Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1938
Page 3
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Thursday, October 13, 1938 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ABKANSAfl PAGE THREE The thread of happiness is spun From three things woven into one, Tho first winds ever through »nd In homely strength— something to do; The second gleams like" stars above; A radiant thread— something In love. The third entwines them both in power — Something to hope fur, hour by hour. The happiness in etich sure purl Lies within reach of every heart.—Selected. human Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Kouton Jr.. and little daughter of El Dorado were Wednesday guests of relatives mid friends Mr. untt Mrs. Ben Turner, who have been guests of Mrs. Florence Turner nnd the J. M. Harbins for the pas week left Thursday for their home in Paratjould. —o— The- John Cain chapter, D. A. It. hclc UK OclolH-r nwtiiiK with a lunchcoi on Wednesday, October 12 ,-it the home of Mrs. Chas Itaynes West Second .street, Mrs. Kline Snyder as joint hostess. For the occasion, the iitlrac- live Hnyncs home was beautifully dcc- oratod with vases nnd baskets of lovely curly flowers, whose brilliant color- ngs nddcd much to the setting for this he initial meeting of the thnptci •ear. Tlic meeting opened with tho salulc. o the flag followed by the Aincricm Jrced and the Lord's Prnycr. Hie opening ritual was led by the regent Mrs. Chns. Locke. During the business meeting til Registrar, Mrs. Wilbur Jonc-s an nounced that the papers for two pros peclivc members, Mrs. H. L. Scare of Lewisville mid Mrs. H. M. LaGron Jr., were pending. The regent »m nounced that dues would be collcctc next month, in order lo facilital national and state reports. Mrs. Cha.s. Haynes and Mrs. Lock reported high lights from the sla board meeting held in Little Roc September 20, all committee ehairnic were urged to cooperate with tl plans formulated at that lime. Mrs. J. G. Martindnle read n Icttc from the state regent, Mrs. Chits. Mi cr. in which it was stated that tl state- society would cooperate in t ilnivs for the Arkansas exhibit at t York Worlds Fair. 'arents, Teachers Organize, Bodcaw 0 Mothers Are Present at Reorganization Meeting There The IJodcaw Parents Teachers Asso- intion reorganized September 2C, will) Check COLD A r cold, the first sign of a . make up your mind to avoid as much of the sniffling, sneezing, soreness and stuffy condition of your nostrils as possible. Insert Men tliolritum In each nostril. Also rub it vigorously on your chest. You'll be delighted with the way Menlholattim combats cold misery and helps restore comfort. COMFORT Dmlly The constitution and by-laws of t chapter were read by the organizi (•Hunt, Mrs. Cluis. Hay lies. The prt ident's message was read by Mrs. J. Battle. A most interesting rcp< given from the historian. M Mary Carrigan, and a report on the Famous Musical Sea Lion Band 0 mothers present. The following officers were elected: President, Mrs. Claud McConnell; vicc- >rt-sident, Mrs. J. B. Silvcy; secretary- reasurer, Mr.s. Dclma Whitten; hospi- ality committee, Mrs. Maud nrner, vTrs. Perry McCargo, Mrs. J. B. Silvey, Mrs. Lnla Johnson, Mrs. Lois tussell, and Mrs. J. II. Bridges. The grade mothers and olhcr com- niltces are yet to be selected. On October 7, the P. T. A. sponsored 1 picnic dinner which was served on tho school campus. A large crowd enjoyed this feature of the-gct-to- gclhcr. Twenty-seven books were donated to the library, and Supt. J. . Bridges told of the increase in library and laboratory equipment. About $350 have Won u;wd for the above purpose this school year. J. G. Cooper, science instructor, anc his students have expressed their ap prccintion to the school board for mak ing il possible for them to have ,1 good laboratory. Mr. W. II. Munn and J. B. Silvc> secretary of the board gave encourag ing talks on building our school. The large crowd in attendance en National Historical Magazine was given by Mrs, J. M. Houston Mrs. E. F. McFaddin, program chairman Rave a must interesting travelogue of the McFmldin's trip through the South and West in June, her splendid dc.scriplion and happy presentation held the undivided attention of all present, making all want to sec America first. Tliis America discovered by Columbus just -\-VJ years ago. Oclover 12. The meeting closed with the D. A. R. closing ritual. The next meeting will be held oil November !), with Mrs. J. M. Houston ;is program lender. The dinini; table was exquisite with it.s imported Mndoria covering, centered with a huge crystal bowl of colorful fall flowers, flanked by white Kindles in crystal holders. The four small tables were laid with Madeira ;md held small baskets of dainty flowers. Gnest.s sharing this delightful hospitality other than chapter members Captain IMckard nnd his assembly of musical sen lions, believed to lie the only sea lion band in existence, directed by "Teddy" al.so a champion juggler and bnlnnrcr will appear \\ilh Downie Brothers Circus coming to Hope for two performances at tin West I'ond Street circus grounds on .Saturday, October 22. <•> — Thrills, spills and .spine "chillers" | ing Mr. Sparks of his "find," and th joyed the program presented by W. r Bailey. Miss Gorfinc Tyc, and pupl from "the first and thrid grades direct ed by Misses Bussey and Caudle. The entire district was well represented and our school is making wonderful progress at the beginning of this new year which is due to the re the three words appuinlcclly dc- iiiindcd by the circus going public to- lay and likewise are the same three factors which are the basis of consideration given circus features being constantly .sought by modern circus managers of this day and age. Charles Sparks, manager of tin Downie Bros. Circus, which comes tn Hope on Saturday, October 22 for an afternoon and night performance considers these fundamentals for the engaging of his ualax of circus stars und with these essentials foremost in their minds, in addition to the entertaining value of the act. the circus scouts fur talent judge the worthiness of their "finds" by this basic rule. When a representative of the Downie Bros. Circus in Brussels, Belgium, witnessed the intrepid feats upon the silver wire performed by the Royal Five. European wizards of the wire, he sensed, by their presentation, the worthiness of this as a possible feature for the Downie Bros. Circus for it'.i new .seasonal lour. Cabl- U.S. Wage & Hour Law to Be Applied on Broadest Base nclucles All Plants Dealing Remotely in Interstate Commerce 25 CENTS"THE LOWEST Commissioner A n d r e \v e Outlines Law, Effective on October 24 of those goods. Therefore, except for exempted workers, "all the employes are included in the coverage, unless the employer maintains the burden of establishments, as to particular em- ptoyes,- that their functions are so definitely segregated that they do not contribute to the production of the goods for interstate commerce as those terms are broadly defined in the act." 5. Employes subject to the act are entitled to its benefits whether they perform their work at home, in the factory, or elsewhere. C. The act is not limited to employes working on an hourly wage. Workers must be paid at the rate of no' less than 25 cents an hour the firs year. "This does not mean that em- ployes can not be paid on a plec*« work basis after October 24; it merely means * * ' that whatevaf the basis on which the workers art paid, whether it be monthly, weekly* or on a piece-work basis, they must receive at least the equivalent of the minimum hourly rale." Cemetery Working The Anderson grave yard three miles south of Spring Hill will be cleaned next Thursday, October 20. Persons having relatives buried there arc urged to meet at the cemetery and help in Ihc work. Frogs are amphibians, but frogs' legs are classed as fish. _ school spirit existing among the |)»- truns, school board members, teachers and pupils. The president, Mrs. Claud McConnell, who is an enthusiastic leader explained the needs of our school and urged the interest of till patrons to be centered on the up-buildinfi of it. The next P. T. A. meeting will be 3 Big Days - - Thur.-Fri-Sat. [John P. Cox Drug Co. IcSALE held in the auditorium October Id. at p. in. An intercsling program will be Riven at this time. possibility of having this international ly famous contingent of wire walker under contract as an exclusive feat ure of his circus, he was advised t contract the act, regardless of casts o salary, if, in his trained mind the ac was truly and really as sensational a he described it to Mr. Sparks. Ar rangomenls were made for the migra lion of the Royal Five to America and with their properties i.nj personal pnrnphnnalia the troupe arrived in this country preparatory to tho opening of the Downie Bros. Circus for their initial bow nnd public appearance in America with this big show. Two handsome boys and three Continental beauties comprise the personnel of this act and the speed, poise and agility with which they perform hazardous and tricky stunts upon the slender silver wire make them easily one of the outstanding features of this big show's international conclave of arcnie stars. The feat of one of the male members of leaping clear of i table above the wire is a real feature. Teacher's Appeal (Continued from Page One) Houston Stewart Chamberlain, who had borrowed them from one Count Gobineau, a Frenchman. His "Sociiil- Ihorc arc more than 2.800.000 telephones on farms in the United States! About 4-1 per cent of the total number of farms in the country have them. he borrowed from one Gottfried Feder. an exponent of spurious Marxian theories. His pan-Germanism he borrowed from the people among whom he spent his childhood and youth. Jt is even said that he borrowed his powerful slogan, "Germany Awake!" from an unfrocked priest who used to preach it after the war. A former intimate of Hitler's quotes ~ITCrnsl Richm. one of Dcr Fuehrer's of Fort first adherents, as saying. "Though he Fire Prevention Week Is Observed Schools and Hope Fire De partment Take Part in Drills Here but he speaks in his book of "people's Mr -md Mrs W Q Warren will be weakness nnd bestiality." and believe.' )K,st.s ibis week-end at a reunion of i the crowd is "the representative o family, Mr. and Mrs., Don ; .stupidity and cowardice. Yel he i; Olafien ABDG Capsules 2 For "Certified" 5 Grain ASPIRIN TAJUXTS 'i llottles of 1W> 41c S1.26 L'Adomui Face Powder TU-g. 50c Sizo 2 For 51c "Certified" Mineral Oil and Altar 2— IG oz. Bottles $1.01 1 j niiacicipniii, * "•« u "- -."i—^— —, M Thursday night. They will be joined repeat. on Kridav night by Mi.ss Allcne War- From his convention-hn 1 approacl mil of Newton N J U will indeed be' Hitler carries this over <o his personal, Mike a homecoming to the Warren clan,'life. There is no such thine as a con- 'for Ihcv are closely associated with versnl.on wi.h him. This visitor sits 'Hope in her early days, their father I still while Hitler pours out words. Colonel E. A. Warren having edited ( more words, millions of words, but the one of Hope's earliest newspapers. He .same old ideas. also edited papers in Prescott and Texarkana. Those sirens you heard Thursda were test runs of the Hope Fire De jartmcnl to the various schools as on f the features of Fire Prevcnlio Week. The schools also are taking wirl in the program with fire drills. The test run to Oglesby school required one minute and 25 seconds. Students evacuated the building in two minutes and DO seconds. The test run to Paisley school required one minute and 48 seconds. Students cleared the building in one minute flat. The te.sl run to Brookwood required one minute and 56 seconds, students cmpling the building in one and a half minutes. Firemen pointed out statistics which showed that 10.000 persons lose their lives annually in the United States because of fires. Tho total damage is estimated at between $300,000,000 and WO.000,000 annually. rc/i~\. Combination Water Bottle and Fountain Syringe 2 For Hitler, despite his power of speech, murders his own language. Educated people are amused by his uso of Gcr- The OKle.sby P T A. will hold its'man. U is said that even today, school- firs-t meeting' of the school yea,- at boys snicker when :.in Friday afternoon, October M at study the required f-x-hool. H is urged that all Cold Tablets "Success" Brand 2 For 26c 1 Minute V K V E II Tliermomter 2 For $1.26 1 I'O DO After Shave LOTION (i oz. Bottle CASCARA, Aromatic, 2 oz. TOOTH ACHE GUM, Pain Ease RUBBING ALCOHOL, Pint Bottle SUCCESS KIDNEY PILLS 2 for 26c 2 for 16c .2 for 41c 2 for 61c they begin to 'Mein Kampf." But Hitler, who must be aware of this mthcra and "interested friends attend failing, is indifferent to il. He is not titcrestcd in "the esthetes," the "blast- ittle people." His book asks, To whom should propaganda appeal'.' To the scientific mtciligenUsia or to the less educated masses?" Hitler's success is the answer lu that. nis meeting. "Kellers" SYKUP FKiS oz. Bottles ASPIRIN T A B L li T S Mottle of 100 "Tyson Rubber Gloves PEROXIDE, Hydrogen, Pint Bottle ASPIRIN, 5 Grain, Tin of 12 2 for 36c 2 for lie Almond Lotion 6 oz. Size 2 Tooth Powder ••Certified" I\TH,K of MAGNESIA Orliss Tooth Paste Fine Quality HAIK BRUSH 2 For co u i ON: Vi-lout Powder Puffs COUPON! Mclal Mesh Pot. Cleaners COUPON! •M-St. Roll WAX PAPER COUPON! "Huss-Tcx" TOILET TISSUE 5MMIGG THURSDAY-FRIDAY "HOLD Comedy! HA I Thritls COED" FOOTBALL •—ALSO—• IN PERSON KING KONG KELLY Will Present the Saenger Softball Trophy Tomorrow: The success story of Adolf lUtlev. Nogro Singing Mwt An all-day singing and liomccomint, day will be held Sunday, Octobt-r 16 at the Garrett Chapel Baptist church The Rev. F. R. Williams, pastor, wil preach at 11 a. m. He announced lha pci'sons who need transportation to ge in touch with him. THURSDAY-FRIDAY Brought Back ! RUDOLPH VALENTINO SCREENS GREATEST LOVER "SONoftheSHIEK" WE ARE PREPARED To Do All Kinds of Cold Storage and Meat Curing COMMUNITV ICE & PRODUCE CO. Phone 350 for Particulars TODAY & FRIDAY KATHEKVN HEPBUKN CARY GRANT —in— "Bringing Up the Baby" PLUS COMEDY AND CARTOON SAT. 1st Time in Hope GENE AUTRY —in— "PRAIRIE MOON" with SMILEY BURNETT No. (i "UNDERSEA KINfiDO.M" Andy Clyde Comedy—Cuil.nm Preview Sat. lip. m. SUN.-MON. JESSIE MATTHEWS Roland Young—Jack Willing in _'SA!LING ALONG' Just Unpacked New Barbizon SUPS LADIES Specialty Shop Firemen also said that alarms sent rora schools in the United Stales' vcragcd five per day. For the pasl 15 years tho local fire iss averaged $25,000 per year. The 15-year average shows GO calif nnually. WASHINGTON—(/TV-Elmer F. An drews, wage-hour administrator, said Wednesday thai congress intended the "widest possible application" of the labor standards act to interstate commerce. "The administrator in interpreting the statute for the purpose of performing his administrative duties, should properly lean toward a broad interpretation of the key words, 'engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce," he said in his first interpretative bulletin on the act which becomes effective October 24. Outlining generally application ol the law, Andrews said the statute docs not give him any general power lo is- uc rulings including industries eilhei within or without its scope. Most o ie interpretations of the law whic) nay be made, he explained, will in- icalc only constructions which woulc guide him. "This bulletin," he added, "docs no leal with the various important ex cmptions provided in the statute. Som if these exemptions arc sclf-exccut ng; others call for definitions an classifications by the administrate) is to which announcements will be nadc as soon as possible.'' 25 Cents Hour Minimum This summary uf the bulletin was prepared by Die office of his general lawyer: 1. The act requires workers engaged in commerce or in production of goods for commerce to be paid a minimum wage of 25 ccnth an hour beginning October 24. But. it "becomes an individual mutter as to the nature of the employment of the particular employe." The first category of workers included in the act applies "typically but not exclusively" to employes in i the telephone, telegraph, radio and transportation industries and in warehouses the storage facilities of which are used in interstate distribution of goods. The second category applies, for example, to workers in manufacturing, processing or distributing plants a part of whose goods moves out of the .state where the plant is located. "This is not limited merely to em- iloyc.s who are engaged in actual ihysiciil work on the product itself be- ause by express definition (in Ihe act) n employe is deemed to have been engaged in the 'production of goods,' if uch employe was employed in producing, manufacturing, mining, handing, transporting or in any manner working on such goods, or in any process or occupation necessary to the Muster Army as (Continued from Page Cne) ^/.echoslovakia's new foreign nun ster, Frantisek Chvalkovsky, woul •each Berlin Thursday morning fo .itlk.s with Foreign Minister von Rib bentrop. An entire Hungarian army corrw o -iboul 12,000 men moved into the regio to strengthen Hungarian position Czechoslovak troops kept a close watc on their .side of the border. Steel and barbed-wire barriers still blocked the Danulw river bridge which coiuiects the two sections of Komarom. iroductiori thereof, in any state." "Therefore, the bc-nefiUs of the slat- ite arc extended to such employes as niiintcnance wirkcrs, watchmen, clerks, stenographers, messengers, all t whom must be considered as engaged in processes or occupations necessary to the production' of Ihc (.nods." Emn|r..vcs of Ihis nature arc in'ces.sar.y or el.sc "they would 112! be cm the pay roll." All Employes Affected 4. The act says proof that a worker (way employed i in a place where goods shipped or sold in commerce were produced, within 90 days before removal of such goods, shall be prima facie evidence that that worker was engaged in production Bobcats Will Face (Continued from Page One) tune football the past three weeks, will be in their own neck of the woods this Friday, and despite reports o three first-stringers injured, ought to whip Paragould by a count of 27 lo 0 Forrest City will be at home against Marianna, a team coached by Elwood Meadows, former Hope boy. Forrest C ily, we believe, will have too much n the ball and will win, 19 to 6. Clarksvillc will be host lo Mansfield, team we know nothing about. Clarks- illc. 21 to I). Nashville vs. Prcscolt Thursday nigh t Prescott. We pick Nashville, 20 o 0. Arkansas vs. Texas Saturday at Lille Rock. Arkansas', 14 to 7. Roosevelt Involved (Continued from Page Onei Real News!! For You We have bought the entire sample line of the LARGEST DEALER in the South, including— All Rinds of Art Glass Mirrors Gift Goods Toys Numerous Other Items for Xmas Gifts cd limiting Ihe amount to be rc-covci - cd for injuries resulting in death or fur injuries to persons or proporu. Being purely a "right-of-way" measure, Ihe proposed amendment —if adopted "-would le;:ve to the legisla- lure the re.il Ui.sk of drafting and passing an actual compensation measure. H Pond Street One Day Only SAT. OCT. These Gifts are priced FAR BELOW the price we would have to sell them for if they were bought in the regular way . . . also we can offer you a much better selection of CHOICE GIFTS. YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS THIS SALE FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS STARTS SATURDAY, OPT, 15th You Are Invited to Use Our SPECIAL LAY-AWAY PLAN Pay only ZOCr down and the balance December 20th . . . and at no extra cost we'll hold your gifts. Try this new and easy way to shop . . . no bundles to carry, no waste motion. SPECIAL CLO Adults 50c, Children 25c Government Cotton Loans Quick Service— Immediate Payment Colluu Classed by K. C.Brown. LJccnscd Govern- niL-nt Classci- in Our Office. Briant's Store West Second Street Phone 535

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