Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1938 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 13, 1938
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Roosevelt Involved in Fight to Abolish Arkansas Poll Tax Amendment No. 26 Proposes Registration System- Amendment No. 27 Would Authorize Workmen's Compensation Law (Kdltnr's Note: Tills Is another in n scries of articles on inUltilfd Jiml referred measures to l>c voted upon »t the November (rencral election.) Amendment No. 26 LITTLE KOCK.--I/IV— President Hoosevell, whose efforts enlivened party primaries in four states earlier this fall, has taken an active hand so far in only one question Ijofnro Arkansas voters. .. ..' <v The president, in a letter to Demo- Negro Lynched by Louisiana Mob as Suspect in Attack Huston Sheriff Arrives on Scene, But Finds Hanging Body SEQUEL TO ATTACK White Man and Woman Injured in Parked Cat- Tuesday Night HUSTON. La.—i/l'i--W. C. William" 19. negro, wa.s lynched by a mob o .several hundred white men near her Thursday .afternoon as u suspect in an attack on R. M. Blair, white man. Tuesday night, while Bl; ir was seated in a car with a woman in a parking "I"' 1 - , . .„ The woman was injured in I lies- day night's attack. Thursday afternoon a passerby saw a number of white men whipping a negro, and re|>ortcd il to Sheriff Bryan 'Ilugpen bore. The sheriff went lo tin- .set-lie with a deputy, but they found the ncuro had been lynched. The negro was hanged by a ro|x- lo a tree in a pine grove near the home o( his mother. "Aunt Ellen" Williams, and hi.s body was riddled with bullet.-. Hope Star VOLUME 39—NUMBER 315 111 '. ^^**^£Zimi^^*^^^ WEATHER. ArlMii^tn—Fa.ir, nut. much chawj e in temperature Thursday niyhl and Friday. "HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1938 PRICE 5c COPY Northeast Center vs. Reddies Here Tickets for College Grid Game October 20, Now On Sale , ratic National Commiltetmaii Brooks lays, endorsed proposed constitutiot itwndment No. L'fi which was referred o the people by the legislature for •onsidcration at the November gen- •ral election. This prci|x).sed amendment would al- ow any person who has reached the ige of 21 and established legal resi- lence in Arkansas to vote in any election without having to pay for that iirivilcgc. Under the state's present laws, the right to vote conts an elector one dollar a year. The charge is levied as a poll tax and the money obtained from this .source goc.s to the slate's common school fund. Some people, including Mr. Roosevelt, take the position that the right of franchi.*ic .should be free. Some of these argue that ;i "submerged one- third" of the public is disfranchised because it is unable to pay poll taxes. The proposed amendment would require the legislature to substitute for the poll ti-x a "just .system of registration." Under such a system, legal residents would obtain franchise rights by merely listing their names with proper oficials six months in advance "1 a given election. Many Oppose It ' Opponents of the proposal—appar- • 1'iilly numerous al.'-o—seem to be divided into two groups. One group attacks the plan on the ground that by eliminating the poll li x its a requirement for voting, the state would cut off from its common .school fund at least a quarter of a million dollars j> year. The proposed amendment woult circumvent this by authorizing the leg- isliituro to levy a one dollar per capit j (headI tax for the benefit of the 1 schools. Rut some opponents content that there would be little incentive foi voluntary payment of such a lev,\ The other opposing group—less voca bill quite as active as the school group--argues that elimination of the' CZECHS BREAK Box seats for the Henderson State Teachers college - Northeast Center football game to be played in Hope Thursday night, October 20. are on sale at Webb's Newsstand. They will be sold at 51 per box which entitles eight persons to sit in cme poll tax would upset the stale's e. Bobcats Will Face Tough Assignment Here Friday Night Undefeated Teams Will Be After Second Conference Win KICKOFF AT 8 P. M. Three of Four Injured Mope Players Reported Improved I'..\ l.KONARI) IOLUS Faced with the toughest assignment j to di I'.' and rated as underdogs for the first time since the -season opened, the Hope High School Bobcats were to go through a light drill Thursday afternoon and receive from Coach Hammons instructions to .slop the Jones- born Golden Hurricane grid team an important conference cla.sh here Friday night. The Bobcats will be hampered for the contest because of injuries to four first-siring men including Dean Parsons, Norman Green. Mujir Simphon and Wcstlcy Calhoun. Players Are Improved Hopes for a victory were somewhat heightened when word came Thurs- llc day at noon which said that the in, s _ | jurccl players were showmfi impro Art of Propaganda Perfected by Hitler as He Wins Support of German Masses tablishcd political system, bringing later difficulties in conduct of elec- •lions. An official first serve." Two special trains will bring Reddie supporters here from Artfadelphia and from Monroe. La. The game will be played at nighl. .starting al S o'clock. 'Hie game, will give local fans and importunity to see several former Bob- ivil.s, playing with Henderson, in ac- Former Bobcats with the Heddic team arc R. C. Kennedy, Freeman Stone. Hick Moore, Percy Ramsey. Hugh Reese and Jack Turner. Adult admission ?1. students 40 cents. Cotton Producers to Vote on Dec, lOj Referendum to Determine Marketing Quotas for Next Year Amendment No. Ti LITTLE ROCK —1(/!'>— Representatives of both capital and labor in Arkansas collaborated in initiating proposed constitutional amendment No. 27 which, if adopted at the November general election, would enable I state to pass it workmen's compcnsa- f tton*l announced, 'first come, j c ; , r it n i, ns represented by the state ment. Despite their injuries three of the four players arc expected to start Friday night. There remained only slight possibility thai Tackle Norman Green would gel into the game. From the enemy camp, reports were that the Hurricane learn was ready for a sweep through the Bobcats with I all men reprotcd in top form. | Tickets will go on sale Friday morn,| )0 'ing at Hope Confectionery. Jacks Newsstand and Webb's Newsstand. Adult admission will be 75 cents. , The Athletic committee announced Fuehrer's Appeal for Women Aids Political Success But Hitler Remains Bach elor, a Strange and Aloof Figure THE MASS APPEAL No Skillful User of Gei man, He Ignores the Educated Class I'araj-rapliic flushes that light up the character and personality of Hitler the man are contained in this first of three articles about "The Fabulous Fuehrer." In this series Milton Bronner, drawing on his Iniijj experience as a reporter of the foreign scene, presents a rc- vcj;liii|f study of the most-feared man in Europe. chamber of commerce, declares a workmen's com|>cnsation hiw i.s necessary if Arkansas i.s going to obtain thai all students, buying tickets at the MI argues that .such a law i.s needed to | give the working man assurance he I will be properly protected against dangers of his profession. The amendment itself is not a compensation law. It makes no specific 1 provisions for settlement of claims arising out of injuries lo employes. • It provides: ' 1. That the legislature shall have | power to enact laws, prescribing the ) amount of c<ii>i|'i:i),valion to be paid by employers for injuries to or death of employes and to whom such payment shall be made. ^. That the legislature .shall have power to provide the meMis, method and forum for adjudicating claims arising under .such laws and for seuur- ng payment of such claims. ;!. That no other law shall be enact- gate wi^uld havo to be identified by school officials. One of the largesl crowds of the s«ison i.s expected with for new jobs al- mH "- v fillls " lul • sUulcllls earning here 1 from Nashville and Prcscolt. The annual Prcscoit-Nashvillc game- is to be played in Prescott Thursday night al K o'clock, giving fans of those two towns an opportunity to witness the game here Friday night. The Friday Forecast Fur .sometime we have been pondering over Iho Hopc-Joncshoro game. Al one time-- we had the Hurricane raging by IK points—but now. al the lasl minute, we've changed our mind and pick the Bobcats, 20 to HI, with the hope lhat Hammons has his hoys fired up with the ne.ver-sa.v- die spir- WASHINGTON i/Ti The nation's J2i!. r >(Km cotton growers will get an- ,,'ther chance December Id to express their opinion on a new crop control progiT.m. They will lake part in a referendum establishing marketing quotas for next year's cut Inn crop. Last March lh<'.\ voted nmc 1" one to invoke quotas on the I'.IIIH yield. Comm« at a time when the administration's efforts to restore agricultura prosperity arc under attack in scvcra. quarters, tin: election will be watched by both supporters and foeh if the New Deal. 'Jwu-thirds of the farmers voting must approve the quotas in order lo make them effective. AAA officials said the 19.'!'J cotton all r>o > i i« hi in cc 1. t 1 t I (Continued on Page Three) 'King Kong' Kelly to Present Trophy 'umed Softball Pilchei Arrives Here at Noon Thursday ICil "King K«HI«" Kelly, famed softball pitcher, arrived in Hope Tliurs- di y to present the Sacug'T theater's gold trophy to the Bruner-lvory team on the Saengcr stage Thursday night I mK . s |, x ..,k and w at !> o'clock. : battle. U to 7. it. Ueiiic-mber. football favonle.s can be a;; easily upset as the fabled appli cart. Four Conference (Jiinu'S Besides Iho Hupe-Joneshoro Ixitllc three other conference clashes art M-hwIuled this week. Littl Rock goes tu Hot Springs and .should win by a comlorUdilc score, 2ti lo 0. North Little Hock will be at Fort Smith and we look for an upset here, Ihi- C'ui/./lcs winning, 11 to 13. 'I he Carndcii Panthers, improved within tjhe last week, will g» to Pine Kluff. The striped mules should have IHI trouble and we expect them lo romp to a 2fi tu II win. HiisseUville al Wris. Russellvillc J!t In fi. Bcntoii, a conference team, will entertain Bauxite at home. Benlon has shown .strength this season and should win, 1« lo 0. Fnrdyci 1 goes lo Malvern. The Red-, , llnvlll , bugs are expected In snap out nf a los- j There 1 ' ••-••i this one m a hard -- olment would be approximately 27,1,000 acres, about the same as this .•• •ai . The grower's marketing quota would . the amount of collon produced on s allotment, and the penalty for sell- g in excess of one's quota would be cents a piund. The penalty was 2 Mils this year. All farmers who produced cotton lis year wuold be eligible to vole in ie referendum. Polls will be eslab- s led in all cotton communities by 1», AAA committees. The ballot will e secret. - . -«•••»--• Greek fire was an incendiary composition of asphalt, saltpeter. an( ulphur. It was used by the Byzantine ircek.s, and would burn on or under vatcr. . Ci^Av-t\lw!i. Two woodsmen, each of whom had fled to the Falkland Islands as a result of an unfortunate affair de coeur, once passed a fort- nighl in logomachy as a means of occupying their leisure. What part of the world did the woodsmen fke to, wluil had driven each of them to flight, and how long did they spend at what activity lo occupy their leisure'.' AHMUT on Classified Page Kelly will be interviewed on the [,;| Dorado K"cs lo Tt-xarkana and tage by Karl W. Krion. of Hope, dis- sri <>uld bowl over the weak Porkers, riilt Softball (/immissioiuM'. Kelly 25 to 0. i so will go through various trick Ulytlicville vs. I'aruKoulil •itching motions and will thenj>rescnl Blythevillc, after playing in big- Henry Fcnwick. ' (Continued on Page Three) The Probable Starting Lineup HOW. JONKSBOKO FulkL'rson 1K<> LcfiKmi J. Osment 165 Calhoun 212 Left Tackle 1'emberton 1S5 Quimby 150 Left Guard Black 1(50 Ellen IGl) Center Cokcr '-If) J. Taylor 170 night Guard Khcii - tm Simpson 250 . Right Tackle Drt'lu-r 1% Ward 170 Right End Kau-inyiT 185 Parsons 170 Quarter DautflHTty 150 Culeman M'.> Left Half Richardson 160 Baker 150 R.ghi Half Tilloy 150 Kuson 180 Fullback . 1'haris 160 Team Average 177 Team Average 175 Line Average 185 Line Average 1°< Backfield Average 162 Backfield Average loo By MILTON BRONNER European Manager of NEA Service The personal life of the Fabulous Fuehrer i.s neat, clean—and dull. He does nol smoke, uses neither beer nor wine, eats only vegetables al- Ihough his household in Berlin boasts over a score of excellent cooks. Adolf Hitler never has been photographed swimming, playing ball or taking part in any sport. JHe has neve,c. been secri on horseback—In fact, lie gave a gift horse with which the Nazis once honored him to an actress. He loves to take speedy spins in his big, expensive automobiles and enjoys going for slow walks in his Bavarian hills. He has a passionate devotion to the nusic of Wagner, and it is probable that he identifies himself with the strutting, posturing cardboard heroes n the great Wagnerian operas. He regards himself as an authority on art. In the old days, he used to intersperse his .speeches with attacks on "cubism" and "dalaism" to people who had not ever heard of them. "There is no such thing us Chinese or Egyptian art," he once proclaimed. Moving pictures are one of his favorite relaxations. Sometimes he lakes in two a day. If a movie appeals lo him, he summons his underlings and shows il to them in hi.s private theater. Der Fuehrer also enjoys Wild West stories. 'today he is the awesome Fuehrer, bul even now women—from matron to school-girl—dimple and smile sweetly when Adolf Hitler is near them, for he possesses a strange charm for Germany's womanhood. There can be no doubl that his popularity with the ladies helped him to power. Countesses liked him first, chambermaids later, but to all he was "Dei Schoene Ade"—handsome Adolf. Still a bachelor, Hitler's name has been linked romantically with a number of women. There was "Geli." the daughter of hi.s half-sister. Gcli committed suicide in 1930. There 1 wa.s Fran Winifred Wagner, widow of Richard Wagner's .son. Considered the best i'> ndidalo for the honor of being Fran Hitler, Fran Wagner nowadays discusses music with Her Fuehrer, wa.s Pola Ncgri, Jenny Jugo, Renale Mueller, all movie actresses. There wa.s the beauteous Lcni Riefen- ahl. his friend for years. Frauleiu icfenstabl was once ((noted as say- ig. "The Fuehrer does not love cx- >pt plaUniically." Nowadays, his .•line i.s linked with Unity Milford's. ic blonde lady Fascist from England. Hitler never forgets or forgixcs an isult or a betrayal. When he was uik'mg up the list of those to l>e purged" on June 30, 1934. he includ- I among the recalilrant Na/.i and Vimy men the name of one von Ruhr, vho had double-crossed him eleven cars before. In 1924, when Hitler went ) jail, a young aristocrat objected lo eing under the same prison-roof with ,im. After the Nazis seized puwer. the iri.slocrat paid for that. He «•>.- put ntti a concentration camp. With an intense inferioriu c>'inplcx vhich. until recently, made hm. shy md uncommunicative in the pivse-nce if hi.s ••betters," Hitler combines a daggering self love, perhap.- a.- a com- icnsation mechanism. "The wondci jf this age," he <)nce told a N..i.'i congress, 'is that you found me an unknown man among millions. H neunl it. too. Convinced lhat be has been ,lumcl> . ^pointed to "save Germany, he ncv crlheless hales lo make up his mind Gucbbels has revealed bow Hitler cle baled with himself for 34 days m l!>3i whether to run against Hindcntmrg. All of Hitler's intellectual baggag is borrowed, converted into his owi His iinli-S'emitism and racial theorie he look over from an EnglW that llitcr has s Fuehrer" is seen above, in one of hi s most recent pictures and In his most recent triumph-as aTtch during his victorious procession into the Sudctenland. Milton Bnmncr pomts out penchant Cor public appearances in la rgc and costly cars. Farm Surplus to Sell atCut Price Will Dump It to Poorest Third at Home, Rather Than Abroad (Continued on Page Three) WASHINGTON. - (A'< - Secretary Wallace announced Wednesday that a gigantic program to "dump 1 surplus farm products into the hands of poor Americans at cut prices is taking shaix; in the Agriculture Department. The program, designed primarily to reduce surpluses and thus buoy prices received by farmers .u an administration iiiiswre lo unrest in the farm bells. Proposals now being studied call for Muster Army as Czechs Expected to Reject Demand Hope for Agreement in Central Europe Virtually Abandoned AUSTRIAN INCIDENT Catholics Report New Attacks on Them in Nazi, Campaign K.OMAROM, Hungary. —tyP)—The Hungarian delegation to the Komaron conference declared Thursday night that negotiations on Hungary's demands for the cession of Czechoslovak territory had been broken off. Koloman von Kanya, Hungary's foreign minister, read a declaration to the final session of the conference stating that the Budapest government would hand over its claims on Czechoslovakia to the four-power conference for decision. Expect Rejections KOMAROM, Hungary.— (F)—II was announced Thursday that Czechoslovak's answer to the Hungarian ultimatum calling for acceptance of Hungary's territorial demands by 6 p. m. would be give nat 7 p. m. No reason was advanced for the one-hour delay. A high Hungarian official source asserted that Hungary probably would order an army-mobilization Thursday night if its demands are rejected. Members of the Hungarian delegation said hope for an agreement load virtually been abandoned. " 'New Austrian Trouble - "•'. VIENNA, Austria. — (#)— Catholics Thursday reported three new Catholic-Nazi incidents in the midst of a Nazi campaign against Theodore Cardinal Innitzer and what the Nazis called "clerical agitators." The windows of two convents were said to have been stoned, and a priest was knocked down in the street. Japs Renew Attack 'SHANGHAI, China.—(/P)—Japanese land and naval forces launched a withering attack Thursday on. Shinchaishan fort, 60 air-miles from Hankow, around which the invaders are slowly closing, while the new Japanese expeditionary force begins its attempt to dominate South China. Chinese Reinforcement;) HONG KONG, British Crown Col- ony _(;p)_Heavy Chinese reinforce- ,| merits were rushed from the East river district to the Bias bay area near here Thursday with indications that they might come to grips with a large new Japanese expeditionary force. Hitler to Mediate KOMAROM, on the Czechoslovak- Hungarian Bordor-m-Adolf Hitler's mediation was reported invoked Wednesday night to unlangle Czechoslovak-Hungarian border negotiations •while troops were massed on either side of the frontier. The Slovak delegation, representing the Prague government, and Hungarian negotiators still were unable after a three-hour session to agree oil Hungary's demands for a slice of Czechoslovakia. Sources close to the Slovaks said that "in this serious hour' Hitler had been asked to mediate since the conference showed the two nations still were wide apart. Reliable previous indications have been that Hungary, spurred by German and Polish success in getting Czechoslovak territory, had demanded 8,000 square miles of southern Slovakia. The Slocaks were believed willing to cede only 2,000 square miles. Czechoslovak nervousness and excitement mounted. Troop trucks rum- led through this city to 24,000 popu- ition which straddles the Danube. Gendarmes carrying rifles with fixed ayoncts and Czech police forces were emfurccd. Both Czechoslovak and )eAnn to Be Host to County Singers Convention Will Meet in That Community Next Sunday Historic Rondo Church i Is Destroyed by Flames i TK.XAKKANA.—m—Historic Rondo! church near here was destroyed by lire Thursday. Iv'iittn was the original population i-riiKr uf what is now Miller county, long before the coming of Ibe railroad built up the city of Tcxarkana. The Hcini'.~!e;,d County Singing C'uii- j volition will meet at DeAnn nexl Sun- I day for ,.n .ill-day meeting, according lo an amii'tinci ment Thursday by Clifford Fr.u.k.-. He sind seven! quarlels were listed on the pruuiam. and that singers from adjoining comine.-. plaiuird lo attend. Mr. Franks urged all persons attending to bring their lunch and song books, ]f old poultry can be froy.cn at a low tcmpcruluro before cooking, ihc lough i ill,MS are broken down ;,nd the meat ik.- ui lender. Cotton NE\V ORLEANS—(.-I'l-Octobci- cotton opened Thursday ul S.-JO and closed at 8.3S bid, 8.40 asked. i-M.oi cotton closed steady and unchanged, middling 8.52. a "two-price" system under which ccr lain agricultural goods and their manufactured products would ho offered lo relief families al prices ho low those prevailing in regular markets. Losses sustained on such sales would be borne by ihe government. Commodities which might be affected, Wallace said, were cotton, vegetables, rfuits, dairy aiu livestock articles, and meals. "If there is lo be any dumping o surplus farm products." he added, "i will be done al home to selp the low cr third of our people rulhcr ihai foreign countries." The secretary cmpha.si/.od lhat cle I tails had not yet boon developed. Ft I example, it i.s uncertain whether th I I'nxlucls would be distributed throug private wholesalers and retailers o government-controlled stores. Refei ring to the distribution of milk to lo income families in New York city by municipally-supervised stores, the sec- retarv said: Umgarian troops on opposite sides of he Danube seemed prepared for hos- ilitic.s if the territorial negotiations ul. Flight to Berlin The Slovak monister Durtschantsky. who is aiding Dr. Joseph Tiso, Slovak prime minister at the conference, was said to have flown to Berlin asking Hitler'.- mcdi,Ui|n. Czechoslovaks believe thai afler'Rurlchaii-sky's return, expected Thursday, some agreement would be reached with Hungary should Hitler be willing to act, Slovaks said their only hope was lhat a foreign statesman could convince the Hungarians their demands wore "sky high" and a menace vo European peace. In Berlin an official statement said (Continued on Page Three) "This plan is worth looking into." A Thought Men who have nice notions of religion have no business to be soldiers.—Wellington.

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