The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1949
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH M, BLTTHEVILLK <ARK.) COUTUER NEWS PACE FIFTEEN lUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople oH.rve fM BUSINESS FlXKsT BROKE TOYS PER KIDS 7hl& REP-MR. jroe. IS PER. WELL,»"*X) KEEP OM SHE'LL HAVE TO BE TAKW rno A 6ARA6B TO &6T JOBS AVJO BOTTOMS AND BOLTS NAVJF> MI6TAW M»30*f l AN BLP. '•**•!' -J* CVTY QUICK i PID SOU LEASIe- M.V WOP-PROOP VEST O4 TVO TtfAftU-PtLe.' GOT TO FlSfcCRiN 1 «/ OfJCLfc QCMNCY M/K8 THE: CAPACITY TO FILL It—SUO-hiOf P MB SUP Mt A, D6UC6 POft IT/ A BU^ER Foe IT: FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL088KI Musical Ctrcal ^ UtJCLt QOlhiCV PRO6A8LY .- WILL WANT TO KEEP 1T = United Slates flap;, accord- to the Library of Congress, may flown almost anywhere 24 hours day as long as It Is (or a pa trio- purpose and the flag does not ose dignity. Political (Announcements ^Subject to Munrelpal Election April 5. 1949 For Mayor DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON By Bob W«cJe arxi Bid Miller HU SltVICI. INC. THE STORY i J.k* Hrnr? »4 *ll*M>^( t« ttc r»»rl cnlHjr, war•!•• t* b* For Alderman First Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER ( JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C. DATES J. W. ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS Q. NASH Fourth Ward (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE • nlvr tfcc Mnrdcr wfcerr 1ke7 »rt Taca (ic 1»7 Mr. Trim. BUnprcUn fke kJJler. After Trim •«f. thtr Bn4 • badicr 1* bin w«l- IFI o» which !• Innrrltird "Federal We know watches EXPERT •Watch repair • All Work Guoronteed Reasonable Price* DHEIFUS iMeel llmfus . . . Wnar Dianmnds m\ \\EHT \l\l\ !i . ITORU Lft HIMPH11, UTTHlVltll AKQ OTtRtlUMI XXXIV rpRIM sat on the edge of tht car •*• seat and stared down at him. After a while of consideration, he went on. "I'll tell you what I can, but you two have to b« frank right back at me. In answer to your question: only incidentally. There's some tie-up there with Sagmon Robottom and— K "What's he done?" cried Sin. "Nothing yet—that we can prove. He Just keeps popping up in key positions. A professional organization one place—a crackpot discussion group somewhere else. The L. A. office—that's Robottom's home town — thinks there's something of!-key about him." K Off-key? H "Subversive. Undercover." "Gosh," said Sin, awed. "If I'< known that, I'd have really been scared this morning." Trim pursed his lips irritably a the interruption. "Nothing ha* come of my work when 1 ra across this lost treasure business Okay—that's not by jurisdiction— finders-keepers and so forth. Th two murders aren't my jurisdic tiori^ either. Just a minute!" I! held' up a small hand to cut o the Conovers' questions. "I come into it sideways. If Barse lou finds the Queen, the money his. But the government is intej ested if he's going to back Robo torn in some subversi ve acli vi I with that money." John Henry began to pace bat and forth, plucking thoughtful: at his lower lip. "Then Robotto could be Jones?" "Oh, he could be," admitle Trim. "But the two dead bod., belong to Lieutenant Lay—not m \ Crappie or Catfish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Sunday Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo State Line ft here to cinch a subversion =e. AH I know about your Jones Joneses is that a Baiselou em- oye — Anglin — sent a wire to «m yesterday morning telling cm to meet him at the Las unas Hotel." He started to slide ider the steering wheel. "I'm rry I won't be able to run you jck, but from what you've told e, I better get a move on.** Sin looked at the agent quiv.zt- illy. "What are you going to do ow. Mr. Trim? Or is it a secret?" •W/"ELL— H Trim squinted at the v moon-painted mcsquitc. "I'm oing out and wait for ttarselou t his ranch. Now that you've run his galleon rumor lo earth for ne, I might as well warn him bout registry and tax and some ther details. Then it'll be his love if he wants U> play will obottom." 'Mr. Trim," said Sin earnestly look—wouldn't you like to fol ow Barselou and Jones and Ro oltom or whoever it is to th Queen? That way you could—" "What are you talking aboui Sin?" John Henry interrupted. " nought you—" "It has its points," Trim musec 'I might find out pretty definite! about the subversion angle. ; would certainly catch Robotto/ oft base." He laughed harshlj 'But, unfortunately, Mrs. Conove —I don't know the way. All"I ca do is wait at the ranch for one o both of them to come back." "Thai's it exactly/' said .... jumping up and down with excite ment. "Sin, talk sense," John Hem insisted angrily. "Johnny, don't you sec? M know where lo start— Walkii Skull." "What do you mean we kno where to start? Where's Walkii Skull?" "Never mind," said Trim quietl I know where it is. Lei her talk "And we've got a third the combination — me." Sin inled a proud forefinger it her- If. John Henry was disgusted. Don't be silly. You've said it , Now Si's Kone, Why shou)d at list of numbers slick with Hi?" "Because," Sin explained slowly nd deliberately, "they don't make nsc!" * « * CHE hasn't had much to eat," "^ her husband said to Trim. "No, Johnny! Jus! to prove it, eve's the first two directions. R ash one, L dash three." Her ords tumbled over one another citing out of her mouth, "I know can remember it, Johnny. It ust isn't a silly old quotation or nylhing—it doesn't have any or- cr and I can remember It per- eclly. I knew/H when 1 recited for you back al the ranch, but didn't want to tell you then for ear it would spoil things or you'd ant to go after the Queen by ourself later on. But now we've ot help. And, Johnny, honest—1 an't get the darn thing out of my iend!" "ll'd be too dangerous for you, >in. 1 don't want you—" She put her arms around him. 'I don't want to go to jail and I lon't want you to, cither. This way we won't have to, honey. Because Jones will be at the Queen." John Henry felt the tempting excitement begin to bubble inside lim again. "I wouldn't mind run- ling into the guy responsible for all this, at IhaL I feel I owe him something." Triumphantly, Sin turned to the wizened agent in the sedan. "There! Now how about it, Mr. Trim? What do you say?" Trim didn't suy anything for a moment. lie opened the glove compartment and took out a heavy service automatic. Leaning back in the cur, he checked the magazine under the dashUght. When he c^iine inlo view again, he shoved the gun at John Henry, bull foremost. He said, "Stick close lo your wife then, and come along. This may be the bag of the year or it may be a wild-goose chase. I guarantee il won't be any picnic." (To Be Continued) SCOT! ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Better Service 808 North Franklin Phone 3203 THE GRAM;* <o\ii>\\y \\\ \\ IOI\S Real E*tal' - M<>rl<|ui]r-[•• t in»- InMiivin. OSCEOLA BMUIIMI Phone 521 Phon. 3075] Say it .... With Flowers The Flower Shop Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 4491 or 2747 is THE nosr BtAUTlFUL Of ALL OWV-V n is ALSO A MASTER Yon don't have to b« Irljh to find out that w« ar« maslen of the paint and wallpaper trade. Come to DEAL'S PAINT STORE for the Items needed to make jour Sprint redecorating more successful. Add frejh beauljr to .vour walls . . . redecorate with Blrje wallpaper In jive new life and color lo jour entire home. DEAL'S fart ff^l COTTON FARMERS Chemically delinled cotton seed germinal* quicker, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE I). 4 P. L. No. U. per M Lb. B»j (10.00 U. * P. L. No. 15, Per M Lb. Bag .' 10.00 tilanevlHe 2 B, Per SO Lb. Baf 10.00 Stonevlllt t C, Per 50 Lb. Bar 10-00 Rowden 41-B. Per 5« Lb. Bat -10.00 Hall & Half (Hlbredl. Per 50 Lb. BIR 10.00 "! Coder's 100 Will Resistant. Per 50 i.b. Bat 10.00 " Paula, Per 50 Lb. Ban 10.00 Empire, Per 5« Lb. Bar 10.80 Com« In and place roar order or cct rnur ;upply today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 Blylhevilie. Ark. Phone 137 Branches: Leachville, Ark., Horncrsville, Mtf. and Senath, Mo. ,STUDEBAKER, Here's Your Truck! IO3 EAST MAIM STKllT BtYTHFWLLt , ARKANSAS O • O m There'* a new kind of Operating Economy In every m w size and wheelbas* of the New 19-19 SUidebaker Trucks. Come by today and look over our complel* line of MHeis. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash . Phone 2195 •STUDEBAKER MANIACS/ HERB'S MtP K»r. HOT LICKS SPIMNIN& THE CUSH FOR ICKVFUKES ...THE CWWAL THAT ^ Y306LS/ THAT. FOLKS? IF ir DOESN'T M30EL ,JT ISNT iL'T^T I FPK.GOODNE44 SAK6<b EAT "Oh, please don't make » fus», mother-—-just walk in and • ay, 'Hmp! You h»r« again?' It might scar* him away if h« thought we wer» crazy about him!" PRISCILLA'S J'OP Mum's Hie Word By AL VERMEER SURE, I'D LIKE 10 GO TO THE MOVIE5, TOO. BUT THE AMUSEMENT CAN IS EMPTY' CAN'T WE TAKE IT OUT OF THE INSURANCE CAN? Of COURSE NOT, HA1EL/ THAT WOULD OE BORROWING FROM PETER TO PAY PAUL.' WELL, LETS JU5T NOT TELL. PAUL ANYTHING A9OUT Something lirewini; By MICHAEL O'SIAI EY and RALPH LANE I'LL 1ET YOU MdDt A \T COTE COP IN 1HE 010 DAYS. MOW MANY TIVE5 DID / YOU ARREST FOG CHANNEL ? SO THAT S F06 CHANNSL WITH THf FEMAU SKYSCRAPER.WHAT'S HIS RACKET NOW, VIC? HOLD IT.IVE.WECOTA 11HU BUSINESS TO TALK OVEB Hf'iGONfSESPECT- ABtf-FROM THE MACHINE SUV tOTMl AODW6 MACHINE. ,. NOT ONCS, LltBY. HE'S ONI MA* WHO GOT AWAY WITH MURDtR LUERALLY/ RICHT. QUIT NEEDLING MRS. POND OR r MAY FORGET I'VE REFORMED.' WASH TUBIiS By LESLIE TURNER WHY NOT LET C6THY COWE HOME WITH MB YOU LOCATE H6R. FATHER. THftNKS. MISS BUT 1 HWE HIS ftDDEESS. CAN TAKE » CAB WJD- GOING TO IM6IST 1 . SME'e TIRED...UNO GIG VJILTV MM BE HftCP TO fINO'. HERE,I'LL GWE YOU A LIFT... SWELL! CHIU UP, CMHV.... I'LL FIND TOUR DAD AND COME AMD DDNT .1 A.PIM CMHYi HUGS BUNNY .Id Propulsion By FRED HARMAN THAT DOES IT/ I GET RIO 0' THESE HICCOUGHS / By V. T. HAMLIN THEY 5AW MY 5TXe*\ COMIN NVHHEE A!?E THE PALACE- WEU-,PKINCE55. IF VJE KICK VOUf? 3f2dTHE!Z. OFF'N TH' LEMIAN THffcNE. LETS SET $TAKTER.. WE'VE NOTHIN T H >ekiM sav \.fii~riKi"' By EDGAR MARTIN ND HER BUDDIES CftMt VOO t \V> "WL (S\.ONl<3 [ ftOOTb '. WtVVO , 1 OH ,

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