Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six For Persons Who Believe in Santo QQU: By JAMES MAR LOW Washington. Dee. i'0 -- :,i>, - llote to anyone wno m!;> , ,•:. in cvcrylastins Sact;. Cl".,,.-: I know you're b;;;;y n<v.v V.i>:. lip a few last ivi:iu;le i'i e:k-m-.' lore Christmas. It's been good n!iojjiri;ir/.. People have money ;.•>:; nine- bulging. People country, I n,ea And") h Christmas, en by your with rich, HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Here and There jl.ioth are perfectly safe forever, al "least here, She had no doubi.s about il. And j IM Vi'UinR together all she said, she i "'i« r.omothiMK like Ihi,: | M ., mphl : s . T ,.,,,,..' Dcc . 20 _<UP,_ i ;;nybcmy tries to nuerrere ].j l;lt , [),.,,.).,..,. Stanford's hero todav '•'.'.ih UK. v.-e certa.nl.v can 1uke,v/; ; :; his pet do«. '•j','1 The three year old boy had (o be. w/may have' a bif; jub" on : f 1 ' 1 ^'':! " v '" ; ' y '"'" "}''. P'« P 1 '" * h '\ r - i/ur ha"dt ! '/'"''''r '.'.'.'is shuck in ^ corn iti his J ".'" /", . . , 'i-orlV) Mi!.si':.v;|j|>: farm. Suddenly 7 .,<..-..,( ,,,,,- , 0 ,,,.,,,,. iu . r w ,,,,•!. Su.nfo.vi i,,.;,.-d lerniyinf! scivains. raced into the '•••i'ihi !H<-. i.'n iv.-n a\iton^ohiie:i, . !.i1..inrord v/as lielpless. Tin: do?.'. i:"'\i i.::-ii"'l liy ( ,'oii!)i;nn:si.s. lii.'i;. lKiri:eri and nipped ;it a !ai'f:e surly : ; i;' i.i:ir-i:in!; nil e;i iiim We'll liy:^'- 1 ;-', "•'!".;' h.id bv-'ifihl's head'in Tuesday, December 21, 1948 By United Press ir. timo to distribute them to poor children for Christinas. At Lebanon, Ore,, merchants and the Elks lodge set up a Christmas tree in the grocery store occupied by the Lylo Stephans family since their house burned ciou'n Doc. 8. 'Gentlemen's Agreement 7 Bess- Show of Year Krpor'..; ind^.-ate.d tod:iy lhal the ydon't 10 best pictures. The absence of cobalt in the soil "Gentleman's A g r e c m e nt."' : of pastures can be fatal to sheep, which tool; 278 of the 308 votes cast j in the poll, also won the motion | I picture academy's "oscar" as the] , New York. Dec. 20. — (UP) — best production for a IZmonlh pe , n?I C ,[ ;im "y moved ^ Lebanon | "GentlcMan's Agrement" was se,i'i'".l and it was selected as a' v ..,l Film L"'- 1Uh ' t " by thc Nuvv Yf »' k film crit lotion pic /";, Santa C'al'us — a .> ,. in Santa, but their parents said, "we think may- Second place went - of 19 18 to Moss Mart wrote the screen plav ll'rom Laura Z. Hob.son's novel, and' , ji',7" ""•"" —".'.' •' •'v.-i-uiiu )n.in- wvui 10 'Johnny filia Kax.an directed the picture I ,•„,.;.,,. „ ,.,.,., ... Mi . ,': A ' ' ', , C - A , JBelinda" and third lo -I r-iemem Ot h °r P'ckers in the lop ten (-.',•' ! " sl " ; ", f1 ' !"<-<- is Michael j A Lille Rock. Ark., members of ber Mama." The irade paper said 'were. i ,'": ,'"' -h' !r \'!' ; '?,,.'•'' .,,;'.;,,:, Hi n C ' cl "i th - c , Hau ' dl ' 0: :? c '' s , nn( ,' tosmelolo- 377 reviewers and eritie.s for news ! "Treasure of Sierra Madre'"i ,i.o.. I,,.:IK,.,.(.tiling Drm. _RiRt.s_ association have been tournnn papers. iriaga7.inc;i, wire services ! "Hamlet" "The Naked City" > and 131 eonnnen j "Sitting Pretty" "State of tin 1 i Uivon": "Call Northsido 777" ano i "The Bishop's Wife." IT'S NEVER TOO LATE f and peaceful foi one. Wish hard 'Mavbc March 1:. a tittle girl who «55 a |ne;.yyjj;-per'E "neediest cases" fund r i - people. : public:; in oi.tr o vn wi-Kli-.-n h'-ini- i,,., Glhson I'cnlod the plane from the ad been shopp.n.i all dry •,;,;),, : . lx , j.,,,.4 Kou , h of ,,.. ;. C , V1111 '. .„ ! 1 hene William:; Kl.yiiiR Service al - son. Ana tlio hi.s'janri e, : : ..u.dvr military or "^tron- i\')ap" i' 5illUfiart :-'< > sf-t.'rcl;>.y afternoon, pay rai;;e. So tile 'iti;re i nil.-. ' ••-.-, . , _— GUYM. GRIGG Building Contractor Phcns 5I3-J 300 East 15th St. Building Repairs Labor Contract, Fixed Fee or Turn Key Job. 1«r •», You can gei more for your Christmas Shopping DoHar at Penncy's earnest people She ha ' ; for their peels a pay rai;;e. So the >i;i;re irrl- loolis pretty good and soii-.i lo i My n-iRhbor's \vif;.-, in one way J n(i . another, was aware of these tbir.:;;-; hei'cre ! mentioned them. ! t (.., . , ,. ".....-TI (^.<.jc. i (I jr. r UK/n'.M.j C.'iein. ; *v>!*JflG ta$ ln b ° lh ^. A . nC i.. Sh i ™^^ 1 '<> ^'^ I'^-rMiin^'n'/t'to^ink''^ Ihe''^ j Before Chicago. Dee. 20 — (/Pi •— A b,-!i-- j tender told police todav ho sav HI- The Frozen Food Locker,will be closed Decernbn-'25ih for Christmas Day. S : year-old Roijerta Rinearsion with w;; ? aboul - :;(J l " 3" 1 years old, ne; „ ia man Friday night, a few hours : lncl blon( ' c - ^' said the two at k'beioi'o her ravished body wis h!unijl:i ''-!ers. end the man attomf (lloiiuci. I "I to biiy lj.;jiior for the girl.'bi ;; ^;'.t. .Tc-lin S^ll" n(' Iho ("'/.r^i. »„,,,* } ''V, • l - lll " i! 5. urer who was Bb'"iut ready to scrap out-rnoded trieyclo frames - --.,--. his mind. John S. Mat- tliews and an employe are \vork- ingjii»ht to complete the tricycles roadl'.ouse just .north of suburban MI. Prospect, identified Roberta's picture as thai of the :;irl who entered his place with the man. belle said Millay gave him a detailed description of the man who w;.:s about :;(J to 35 years old, neat ate tempt but Ladies Rayon "i;- Q ° r ^d 0 ^,^ ^ : '»*-. ""'•- »«8.hi.»b»t : M . . bartender at Kl Rando, tracks and a man's handker- cl..ii'f. I he princii.-Io clues found looked solen-.n when T finished. v/here the young ra- pe-:;layin viet'ni was dumped. didn't spoil vour s." 1 said. sllc :--'iid. "I For Frist Fi.-e n f ,- Pot-lab!';-, hand fire extinguishers V , 1 " 1; " S . |1 ' Cfc1 ' 1 , 1!! the grnc-rally are carried by fire on- ", fl Wl1 help me gines so firemen can extinguish , <-£ ," Ilstm "« 'his year a | small blazes quickly and eli'i- It never fails! Christmas gifts vitli thc Van Ilcusen laliol make men assert themselves in a very "warm and gniteful way. We liavu \"an lleuscn siu'rls lie'll delight in—snowy •\vliiles and exchirivn jKiIlerns—lunuLoine tirs, colorful sport shirts—sleep-easy pajamas. I'.verylhiii;; lie needs, tailored with that special hrand of Van Jleus.cn manic, '[his C.linslnms, i;ive him Van llcuseu and then hoM .•.;///. You'll h;'.ve to jutcker icker than \\itii TII-.- 1 :-;u!iny Dcp:i rt'-"i n' Store HO,-t; NASHVILLE Ladies If n/^ Ladies Adonna e * e c • Ladies L^ #«!! MI 5^ a ,«i «•» B OilllSS . Ladies 51 Gauge Ladies 45 Gauge 16. Part Wool 70x80 Cotton Ladies Rayon Ladies Ladies All Wool ress Ladies All Wool Ladies Corduroy k< oe«a«o.i^ Ladies Slipper Satin Ladies Chenille R< Ladies Woo! Ladies Wool Ladies Long Sleeved Brushed Ladies voyoo Dresses «LJ s »j t * , Ladies Novelty Men's All Wool <S& ^ ^ ?'i ! Men's All Wool Men's Zeiors * e • a telTO Men's Marathon Men's ja 4ETS A ¥'ii ^B.fll Men's White n £ 'R*^* 1 IS Men's Gabardine J H@ 4,1© Men's Novelty /v™ /-^ "9 cPfC *& ^ ^ Men's Novelty Men's Men's All V/ool -veate^ « 6 0 O « Men's Pay Day id MJ \i:i' Men's Blanket Lined j V * ft sm >l ^i ;<Si*-' v i I I A ;;%•*• rl And Lots of Items not listed-Plus o complete line of Boys end Girls Gifts and Merchandise STORE HOURS— WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY Open till 8 o'clock FRIDAY Open till 7 c/elock

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