Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 21, 1948
Page 4
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Poge Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Ad» Must Be In Office Day Before Publication Number of Words Up to 15 .... 16 to 20 21 to 25 .. .. 26 to 30 31 to 35 86 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 50 One Day .45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 Three Six One Days Days Month .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.DO 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Rates are tor Continuous Insertions Only wl ^ a , nt Ads Cash in Advance Not Taken Over the Phone For Safe GOOD BOIS'D ARC POSTS AT reasonable prices. Sec E. M. Mc- Wilhams at McWHIiams Seed Store, Hope, Arkansas, 9-lmo ies Exclude Russia in Plan e Berlin By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate GROCERY STORE. STOCK OF groceries, part of fixtures, balance furnished with building. | 1hc quadirpartite administration of Small living quarters. Sec at 14th ;15erlin can be resumed. Berlin, Dec. 2i — t/Pi -— The Unit ed States, Britain ;md France announced today a three power govern menl for Berlin without tti.i.ssian participation. The French commandant, Gen .Ic-an Ganeval, read a threcpo\vcr statement saying: "If Soviet authorities either now or at some future date, decide to abide by the agreement to whi-h the four powers are committed, Washington, Dec. 20 — There |have been three Frankfurters on jthe federal payroll. Felix on the |supreme court. Estelle, his sister, in the treasury and the labor department and in the office of strategic services, where she charge of personnel. Olto. Oregon Arrives in Dallas for Bowl Contest Tuesday, December 21, 1940 . andMain. Phone 12511. White Rocks. $1.00 each. Phone 966-W, Vernon Osburn, 805 W. Gth _Streel. 14-2w FANCY SCHLEY PAPEIl pecans, 25c per pound. size, 15c. Dr. Chas. A. lin, 404 South Elm St. 10-tfj "During their abstention - !th h o°poS 0 oT tn Smaller Champ- 20-31 the . , , komsnda- tura altlunigh realizing that owing to the Soviet obstruction it will only be possible for them to carry out their administration in the 'West ern sectors for the present." The Western commandants rc- I called that the Russians disputed - . fo »"' power government by with SERVEL KEROSENE REFR'IGKR" ,-' : ' w ', n( ; f ™m__lhe kommandatui-j ator in good condition. Write Clifford Powell, Patmos, Arkansas, Route ]. 20-3t GOOD SIZE FRYERS FOR ONLY $1.00 each. Phone 445-J. 20-3t DUPLEX, ONE APARTMENT has 3 rooms and bath, one has 4 rooms and bath. Small out house 12 x 30. Price $3,G50. See Jack Simpson. West Ave B ?hone 1I74-W. 21-It HOME -FREEZER. ELECTRIC mixer and miniature press camera. Phone 952-M. 2l-3t 1947 2 DOOR PLYMOUTH. RADIO" good tires, 19,000 ' ' " motor guaranteed. Phone 11C4-W. 21-31 HOUSE 5 ROOMS, REDKCOR~A~ ted. Venetian blinds, attic fans, garage. Close in. Terms. A. H. Eveisineyer. 21-Gt last July 1. They said the Kt,m- mandatura" can only be alle-ect or abdicated by agreement of alj the governments which set it up." The commandants 'claimed that the Russians withdrawal has not killed their governing body. They said its work had merely "been in suspense since July first owing to the refusal of the Soviet authorities to attend its meetings." The commandants noted that Berlin's temporary constitution, received quadripartite ap- . in 1946. requires that city legislation and other affairs shall obtain allied consent. They charged the long Russian walkout |had •'obstructed the proper ad ministration of Berlin accordin" to the lav.'." JC6 Notice WE BUY, SELL AND REPAIR all makes of Sewing machines W. H. West, 215 North Hamilton Street. Phone 1226-W., Hope Arkansas. 1-lmo NOT TOO LATE TO GIVE MAGA- x.ines for Christmas. Charles R-.-v- ncrson, City Hall. Phone 28 or nights Phone 3G9-W. IG-lmo AVOID HOLIDAY~RUSH. STOVE repair, all models, makes and kinds. Any place, any time. Call "Oscar The Fix-It"'in Hone 17 years. T. B. Fenwick, Sr., Phone 195-W. i 8 -3t For Rent- FURNISHED APARTMENT. PRI- vate bath. No children or pets. Couple only. Phone 304. Miss Lillie Middlebrooks. 18-31 Lost 3 DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT nng Thursday downtown. Reward for. return to Mrs. Jim Huckabce, Phone 1052. 18-31 BLACK AND TAN FEM~ALE hound dog and brown shaggy [ice dog. Reward. W. L. Alton. Phone 723-W, 318 N. Elm. 20-31 j LEGAL NOTICE The following described plot of i land is offered for sale by the Ozan School District, No. 8 in Hompstead County, Arkansas, to-wit: Beginning at the N. E. corner of the S. E. y, of the S. E. % Section 31. Township 10, Hange 25 West thence west 350 feet'to point of beginning. Thence .South 34 degree-,',- East 175 feet along West lino of Hope and Nashville Highway No 4 lo stake. Thence Went 250 feet (o stake, thence North 34 degrees West 175 feet to stake. Thence Jvis! 250 feet to stake the point, of beginning, containing ono acre, more or less. Any person interested in buying such described nroperty should so indicate by sealed bid to the secretary of said school board, Wilbur D. Jones, on or before January 4 1940, at 10:00 a. m.. The bids'will be opened for public insoection at what is known as the Wilbur Jones Store in Oxan on the above date by the school board. Said school board reserves the right to reject any and. all bids. Signed: E. R Brown County Supervisor of Schools Dec. 14. 21, 28 Otto is quite a tooy. He did two prison terms ago in a career as a confidence Iman which would seem to have been unsuccessful, but when the great war for democracy came on he landed in the treasury spending (public money. Since the victory he has re- ! turned to the service of mankind i and he is now building that brave I new world of the future. To that i end he has joined the Paris force j of the economic cooperation ad-j ministration as an economic specialist in the trade and payments branch of tho office of the special representative in Paris. A handout by the E.C.A Washington, dated Oct. 7. said that Otto had been "chairman of th" New York Board of Trade's Mai- shall plan committe" and would now "be in charge of a program concerning chemicals, drugs, pharmaceutical hospital supplies and allied products." "He was," the handout continued, "procurement officer for the treasury department, buving lend lease drugs. Pharmaceuticals, chemicals arid hospital supplies until Oct. 1942," when he resigned to go into private enterprise. He is 64, a native of Austria and a graduate of tho college of pharmacy of Columbia University. Other names which Otto used in his earlv career, as listed in a report from the Pinkerton Detective Agency to the warden of the Iowa Stale Reformatory-, Anamosa, (throe Iowa, on July 20. " 1009, include- Theodore Wilbur. Ned Frankforter. Ned Frankfort, E. J. Walters, W. J. Dawson and B. B. Braun. "Register No. at Washington. Dallas, Dec. 21 — f/?i—The Cotton Bowl picture was complete today —Oregon was in Dallas working across town from Southern Metii odist for their Jan. 1 football game The Wobfoots, '.',1 strong, arrived last night from Kugene, Ore., in a chartered plane to be grctod bv Dallas and Cotton Bowl notables" The squad was whisked to its hotel for dinner then had a brief workout under tile lights at the high school field. The Webfoots got down to serious business as they stalled two-a-day practice sessions this morning if!" 4 Coach Jim Aiken called for a scrimmage. Aiken said his squad was years cellent condition. • . By Hugh S. Fuller-ton, Jr._ Philadelphia. Dec. 21 — I.-F/ —The was in finally. in Tlnllies, aiming for a first division | spot in the National League next summer and n shot of the pennant within a couple of years, are very happy about their assorted trades the cubs. .."We got about 12 ; frige in age among the piay- P)fii='" rr- '•'' , nothin S else." one i uis | official commented. . . i icy re also expecting to get a lot f service out of R USS Meyer, who didn t do much pitching for Chicago alter mid-season, when the deal ii'ually C wTs mad se 'H, him .. hcrc "<? i\\iii JIT, i i££ii t. into n vomit* oitcliiny istaff wilh such lads as Robin Rob (Ci-ts and Curt Simmons ft"/.,- Ul01 . 1 ;. c ^ching likely will look better with Dutch Leonard gone Dutch's Hutterball was so erratic" they claim, that he couldn't cut loose with his best There was too catcher ° Philadelphia UWay Scrapple in -i chance IrOm tho Philadelphia. Dec. 21 — (UP) The National Football League and the All-America Conference were set to hold separate player drafts . i today as their "cold war" in pro- "'(fessional football continued to rage on —- at, least temporarily. An attempt to establish peace betwen the two loops ended in failure yesterday when five NFL lepresentalives and five AAC own ers continued to disagree after a all-day "peace" meeting. So. the NFL was slated to begin its annual player draft here at 10 a. m. while the AAC starts listin" the college players it wants at 8-30 a. rn. in Cleveland. The stage was set for some more of the cut-throat competition for talent that has in-I jured owners of both leagues financially. Arthur McBride, owner of th" AAC Cleveland Browns, revealed that the basic disagreement at th- mccUng was that the AAC warned to" died the ball snowbound tha' so cleanly in Sunday's pro football playoff was irback Tommy • Thomp- uscd one of •" - ball-carriers smeared their fingers with some sticky liquid The Eagles' Jack Myers, who played college ball at UCLA saw snow for the first time Sunday — and gosh, what a first sight it was! . . .Report here says Turk Ed wards, the .Redskins coach, will be promoted to a job as vice president and a new coach will be hired Ted Collins also is reported planning to replace Clipper Smith as Yanks coach. Seems the Clipper got clipped too often. Legion Edges The Hope Legion independents edged a strong Laneburg five 50 to -10 on the Nevada County court last night. It was the second game of a twin bill which saw Willisville barely eke out a 31 to 30 victory of another Laneburg team. Outstanding player of the game was Hope's Porter who flipped in 15 points to lead the Legionaires. He was followed by Reaves with 11 and Vannoy and Gunter with 8 each. Laneburg was led by Fuller with 16 tallies followed by Purtlc with 12. Monday night the Hope team entertains Laneburg at the high school. Brecheen Also Posts Earned Run Mark New York. Doc. 21 — (/Pi —Harry (The Call Brecheen. only loflhonc- or in history to win three names in one World Series, posted the best earned run murk among National League pitchers in the" 1348 season. The stylish lefthander of the St. Louis Cardinals allowed 58 earned runs in 233 innings for a 2.24 mark, tops among moundsmen who pitched ten or more complete games, according to final' official averages released today. Brcchoen, who won three games for the Cards against the Boston Red Sox in the I94G World Series also led the league in shutouts with seven and in strikeouts with 1-59 The 34year-old star won 20 games and lost 7, the first time he has hit the 20 mark in his big league career. rires le the NFI AAC The NFL one league, the San Francisco Time to Retire Otis Douglas, Eagles tackle who (company, about midnight. DARK BROWN SADDLE weight 1,000 pounds. Frank O'Horke, Hope, HORSE, Notify Route -i. 21-31 Wanted to Ren* Use of hand-made paper for packing food started in tin ited States in 11)00. bags • Un- REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7G23 (phone collect) H No Answer Dial 3-5770 FOR SALE Surfaced Oak Lumber — $40.00 per Thousand GENERAL BOX COMPANY PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS LET FOY DO IT • Level yards o Din Poat Holes * Plow Gardens « Cut Vacant Lota • Aho custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1068 8. Walnut St, Let Us Rebuild Your Old MATTRESS or make your old one into 0 comfortable innerspring. One Day Service "All Work Guaranteed" DAVIS Furniture & Mattress Co. 606 N. Haze! Phone 3b7 REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on ail mokes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1280 °r.,! 23 .!-J N'flhts and Sundays Ha fedQevrfood Hope REFRIGERATORS • See us for New and Used Refrigerators. • See us for Refrigerator Service, any make or model. A complete refrigerator service department. (We know How) • Refrigerator Headquarters New and Used. McPherson Appliance Co. Your Frlgidalre Dealers 222 East 3rd St. Phone 81 D. C. is 252-1," this report says: I "Arrested March 7, 1905, on three charges of obtaining money by false pretenses. Convicted on all three charges. On two charges was fined $;ij and, in default of payment, to serve five-:-rrionths in ja'il on each charge. On the other charge was sentenced to one year and one day in West-Virginia State Penitentiary. Date.-"of ' sentence, the Cleveland Browns of ibe admitted to the NFL: the AAC ,, , . - -,- -•- -•- -. and that the Los Angeles Dons of tho AAC be merged wilh the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL. On the other hand, the AAC proposed that both leagues be maintained — but with .shuffled lineups. the door was left open for a re newal of negotiations as a ioint announcement by Commissioner Ron Bell of the NFL and Ben Lindhenner, chairman of the AAC is reputed to be one of the oldest pro football players (he's nearly 40) also is ono of the busiest He ? ollblcs as Eagles trainer, runs a thei, , n° ys cam P in sum ™«' and agl ! e ' lly was a PP°inted head be jDrcxel Tech. . .So fai had time to learn antique elevator press box. By the Associated Press A paint company warehouse and a school building were destroyed in separr— - fires in Arkansas Monday night. The warehouse was fat East Arkansas avenue and Magnolia street) in North Little Rock the school building near Batesvillc Fire broke out in the one-story tr.ame warehouse, used by the Little Rock Paint and Wallpaper that there National: that th Forty-Niners and how recent coach at he hasn't to run the Fanned by a brisk by the inflammable the building, (he fire adjoining plant of wind and fed materials in spread to the By HENRY SHAPIRO Moscow. Dec. 21 — (UP)— Premier Josef Stalin is G9 years clcl today and from all recent i-o-iorls he is hale, hearty and alert dos's'ti his graying hair and arduous life. Newspapers made no mention i-l Stalin's birthday. It is not a national holiday, so no flags wevs unfurled, there were no celebrations or other public observances. But the Soviet people know he is 09. There is a simple notation on all Soviet desk calendars saying lu'70 — Josef Vissarinovich Stalin born.' And Moscow radio, in its radio calendar feature, noted the day by saying "Josef Vissarinovich Stalin was born Dec. 21, 1879." But on the eve of Stalin's birthday the bulk of Pravda's front page, like that of Izvestia and other BROADCASTING SYSTEM which was clam- cle- to the Shibo park BasketbaSi' Results By The East: Associated Press Cookie company, aged badly." Operators of both companies chnecl to estimate damage. The seven - room frame high school building with attached gymnasium seating 1500 persons was that ot tho Desna consolidated scnool district. The fire started apparently from a defective flue' shortly after a basketball June 12, 10.05. He has relatives in Incentive committee, expressed <!-,,-. >-. r, ,.4 .. .1. _ „ .. _. _ . •, • . . . nnt-i.-i ^ l-i ^ + ' i r, . j . , , .* «.-<•.« the east who are quite respectable. Tt appears that the man you have is the black sheep. We understand that his brother is connected with the office of the district attorney in Now York. Yours truly, William A. Pinkerton.' ••; Otto Nedham, Frankfort was received at Anamosa, May 6, 1909, from Ida county, .where, the record indicated, he had pleaded guilty of cheating by false pretenses and was sentenced to seven years He was released Feb. G, 1914, with thirty charges of minor miscon duct on his report card, although he was punished only once. His conduct reports read "poor." He seems to have been just fresh—not difficult. He corresponded ' with Felix Frankfurther (Bi —meaning brother—in New York and in Washington. Justice Felix Frankfurther was an assistant U. S. attorney in New York, under Henry L. Slim son, whom he made secretary of war during the late great war from 1906 to 1910. The Anamosa mail record shows that the inmate wrote to a brother, Felix Frank- further, in the United States attorneys oflice in New York. < In 1313 a person signing him I I self Felix Frankfurter wrote the | Amunosa warden asking per-! mission to send Olio a Christmas; box of candy or cake. The request 1 was turned down. Regulations forbade. A criminal docket in the justice hope that "future meetings" would establish a "common understanding. But no date was set for an other meeting. It was agreed, though, that the lact that repesentatives of both . leagues had sat down with each j other for the first time and held an j amicable discussion was a big step toward an eventual agreement Long Island Univ 74 Georgia Tech 00. NYU S3 Georgia 72. Duqucsnc 55 Nebraska 49. Midwest: Cornell 56 Michigan State 45. Minnesota 47 Navy 40 Illinois 89 Do Paul 51. Bradley 82 Texas Christian 57. Notre Dame 55 Pennsylvania 42. Missouri 52 Southern Methodist the Jackson (newspapers, was devoted to what ' 'has become a longestablished, peculiarly Soviet institution — letters to Stalin pledging increased industrial and agricultural output. These are from workers, engine ers and party leaders. They occupied four of the six columns on Pravda's front page last night and continued to another column on the second page. letters come from all over promise , , , - a oasKetball game i i had been completed. The school's .the Soviet /-.one. They permanent records were saved- Hin more meat, wool, fish, ra'l e:v little else. (loadings, timber, and other thing;-, Desna Lester, secretary of the I They wish him health and m,my Tuesday p.m.. Deo. 21 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M G:00 Salon Serenade 6:15 News, Five Star Edif^n",, G:25 Today in Sports G:30 News Comment G:45 Fulton Lewu:, ST. —M * 7:00 George O'Hanlin Show—M' 7:30 Official Detective—M 7:55 Hy Gardner—M 8:00 Gabriel Heatiei—M 8:15 Mutual Newsreel—M 8:30 Lone Wolf—M 8:55 Bill Henry. New?—M 9:00 American Forum ' 9:30 Rochester Songesters—M ' 10:00 All the News—M 10:15 Benny Strong's Oroh.—M ' 10:30 Dance Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M U:00 Sign-Off . Wednesday a.m., Dec. 22 Coasf Teams Are Stronger in Basketball n- Nc iV. York "' Doc - 21 —«>>-- The Big Nine kicked the Pacific Coast Conierence boys around a bit during the past football season, but it Sal! " dil ' ferent story "in bns- JSI.anford. top favorite for the Pi cniic coast southern division cage Hie took on Michigan, the defending Western conference champion, Louisvil) c 62 Emporia Illinois Wesleyan 71 (Kas) Univ GG. South: Virginia (Kas.) Ottawa G7 George Washington And Far A&M 56 City Univ West: Baylor 40. 37 Wash- m San Francisco last ni»ht winner was Stanford, 53-5f It was the seventh strai»ht t-ory for the Indians and the defeat in five starts for the venues. North Carolina State, wheel of the .Southern e< O " Tho vie- first Wol (he Southwest Oklahoma Oklahoma burn 27. New Mexico 48. Oklahoma Baptist 52 (Tex) 39. Stanford 53 Michigan St. Mary's 74 Yale G9. North Carolina State 49 'IB. Oregon State 55 Wyoming 69 Abilene Christian St. Mary's 51. Nevada 0. 5:57 Sign On 0:00 First Edition of News G:05 Hillbilly Hoedown \ G:25 Bargain Roundup \ 0:30 Face the Music 6:45 Hillbilly Interlude 6:55 Market Reports 7:00 Farm Breakfast Program 7:15 Riders of the Purple Sage' 7:30 The Devotional Hour 7:45 Musical Clock 7:55 News. Coffee Cup Edition 8:00 Sunrise Serenade =* 8:55 Arkansas News Roundup 9:00 Cecil Brown—M 9:15 Faith in Our Time—M 9:30 Mineral Springs Program 9:45 Blue Ban-on Presents 10:00 Passing Parade—M 10:15 Victor H. Lindlahr—M . 10:30 Gabriel Heatter's Mailbag —M 10:45 Lanny Ross—M 11:00 Kate'Smith Speaks—M ' 11:15 Kate Smith Sings—M Sta-j 11:30 Student Parade 11:45 Music by Monroe "'•*.• estimated school district board, loss at between $40.000 and $50 000 He .said 510,000 of insurance was carried. The Batesville fire prevented the flames from spreading to an adjoining school building now being constructed. Fights Last- Night B'y The Associated Press San Francisco — Pat Valentino, 186, San Francisco, outpointed Albert "Turkey" Thompson, 200, Los years of life, but they do not mention his birthday. This may be because Stalin's (name is symbolic in this country, department j"°t only of. supreme Communist party leadership but also of superlative wisdom. knowledge, feood ness and the other accepted virtues... The solo exception to this rule' was nine years ago on the occasion of Stalin's 60th anniversary, when the papers devoted considerable space and tribute to the occasion Only, last week Stalin, who recently returned from a southern vacation, entertained the Czechoslovak trade delegation at a Kremlin banquet. T , _ Guests reported he lo ;j;ed Jerusalem, Dec. 21 f/P).—A round- tanned, cherful and vigorous. He arranged to'made easy work of the lon° ordeal of toasts, a-nd joked and quipped. There is not a single responsible diplomat who believes repeated foreign reports that Stalin's health is failing or that his role in Soviet leadership is not what it used to be. This correspondent had a !>ood look at him last autumn at ilii? fu neral of Andrei Zhdanov, when the | Stalin helped, bury his considerably Wednesday p.m.. 12:00 Dec. 22 Edition :iem, about route has been enable Christians to makea the traditional Christmas Eve pilgrimage from Jerusalem to Bethlc'h the birthplace of Christ. A United Nations communique last night said Jews and Arabs seeking a means of permitting the pilgrimage had agred to open on- posing lines betwen old a;id new Jerusalem for 24 hours. By this means Christians new city could ., -, cross into the old , younger aide as he has survived city and proceed to Bethlehem I so many other younger Conunu- aions an Arab logion military road jnists. In spile of his for in The south I "Pon . by the WANTED * PECANS * SCRAP STEEL « CAST IRON » CAR BODIES * JUNK BATTERIES » RADIATORS ® ANY KIND OF METAL ® BURLAP BAGS, RAGS and BONES. Top Prices Paid Finest Fairbanks Scales W6LLIAMM. DUCKETT North Main Street GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM - LYNN SYCAMORE - HOLLY ~ BAY •HOPE BASKET CO. Call 1000 or Contact Office division of the national archieves in Washington shows that in June 1905, on a plea of guilty, Theodore G. Wilbur got a year and a day in Moundsville, W. Va., for a small swindle. The indictment said he presented a sight draft for $35 on C. A. Theller Co., of 401 W. Kith street. Nov.' York, falsely representing that he worked' for that firm. The Washington record does not identify Wilbur as Frankfurter and the Pinkerton letter to the Ana mosa warden in 1909 would IK- tho only evidence that the- Wilbur and Otto Nedham Frankfort were same man but for the fact Howard Bruce, the' deputy ministrator of the Economic operation Administration, said' "He ca-me clean. Mr. Bruce-, second to Paul G. lloiiman, administrator, now in Kurope. said: "He ciidnt le!) us about his record and he didn't tell Ins wife. He was married 30 years ago. We have dismissed others for lying but to fin- a man for that we must sav that il he had 1o!d the tnuh we would not have hired him. That is not so in this case Frankfurther worked in the treas ury in a very responsible position for twn years during the war. He CLime lo me as a chairman ( ,f a committee on export or something. He was giving a good account of himself over tlu-iv in Paris and Hollmaii said: "I'm damned it the comparable to their clas team of the past season. r , ," "'"-and-tuck game. North *hot by Warren Ca'rtier from foul line wilh two minutes to ,, o lurmsm-d (he winning margin " ! Two southern quintets — Geer»n ; and Georgia Tech—invaded Madi |«<n Square Garden lo iake a licl |ing I rum a pair of New York |teams. New York university had to overcome an 11-pnint deficit to i neat Georgia, Jili-72. Long Island university topped Tech, 7401) ine classy Oklahoma A«gie- trounced Baylor, 56-40 and •••;t><in ol the Big Seven wo,, .-oulhern Methodist, figured ono of tin- top teams in th" west. fdMl. William ^md Mary won its eighth Mraighl ol Hie season will) ; , v>.')7 triumph over Rider college West \','.'i" m|:1 r, u -,, N ; f ' 5 by ''rubbing h ,v i I"' Tlu! M " l '"tameers ha\,' lost mil one game. Illinois won its fifth game avenged its only setback "b'v Whelming Dep;ud of Chicago Bradley university kept ord unsullied wilh an !i:!57 over Texas Christian II . sixth straight for the'firav'e In other intersection,-!) fan Mary's Gaels downed Yale. .San Francisco; Noire Dai: Boston — Willie Pep, 130. H ford, Conn., outpojintcd Herinie I route, hov.Wcr Freeman. 135, Eagle Lake, Me., 10. I reply today. miles via Bethany traditional, shorter direct t oBethlehem will not be pparently due to objections Egyptian army. U 'N offi- are prossint; for use of (his spile 01 his graying he did not look his age. Stalin undoubtedly is observing his C.'Uh birthday today by pijiting in his usual stint of long hou' 1 :; in his office. and hope to gel a Miami Fla — Bobby Dykes. 146'. San Angonio. Tex., stopped Vince La Salva, 154, New York, 5. Mis- over lo be .South By United Press Lewislon, Me. — Al Couture. 153, Lewislon, outpointed Phil Roderique. 155 Lewislon, 10. Chicago — John Labroi, 140, l't.y Gary, hid., outpointed Paidy Zadcll' Ml. Pittsburgh, 8. Holyoke. Mass. — Clem Cusler, 134. Detroit, outpointed Al Pennine 134. Brooklyn, 10. Providence, R. I. — Jackie \Veb- °r, Kiti. Pawtucket, outpointed Jiniiny Corti, 137, Trenton, N J 10. Almost every foot of the original route is under the guns of <\vab and Jewish artillery placed on surrounding hills. The opposing armies, quiet in an uner.sy truce are easily visible from the church ol the nativity. Visitors io B-th- lehcm will be searching for reasons. The number of grims, sometimes as high as 000, will bo much year. smaller pil- 10.- this Bus Driver Shoots Passenger to Death 12:15 12:30 12:40 12:45 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 6:00 6: IS 6:25 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 7:.-.5 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:55 0:00 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:55 11:00 News, Home Market Time John Daniel Quartet Melody Mustangs Shortest a rnin. in Radio Eddy Arnold Show—M Queen for a Day Golden Hope Chest—M Movie Matinee—M Ozark Valley Folks—M Songs of Love The Johnson Family—M i 1490 Club Swing Time Here's to Veterans Adventure Parade—M . : Superman—M Captain Midnight—M Tom Mix—M Salon Serenade News, Five Star Final Today in Sports News Comment Fulton Lewis, Jr. Can You Top- This—M Thou Bethlehem—M Hv Garr'nor—M .: : Gabriel Heattei—M Mutual Newsreel—M The Family Theater—M Bill Henry, News—M ManhaUon Playhouse—M Dance Orch.—M All the News—M Joe De Salvo's Orch.—M Buddy Moreno's Orch.—M Mutual News—M Sign Of' a n d ovor- o. f:9-al. its roc verdict .'.'as the -•s. St. 74-G9, .xpected to Keep Party Position Wilson Esfafe Suifr to Coud- in Little Hock, Uec. 21 — galion over division of tin '/Pi— Liti- R. E. L. estate in _ Mississippi' conn- :l r "t'rth going" through the" bus linst I tried in fede Jan. 11. was brought by grandson ' - and Minnesota bitaliti, ijrumjjting. ] am afraid. "Couki be," Mr. Houston said joining me in hearty laughU-r" for needles:-; to say. I was only joking Washington. Dec. 21 —i,-) 1 — Despite ^threals of party revolt, Senator Tafl of Ohio appeared an almost sure bet today to resume his familiar role as chief Republican policy maker in the new senate. j The Ohioan was said to have i received such assurances of support as lo make his re-election as I chairman of the GOP policy com- jmittee an almost foregone con| elusion. j This would mean. colleagu-'S (said, that so far as the senate is said, (hat so far as th esenalo is :concerned President Truman aga n 'will iind opposing many of his proposals the same man who clashed i bitterly with him in Hie past over |such issues as price controls and j labor legislation. i Taft's griii on the policy making !posi seemed unlikely to' be riv i tamed, however, without some kind ol compromise with self-tLibbed liberals who have been demanding ;a greater voice in charting the party's course. i Si-naior Ives of New York, long ! tm,i- supporter of Gov. Thomas. K"! •Uevviy. predicted at a nev.-s conference '.'esterda v that a do/en si-i-a; tor ; .i Irom the Northeast, the P,i;-i- i.'c^Coa.st "and a few from the in Verier ..vil! make their weight felt in _parly caucus. i Unless Tuft reverses his field. I hi; once more will oppose any plan ;to give the president standby p'ree |ControKs. He jnay go along—but jprooably only part of the w;.}-- hvilh promised white house sugges- i lions ofr broadening of social security coverage. \Vilson ty will be court here I The suit Wilson Nelson founder of the extensive mgs. The suit attacks ment under which two ol Wilson. Mrs. Victoria Wesson and Mrs. Marie llowells would receive th acre Victoria farm ¥1.000,000 in cash. Federal Judge T. C. Trimble, 'liter a hearing on a motion to dismiss a temporary injunction obtained by Nelson, yesterday tool- the motion under advisement and set the case for trial on its merits Jan. 11. Trustees of the Wilson estate R. K. L. Wilson, Jr.. and James H. C'rain, parlies lo the agreement wilh Mrs. Wesson and Mrs. Hu-.vclls also are defendants in Nelson's .suit. Helena, Dec. '21 — M>i — A Negro was shot to death on a bus near Melhvood Saturday night, Sheriff Edgar P. Hickey has reported. Hickey identified the slain man as Howard Hoy. He said Roy was I shot by the bus driver. Shelby * IBeith. whose brother Bob owns the bus line. The sheriff said Shelby Beith reported Roy attacked him and attempted to take his pistol when he asked the Negro not to use profanity. Hickey said four bullets struck ; Roy, three lodging in his body and Top Radio Programs' New York, Dec. 21 — i/Pj — Tuning tonight: NBC — 7 This is Your Life; fi Bob Hope (:::«) Fibber and Molly; 9:30 People are Funny 10: U Morton Downey song. CBS — 7 Mystery theater; 9 Hit the Jackpot; 9;;;o Morey Amsterdam. ABC — 7 Yiailh Asks the Government 7:30 Town Meeting: 8:45 i Detroit Symphony: !)MS Serenade^) Strings. I MBS — 7 Geo. O'Hanlon 7:30 j Detective Yarn; 9 American For urn. Joseph of the :'ar:-i hold- ail agree- daughlers Wilson Wilson 7.700- property and roof. No charge has been filed Beith, Hickey said. Wednesday items: _ NBC -- y a.m. Fred Waring Unas music. ' CBS — 3 p.m. Hint Hunt. ABC — 0 a. m. My Story. ' MRS— 10:45 a.m. Laiiney Ross. Man Held for Exporting a Bomber Miami. Fla.. Dec Tlu.- FBI today held Miamian who is Brownsville. Tex.. with exporting ;m A .-) () i,,,,,,)^^ c.'ii:u:ua for use in an abortive revolution. I.'. .->. Commissioner Roger Davis, ordered a hearing for Jan. 10 in lhe case of .lames G. Hurst and sei Loud al JjTiOD. Custom:; agents sciiecl tile bomb ji-r here May 7 when Hum attempted to return to this country from ;Guatema!a City. He allegedly bau ;JJO'.W! the bomber into central [America from Brownsville Jan 1 | The plane carried 15 100-poun-i , bombshell cases destined for use | in an uimici-i-'ssful Nicaragua!! re- jvolt, the customs officials said. tl We are set up to sell Churches, Schools and industries Candies... Nuts... Fruit Wholesale prices. No charge for packaging 207 S. Walnut Phone 447 I

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