The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1934
Page 3
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OCTOBER 5, 1934 ~***^~-~-^~—mmm \-. AwotUle lilum DIXON MRS, RUTH . c • CRABTREE MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWs MODERN^HO Cooducttd for tbi» Mwipcptr in dw toUrwt of it* women reufor* by r«< tKOtBCt .These Table Mats With Crochet Border Are New Planning Makes asier and Produces Results 'Is in 'hlythevillc: >y limes IMTO you sesn iiisewile go to the tele'- I say: "Now lel' s six we have for dinner?'' hesilales, and luisgk^ "is aid of the grocer rs her evening's supply fess is unfair to the Is kept waiting at one, anil to (lie othar who? have come to the "P in person. BUI most haphazard method of unfair lo Ihe man of who is given haphazard Helps All is better off .if the carefully planned, a time, for tills advance x>rmlts the housekeeper n the use af leftovers; in ordering; saves time Ion, and results'iirbet- 3tieli a system takes only ites' time, sit doivn at with a notebook nnd your cook book at hand; nd tlie season and the the grocers and meat then plan breakfasts, ml dinners right thru Then make out your First grocery orders; order ! time; and order again Idle 'of the week; and iturday 'for Sunday, and ' morning. 'he notebook rather p pad of paper for once e.hote book the.menus > stay, and in a month u can repeal n whole us. and grocery orders k of offending with mp- ERls. At the "end "of a [have a valuable book of each of which may be ••c/'afiilly us is, or with pcation. V>al to Use v these facts: makers are milk, fish,, dristi-beans aiid pan»t. J MiUeV; cheese." these at least each *Tviii» s if the man ;or grown sons are rprs; or if growing chil- great deal of outdoors y foods, especially necd- r are cereals (including s, crackers, macaroni, loodles, bananas,. pud- :a. flour and cornslarcli wo of which should be ch men). energy foods, esnecial- n winter and for those lar work arc the sweets, f sweet sauces, jellies, andies, frostings, sweet uit compotes, plain sii- !l In tea, chocolate, cof- t each meal. 3(xls, or stored up en- :S|KCially needed lor do muscular work: all .ter, shortening, cream, ;r, top milk, salad oils, ork or bacon, fat. fish, I «ulhori{i«i on ill pfaue, o ( komt nuldnj Directions for' crocheting these cclcrful borders jre gum bUon. mats): mercer 3 ten, two one hundred red, sixty-six e, sport gi;en, 0 diet hook No. c or 7. One and one- third yards of natural color linen For Each Slat Mat: Cut. linen eight by twelve inches. Make a narrow hem Attach Spanish red along one edge. Make single crochet "over hem, « Shirley Ikes a Bow sausages/cream cheese, salad dressings, rich gravies, rich cake and pastries, nuts, chocolate, suet puddings, fried fpoBs. Two at each meal. . ; , i.1Snfc_,loois~;..g)i:green 'vegetables, rated- piants^'e'sp'scinlly; f ru its a rid dried fruits (except bananas) fruit Jimes and fruit ices, canned fruits whole grain iccreab. one or more at each meal. Roughage fowls include all the tonic;foods-and coarse breads such as graham and bran;, gritty cereals coarse-.vegetables such as ' onions and cabbage; all unpaired fruits and those full of seeds (such as fi?s) "'so bulky green vegetables. One • more al-eneti nrail. Liquid foods,' soup, lea, collee skimmed milk, buttermilk, C0 coa j.fri\it;drlnks, gelatines, ices, waterj fruits and vegetables. Two at •meal. : Protective foods, these are essential in tlie growing child's menu milk, butter, eggs, [rcsli vegetables and fruit, whole grains. Two al least for each meal. Balances This Menu A choice; from the above results, In a balanced menu; and any simple, but complete' menu automatically becomes a balanced menu if tins outline is-followed; for example fruit cup; broiled chops- green beans, macaroni or rice; whol- wheat rolls and butter; salad of lettuce and-raw vegetables; fruit pie- beierage; is a balanced meal. The-newest dictates of dietetic research advise the drinking of milk not with meals but three hours aflcr heavy menls; or one hour before heavy meals; and a gftss O f milk at bedtime. The milk is more Tcadlly assimilated this way; it al- for Ihejchaln one, single crochet over hem,! arc (four j repeat from * making single cro- : rt cotton, jchcts about one. eighth inch apart, of color |At corners make three single cro- Spanish chel in same space, with chain one indred six between. Chain one and join with dark: or- slip, stitch to first stitch, chain -'"-'—-one. : ; Second row: * Single crochet over chain-one, chaiii one, nnd repeat from • around. At corners chain three Instead of chain one. Join with the slip stitch to first stitch .of raw, chali^-pne. Third row. » single crochet over chain-one, chain one,. and repeat from * around. At, corners make three single crochets with chain one between, over chain-three loop. Alternate -second and Ihtrcl rows for entire mat; The color pattern is as fallows', three rows of Span- 'Ish red, one - row 'of ecru, three ji'ows of sport green, one row of ecru, three rows of dark orange, 1 one row of ecru, three rows of black, one row of ecru. The mat is finished with a row'ot Spanish red 'making a group of five picots I around the corners if desired. so gives the appetite a chance to indulge in more food .at the tntale. A choice of foods from the •above groiips also takes care of the: vitamins providing protective Vitamins, a.nd. UIOM essential for sound teeth especially. V *"• —MHS. GEORGE THUTiN. Four October Dinner Menus GREEN*f hiple, ai the ago of G, e hearts of movie fans, it Hie nge of eight tills picture siion-a icks as If she could tlio show In any plc- 2 Prospective 'child TOT ,tlils snapshot belay pen on tlie l nw n Temple liornt In Oxtail Soup, Crackers Droileil Ham Pickle Relis Striiiu Beans, Slulfcd Eggplant. Whole Wheat Brend Butler Apple Fritters Lemon Sauc Coffee Chicken Vegetable Soup, Cheese Straws Baked Liver Mashed Potntce Succotash Boston Crown Bread Prune Pudding Brown Sugar Sauce Coffee • * • * Tomato Juice Vegetable Dinner Creamed RIc noils and Butter, Jam Fruit in Gelatine, Crenm Cookies Coffee * • * Fruit Cup -Meat Pic New Peas Boiled Cabbage Com iXfuffins Butter Pineapple, Pear and Cream Cheese Salnd Cup Cakes, Chocolate Icing Coffee Grapefruit and Pear' Salad Separate the sections of a large grapefruit, skin each section and "-move seeds. SprinWc lightly with French dressing which has been sentence! with paprika, salt nnd pepper. Use halves of v fresh pears or canned pears. Dress lightly with the French dream" after cutting each half into three lengthwise sections. Arrange the grapefruit nnd pear sections in the salad bo«-l or on individual nests of crisp lettuce leaves, garnish wiilr rings of green pepper and- chopped green mint cilleries.. Dot wjth mayonnaise. • ' MRS. NANCY MRS. GEORGE THURN MRS. EMILY M. UUTZ MRS. J.1PATSON SHOCKLEY MRS. FRANCES NORTHC10S3 j Childruii Will Eal Vegeiable MILK 7s Saje e?h, wholesome, uniforni-- t'liis is tlie rnilk for your children. And it's clieap! Phone 1515-P2 Don't Puss U|» These RAG RUGS 17" x 19" oval Rn g R ugs ' made from frosli clean coL- ton-rags. Firmly braided and well sewed Sat. ami Mon. Only 25c BEN FRANKLIN STORE Corner Main & liroadwny A thin coating of chromium Here Arc Rccincs Thai Will Help to Keep DC- mane! Safisfiec! Qel out (lie. cooki,' jar ft nd ])n , pare to nil It, for Uu'so n-ciiies HIT some of the best. Some are for I school lunch boxes, fome f or nf . j tomooii ten, ollicrs you win W aiU ' for hrldee parlies; n u ,y j, 0 wllll Ihc pnrfall or Ice M-rvecl afler dinner. These choctilnio cookios arc CM»clnlly cnod with m i n( , 1(;1 , cream: One half cup .Miorinilnf; one cup KmnuluU'd Misnr; one cgu' three < squares or ounces ot unsweetened chocolate; uvu cups of flour; two teaspoons Inking powder; one fourth U-asiwon suit; one fourth cup milk;' inarshmnliows. Blend tlic.sliortonlii!> and sugnr; ndd the chocolate melted and with aeatcii egg. Sift tho flour with the baking powder mui salt and ndd with the milk', When well mixed set (n the refrigerator for two hours, or over ntelit. lioll ont, cut In oblongs, aiid on lop of each place one half ninrslnnallow, Sprinkle with granulated sugar and hake in a quick oven, -100 degrees, eight to twelve minutes. C'ocoimt Cookii's One cup coconut; out- and one half cups • granulated sugar; three fourths cup shortening; one hull cup milk; two • eggs; two tablespoons baking powder; one half teaspoon vanilla; two cups flour. Blond the shortening nnd SHBKI' logclhcr, add beaten e»cs; sift the flour mid linking powder. Then ndd to the shortening mixture. Stir In the coconut nnd flavoring. If nccessaryvto ndd more flour lo make n dough which «-i|i roll out,! add a little inore. Sprinkle toavof cookies with coconut and powdered sugar. Bnkc In a hot oven, -100 degrees, ten to twelve minutes. Vccaiv Cookies One half cup shortening; one half cup pranulatcd sii'jar: "one cup chopped -pcttm meals; one teaspoon cinnamon; three egg yolks; one and •'! one half cups of flour; two teaspoons baking powder; nne Iwilf -': teaspoon vanilln. Blend shortening an;| su»ar, add CRK yolks. Sift ..flour and bakliv; nowder and add the cinnamon. Stir in nuts ami /lavorincr. Blend ; lull ™ll!toKctlie?;'Lct':the doiiRli'set -In the refrljjeralor for livo houre .Then -roll put,.. Cut, bnish with I white of egg, nut) sprinkle with granulated sugar. l!ake in a hot oven, 400 degrees, for ten to Uvelvc minutes. ; Horiey Jirnn Conldrs Two Inblesuotms .shm-tcinnj- one half cup strnined lioiicy tiro ew one fourth teaspoon salt; one half cup. .flour;' one cup )„•„„; (l ,, e ! fourth ..teaspoon soda; two ten- ^nia M;i>ci'iiais- nnivlilfs the rouiiilitllvn for u m-.nn 'sauce lh:il linni'cs. Hie veeelalile dinner. BY MAIIY U. IWOUr, N'KA .Service stall' Writer l-'or children' wlio won't, <?al their potables, nothing | s more helpful than Ihc vegetable- plate. Tills oddly paradoxical statement may bt> proved by the simple method of trying it out. in the first plncc-, If you have only vegetables, natiirnlly the chtl- drai will eat iluih- vegetables or go hungry, and i h llv e yet lo sec li:e heathy boy or girl who will voluntarily go without food li' there is anything to' cat within rnngo. Then In the second .place, the vegetables for n vegetable plate arc usually prepared with more varle- ty and care and served morc at- Inicllrely Ihnn the onre Hint «c- cainpuny Oie regular meal meals. C'fltilllloH'cr Is hi season-now and \villl be In market, and treasonably jening nnd honey, add the eggs un- Iviusn. sift Umir, K0 dii, baking l"p'"tlci- nml cliinimion and salt, and ndd lo first mixture. Bent well, I. >i|> i/" STOoiifuh on n cookie sheet rubbed with shortening. Bake They also furnlsli desirable contrast in texture, color and shape. With onions to contribute a savory high-light the- vegetable plate Is complete, full of contrasting colors nnd Jlaviirs and nllogctlicr nal- Cuullflotver In riquant Sauce One fine head of caulldowci, ;>. lulcgpoonjs butter or butter Mib- slllulc, a tablespoons Hour, 1-4 cup wulw cauliflower wiis cooked In 1 cup milk, 1-2 Lrnspoon salt, 1-8 lea, £]roun white pepper, 4 tablespoon! heavy mayonnaise-. Trim cauliilower nn<l soak, head down, hi salt water for thirty mhi- ules, Cook, head up, In tailing salted water for thirty minutes. This Is Important bmniso the utnlks of caiillllovcT require longer cook- Ing thiin (lie tender top nml It's very easy to over-cook pail of It before the oilier part is done. Dialn nml reserve 1-4 cup water for snuc" Melt bnlter or oilier fat and sllr In Hour. Add milk slowly sllrrlno constantly and then add cauliflower water. Cook and sllr until thick and smooth, remove ! from flic and stir In mayonnaise, nddlng mayonnaise slowly ,and slliring con-' stanoy.v Don't try tu use plain salad dressing h, i),l s recipe, n iriic mayonnaise mint v, 5 \fM\, ]j olir sauce over cauliflower and serve. Slice the loimtloes, dot with butler and bi-oll quickly fhst on onu side nnd then on the other. Cook, carrots hi . boiling salted water for ten minutes. When good friends meet Crj-slal stem-ware on your inbb ),cl. ls make the. occasion more ilcligmn,!. Our rliick includes cocktail glasses, shcrliuts, • rslart plalK, rc i is i, ,1^,,^ mn(]|( . ^.^ and center bowls. A Complete /,ine of I'opula'r Priced Gifts PAT 0'BRFANT, Jewele Expert Watch Repairing -always well groomed CLEANERS HATTERS TAILORS s^ HRERS *'£*£•" FINISHKRS v, f,- '^ ,: y/ through the con- slant, use of Hudson denning ami tailor i n g service economical but thorough. W C invite YOU to try Hudson siir- } Ice We are as ncnr to you as your telephone. PHONE 53 HUDSON-TAILOR SHOP of the most satisfactory vegetables lo iiss In combination with other fall vegetables, loo, and If It's cooked nnd sirvcil to perfection It's beautiful nn well as delicately Ib- vored. Don't l-'orucl Timnitws Another vegetable that wo want to make the most ot right now is Ite tomato. Tomatoes will be gone soon enough except for the canned ones nnd nothing ndils mor c pl- qimncy in n vegetable platter. Tiny new carrots iJ:e colorful, nnd, being mlld-tlavored, BO with everything. Autumn vegetables arc .sirong juiced and-it's nccc-ssnry to | Include one- or two mild flavored r vegetables, in every combination. I Laic green beans" add nn Inviting touch and are m tld llnvored, too. orange juice nnd i Serve the onions slmmcicd In water lo which chicken bouillon cubes have been aiWed. calculate 1 culxs to 4 onions. Cook beans in boiling salted wa- ler nnd serve simply dressed with suit. iwppcr and butter. Savory Omen Bean' Salad Cook green biia'ns until lender. . rennrc enough to make 2 cups' add a tablespoons chopped grceii pickle. 1 onion minced fine, I cnn- m-'d pimlenlo, mliiced, V- cup may- mmnlse which has been blended with 1-3 cup chill sauce. Mis, chill and serve on lettuce leaves. Read Courier News Wane Ads \UALITY APPLIANCES JL.OW Prices i ADJUSTABLE AUTOMATIC WK1NKLE-PROOF IfON The Last Word In Electric Irons* Finger-tip Cot'llrol of adjustable temperature. Wrinkle-Proof Round lied. TV.pcred Point nml Beveled "''••"i. Chromium Ptiuc. $4.95 AUTOMATIC WAFfLE MAKER Adjitstfiblc — Light, Medium or Dark. Soft signal light tells when to pour batter unil when wnflics ore rently to serve. Bcataifullv Pnncllccl Top. Chroi;ilum i*lntc. c $7.50 . . f. 704 tmee ns the UNIVERSAL Q-U-A-L-l-T-y. COLONIAL- PERCOLATOR " HIGH-SOX PATTERN . Mnkca perfect dclp coffee . ruitornatically —ttic.waicr drips Hsit hcnts.'' 7ciip'cnpnc- Ity. P/incllcd Body'arid Spout. Chromium PUte. , , '••'.$7.95 ' HOUSEHOLD IRON An exceptionally well constructed Iron for gcncrnl household purposes. Finely tapered point =r.J beveled edge*. Nickel Plated. 52.75 ' TURN-EASy TOASTER One of the most beautiful of nil Turn-Easy Toasters. At- tractire piercing on bread racks and top. Sides, bottom and toppanelltd. Chromium $2.95 LOW-BOy . WAfFLE MAKER Bakes golden brown wafflej eiactly to your taste. Heat Indicator tcll»' when to pour batter. 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