Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1938 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 13, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thuvsclay, October IP,, 1038 Star Star of Hope 1839; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18. 1928. __ Hope 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Published every we«k-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co, tac. IX E. Palmer & Alex. H. Wa«hbum), at The Star building, Z12-214 South ?«lnut street, Hope, Arkansas _ _ ___ _ C. E. PALMER, President AIJOC. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press )—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per ek tJkx £er month 65c; one year. »». By mail, in [He"Wd. Nevada, toward, M1U« and LaFayette counties, $3-50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member ot The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively •ntttfcd to the use for ^publication of .11 news dispatches credited to tt or credited in this paper and also the local news publ.Shrd herein. Is This What We're Coming tojnPolitics? t baw . s on Irlbntes, Etc.: Charges will be made for air fributes, «rds ,• -banks, resolutions, or memorials, ..oncoming the departed. Commercial *w*tMpeft hold M this policy in the hews columns to pro ect their readers •->..* » deluge of space-taking memorial*. The Star disclaims responsibility • he safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited ^ manuscript* _ "His Big Moment"— A Dramatic Fiasco It is a shame W say so. but it looks as if the great genius and mastermind of the Nazi military machine. Herr Hitler, had fumbled one. All along -we hove heard about Hitler's great sense of timing, about Ins psychological insight, which enabled him to know precisely when, where and how to strike, about the shrewd efficiency of is moves as compared with the slow and clumsy fumbling of the democracies. But a cool review ot this whole Czech situation indicates that Hitler mis- plaved his hand badly. t "The psychological moment, for Hitler, came r.t the he.ght of the Uurem- hcrg conference. Whether tie wanted victory by war or victory by pence, that was the hour when it was his for the taking. If he planned to be ruthless— to shoot the works, take on a big war. ami jmmble everything on a quick blow with what he hcs boasted of as the 'finest army in the world— that was his chance. Czecoslovakia was not yet mobilized. England and France, far from being ready for war, were conf\isecl and half-hearted. " Suppose, on the Other hand, that he wanted a bloodless victory: then that. too. was his for the asking. The Franco-British plan for surrender of the Sudeten territory was a distinct triumph for Germany. It could have been offered to the home folks as one more instance of n great gain made by the fearless Fuehrer, the man who could win whole provinces for the empire Without firing a shot. But Hitler chose neither war no peace. Instead he chose delay. The delay solidified anti-Hitler sentiment in the great democracies. It gave France and England time, not only to mobilize their war machines, but to rally their peoples and clarify their own minds. It gave Czechoslovakia, also, time to get its army ready and mass its people solidly behind a defiant government. The easy victory Hitler might have had a few days ago vanished forever during the interval. Furthermore, the delay took the edge off of the bloodless victory that could be had without war. For after fuming and ranting for a week, Hitler finally goes back and accepts what he was begged to accept in'the beginning. Hitler had all the cards in the deck, a week or 10 days ago. It Ls hard to avoid the conclusion that he has playedthem like a duffer. _ ^^^^ A Book a Day By BnK* Cfttton IIMftry Was Made Alionrd Ships A Rreat part of American history if written In the siiltxlriiined logs f her ships, and Frank C. Bowen, taking this cue. has produced the outstand ing naluical book of the season. Mr. Bowen has scoured the histories and the libraries and the famous ship collections of the world to put together "America Sails the Sefl.s" 'McBride: $.175). And the result is as graphic a portrayal of our life from the 15th to the 19th century as we shall likely see for a long time. The illustrations for Mr. Bowen's book have been taken largely from the collection of A.G.H. Mncpherson— said to be the finest collection in the world. They trace the saga of America on the water from the caravels of Columbus to the first great steamships—the Savannah the Curacao, the Sirius. Mr. Bowen has kept text episodic becau.se of these pictures, but it is none the less absorbing. So you rend along chronologically, or dip here and there at wil, taking up the story whereever it may please you. And what a story! You follow the early discoverers, the pirates, the buttles of the American Revolution John Paul Jones, the Serapis and the Bon Hum me Richard, the story of Homecoming Game Prescott Thursday Curly Wolves Cleash With Nashville Scrappers at 8 o'Clock PliESCOTT, Ark.—The Prsscott Hijjh School football team will battle the Nashville Scrappers at 8 o'clock here Thursday night in n homecoming game. The largest crowd ever to witness a gridiron contest in the newly erected plant is expected to he on hand to witness the nil-important clash between the two teams of long standing rivalry. To add to the interest of the grid Knme, Miss Florence Griinmett will be crowned Homecoming queen in an elnbornle ceremony. Couch Kugene "Bo" Sherman, former coach lit Henderson State Teachers College and Mcmticello A. & M.. will bring his Nashville aerial circus here with only one defenl chalked np against it in season's play. The only splotch on the Scrappers' record is a Dr. A. S. Buchanan Hurt in Collision Prescott Physician Sustains Broken Ribs and Head Injury PniKCOTT. Hr. A. S. Hut'limum. local physician, sustained three broken ribs and n minor heml injury Tuesday night when his car and a car snid to hnve been driven by John )(. Blcd- soe of Arkiidelphiii, collided on Ilii;h- wny U7 iibout ten miles north of Cur- don. Mr. Blcdsoe sufered several minor injuries, reports from Arkndi-lphin indicuted. Several negroes ridint! with Bledsoc also received minor injuries. The Occident \vns thought to have been cuiLsed when the TMed.soc ciir. traveling toward Arkiidelphiii. at- ternpcd lo pass a WUKOII und, .seeing thai there was not time to pnss the wngon In;fore meeting Dr. Buchanan. who Was driving towiird I'reseott. cut buck behind the wagon, running into the hack end of it and turning over in front of Dr. Buchanan's car. Both curs *l\j I II11 I I "I 1 HIV. VJV1 ll|i(JV I .T I *•*-vi xm 1.1 •• i I • \ I 20 to 20 beating handed them by the | were said to have been demolished. El Dorado Wildcats in a closely battled ] contest in which the Scrappers led at the half by n score qf 20 to 0. Tti contest the -strength of the Sher- manttcK. Coach 0. H. Story will place upon the field one of the strongest Freseott elevens in years that tasted To Spend V 2 Billion for Forest Roads whaling, the ntivy in the War of 1812 defent only once this s lid in world tarde and the ludcyon days of sail with the clippers. Whealher you've ever .seen n sail or trumped a deck you'll enjoy this book, und no collection of American could be complete witout it.—P.O.F. T. M. Re*. TJ. & P»t Off. wonder where made their mistakes, and why full- grown children are still immature mentally and emotionally, they might find the spot between twelve and fourteen when kindness and intelligence should I have contained a good admixture of | gentle pressure By DK. MORKIS FlSHBEDi ZtUtor, Journal ot the American Medical Association, Bad tt Hrfftia, the Health Magazine. Sleep at the Wheel Is Responsible for One Out of Every 100 Accidents (Tliis is the fifth of seven articles by Dr Fishbein discussing the causes,and prevention of accidents in traffic, in the home, and at work.) In addition to drink as one'of the chief causes of highway carnage, exhaustion and drowsiness at the wheel are exceedingly important. It is hard to find out after an accident whether or not either of the drivers was asleep at the time, but it is safe to say that at least one accident in every hundred is due to the fact the t the driver was asleep. People who fall asleep while driving man who had forgotten up too early •, in the morniug.-to make an appoint- j ment. '-•••» There are all sorts of ways to keep from falling asleep. Talking, singing, puffing a cigaret, chewing gxim are all helpful. More recently coffee, caffeine drinks, and drugs supposed to stimulate the mentality have been used, but there is no use in whipping a tired horse. Automobile accidents have been called the "great American gamble. Here if ever- the man is a fool who gambles with possession which, once lost, can never be restored. That means life. William C. Taylor Is Accepted by U. S. Army Homer Taylor, son of "William C. Taylor, Route 4, Hope, has been accepted through the Texarkana Army Recruiting Station and enlisted for service with Infantry, Fort Sam Houston. Texas. Additional vacancies still exist both for this and other branches and stations. Application may be made to the Texarkana office either in person BUI Harrison in r Gadgets By the Bushel Are Giving Deanna Durbin That Cluttered Feeling HOLLYWOOD—Of Ul the stars,: begging ones. Instead, for a change, Deanna Durbin seems to get the most' fans are sending things to her— remarkable fan mail. And nobody watches, jewelry, stamps of philatelic quite knows why Cf course she gets the average run of letters: "Dear Deanna: I saw your last picture and thought you were swell. Please send me your photograph." and "Dear Miss Durbin: Please 2iid me S500 at once so 1 can pay my value, and gadgets by the hundreds. A room in the Durbin home is jammed with gifts, and her mother admits anxiously that she doesn't know what to do now except rent a warehouse. They're reluctant to throw anything awciy. concrete, and set with scores of ore samples |frmi|x?d about a picture of the 15-year-old actress. This 50-pound trinket would be a little large for a what-not even if the Durbins had n what-not. An apparently wealthy Hungarian boy of about 1G sent her a sort of ciiiiteen which i.s covered with calfskin and native bead-work. Most astonishing of all is :i plaque made of mahogany, about 15 by 2 inches, and 3 inches thick, surrounded by a hammered brass frame. Meticulously carved-on the wood, in bas-relief, is Miss Durbin in a singing i>o.se. A real gold chain and cross are attached, as though encircling her neck. In the bottom of the brass frame is a copper plate etched with scrolls of music, and in the center of that is a tiny gold ook. Lift the cover of the book, and music box inside tinkles a tune. They Seem to Be Labors of Love Miss Durbin doesn't know why people send such things. Obviously the donors don't expect anything in re- urn, and many of the gifts arc made ng ;. disputed 7 to C win with the Miig- nolin Panthers registered eurly in the season. With one of the best passing combinations in the .state, Rosso n to Jennings, the Scrappers are expected to rely chiefly on the overhead weapon while the Pre.scolt eleven will probably slick to iLs system of spinners and Set Up fur Federal Construction in Arkansas reverses sandwiched between sweeps and power plunges. The Wolves huve piled up end . WASHINGTON ~<flV- The Forest Service disclosed Thursday that it intended to spend nearly hulf ;i billion dillars duriiiK the next 10 years perfecting n system of highways, truck roads and trails in the national forests a total , of 126 points in five games while hold- f the country. Contemplated expenditures for nnsas fire: $756.000 for forest highways. 'I ^11 I II 1C J»IVU <1 I *Jt l\-f- : iJvy A %-"• - i- — j -- -*• •- - . . bills and won't have to mortgage the Here's an example: A miner sen a I five-pointed star fashioned from a gild- old or in writing. But rlaUvely few of the letters a" re cd hollow SERIAL STORY TO MUSIC BY HARD JONES NEA SERVICE. INC. COPYRIGHT. 1938 try to conceal the fact; they usually say the car went out of control or rari off the road, that the steering knckle cracked, that the wheel collapsed, or the tire blew out. If a record is kept of the amount of sleep that a driver has had previous to the time of the accident, one is able to get a fairly good indication as to need for sleep at the time of the accident. It is not always an unintelligent man who falls a sleep at the wheel. It is however, always a careless one. Among a list of such cases recently collected, one concerned a college pro- lessor who was hurrying home from a long vacation; another, a salesman who wanted to be on hand thenex morning for a conference; another a farmer jwho had been visiting his nephew in town; another, a dergy- As far as pedestrains are concerned, certain rules have been developed for the stfe walker which every one of us ought to obey: 1. The safe walker does not step out carelessly from behind parked cat or obstructions. 2. He does not try to weave his way through traffic. 3. He crosses streets at right angles 4. He uses care in gettng on anri off vehicles in traffic. 5. He obeys traffic signals. 7. He holds his conferences on side walks, and not in the middle of the streets. 8. Children do not play in or the streets. 9. The pedestrain walks toward the traffic, and not with it, rm open highways. 10. He uses particular precautions when walking at night. CAST OK C1IAHACTHHS M Y II .V A riOMnl'JV—hcroiiio. Wit> of tlir KMmnilonnl mviiis bund Ipiuli-r. llflHKHT TAIT—hem. >K>WK- pnnrr illiolo(rni|ilii-r—ilrtl-rUvr. A.NMO l.KSTKH—Myrlin'x flux- tut frlrml. HA.N'MH FRKM'W — ofli.-er "x- HiK'H'il I" ill vi-»l inn !<• l<ll<lUPll I)onilM*y'H murder. v * * Y*>MttT»lay: Tnil nuT* 1 *"* to brinpr Myrnn In lo Ollii-i-r KiM-U-y, wliii thrrntriiH nrri-Ht if »»<• I" '">< brought i» to fiii'i- I hi' nniNii 1 . CHAPTER X W HEN Bob Tait had left Dannie Fee-ley's office he went di-1 rectly to" tho line of telephone booths on the fin,-,, door. Stepping j ne ;- aper photographer said, into one of them, lie quickly would ljkc lo se( . M ,. Macy ." dialed the number of hi.s own apartment. Anne L/osler answered ' the telephone. "I've just got back from the shopping you ordered," she told Tail. "Myrna is still asleep. Shall I wake her?" "Not until 11:30," Tait said. "I want you to take her down to lobby. The immaculate gentleman at the desk regarded him with suspicion, but Tail ignored him. To the elevator boy "Tenth floor, please." In another moment he was at the door of Leonard Macy, the wealthy dilettante whose hobby was the detection o£ crime and who loved to make fools of hardworking fellows like Dannie Feeley. U was with a feeling akin of contempt that Bob Tail pushed ing the opposition to 18 find h«ve not failed to score in any game played this reason. 1 he officials for the game will be Alvin Bell (VandcrbilO referee; Red Whitlhorne <Henderson) umpire; W. K. Buchanan (Ouachita) head lines- mail and Curl Rulryinple (Henderson) field judge. United Transport Agency Is Urged Sen. Wheeler Advocates •Merging of Rail, Highway and Waterway WASHINGTON. — ltf>) — Chairman Wheeler, Montana Democrat, of the senate interstate commerce commit- gelcs has been mailing her a Cecil i tee, advocated Thursday the centraliza- inonymously. For instance, somebody in Los An- Brunncr rose every day for about five months. It comes in crushed and wilted. Every day, too, she an envelope, receives pic- the bell. A smooth-looking Oriental in a wh'ie coat "My name answered the buzz. is Robert Tail," the "I "Come in, please," the Oriental invited. But once Tail was inside the door, his manner grew slightly cool. "You will please wait here," moment, and Tait waited. "Tait, this murder interests me because of its background. I refer he said, to the phenomenon of swing music. Now—purely tor the sake of argument—let us say that Mrs. Dombey killed the band leader. I feel—" "Why do you pick her?" Tait interrupted. "Very simple. She had the most to gain. We do not, of course, yet know the motive. They may have , quarreled, although that doesn't seem likely. At the moment I choose to believe that it was premeditated." "But whj" should she select tho Golden Bowl as the scene?" "Because that gave us two hundred or more possibilities as sus- tures of herself—drawn, painted, etched, and laboriously delineated with thousands of typewriter symbols. One fan sent a picture of a full-rigged ship, complete with waves and blended sky tones, but there isn't a line in the whole picture. It's done, instead, with almost microspoic printing of the names "Deanna Durbin" repeated, I estimated, about 12,000 times. The Pr«ip Men Help Keep the Head-Size Down Your reporter got a headache just looking at some of these gifts and thinking of the work involved. Miss Durbin said, "At first I was stunned. Now I'm trying hard to Uike such things for granted. They're ;o flattering that they almost frighten tion of all forms of transportation, i n eluding railroads, trucks and wale carriers. The,Montana senator, hecr to testifj for the rail brotherhoods before the president's fact-finding board, said he believed there was "no justification for the railroads' attempt to fore through a 15 per cent pay cut, Th brotherhoods voted to strike rathe than accept the pay cut. Wheeler is suggesting that all trans llortation operate under tho same con trols, in agreement with George Har rison, rail labor spokesman. Harrison had made that one of h points in a suggested long-range pro gram, under which labor, managemei and the federal government woul team up in the rehabilitation of the carriers. He pleaded with management to withdraw the pay cut demand, for the benefit of all three. Ar- S1.2S2.600 for truck trails. In some Swedish country homes the ableclolhs have names. They nre lamed after lung-dead women from vhom they patterns originally were ibtained . SEE JETT WILLIAMS For Quirk Service when making your CiOvprnnu'iit Cotton Ijunts. Classed by a Government Licensed Classct, 108 South Walnut Slreet OPENING SPECIAL Tills coupon (,'ootl for I game of Hllltirds clip and take lo CKINKR'S BILLARU and DOMINO PARLOR Next door to New Theater sat in a small hallway, -- studied the small etchings hanging there. He was about to I think it is clever, that 1 touch. But it is more than that. poets. By Olive Roberts Barton Beginners on Life's Stage Always Scheming to Steal the Show From Veterans — headquarters to see Dannie Fee- I have a surreptitious look inside r \ ley. You are to be there at 12. the apartment when a dark, heavy He'll question Myrna plenty, but set man almost blocked the en- I think he'll treat her right—and i trance. Tait knew Leonard Macy when you get through, come back | by sight, but there was such a ' —' '' It is significant." "Significant?" * <• * •JV/TACY nodded "She was an •"•'•*• addict of swing music. And my theory is that her mind, o part of it, was unhinged by swing music. I.have arranged for expert One tiling the early adolescent loves a nebulous mere than another is to dramatize hirn or herself. It comes of a peculiar ffre I ing of unimportance just now accented. The minute any one of us begins to feel like a wall-flower or a back number, instantly we comfort ourselves with a bit of drama. We resort to almost anything to focus attention. And as the child of uncertain age (meaning neither real childhood or that enviable estate, youth) just doesn't seem to count in the big scheme, he does what he did when he was four or five, and makes a grandstand bid for a gallery, no matter if he has to p' a >' the villain in the piece. "He" just loves to sass back. "She" just loves to growl. Both pretend a magnificent contempt for personal beauty, and, especially with boys, even cleanlness. Neither one or the other und lime. And being inarticulate, they sup- may girl. The suddenly The girl who loves break out in almost any other direction. Don't be .surprised at anything. The peculiarly quiet disagreeable girl, to look pale and interesting. The one with dignified calm one minute and a fit of giggles the next. Tho boy who sniffs r ol any show of affection. Who won't study. Wlio wants to be and is i much to hi.s delight) » trial and heartache to hi.s ma and pa. It [juts him away ahead, you see to be the center of the stage, even though it costs a price. It is not all emotional, though, this unpredictable behavior of our yearlings. Growing has a lot to do with it to the apartment and I'll meet you there." "You're not coming with us?" ' "I think it will be better if I don't. I've just talked to Keeley, and I have a hunch that he'd rather I wasn't around when Myrna is there." "But it's all right for me to go with her?" Anne asked. "I want you to," Tait said. "And if anything doesn't look good to you, leave word for rne at the Press Club. I'll call in there every hour until I get back to the apartment." * * * AS he replaced the receiver, Tait •^*- looked at his wrist. It was Muscles grov/ faster bones They tighten up, therefore, and this i.s hard on nerves, the fibres of whicl would admit the spirit aborning, that I have to do considerable stretching. Si fragile thing peeping out at life and doing a lot of wondering. No sir. These twelve and thirteeners would die almost rather than be suspected of thinking at all. The big idea is to masquerade and pretend to the last ditch that they don't care about anyhing under the sun. Or at least, not too much. I think I should accept them as they want it, mother. They are too sensitive to open, their hearts to you or anybody, even it they could. They really don't know jufit what it is they want or ixow they feel, anyway. It ^ testimony on that. Dr. Carry legend about his wealth and his eccentricities that even the celeb- rity-innoculated photographer was startled at his appearance. "Ah," Macy said, corning forward with hand outstretched. "Mr. Robert Tait. Newspaper photographer by profession. But for the moment—I trust it i.s only for i«ie moment—you are at liberty." The remark nettled Tait. It was none of Macy's business that he was out of a job, but how had he known? Tait began to have an inkling of why Dannie Feeley feared the man. "I'm not exactly at liberty," Tait said, shaking Macy's hand. "You see, I'm inter- thin Ludden Dornbey HH Government COTTON LOANS Quick Service Immediate Payment Bring your Samples to ME. r.iivernmcnt Licensed Classer. Hope, Ark. almost 10:40. Ho hurried outside and got into the coupe he had rented. Behind the wheel he mado . all possibk, speed into the section •' ;( '<-' mcd genuine em. of town which harbored the most v '" y you '-'"- ntlt " esU-d in business." "So?" expensive apartment buildings Highest and most imposing of i all was the Fairmont Arms, ^and ' cortr ; L " '"• it was to this structure that Tti.t guided his car. He rollod tlv-' coupe just beyond the gree;i The other's surprise "That is ve heard that I am interested, also?" Tait ;,i um . „ 'nd Macy said. Pl,ase we have three types of awkwardness physical, mental and emotional. Th mental displacement comes of havinj no niche in hie lo. Neither a child nor adult nor adult, ho wants to be both. Too often he is treated as a child, a baby really, at an age when he is able to think and depend a lot on himself. Baby thorn when they want it, and feed them well. But watch that they aren't ca.<;hing in on it. Let him wait on himself, or her;*lf, more. If they renege, then let them feel the conse- quence.-j. When parents look back and ushered Tait not into the main room, but into a small book- lined study off the hallway. There uu/utivv; ju.ii, u^,-yijiiv4 m«- t>* — — •• i ~ , ,, canopy and grinned to himself as! were volumes from floor to ce.l- the uniformed doorman hastened I ing—and only two chairs. At 1 Macy's invitation, Tait took one of them. Macy settled into the other offered Tait cigarets and beyond his accustomed po.-;t. "Thanks, pal. . . ." Tutu turn- bled out. "What's the apartme-i'. number ol Leonard Macy? I'm looking for hirn." "Ten twenty-two," tho doorman said. If he was not irnfji u:.;,<.d before, he was now. "Turn to your left from tho elevator and Mr. Macy's apartment is down." Tail walked into talking volubly. "Perhaps you can assist me, Tail. You newspaper fellows have helped me considerably in the pu::t. I confess that my—ah— mostly theory. For the three cioori-1 practical touch, give me a news- I paper man every time." Macy the ornate j contemplated the ceiling for a Mattiso, tho eminent psychiatrist.' "I know him," Tait said. "Am if you'll pardon me, I think tha Mattise is nuttier than any of th< people he's ever psychoanalyzed As for swing music making people crazy, what about jazz'!" "Oh, there's quite a difference, you know. The very vocabulary of swing music unconsciously reveals an unbalance. The musicians are known as 'cats.' A flute becomes an 'agony pipe' and the music is 'sent out ot the world.' The addicts are known, even to themselves, as 'gates' or 'ickies' or 'jitterbugs.' And they do not refer to themselves as dancing. Ah, no. They 'shag' or they 'flittercut'." Macy smiled. "You see, I have been making quite a study of this modem phenomenon. In fact, Tait, I don't mind telling you, I have had a small interest in Dombey's band for some time now." This information startled Tait. He could think of no suitable comment, but there was no ne&d for comment. Leonard Macy was talking on. suavely. "Those terms, my son, are indications of th* world of the half known." "I can't agree," said Tait. "I've seen the American people apparently go absolutely screwy. But underneath they're plenty solid This swing music craze is nothing more .dangerous than miniature golf was. And as for Myrna Dombey, sue—" Macy cut in quietly. "Ah . . he smiled slowly. "I believe discover your interest. You are in love with the girl. Is that U?." And the watches and lockets and •harm bracelets! Once 1 mentioned that I was interested in stamps, and we were practically knee-deep in tamps around the house for months iflerward. And the telephone calls, from all over—even England. Fam; lust call up and chat. One girl in Boston called and talked 25 minutes. It must have cost a lot of money. Only one ever tried to reverse the charges; that was a little girl in Texas." I asked Miss Durbin whether she had any difficulty in keeping Vicr head from swelling. She said no, she really didn't. "One reason," she explained, "is that I believe I'm still a very poor actress. If 1 wanted to put on an act, 1 couldn't get away with it. "And nobody could keep a swelled head and work with the crew I've got. I mean the prop men und electricians and everybody—they never call me Miss Durbin or Deanna. Mostly they call me 'Charlie.' Also 'Punk' anc 'Schnoops' and 'Deac' and 'Durbish, and I don't know what all "If I tried to be high-hat with those people, after all they know about me they'd probably spank me. And if ever am, I hope they do." Huge Oil Fire in Jersey Controlled Million Dollars Damage as Flames Raze "Tank F'arm" The boys at Harvard have rcvivcc le handlebar mustache. Yale can now >e expected to show its up-to-date ess by introducing the steering whee esign. (To Be Continued) LINDEN, N. 3.-(/{']— A raging fire which destroyed millions of gallons of liw-oline, gerosene and oil and injured .1 score of men, was smothered into control Thursday, leaving eight acres of a refining company's "lank farm" a field of charred and twisted girders. Fire Chief Frank T. Miller estimated the damage ut 'more th;m a million dollars." No autocrat has ever had enough armies to protect him in the long run ugainsl the resurgence of the In mum spirit in hi.s own country.—Senator Robert F. Wagner. There should be a law against it.— Mary Pickford, on the toy cannon. Paint Up Special Sherwin-Williams His immature judgment accounts for his harebrained exploits, which have so far been rather successful, like the first jxHty larcenies of the untrained child.—Dr. Oscar J. Raeder, Boston University psychiatrist, on the case of itler. FULL PINT 83c Value With Coupon^ Chrome Cooking Utensils See Our Windows Hope Hardware COMPANY Are You In The Pink Of Condition Or, Arc You Tired, Feel Grumpy, und Sluggish, Due to Malaria and Biliousness No doubt you are just like a large percentage of other Southerners and get Malaria and are Bilious, feel lazy, all in, run down, can't sleep, are nervous, achy and have bad appetite. Many times these conditions lead to Chills and Fever. You are probably a victim of Malaria, your system is run down. Don't suffer any longer. It is so easy and inexpensive to do what thousands of Southerners do, take Nush's C. & L Tonic, Every year many thousands take Nash's C. & L. Tonic. First, it absolutely clears Malaria from tht blood. Second, it lets your enery re- ANEW SERVICE "ECONOMY BUNDLE" turn. Third, it is a proven aid to cleaning the system so that your digestion is much improved and you get real benefit from your food. GUARANTEED TO HELP YOU Nosh's C. & L. Tonic is made by a Southerner who knows Southern ailments, he knows how people become hopeless from ill health due to Malaria, Constipation or Biliousness. But so sure is he that he can help you, he makes this guarantee, "Buy Nash's C. Si L. Tonic today, take it for one week. If you don't feel much better your druggist will return your money." C. & L. Tonic 50c. For sale in Ho|>e by Ward & Son. Ajul all other good drug stores. Pound Includes Everything SHIRTS-DRESSES— FLATWOKK, Etc. Washed and Ironed Phone 148 COOK'S White Star LAUNDRY & CLEANERS

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