Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1938
Page 3
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Friday, Octob'er 14,1938 HOPE STAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS PAGE THREE MRS. SID HENRY Music hnlh charms to soothe a savage breast, To soften rucks, or bend a knotted oak. I've read Hint tilings inanimate »"vc moved, And, <ts with living souls, have been inform'd, By magic numbers and persuasive, sound.—Selected. said, "emotions of any kind arc produced by melody and rylhm; therefore, by music a man becomes accustomed to feeling the right emotions, . . -O- , 'Hie Friday Music club opened activities for the year by celebrating 'President's Day" with a dclightfu 1 o'clock luncheon on Thursday nl Motel Harlow, with the president, Mrs Today there is evidence aplenty that we need ii-lcii.se from our pent-up feelings. The jittery life we lead tends to tic our nerves in knots. We have many ways to condition our bodily comfort but few to condition uor winds. Yet music is easy and natiira to any one who is not a deaf mute When hi.s brain becomes fagged will figures, Albert Einstein picks up hi fiddle and erases his weariness. A Inrgc number of our outstanding surgeons turn to music for that release irom tension. Dr. Chiis. H. Mayo .steadied hi.s nerves before and alter important operations by claying the violin in his own music studio. Even Aristotle voiced the credo when he be on things pertaining to the home, including house furnishings, and house finishings, landscaping etc. Ten members were enrolled. Officers elected were president, Mrs. Jtin McKenzie; vice president, Mrs. Henry Haynesj secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Nnllon yllc, the club meetings will be held 3 o'clock on the first Thursday in nch month. Following the routine of rgnnizing, the hostesses served n cmpting salad course. Mrs. C. M. Waddle, Mrs. Tom Me- Airly, Mrs. O. L. Hargrove of Waco., cxns, Mrs. J. F. Porlcrfield and Mrs hos. Kinser were Thursday visitors, n Hot Springs. —FRIDAY— "HOLD THAT COED' SAT. I0c 15c DOUBLE Zane Grey "MYSTERIOUS "RIDER" AND "THE RAT" IMiis: CARTOON and "TIM TYLKK'S LUCK" SUN-MON-TUES. JAMES STEWART JEAN ARTHUR Frank Capra's F. L. Padgitt as guest of honor, club members and their guests were .sealed at a long U .shaped table, perfectly appointed. A massive cry sin bowl held colorful fall flowers, pot lory vases of flowers on cither sido completed the beautiful decoratiins 'Hie honor fiuesfs place was marke with a lovely shoulder corsage. Mrs Hcndrix Sprugtjins, program chairma announced that "we always look for ward to president's day," and invitee the president to lead in repeating th "Federation Collect" as a very sui able way to start the new year. Mr. Spraggins then introduced the pros dent, Mrs. F. L. Padgitt as a leadc whom we had found both loyal am capable, after which the different o fleers, both slate and local were ii Irodueed followed by the introductio of guests present. The program opened with a vocal s lection from the Opera Martha by Mi Mary Louise Keith, with Mrs. C. ~ McNeill at the piano. Accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Robert Campbell, John Robert Hamilton played a violin selection, "Tarren Telia" by Drclla. The next number mi this very delightful program was a piano duet, Mendelsohn's "Midsummer Night's Dream, Opus 10" played by Mr.s. C. C. McNeill and | Mrs. Kdwin Stewart followed by a | very clever toast to the Friday Music club given by Mrs. Hugh Smith. Among the guests present were Mrs. W. D. Jackson of Little Hock, state music consultant recreation division WPA and .state chairman of radio for the Arkansas federated Music clubs. Mrs. Jackson in a very pleasing man- Rev, and Mrs. Fred U. Harrison arc pending a few days visiting with rel lives in Jonesboro. John W. Owens has spent lhc pas cw days at Faycltcvillo attending th Arkansas Electrical conference held i he Department of Electrical Enginccr- nfi at the University of Arkansas. . HE'S FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CltURClI Thos. Brewster, Minister. Camera Catches Beauty in Net Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GILROT, D. D. Editor of Advance Reverence tor (Jo<l Text: Uxidus 20:7; Matthew Sunday School this coining Lord's Day at 9:45 a. m. Morning worship, 10:55 o'clock. Sunday night nl 7:30, Dr. J. T. Morris will begin his six night series of Illustrated Lectures on Biblical Arch- aclogy. A Corpus Chrisli pastor has this to say about the visit of Dr. Morris to their city: "People of all denominations heard him gladly and so impressed were they that he has been asked to make a return visit. This, in itself, is sufficient in telling of his impression. After hi.s lecture last night n young Boy Scout came to me and said, 'That was a great message Dr. Diohl, and I^wanl to accept Christ as my Saviour." We thank God that Dr. Morris came to us and we recommend him without reservation to all who love the Sacred Book and it's message." This series will be given each night at 7:30, Sunday through Friday, October 16 th to 21, and we extend a most cordial invitation to all the Ministers of our town and their people to attend any or all of these illustrated lectures. No admission will be charged but a freewill offering will be taken at each service, all of which will go to Dr. —FRIDAY— Rudolph Valentino "SONOFTHESHIEK" ner expressed her pleasure in being present and explained her lines of work, Mrs. Margaret Lct/iy of Little Rock accompanied Mrs. Jackson and a.s Field .supervisor recreasion division WPA explained her work in that division and urged the cooperation of •lub. J. H. Crossed state supervisor recreation WPA gave a splendid , talk explaining the part played by | music in recreation. M-.S. R. M. LaGronc Sr., expressed pleasure of the club in the presence the guests, Mrs. Spraggins closed her program by introducing the year book committee with Mrs. B. J. Og- Imrii a.s chtiirman who distributed the beautiful new year books, announcing that the studies for the club year would he from chapters 1 to 7 taken from "Discovering Music" by McKin- iC'.v and Anderson. -o- A new study club, entitled the Cos- A lesson on reverence for God has particular appropriateness in the present day. Our age is particularly rife in profanity. U is found in high places and low, and the literalurc of today, particularly fiction, is recking with the utmost irreverence in the use of the .sacred names of God and of Jc-su-s Christ. The fact that much of this in literature is in the name of realism, in j setting down what characters have said or would say, docs not altogether minimize the evil and the blot upon literature. As a matter of fact, there is no book that dares to present the complete profanity and obscenity that the lowest characters actually use. The question is one as to just where the line of restraint and good taste should be. Morris. The pastor and Mr. Warren Muldrow attended Ouachla Presbytery at Mount Holly this week. Mr. Lew Stephan of El Dorado was elected Moderator. Monthly meeting of our Woman's Auxiliary onday at 3 p. m. With the County Agent Oliver L. Adams Feeding Grain Late summer and fall calves that will not be wintered for grazing nexl summer should be. fed a little grain irvious to weaning so they will sell to advtangc during the late winter or early spring, according to Oliver L Odams, county agent. Six parts of shelled corn and one part of cottonseed cake will be a very sat- HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Ilcrt Wclih, Pastor Next Sunday is the first Sunday following the close of the attendance contest so let everyone keep up the high mark reached by being present ' .... -ui_ ...:.u I .W. Any you look at Claire Luce, noted Broadway stage star, the net result is pretty swell. Here's what the camera unveiled when she arrived recently aboard the liner Normandie, all decked out in a wide mesh net veil and a jewelled clip in lieu of a hat. competent teachers arc ready to take charge. Come next Sunday. The pastor will speak at the morn- evening .services and will also . Bjblc class which mceLs at Chrisl . s Ambassadors and Chil- Germany's middle class. This group, oppressed from the lop by monopolies, banks and industrialists, frightened from below by lhc power of the organized workere, flocked lo Hiller's banner when he shrewdly promised freedom from "interest bondage," an end to one-price, chain and department store competition, organization of medieval-type craft guilds. It was a master stroke in politics. With old-time craft guilds the middle class could preserve itself against the compctilion of the unskilled workers with abilition of large stores the middle class could operate its small businesses, with frecdcm from "interest bondage," credit woult be easy and people could pay their debts. The middle class became Hit ler's great single supporter. Then the Nazi "revolution" hap pened. Middle-class groups pourei out inlo the streets, occupied larg stores and banks, began the organiza lion of craft guilds. But Hitler had al ready had what he needed of th middle class. Orders were issued rnak ing it treasonable to "interfere" wit" the country's cconornci life, the mic die-class expropriators were forcib] cleared out of the banks and depart mcnt stores, their guilds were aban doned. That was that. Istectory ration this year, according to nformalion received from M. W. Muldrow, Extension A/ilrnal Husbandman, j University of Arkansas College of Ag-' riculture. These two feeds, Mf. Muldrow said, make a good combination for calves, and supplies and prices in the state will justify feeding. The calves should be started at once and carried to weights of about 600 'to 700 pounds. •'After pasture is gone, good quality lespcdcza, alfalfa, cowpea or soybean hay may be fed the calves at liberty wilh the grain. Nitrogen and Peaches Research work has shown that fal applications of nitrogen to peach trees re less beneficial than spring appli- ations, according ot information re- eived by Oliver L. Adams, county gent, from J. R. Cooper, horticulturist, 'jiiversity of Arkansas College of .gricullure. Mr. Cooper recommends that young rces that have not begun to bear liould receive applications of nitrate f soda in the spring at the rate of one lalf pound for every year that the recs have stood in the orchards. On old bearing trees, however, there s an advantage in applying a part of he fertilizer in the fall, Large trees amount contained,in 2 pounds of hi* trale of soda per tree. -^»>«*' ' Swans, eagles, and crows have all t>ecn known to have a life span of more than a hundred years. It is said that babies born during the summer have a better chance of good health lhan winter "arrivals." •••» - LI • i I'W ^1111515 rvilLiJuaaciuui o and bringing as many as possible with ^^ Church mcet at 6:45. you New classes have been formed to care for those who were promoted and J3 lOc i/> f ^ 15c —SAT- William Boyd —in— "BAR 20 RIDES AGAIN" AND "The Westerner" iluirsclay afternoon at the home of Mrs. Henry H;iynes on South Pine .ircct with Mrs. Jim McKin/.ic as joint lostcss. The studies of the club will Just Unpacked New Barbizon SLIPS LADIES Specialty Shop nopolitan Wits organized on For those who believe in God and who believe in Jesus Christ, the use of their names profanely is impossible if their faith and response to the di- vijie is true and real. For those who do not believe in God or who have no faith in, or reverence lor, Jesus Christ, the use of the names of God and of the (Saviour is a hypocrisy and a sham. It is strange that those who profess no belief in God will swear by His name. Why should we be reverent? Why should the name of God and the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, be holy? Should it be necessary for one to ask such a question? How can one believe in si God who is unocl, and at the same time think that there is nothing wrong or unseemly in the irreverent use of His name? How can one consider the beautiful life of Jesus of Nazareth and use the name of that good and holy man lightly and thoughtlessly? . If the matter were not one of moral right, it would at least be one of propriety. Profanity is an offense against refinement and good manners, as much as an offense against moral nnd spiritual decency. Among Roman Catholics there is an organization known as the Holy Name Society whose members are pledged against the profane or irreverent use of the names of God or our Saviour. It would be well if all who make any profession of Christianity, or who recognize any obligation in a Christian community, would take upon themselves such pledge and observe it in practice. But there i.s an aspect of profanity even deeper than its impropriety or the sin of actual words. Profane words indicate a profene mind and profane j heart, a lack of rightful response to; Rood ness and love and truth. Tine willingness of men to trail holy things in the dust is an evidence of their inner unholiness. One recalls the story of the bishop The Arkansas District Council of the Assemblies of God will convene in Camden next week, Monday through Thursday and as many as can arrange it are urged to attend. General Superintendent E. S. Williams of Springfield. Mo., will Ix: the night speaker. Spend an enjoyable hour Sunday night at the Tabernacle, it is Hope's full-gospel center. Tomorrow: The early years of "The Fabulous Fuehrer." 0 lo 12 years old may require an amount of nitrogen equal to that con- ained in 5 pounds of nitrate of soda jut not more than one-half of the amount should be applied in the fall. Fall applications of fertilizer should not be made until November because of the danger of some winter injury If the fertilizer is applied before tree growth has stopped, the tree migh' continue to grow, or at least the cam bium might remain active too late in the fall, with injury resulting from ai early freeze. Old bearing orchards are likely t profit from the use of a complete fer tilizcr, Mr. Cooper said. The mos profitable.block-of peach trees in th experimental 'orchard at the College' Fruit and Truck Branch Experiment Station at' Hope resulted from the use of 500 pounds of 5-10-5 fertilizer and 25 pounds of nitrate of soda per acre Trees up ot 5 or 6 years old should be fertilized with nitrogen equal to the IGHT COUGHING CAN OFTEN BE PREVENTED If your child often coughs at night because of even a slight cold—do this at bedtime: Thoroughly massage Vlcks VapoBub on throat, chest, and back. VapoRub's poultice-vapor action tends to keep the alr-passagesclear,helping to maintain normal breathing through the nose, and so reducing mouth- breathing (the frequent cause of night coughs). Try it tonight- learn for yourself another reason why VapoRub is a family standby In more homes than all other medications of its kind put to, gether. Inside the Reich (Continued from Page One* of 1938, he called the turn correctly. His Fear The friend has also revealed tha what Hitler feared most was a "pre LAST DAY KATHEKYN HEPBURN CARV GRANT—in "BRINGING UP BABY" Comedy and Cartoon SATURDAY GENE AUTRY "PRAIRIEMOON" No. 6 "UNDKKSEA KINGDOM" ANDY CLYDE—in "ANKLES AWAY" Cartoon—"City Slickers" VJllU lUt-lt 1 lv» LJ 1U i>twl J V/t II I \, u t — .•••!- \VIIO L JllLlV;! !»-"> *-u ttiv.iv .. •.-_• •- i who rebuked a fellow traveler for , vcntivc war" which would keep hin swearing. The traveler replied, "I 1 - ...... .. = --.= swear a great deal and you pniy a great deal, but neither of us means anything by it." There is a good deal of thoughtless and futile profanity, as there is a great deal of mere formalism in prayer. Evil Umguage may be on the lips rather than in the heart, but nevertheless it reveals a lack of right thinking and right attitude. The clohing verse of our lesson is broadly true—that men are justified or condemned by their words, for their •words indicate what they arc. FRESH EGGS Dozen 23c FANCY SWEET POTATOES 25c from achieving his objectives of arm ing Germany, seizing Austria one Czechoslovakia. "Will I be able to rearm Germany, he said prophetically, "before they ge on me and strike at me with a pre vcnlive war? That depends largely, suppose on whether they have the leadership and courage to strike—if they can get the people to go to war again, and that 1 doubt." Crushes Middle Class Inside the Reich, Hitler has shown the same knowledge of tactics and psychology. Witness his handling of LARGE POTATO CHIPS 3 pk F g :; 25c BETTSY ROSS COFFEE 24c Pound BEST RUTTFR COUNTRY D U I I C H Pound 35c COUNTRY SAUSAGE Pound MIDDLEBROOK'S SERVICE GROCERY Phone 607 210 Se DON'T CLEAN YOUR CLOTHES AT HOME! Don't take chances with fire by dry cleaning your clothes at home. Be safe and avoid danger of explosions and painful burns by sending all your cleaning to our modern plant. Our prices are reasonable; the service is fast; and your clothes arc cleaned perfectly. HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters Phone 385 n ','-"'" ra . SUNDAY & MONDAY She was only a sailor's daughter.. .Until she navigated herself right into a man's heart! * * w 4 - / n+ 40/1 LI & /f|0r# cp*^\.°*° V_J^"" ,<wi"° t> !!., 1 ti* vS ' s *ttr ROUND YOUNG - JACK WHITING f 1 Bushin' Ballet 2 Serene Siam 3 Worlds Series More smokers everywhere are turning to Chesterfield's refreshing mildness and better taste, It takes good things to make a good product. That's why we use the hest ingredients a cigarette can have— mild ripe tobaccos and pure cigarette paper — to make Chesterfield the cigarette that smokers say is milder and better-tasting. LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO Co, MORE PLEASURE for millions PAUL WHITEMAN Every H'cdneiday Evening GEOUGU GKACIL BURNS ALLI;N Every Friday Lveaiug All C. B. S. HUUll: DUO LI Y l-'ootbuli Highlights. Every Thursday and Saturday Si Leading N. B, C. Stations Copyright 103S. LwctTT i Totvico Cu>

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