Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX For Rehearsal Only Radio Layout of HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Is New $100,000 Department of Interior By Roditol Dutchcr NBA Service Staff Correspondent WASHlNGTON-Walk up to ihe! north penthouse of the new Depart- ' merit of Interior building and yuo'll ! decide right off that the fctleral" government has gone in for radio broadcasting in a big way. ' reception, audition and conference rooms, offices and listening galleries microphones anil gaudy modern furni- j ture in chromium aw! red leather—a layout which cost $100.000 and outshines all but the biggest broadcasting stations. But the government doesn't broadcast Thih new project is operating by the new Radio Section of the Interior Department's Division of provide a sort of laboratory for prepcration. rehearsal and delivery to commercial net works of educational and in formational programs from PWA. the Office of Education, Natioal Park Service, Reclamation Service, and other of the department's bureaus. By courtesy, the penthouse will be open to other government agencies when the radio section isn't using it. . Everything But Broadcasting •Theh big broadcasting auditorium with capacity for 40-piece orachestra, i choir or dramatic company is there ; programs require dramatization and . " 'or Perf.ra.cr. at .he j oration with the Smithsonian Institu- l (ion. j The "Brave New World" series, j dramatizing Latin-Ann>i-ican historical episodes with emphisis on deinocr- Shannon Allen, director of the radio sec-lion of the Department of Interior, runs a program from the control room of the federal fovernmcnfs new radio studio. Hillaire Robilaille, radio technician, operates the control*. eiit.-etainmcnt quality if they arc to .be accepted ti bradcasting uct- wwrks and large radio audiences. Theh ."artists' lounge" is there to provide "proper atmisphere" for performers, The, radio section wi dcvcop programs, then offer them to broadcasting cimpanics, competing in the market There's no mtciition of using the studio as point of origin fro speeches by sovcrnmcrita officas, for whom a trip to '•a broadcasting station wi be at HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Phone for Estimate Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 cs.st rqnaliy convenient. First program out orf the studio pro- bi.bly will be one of Ihc series on conservation of nalural resouccs. This is likely to begin with noises from in 1620, with Filjjrim Fathers landing and Indian.^ screeching in Ihe broadcasting auditorium, and trace a long history of exploration, thhe winning of the west—gunfire an'd all—in re- finally radio listeners will know of the growth of national needs from which arose various services of thhr. Interior Department. ' ' ' Only Three on Staff misf.ioner of education, .started all this, although he probably doesn't relish removal nf th'e studio from his jurisdiction to thhe information'division. The Office of- Education h;is .supcr- vi:cd several m.-ijor .-erics of educational •lirngrain.'i and Studebaki-r designed ilic «tudio as ii place to • prepare for more. Itu'lcbakcr believes ardcnlly in teaching people what democracy really, htiicc the J.'i-prrt "Let Freedom Ring" i-.-riey,. dramatixine historically the Hll of rights, freedom of the press, .•••pc'jch, \vor.sliip and so on. A popular science .series cnllcd "The Wurld Is Yours" was done: in collab- 21 KEPGRT OF THE CONDITION OF Bank of Blevins BLEVINS. HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS SEPTEMBER 28, 1938 RESOURCES— L<;ans and Discounts Loans on RCTJ! Estate U. S. Securities not pledged Other Bonds nnd Securities. Including State Warrant.,, County ;iml City Scrip Furniture and Fixtures Banking House Other Real Estate Cash Items Cash and Due from Approver! Re-serve Bunks Tote] LIABILITIES— Preferred Stock. Cl«.-;.s A ' Common Stock Surplus Fund, Certified Undivided Profits, Net Reserve for Contingencies.-, etc Individual Deposits, including Public Funds Time Certificates of Depc.m Cashier's Checks $39.875.34 13,150.65 6.80 Total Amount of all Classes Other Liabilities .... Total . ... Aboi-e Shov.- 53.032.70 •(59.07 $85.867.04 StatQ of Arkansas. County of Heni|j.stead. ss. ,1, /\ R ^ Sle ' jhen ' S ' Cashier, of the a ^v c ,, amc rj Bank. ,Io solemnly swear that the above statement js true to the best ,,l f ,,y knowledge und belief. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th day of October. 1938. My Comrni.s.sion expires Jan. 8. 1942. M. L. Nelson, Notary Public. P. C. STEPHENS. Cashier. Attest: H. M. STEPHENS HERBERT M. STEPHENS, Directors. ".MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION" i'.cy. was partly designed to offset Nazi-Fascit radio propaganda in South America. Aside from similar programs, re- U2-16.-13 ( 1,07:1.00.' 18.398.07 350.00 ! 1,700.00 ; 2.100.00 ' 2.605.58 26.007.01 585,867.04 ' S 9.800.00 i 15.200.00 5.000.00 I 1.425.18 950.00 i-oBtontil vise, covering such matters «« new rmtionnl pnrk development opening of. the new ronds, localized Shannon Allen, who was assistant director ,of the Office of Education's radio project (manned and financed by WPA) Is director of the radio station Bernard G. Schocfcld is chief script emsor of audience prepaatlon, will NCC to build up both selctctcd and general radio audiences for particular programs. The stuff has only three other members. Visit the .studio on your next trip to Washington. In lieu of a guest book they lake your name, identification Mad complimentary remarks through the microphone onto a record and then S'liiy it all right back at you in almost any loom you enter. Razorbacks About Ready for Texans Thomson Drills Team On Both Aerial and Power Plays r'AYETTEVILLE, Ark.-(/T>!—Arltan- •-.1')' jvis.siiiKe.st loam in the nation ha-, impleted only 36 to 105 aerials for a Win of 469 yards this year but Couch Fred C. Thomson said Wednesday he txpectcd improvement us the season progressed. Tile Ka/.orbacks threw :ij passes iil.iinst Oklahoma A. & M. conploling 12 for 53 yards and chalking up their «'"ly win of the year l o date. Kight completions out of 34 tries were good lor MO yards against Tex;* Chri.s|inn. .Thirty-six aerials were hurled against Baylor, 16 being good for 175 yards Thirteen |xis.ses were intcrct-pu'tl by opponents in the three games. Hnlfbaek Kay Eakin has atlcmpted 67 jKifvse.s with 22 completions for SIS yards. Halfback Gloyd Lvon has ^Thursday, October 13 Tumped Too High' Rice Mentor Says Unable to 'Fii-e Up' Team After Receiving Much Publicity HOUSTON. Tcx^Lf/n-One dull day liist summer Coach Red Dnwson of lulane slipped into New York nnd confided to sixjrts writers thnt Rice liustitute, come the fnil, would commit mmislftugliter on the Rritliron and cmcrife n.s mitionnl clinmpions. No later than the next edition time Mr. Dnwson's words were in big. blnck type ami the word was noised around gcncrnlly that nice, with its invincible Ernie Lane, was "in." Sjwls writers and miif-iizinc authors didn't leisurely come down to invc;.li B atc Mr. Dawson's tip-Uicy flew by trnns- port plane. Interviews over, jmd Hiec safely in thrown 21 with nine of them nccount- UIR for US yards. Quarterback Forrest Urimore tops receivers. He has snap- gcd nine tosses for 87 yards. Maurice Brill, sophomore end, has caught ti for 87. "Enkin and Lyon hiu-c been throwing them accurately enough but Hit- receivers have been dropping them " asserted Thomson. 11« snid he expect- ocl Sophomore Ends Britt. Hickey, ;in<l F'ricbcrner to develop into top-' iiclch receivers after a bit more experience. Weather permitting. Arkansas prob- ••ihly will fill (he nir with ncrials aeiiinst Texas ;,t Liltlo Rock Saturday u Kokin recovers sufiiciently from n shoulder injury to lead the jitUick. Otherwise. Thomson is perfecting a lower Kiiinc which has niiie,: up 352 yards for hhc Porkers this year. the Rose Bowl, the season started. Oklahoma, n t«am that had whipped Rice in '37 but only, of course, be- euuso Brnifc Loin wasn't in the lineup, cnmc to town nnd beat Rice, Lane and Ollle Cordill notwithstnhdlng, 7-6. Consternation, as they say, reigned. Quiet, younsish Conch Jimmy Kills, -sought out for an explanation, said simply: "Oklahoma had a fine football team -letter than Kice today. My tenm has- been pumped up by newspaper and magazine publicity to the point where it was tough Retting them fired up for n game. We're back from the Hose Bowl now iiiicl will piny in the Southwest Conference." Ujvscls, said the deflated experts-, could catch up with any team in this day and time, and Coach Kilts' words were drowned out In predictions of B Rice comeback against powerful Louisiana State the next Saturday. Next Saturday came and the '37 Southwest champions bowed to LSU, 3-0, on a field goal in the last 15 seconds of play. Twice Rice had nudged down within a step of the gotil line but fumbles halted them. "Disappointed in my boys? I should say not," snapped Kilts, "t wasn't exactly proud of them after the Oklahoma jjame, but 1 couldn't ask more of ai team than they gave me against LSU. it wiis ihe roughest, hardest game li ever saw college icnms ,,..,,. „„„ could have won It, I guess, but I'm-Wlf* dittippolnted. ' " " "Disappointed in Lain? No, «« Plnycd n helluva game i LbU; took n lot of punishment. ;^ vns rushe<l >n the Oklnhoma LSU games, but- I had to use guards nt times. 3?,\i.Z--: "I'm not one to alibi, because, tn|w|; first place, I could never sec my bfe^f ns good ns the papers had thorn,'jiJUt listen, my team is wrecked by tffijr juries. -KI'M- "Defensively we've looked good. '$(*. fensively-well, don't you see wliat'*' wrong. Our ciwching staff never-'HM' Ijclicvc everything we read. All ;Wfl lu.d to do was look down Hint schcd.-', u lo and undcrstnnd we could lose any^ them." Nc ;< i Saturday at New the man innocen H«l '-• -••- nnni IIIUUVHJII hmd the nit-c-to- Iho-Hosc o<, wl! cnmpaign. jueet-s a man who wishes* Mr. Diiwson had never gone to NfrwC York- Mr. Jimmy KitUs <:•??• City Meat Market Choice K. c. & Native Meats- Sen foods - Poultry s Prompt Free Delivery | Phono 767 Evan Wrny LeR<,y H cn 4 Government Cotton Loans Quick Service—Immediate Payment Cotton classed by a Licensed Government classer in our office. T. S. McDAVITT & COMPANY Hope, Arkansas I -ESS IHISVEAR PQNTIAC ET MORE! FINER THAN EVER IN EVERY WAY AND NOTABLY LOWER IN PRICE! AMERICA'S FINEST LOW-PRICED CAR NEWREST HIDE WITH CUftfX SWINGING WITH o» -wrmour RUNNING »OAROS AS OHSWBO* IMPROVED SAFHY SHIFT AT NO KIBA COSTI IOWER 8OOIE5 WITH CUII-HICH FLOORS • MO«E WINDOW AREA fOll GREATER SAFETY* EXTRA LARGE TRUNKS AT NO EXfRA COiT A GENERAL HOrORS VAL.UE C V* AMERICA, WE GIVE YOU: The Quality Six ... the &e Luxe Six , . . and the De Luxe Eight! Three stunning new Silver Streak beauties that will win your heart as it's never been won before. One glance and you'll know that they're styled with an eye for tomorrow, One ride and you'll never be •atisfied with less than Pontiac'g «wa ? ing new Duflex springing. And one look at the price tag tells you that someone's at last succeeded in building a quality car priced so close to the lowest you'll never miss the dollar-difference! Get the whole wonderful story from your Pontiac dealer today! YOU'LL BE PROUD TO OWN A SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE WITH INCRfASEP ECONOMY S£At HYDRAULIC BRAKES '0>l»«. morf./i „„ tch all these Features You cant match all these feati in any other low-priced car East 3rd St. Hope, Ark. Hempstead Motor Company MAX COX Owner » %

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