left to guess. Kgad, but we wore- men then, All'. Wendi's 6 Tallies in Sinale Game Best-of Yean- Burns Down Home fro Get Away From His Wife P ., \V. C Hoc. : Shecly . will get four •ars in prison Keller told ise "to get a 1 Gettysburg —i.-'I'i--' Jinlg. Israel's army two to lour % lerda.v ai'lei down his lio t rem my v.'i 1\ Keller pleaded guiltv to ill's that lie set i'ire to" his 1 last Nov. Hi. burned the house." lu '.c- Sheely. •• tu foiled i 1 lo pay off my debts iwuy Irom my wife." GUYM. GRIGG Building Contrnclor Phone 5'13-J 300 East 15th St. Building Repairs Labor Contract, Fixed Fee 01 Turn Key Job. INcw York, Dec. 22 — <UP> — Six jf'Michdowas in a single game by jl'Yed Wendt of Texas Mines and a il'iyard run from scrimmage by jWallv Grubor of the University o'f .Detroit v.vre listed today among the outstanding individual achieve mcnts of the 19-18 college football season. Wendt the nation's major college rushing leader, performed his '12 .point trick die also converted six iextra points) against New Mexico I A. X.-M. Wendt also gained M>(j, in 2 (icarries that day and became'the lirst nlayer ever to pile up more tnan 300 rushing yards in a sinulr> game during the 12 years the Na tienal Collegiate Athletic bureau has kept tab on college perform anecs. Gruber's prize scrimmage run came against Villanova. The sea son's second longest run from 'scrimmage by Gerald Hackney of Kansas State, who went !)(i yards against Kansas. Stan JJc-atli, Nevada's All-Amor- i ica quarterback who led the major! ooll-ges in passing, set three ;i'"w ! sinuh' game offensive records by ' i'.aiiUM!.; 3::7 yards on aerials and completing five touchdown passes .-j.nain.st Oklahoma City, and by completing 22 pa.sscs against Tuf•-a. Besides those, his 327 yards i uained by passing and ru-hing I against Sail .Jose State was a sea I Baskef-balif Results By The Associated Press East: CCNY 53 Oklahoma 51. Du(/ii'\sno 57 Arizona 51. St. Johns (Bkn) 71 Iowa State 47 South: Louisville 79 Louisiana State 44. M idv.-est: Illinois 71 Cornell 47. Seton Hall 55 Detroit 43 Purdue 71 Drake 58 St. Louis 74 Rice 47. Southern Methodist 59 Missouri 49. Nebraska ,'!3 Western Reserve HO Indiana State 50 Los Angeles Loyola 54. Indiana 51 Washington (St. Louis) 44. Southern Illinois 62 Ottawa (Kas) Marshall G2 Hardin-Simmons 59. Southwest: Marshall 62 Hardin-Simmons Oklahoma Baptist Army Medical -J3. Far West: Michigan fi.'i Santa Clara 37. UCLA -ifl Northwestern 44. Ohio State 74 California 00. Stanford 78 Yale 02. j North Carolina State 70 Nevada ! !) 1 . i Southern California 'Mi Wisconsin State 32. m the spot which Senator McKel lar of Tennessee held until the Re publicans took control of congress tv.o years ago. 2. The minority (GOPi floor leadership. This is the one that ... cause the most fireworks if Senator Wherry of Nebraska de cides to fight for the job. Wherry is keeping his own counsel, but friends said the No braskan is not taking kindly to a campaign to shove him back into hi.s old post as assistant leader. In The last session, Wherry served as acting leader because Senator White of Maine was ill White did not seek reelection. Ever since last month's election upset, self-styled liberals among the Republicans have been more or less openly clamoring for Wherry's scalp. Wherry also is said to have incurred the opposition of Senator Vandenberg of Michigan becatise some of his votes against certain foreign policy proposals sponsored by Vanden- On the other hand. Senator Taft of Ohio— who appears likely to be re-elected chairman of the' GOP policy commifee—has told friends ne prefers Wherry. The self-dubbed liberal group has been talking of putting U p their own candidate against By CARL BELL Little Rock, Dec. 22 — (/P) — Johnie Burnett: looks at sports from a different angle than you do. You. as a fan. arc interested in what a football or basketball game gives you in the way of good en tertainment. Johnie concerns himself with what makes that entertainment good —and clean. Johnie Burnett is executive sec retary of the Arkansas Athletic Association, and his .job is that of [directing the state entire high school athletic problem. Looking back over this year, you might .single out a thrilling play or ,a tight championship game or the j feat of an individual athlete as the most outstanding thing in 1948 sports. Those things appeal to Johnie. too. but his nominations for the outslanding accomplishments in Arkansas high school athletics this year are: (1) Greater ability consciousness on the part of: schools, coaches and players; l "i' J l 1 S] (2) Cultivation of better sports manship despite the fact that, the expanded football playoffs pui more pressure on teams and coaches; (3i Better officiating and better , working- condition for officials ithan ever before in this state, and, finally, (4) Closer football games as a result of reclassification of large schools which in the past have dominated championships. Strict compliance with eligibility rules and better sportsmanship mean more to the boys playing the game than to the fans. A spectator might like to see a good football player in the game whether he is eligible or not. But an inelligible player crowds out an eligible boy. "We had to do less investigating of eligibility this year than ever before," Burnett said, "because the coaches solved most of their problems themselves before the season started." Johnie reported that the three year campaign of (he AAA and the Arkansas Officials Association to train more officials and belter ones paid big dividends this year. Better work by the referees. umpires, field judges and lines men obviously benefits you. as a j fan, as much as it docs the play jcrs. It makes for faster and better games as well as cleaner and safer ones. "The problem has not been so much in the big cities as in the small towns." Burnett explained. "Schools in the? big cities have paid officials well for years and. there j fore, have had better officiating than the small school, which didn't pay much. They got what they paid for. But this year the small schools have paid officials more. They have demanded and have re ceived better officiating. "And. of course, a football or basketball official can do a better job under good working condi tions." By "working conditions" for of ficials, Burnett means coaches and players accepting the officials' do cisions, wellrnarked fields, dress ing rooms for officials, etc. Also,, |he means fans who don't boo offi |cials or throw pop bottles at them. Maybe you've overlooked some of these things, but they're all part of the game you enjoy. They help make games good or bad. Nazi Medicine to Aid DPs Vienna —(/Pi— A large amount of medical supplies captured from the German army during the war will be turned over to the International Refugee Organization (IROi. U. S. Army Headquarters here announced that the supplies, now in Sal/:burg warehouses, are to be used by IRO for the medical care of displaced persons. More than 80 per cent of the supplies are medicines, the remainder consisting largely of hospi'ial equipment. BROADCASTING SYSTEM Wednesday p.m.. Dec. 22 5:00 Adventure Parade—M Superman—M Captain Midnight—M Tom Mix—M Salon Serenade News, Five Star Final Today in Sports News Comment Fulton Lewis, Jr. Can You Top This—M Thou Bethlehem—M Hy Gardner—M Gabriel Heatter—M Mutual Newsreel—M The Family Theater—M Bill Henry, News—M ManhaUon Playhouse—M Dance Orch.—M All the News—M Joe Do Salvo's Orch.—M Buddy Moreno's Orch.—M Mutual News—M Sign Off 5:15 5:30 Cj-00 6:15 (5:25 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 7:55 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:55 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:55 11:00 Thursday a.m., Dec. 23 5:57 Sign On 0:00 First Edition of News .'> 0:05 Hillbilly Hoedown 6:25 Bargain Roundup 6:30 Four Knights 6:45 Musical Interlude I 6:55 Market Reports 7:00 Farm Breakfast Program 7:15 Riders of the Purple Sage 7:30 The Devotional Hour 7-45 Musical Clock 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Editior B:00 Sunrise Serenade 8:55 Arkansas News Roundup 9:00 Cecil Brown— M 9:15 Faith in Our Time— M 9:30 Washington Hour '• 9:45 Airlane Melodies 10:00 Passing Parade— M 10: 15 Victor H. Lindlahr— M 10:30 Gabriel Heattcr's Mailbas —M 10M5 Lannv Ross— M 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks— M 11:15 Kate Smith Sings— M 11:30 Luncheon at Sardi's — M 11:45 Luncheon at Sardi's— M Thursday p.m., Dec. 23 12:00 News, Home Edition 12:10 Market Time .-' r 12:15 John Daniel Quartet 12:30 Melody Mustangs 12:40 Shortest 5 min.'in Radio 12:45 Eddy Arnold Show— M 1:00 Queen for a Day 1:30 Golden Hope Chest— M 2:00 Movie Matinee— M 2:30 Dixie Barn Dance Gang- 3:00 Songs of Love 3:15 The Johnson Family — M 3:. 30 1490 Club 4:00 Swiii? Time 4:45 The Voice of the Army 5:00 Adventure Parade — M 5:15 Superman— M 5:30 Captain Midnight— M 5:45 Tom Mix— M 6:00 Salon. Serenade B:15 New?-. Five Star Edit'-v] 6:25 Today in Sports (i:30 News Comment 6:45 Fulton Lewi.;, Jr.— M 7:00 What's Die Name of That Song — M 7:30 Erskin Johnson's Hollywood Story— M 7:55 Hy Gardner— M R:00 Gabriel Heatier— M 8:15 Carols from ihe churchev •M t'; (Gospel Tabernacle) Mysterious Traveler— M Bill Henry, News— M Thin Man— M Rodlands Univ. Choir— M All the News— M Benny Strong's Orch. — M Allan Holmes' Orch. — M Mutual News— M Sign-Off civil rights --..v- and Tyd- President Truman most southerners in lest it open wounds. While both McKellai igs supported r ' ' in the campaign, could be expoctf.. „ „ „ with McKellar in a showdown with a border state contender. Tor> Radio Pvoarosn*: New York. Dec. 22 —lA'i— Listening tonight (Wednesday). NBC—7 Blonciie: ii Duffy's Xmas Drama 8:30 District Attorney; !>:40 Curtain Time "Joy to the(World. " j CBS--fi::iO Club Crosby; 7:30 Dr. French President 8:30 .S:ii5 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:5f) f11:00 l Christian Drama: 8:30 James Mellon Concert !) Time's a-wasli n'; 9:30 Capital Cloakroom. t ^ ABC— 7 The Amateur Hour; ii ' milton Bcrlo Variety 9 Ring Crosby's "The Small One:" 9:30 Meredith Willson Music. MBS—7 Can You Top This 8'30 U'amily Theater; 9 Manhattan Play| house. | Thursday Items: NBC-10:30 a. m. Jack Borch show: 2:-I,-) p. m. Jack Kiltv song. CBS—10;;;o a. in. Grand Slam. ADC—10:30 a. in. Ted Malono-, 1:30 p. :n. Bride and Groom '•-' i MBS—'.1:30 a. in. Say It With Music; 1 p.m. Queen for a Day. iiooiuii.s ;)ji. ;,, n L in iniM.i it n^iiJllM •15 Brooke i nen ' y -. J'bose mentioned in this 10 i;;h inark.^ Pov.vll, iif Tennessee caught ssess against Missisippi f,, r eason':; single game hk;h :n ihat di-partmenl. althon'")] Williams of Santa Cla'ra l!J'j yards with ihe five s he caught against San !.-:ci> fur one--- game yardage Ber-ides rushing. the lungest ay., ot t!ii.. major college seasn".. -- imported lo Ihe NCAli \vere: ' Passing --- l-'raest Hav.ldns tn Pal '.-v, nsun. Texas Tech. 90 yards •s Texas A & M.) inlereen'.ion runbaeks— Bobby 'Jl.snji. Mississippi, U9 yards <Vs Prince Charlie Ouite a Child Says Photographer ^Nt-w York. Dec .2~1 -- ,/p, En.L'.l'UHi':; new Prince Charles is /'quite an individual", the Britii-h court photographer sa'd today. ''Hi. 1 : i>\vs are likr his ninth- l-'l 1 S -- 111)';. ;j|],| JlL''_S (ji;iti> ;i royal-looking child, you know," C. i-'cil Beaton told nrvvsmen no his^ arrival from Kurope. "He looks liki- iiis grandmother Qiu-.'ii Klixaboth." Bt-atoM said he took more than ID!) pictures of Princes- Khy.al.vth and UK- child last iiii\-;day n Buckingham palace. Tii'.- infant was not frightened by trK- flash bulbs, Beaton said "although he did the usual amount of crying and made a tremendous volume of noise." connection include Senators Baldwin of Connecticut, Lod«e and Saltonstall of Massachusetts and Knowland of California. On the other hand, some veteran members of the senate have been talking about a shift which would make Vandenberg — the retiring President pro-tern — chairman of ( the GOP conference, Senator Milli|kin of Colorado ihe floor leader | instead of conference chairman land Wherry the assistant leader. Bayed at from two sides. Wherry apparently is getting ready to fi")it I lor a slake he thinks may be'-" a bij- one. for him. The Nebraskan pitched his xuc- cesstul re-election campaign in part on the promise that his s(;,\,. would have its first lull - flod»ed representation in the senate's top leadership if he was returned to Washington. The party members who describe themselves as liberals already are letting Millikin know that ' they v. ant a bigger voice in shaping UUP policy in (lie- new congress' Si nator Flanders (R-Vli said he Plans to talk to Miilikin along that hue. He assoried the flection outcome "justines giving the liberals mi the senate greater reprcsenta- Ition MI Ihe party councils." A McKellar-Tydings fight, if one 'levelons. also might involve more jihau two scrapping personalities. Some administration supporters are keeping their fingers crossed HORIZONTAL 1,8 Pictured French president 14 Interstices 15 Scanty 16 Decays 17 Conceal 19 Injure 20 Those in power 21 Refrain 23New (comb, form) 24 East Indies (ab.) 25 Suffix VERTICAL 1 Changes 2 Satiric 3 Seines 4 Kind of lettuce 5 Hebrew deity G Title 7 Beverages 8 Inquires 9 Higher 10 Male sheep 11 Persia 12 Willows 13 Fruits 18 Note of scale 21 Garbs 26 Medical suffix 22 Admission 28 Registered nurse (ab.) 29 Balance 31 Grade 33 Provisions 34 Relatives u5 Capital of his country 37 Consumed 40 Russian river 41 Compass point 42 Till sale (ab.) 43 Symbol for selenium 44 Cover 46 Forms 51 Dined 52 linage S4OM 55 Marine iish 56 Rust sorus 58 Interval 60 Natural fsts Cl Raided slips 25 Fairy-like 27 Otherwise 30 Ventilate 32 Insect 35 Courteous 36 Resides 38 Landed property 39 Lacked 45 Stupid person 47 Cured meats 48 Silver (symbol) 49 Persian fairy 50 Paradise 51 Sour 53 Falsehood 55 Watering place 57 Abraham's home 59 Sub voce (ab.)

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