Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1948
Page 3
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Tuesday, December 21, 1948 HOP! STAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS Poao ThrcQ ersonal I, I- Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. | ( Wednesday, December 22 rivo Wednesday night to join Mr. Invitations have been issued to and Mrs. Elmer Brown in a holiday honor Miss Efl'io Klise Hyatt, at I visit with their parents. Mr. ar.d the home of Mrs. B. E. McMahen. jMrs. M. T. Lawrence in Commoice. Wednesday, December 2!! from 2 to Texas. 5 o'clock. Hostesses will be Mrs. Finloy Ward. IVtiss Ruth McLain. Miss Carlcne Binner. Mrs. Fo.y Hammons, Mrs. 13. E. McMahcii. Friday Music Club HWds Annual Yuie Party %he Friday Music Club met Holiday night in ihe Hope Country Club for its annual Christmas party at 7:30 o'clock. Miss Carlene Bni- ner, Mrs. Henry Hay.ies. Mrs. Basil York were hostesses for the evening: , Tlie Club IT,use was very attractive, with Christmas decorations and gifts were exchanged Irom the-beautifully lighted tree. Each member and guest was presented a clever corsage of greenery, tied with' red ribbon and silver balls iw'<*ii their name. Mrs. J. 13. Cooper directed the many nuiscial games and prix.es ,venl to Mrs. K. S. Alexander, Mrs. B. Vf. Edwards, Mrs. Edwin Stewart,- Mrs. James McLarLy. and Mis'S Mary Louise Keith. A'deliglUful sandwich and dessert plate carrying out the Christinas; mov.if was served to J~> ineniber;; ami, two guests, Mrs. ](.. H. Hcrrod and Mrs. Maude Ho:;s. Methodist Classes tc Sing Carols Wednesday p. m. T;,O Mc'.hcd' Miss Millie Bnvce will arrive Thursday from Dallas to spend the Christmas holidays with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Boyco and sister. Mrs. Ollace Rider and Mr. Rider. She will be accompanied by her cousin. Luther Brunson of Dallas, who will bo guest in the Boyee homo. .•? of the caroling nber ;!.'!. church ail bo,-s Creek Church Starts 28 A Winford Boyco. student at. Magnolia A & M College will arrive Thursday to .spend the holidays with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Bovcc. i)g '\V . Crc The Doctor Says: By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NEA Service Polycythcma is a disease in which there is a large and lasting increase above normal in the number of red cells in the blood. Sometimes the number of red cells may lie more than twice normal. Its cause is not known. In a way it is the opposite of anemia. The most striking symptom is a brick-red blushing of the face and hands. The diagnosis depends on finding an enlarged spleen and on the increased number of cells by the usual count- DOROTHY D!X Whet Good's a Husband? I Lost Purses, Chap. 1. I Throe years ;igo. a purse 'tnhiing $30 was taken from Iback seat of Frances Ann Grif- con-1 fith's cabin Stuttgart. The other the'.day, the purse was lou'nd—empty. start j observing rreck i red blood Mrs. D. B. Thompson will have as holiday guests, her children. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Boyett of French Lick. Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Brown of Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Alex V. Thompson of Chicago. David 13. Thompson of Bay Min- otle, Alabama, and hnr sister, Mrs. H. V. Tedford of Prescott. building. The public is invited. U. to Morning Party ' Elizabeth Compliments Wilson Mr. and Mrs. p". E. Howson leave Friday to spend Christmas with their son. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Howson. Jr. in Tyler. Hospital Notes Miss Marion Mouscr entertained with, a morning parly Tuesday at JO: 30 o'clock in the home of her mother, Mrs. H. M. Mouscr. lor thc'-pleasurc of Mits Eli/abcth Wilson' 1 bride elect of For Hammons. Jr."' T|ie Mouser home was beautifully decorated in keepin;; \viih tho Yule- Hope. tide. , season. The hostess prc-seiil- ed .the honurce with a lovely camellia. corsage and gilt. • The hostess was assisted by Miss Nell 1 Louise Broyles and Miss Betty Effjins in serving delightful refreshments to 25 guests. Josephine Admitted: Master Dean Bycrs Hope. Miss Lou Noble. Hope. Mrs. Wood Nash. Hope. Discharged: Don Parker. Hope. revival n December :W, Church at Gu: i-iiscy with tile Rev. | ing methods with a microscope, plnislcad and the Rev. Worthcy | Headache, giddiness and incapac- in charge. Tho meet will be held i ity for customary work arc. in ad- in the newly completed church i dition to the peculiar flushing of the skin, the most common symptoms. Many treatments have been tried for polycythemia. including the removal of some blood from a vein. Repeated small bleedings is probably the oldest form of treatment. Several drugs aimed at destroying the excess red blood cells have been used with some success. X-ray treatments also have been tried'. New Treatment A new preparation called radioactive phosphorus has been used with great success. The use of this substance for polycythemia is the first proved contribution of atom- smashing and nuclear physics to the healing aspects of medicine. Phosphorus is an element. Radi- | Di -ar Dorothy Dix: What's tin- good of a husband anywav? | CYNICAL' Answer: Well, there are many things about a husband that make him worth his board and keep and a desirable household ornament. In the first place, a husband is necessary {or the making of a home. Inasmuch as all that most men do in their homes is to knock things about and drop cigarette arhes on the floor and i;;-owl over the bills, it looks as if they could be easily dispensed with. Such, however, is not the case. Somehow, it takes a man to give j flavor to a home and put some pep into a woman's house-keeping. The my husband cr'a/.y about the child, yet take care of her. Says lie nursemaid. He works hard He is ! won't i is no j in his ! K? itf IW New Shipment I work hard in our ] S, oon . Dec. "1 -— </P) — Gen. Douglas macArlhur reiterated j today lie has 1 no plans lo return to will | the United States. He intends to stay in Japan to "see Ihc job through." This i:iform.",iio:-i was relayed to tho Associated Prtss by a highly j placed Aliied headquarters official. [This official said there was "not a word of truth" to reports circulated in Washington that MncArthur had office ; home. i (J(J i Don't you think that it is just as i .ft '• niui'h his business to mind the I jyj) baby as it is mine? ' jj,i ; A WORN-OUT MOTHER ' gy> j Answer: I think your husband is ; {Jft i missing a lot of fun in not taking | £ I care of the baby an hour or two j JSp ! every evening, because there is ; j^ ! no other companion so fascinating j as a three-year old. They say cuter things than any grownup can think I of, and there is nothing more absorbingly interesting than watching tf communicated inan on when with President Tru- to. return home. Branch Discharged: Mrs. Joyce Boho, the drawing o£ card.-, with cvery- on-:.' receiving a useful gift. After rofrcsh.'ncni..--; were .serve'.! the club adjourned to meet 'n Januarv at (ho home of Mrs. Albert Smith. Coming and Going Miss Mary Jane Murra fville'. Ark. spent Monday jMiss Elizabeth PilkinUi.'i. jMui'ray will he one ni 'he iniajd.s in the Pilki'ilo Idinj; December 2!ith. Wallacehurg The Wallaceburg Home Demon- (slration Club had their annual i Christ mas Parly at the home of Mrs. Lige Bradford, December 10. The t'-ee was beautifully deeora- ted and the same color scheme was carried throughout the home. Everyone enjoyed the recreation- period led by Mrs. Lorraine Home Demonstration Miss Sophia Sue Tuesday morning for a i-.i iO^.F'ayettcviile and Siloai N.e.d White of Nash has; arrived for a ho with his grandmother. Bovelt and other relat 3Mr. and Mrs family of Atlan Bill of Nasii- j visiting lUiss le bri'ies- Lldlc. Wed- | B!:, c ;- v .. ooc < i Agent. i Ten members, four visitors seven children were present t;ifls were exchang-jd by all. A delicious plate of sandwiches, caUe and hot chocolate was served to those attending. Th;; ne:;t meeting will be at the home of Mrs. R, P, Horton, the fourth Thursday in January, and all members are urged to attend. and and Liberty Hill Mrs. C'lyd': Huckahee was hostess to thy Liberi.y Hill Home Demonstration Club's annual Christmas party. December i.'i The group sa:u; Silent Night and <he Christmas Story was given bv Mrs. W. H. Light.' After a short, business session conducted by the president, Mrs. L S. Wi'liam.s. gitls from a beautiful Christmas tree wore exchanged. A sandwich plat, 1 with coffee was served to li members after which the meeting w; ; s aciiouned to meet with Mrs. Irviii Bells in January. oactive phosphorus has been given Vo patients with several kinds of diseases; the results with polycy- themia proved to be outstanding. This method of treatment for poly- cythemia seems to be definitely superior to other methods employed in the past, though bleeding is still used. Radioactive phosphorus is still not easily obtained and it has to be given carefully, directly into a vein. When more is known about tho c-iu.se of the disease, still further improvement in the treatment can be anticipated. In this disease, however, we have the first good example of the beneficial results in the treatment of diseases coming from discoveries in nuclear physics and atomic research. TRY *Miss Saylor Unusual Candies : JACKS NEV/5 STAND Tlii.: Guernsey -1-H Club met at Guernsey High School December 3. 1D.4S. The meeting was called to order" by the president. Hazel Daugherty. A song was sung by ;he group. The .secretary, Katherine Powell, called the roll. We then repeated the emblem led by ihe 1 president. Ha;-.el 'Daugherty. 'Kath- j erine Powell, secretary, read the i niinvitos. Three new members. 1 James Erosions, Junior Dudney | and Virginia Koscnbauin were added. I Mrs. Lorraine Bluckwood, home demonstration agent, gave a demonstration on spatter painting. Byron Hucldleston, Assistant County Agent, gave a demonstration on breeds of livestock with special emphasis on the characteristics of the different breeds and their use. The meeting adjourned. Rocky Mound Tin; noekv Moir.-.ri Home Dem- onslraUun Clijo ni'H at (he home f.f Mrs. Tod Pur'J-o December 9. Eleven, membors. one visitor and M'i's. Lorraine Black'.vnorl. Home Demonstiv.tion Agr-r,t. was present. A nejnbei' c.^f gfi.'v;•'_•.-; was enjoyed by all. A short business meeting was held. Pl;:n.s were- made for fhe Christmas Cour.vil meeting. The club decided i'n.i to remember birthdays next year. Names will be drawn for :•>. secret pal in January. Three- birthdays were re- mciT'berfd this month. Christmas presents were exchanged. Delicious rofres!i:"i:°i]l:J wi'ft; served by iho hosk-ss. We will meet next month w.'th Mrs. F,. O. Rright. The demonsl'-aiion wili be making tailored belts. QUESTION: What could be wrong with a person who has no heart trouble but can feel his heart beating? ANSWER: This is probably purely a nervous reaction which doctors call "heart consciousness." Arkansas Has 47 Per Cent Gain in Cotton homes of widows and always seem to have a flat atmosphere, no matter how beautifully they are furnished. And it is notorious that lonely women nearly always are half-starved, because they don't think it worth while to get up a good dinner unless some man is to eat it. A husband is useful as a bill- payer. He is certainly handy to have around the house on the first of the month. Every woman who has to earn her own bread and butter envies her sister who can sit back pretty and let George do it. And a nice, housebroken husband makes the loveliest sort of a pet. He is far superior to a canary bird. Women Need Trouble A husband is well nigh indispensable as a source of secret sorrow, without which no woman is ever really happy'. Every woman has to have a trouble, even if she has to manufacture one out of whole cloth, but if she has a husband she has a genuine bonafide grievance right in her hand. If he drinks, or steps out of night, or has a hankering for women, she has something to weep over and talk over with Mother and the girls and her best friend, and that justifies her in her own eyes in going on an orgy of self- pity. And. failing all else, she always can have a husbond who j doesn't understand her. whereas i the poor, unfortunate spinster is > simply debarred from the rnartvr j role. " " I And perhaps the chief virtue that | a husband has in the eyes of the ! majority of women is that he keeps a woman from being an old maid and enables her to put those sacred letters MRS. before her name, which she covets more ihan she does all of the degrees handed out by universities. The possession of a husband —no matter what a poor, moth-eaten specimen of the genus he may be—saves her face among the matrons and protects her against their insulting sympathy. She, too. is of the elect. Id 'm-iids I tneir liulc minds unfold. i Anyw ay. dump the baby on your husband and go to your room and relax and read a good book. He will like it after he gets used to it. 21 Jewel Dear Dorothy Dix: Do all men. after they are marled, still seek the company of other women? 1 am on the verge of being married, but lately have heard so many rumors about different women's husbands having affairs that it has sickened me and made me afraid to marry. 1 don't feel that I could bear thai.' WORRIED Answer: Of course, all men are not reamers, my dear. You only hear about the bad ones, and nothing is said about the 99 out of 100 good, domestic husbands who punch the home time clock every evening of their lives, and who never even so much as glance sidewise at any woman other thhn their lawfully wedded wives. Don't be afraid to undertake one of the domesticated animals, and if you will be kind and gentle to him and treat him well and give him n pat on the head, it is a hundred to one shot that he never will wander away into forbidden pastures. ( Released by The Bell'Syndicate Inc. i Little Rock, Dec. 21 — f/P) — Arkansas had bumper crops this year, according to the crop reporting service. Miles McPeek, agricultural statistician, has announced estimated 1943 crop production is 47 per cent above 1947, that harvested acreage was only three per cent above 1047, that harvested acreage was only three per cent higher than last year, and that the estimated FLOWERS For All Occasions CHRISTMAS POT PLANTS Cemetery Decorations HEMPSTEAD NURSERY & FLORAL CO. S. Main Phone 236 A-S-R Lighters Both Table and Pocket Size for Men and Women Ladies of Genuine Pig- Skin. Lined wth Blue Faille. cmmce By Roberta Courflond Gramerey Pub. Co.~- Dislribulc'd by NEA SERVICE, INC^ FEATURES 2:00 - 3:06 - 5:30 - 7:29 - 9:23 Alexander Knox • P!ij Hi; T!in«!or Peggy Ana Gainer • lion Ramie!! |fl OamBMoyV.'liittyAlljncRobcrts ra Sweet Home Tlie Sweet Home Home Demonstration Club met December 17 at j the home of Mrs. W. E. Loe for its i Chi istnias party. Twenty-lour • lac nibers were present. One new j I nu.-nil.ier. Mrs. L. C. Floyd was | ' present. Mrs. Loe rend the devu- ! tional Luke 2.1-20. ; Homemade candy brought by Hie i mi. mbers .sokl fur r-,3.25. Collection ) was laki.'ii for fruit for the sick. i Gifts were exchanged and refreshments served. Centei- Point '1 .he Center Point Home Demons! r;i ii'.M; Club met at Ihe hoino of Mrs. M. T. llubbard for its Christinas Irec and party with nine members, ten children and three visitors present. The meeting-was called to order and MIY. McU'illiams led the devotional. 'J lie entire groun saim Si-i n( Night. Plans were made to attend the council Christmas parly. Et 11 call was answered by telling "What 1 Want for Christmas." In the absence of our reereatio'i- !e!ider we were led in games by Mrs. Scrub Mosier. pri/es goin: 1 , to Mrs. Fletcher Heed and Mrs. Bvron Cain]), 'i he presents were given out by I.ii'o seems bright i sixteen-year-old i.-:e big moment rap'.aiii ol the a!) learn. When j(.-criiiio t'orjrial- L- they iinish u:i:'.<'':; with llap- t very evening hlranf.',! 1 scene at Sy:-;;..n. hys- ihat Kin, , wants a is another Ties on. has to \\ K 1 wards. Ki'i n Merry where lie tells her tiier woman" leday Merry Merry but "I uighter for a then he said you to decide, You're pretty very dearly .you, but only me." >;:t I won't vour strik- 'Tuesday Feal'urci •2:00 - 4:1: .6:33 - 8:51 ^S^^^^^l^i^^f^ M4rfNllN&li JAKE POWELL WAI l.ACC BEERY Kin was silent ihen he got up f SfaHs — '''BELLE STARR'S Dear Miss Dix: \Vc have, a baby three years old who is the cause of perpetual argument between value of the crop is 31 per cent hi'-'hcr. i He listed estimated 1941! value of crops at S437,OOG,000. including cotton S.365.000.000; corn 848.000,000 rice $42.000,000; hay S33,000.(ino soybeans $12,000,000, and oats S9,- 000,000. Notice Place you^order now for a Holiday Supply of EGG.NQG MIX and with your.-Favorite Grocer or call OLIE'S:i>AIRY I'hone 938 New Shipment of I race! For Ladies and Children. With and without Lockets Many other Fine Gifts for Everyone on Your Christmas List Jewelry and-Gift Shop- Next to Barlow Hotel Phone 11 ^j^-^j; ^-^ "«3~2; "Tip?" Kin frowned, puzzled. She tilted her pretty shining j head and her young chin quivered. But her voice was steady, if husky, when she explained, "Tip Kennedy. He's my dream-date. He gave me this ring." She held out the little paw that was still slightly grubby, the fingers clenched tightly to hold in place the large class ring on which the light twinkled. Kin said, startled, "Engaged'.' But, Merry, you're too young." She nodded soberly. "Oh, we weren't going to be married until after I'd finished high—not for two more years. Only now I'll have to give him back his ring and break up." Penny Staples would latch onto Tip, of course. Penny, with her prelly litlle face that was so like a kitten's: Penny, with her predatory ways that could not leave other girls' dream-dales alone; Penny, \vlio had been pursuing Tip so shamelessly. "Oh, Lord," muttered Kin, and then pulled himself together and said wearly, "I'm sorry, darling —I couldn't possibly be sorrier. But I'm sure, if Tip really loves you—" "Tip (Said this afternoon he shielding wanted us to be married and be • like you and Mother and his dad and mother, because you were such ideal couples." Merry's small, accusing voice broke, and she set her teeth to fight tears. while, and came over S C t h is i Items. c for and to her and put his hand gently on her bowed, shining head. There was, for Merry, even in thai mu- .nient, a shred of comfort in her lather's touch. She had always loved him so deeply: and now the was learning a bitter truth she should have been spared until she was older, which is that only those we love can deal us irrevocable hurls. "1 have to make the midnight plane lor Washington, pel," said i Kin al last. "I'll have lo be leav- , It's a three-hour drive to the : Atlanta airport. I've made all ar- rai'.gLiiieius with Jeff Kayne. [' He'll gel in touch with Susan and i-llcnd lo everything. I've taken , care of all financial arrangement:.. | You won't have to change your ! way of living. 1 mean there'll be ; plenty for preliios and such." \ Merry hardened her volet- ami '. icr heart against his plea and sa;d "Thank you. Fallier." hesiiuU'd a moment. Sin- j .•Uhin, called him that, only ! very infrequent moments in .•lose and loving relationship ; she had been angry wilH ; But In- knew that she. liki- ; . was in nu shape for arju- And so lie only bent, kissed ; her head and Wciil out. link- later, still sitting iheie. | in her chair like a small. jL-rately frightened animal, hiu j rd the sound of his car, and : •i; she thought lhal she. might i i.-r again hear thai sound, or | touch, or his voice —it was like J .up knives dingin" deep; heart .... u lie Cuutiuucd) Be sore oncl Shop Owen's First. Take Wrapping, our

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