Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1938
Page 4
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FOUR "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" RATES One time—2c vord, minimum 30c Three times—3&c word, min. 50c Six times—6c word, minimum 90c One month (26 times)—18c word, minimum . $2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only. In making word count, disregard classification name sucn as "For Rent," "For Sale," etc.—this is free. But each initial or nanw, or complete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOR RENT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage, close in. Bargain. J. V. blanK, phone 95)99. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 30c for one tune; at 3',3C word, 53e for three times, etc. NOTE: Ail orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill. Legal Notice HOPJE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PHONE 768 WAJViVLVG ORDER IN THE HEVtPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT J. P. MclVER, e t al Plaintiff Services Offered See Hempstcad Mattress Shop, 712 \Ve*t i'ourtn, lur Mew and Ke-ouilt. .Fhone Kiul CobD, 65S-J. l-ZtKc We upholster furniture and refinish old furniture. Used Furniture Co. h'ust 3rd St. 4-7tp Notice NOTICE—Sec Frisby, Ideal Furniture Store to buy, Sell or Trade Furniture, Homes or Farms. Some bargains, act quick. 20-i!6tp NOTICE—Local money to loan on improved farm lands and city property; low interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lemley, Hope Arkansas. IM-Oct. 20c Wanted WANTED—New or renewal of subscription of any magaine in U. S. Cash or easy payment plan See Chas. Reynerson at City Hall S-6t; 57c FHA Loans, City Property, Hope and vicinity. New Construction. To Buy Home and refinance home. Real Estate Mortgage Loan Service, Wavne H. England's office. 5-Btc Lost LOST—Black and white Setter bird dog. Black ears and small black spots with collar and name plate. Also black and white pointer. 14 months old males Reward. F. R. Johnson 8-3tp. LOST—Near -Mc.N'ab. bay mare mule, aged 12, weight 900. white scar left shoulder. Liberal reward. C. W. Wilson, Columbus. ll-3tp LOST-Recl Bill-fold, containinTTa in greenback, gasoline courtesy card with name on it. Call collect. "Ernest Young, Waldo, Ark. 12-ltp Found FOUND—Warranty deed, H. O. Carson and wife to James T. Smith, lots in blocks nine and ten Hempstead Heights Addition to Hope, dated April 16, 1917. Apply Star office. ll-3dh FOR RENT FOR RENT—Six-room house near Oglesby school, good condition. Also furnished apartment, private bath. Close in. Middlebrooks Grocery Co., Phone 607. ll-3tc FOR RENT—Apartments, furnished or unfurnished. In Dr. Weaver home by high school building. 10-3tp EMORY MclVER, et al....... Defendants The defendants, Emory Mclver, Her shel Walbert and Ruby Walbert, hi wife, Ruby Walbert, Robert Rovve and Helen Rowe, his wife, Mary Kirgan Dennis Hurt and Icy Hurt,'his wife Lula Thurman, James Anderson and Mina Anderson, his wife, Charlie C-armon and Hattie Garmon, his wife John Walbert and Eliza Walbert, his wife. Lucy Humes, Mintie Gaston Fanny Fields, W. P. Cawthon, Herschel W. Hurt, Leatha Yarbcrry. Jewell Traylor. Holland Garrett and Willie Mao Garrett. his wife, Delmer jarrett and Alvirra Garrett. his wife, Mward Garrett. Reba Strange, H. T. Helds and Vcrgie Fields, his wife, Jdgar Anderson and Nola Anderson, lis wife. Myrtle Peek Jessee. Emmett \tidcrson, Elam Anderson and Ina Vnderson. his wife, Eudora Hurt, Snola Clemmons, Houston Walbert and \da Walbert. his wife. Vcrgie E. Gibons. Rufus Walbert, Garnett Walbert nd Dorothy Walbert, his wife. Velma uffern and Louis Suffern. his wife Vora Walbert. Elsie Walbert. Mar> Collin?. Homer Peek. Lea Peek. J Radford Peek, Roy Peek, Clara B Coope, Mary E. Karnes, Ada Anderson, Anna Shel ton. Bessie McEl fresh. Amanda Christy, Mattie Minnix. Haties Janes. Helen Janes Newsom, W. P. Janes and Lucy F. Janes, his wife. T. A. Janes and Zula E. Janes, his wife. James Muncie Janes, James Martin Janes. Marvin Buell Janes and Mrs. Ina Janes, his guardian, Roy C. Anderson, Frank W. Jackman, R". L. Jackman and Velma J. Jackman. his wife. Woodford \V. Jackman, Ida Blankenship. Daisy Rosenbaum, Finis Rosenbaum und Lucile Rosenbaum, his wife. Othel Rosenbaum. Oleii Rosenbaum. Annie Mae Burnett, O. C Hurt and Mrs. O. C. Hurt, his wife. M. G. Hurt and Mrs. M. G. Hurt, his wife. Schoolin Hurt and Mrs. Schoolin Hurt, his wife. Allie Huddleston, Mrs. Lewis Mosby. Mrs. E. A. Stinson. Robert Hurt and Mrs. Robert Hurt, his wife. Mrs. Wylie Scott, Mrs. Cordie Ault. Mrs. Maggie Monroe, Mrs. Maude Hodge, Mrs. Amma Petty. Clyde Hurt and Mrs. Clyde Hurt, his wi'fe, Mary Addie Avent. Eliza Mclver. Annie Mclver, Lenna Mclver Buchanan, Marvin Mclver and Mrs. Marvin Mclver. his wife, Catherine Mclver, John Mclver and Mrs. John Mclver,' his wife. Joe D. Mclver and Mrs. Joe D. Mclver, his wife, Alton Mclver and Mrs. Alton Mclver, his wife, Stella Mclver. Minnie Mclver, J. R. Mclver and Mrs. J. R. Mclver. his wife. Joseph William Mclver and Mrs. Joseph Wiliism Mclver. his wife, the unknown heirs of Ed Rosenbaum, deceased, the unknown heirs of Frank Hurt, deceased, the unknown heirs of Fannie Anderson McGlasson, deceased, the unknown heirs of Roy C. Anderson, deceased, and the unknown heirs of A. W. Mclver, deceased, and each of them, are hereby warned to appear in this Court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs herein. Witness my hand and seal as clerk of said court on this 27th day of September, 1938. RALPH BAILEY (SEAL) clerk Sept 28, Oct 5, 12, 19. Today's Answer to CRANIUM CRACKER Question on Page One The writer is Sinclair Lewis. He appeared in "It Can't Happen Here." He was born in 1885. FOR RENT—2 room furnished aparl- ment. Bills paid. See Hazel Abram, at Mary's Beauty Shop. 12-3te OUTLINE MAP PUZZLE HORIZONTAL. 1 Outline map of . 10 Tea. 13 Head. 14 To make cloth. 15 Imbecile. 16 Trees. 18 To remove hair. .20 Light. 21 Unable to speak. 22 Masculine pronoun, 23 Pound. 25 Perfume. 28 To expunge. 31 Ozone. 32 Clamor. 33 Member of a college o£ priests. 35 Dined. 37 North America 38 It is famous for its . 44 Northeast. 45 Silkworm's sac. 48 Pertaining to sun. Answer to Previous Puzzle 49 Brother. 51 North wind. 53 Afire. 56 Queerer, 57 Cuckoo. 59 Device for aiming. 60 Its president. 61 Its land has ' valleys between mountainous peaks. VERTICAL, 1 Curative water springs. 12 Beverage. 15 Influenza. .17 Common bird 19 Obstructs. 22 Asylum. 24 Its capital. 26 Greek letter. 27 To be sick, 29 Long inlet. 30 Busy insect,. 34 Chinese towerlike structure. 36 Glossy paint. 39 Slow surefooted beast' 40 Toward. 2 Pocketbook; 3 Virginia willow. 4 Part of school 41 Tribal unit, year. 42 Laughter 5 Female sheep. sound. 6 Thing. 7 Note in scale. 8 Farewell! 9 Clusters of wool fibers. ^ H .. 10 Oater garment 52 The Altar. 11 for 54 Distant. tourists 55 Sooner than. abound in 57 Form of "a." this land. 53 Provided. 43 Age. 46 Hindu dialect 47 To abound. 49 To hover. 50 Branches. 51 Hair cut. OUR BOARDING HOUSE MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R, Wl / HERE'S WHERE WE SKIM THAT OLD BANJAWA/ S^SSSr^Y SSfo&r , T V l£WS> \ B M%^,r y ssstsw H g^s>-;' BA £es ? ^/ CeROu r ER 5UMP 'N ON MY HANPS- 1 BASIES ? _/ \ ER r . p op BEE(s j l V£H/ VOU , D IM TH 1 SAME A BETTER GO P\Y FLASHES HIS ROLL, 4 * OF STA<3E AMOS WILL THlMK HE'S LANDED AW ASTOR FOR A MAW MEAWS AN 1 TAKE VOUR THINJQ spari NICE/ >"/.'"•-. ^.I'lVi'''''':''.:.;." 1 /.^ ( v/--y-/ ^•^-TiO'-.-.' WILL. YOU STEP /M HERS PLEASE, AND S^^xS WE CAS/ MADOR HCOPL.e IS THE WAME/ PARLOR^ -SAY3- THE i I FLY TO~H - THE —7] ,^TT>inr?irii f_L COPR. 1938 BY NEA SERVICE BORN THIRTY YEARS TOO SOONl BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN ALLEY OOP S. PAT. OFF- J By V. T. HAMLIN Time to Go ( LET '' GOSH SAKFS I P0 J WAr : IT IM TDO -' ° OUTA HFRP ( HERE5 WHERE ^ 15 STILL TIME/ THERE NOW, V BIG ) SLOB, WHAT D'VA J. THINKA THAT? ^ — XATTA Whither Thou Goest, There Go I WASH TUBES ISy Ray Thompson and Charles Coll OBOV i MJEDD\U' AVI' MEMT S?I)06S CAME IW HAVJOV AFTER AIL. 1 HURRY. EASY 1 . 6ET X VWHtRE THE YOU?2 THINGS TOGETHER—] BV.AZES VWE'EE FLYIW TO PAVJA2UEV.A. \W SOUTH AMERICA. 'AT5 TH 1 FUACE I TELV.1M' ABOUT, WHERE WE WERE IN A CEVO- LUTIOW AN' SAVED THE FEDORA 51STECS ^ TH 1 PAUGHTERf. Cf THE PRE-SIDEKlf. S HECK NHERE CAROLMeKEB PAWAZUELA? V FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Plot Thickens By ROY CRANE JUNE AND LEAVING / AT 11 THIS MONEY AND T6L.L MIS BAND TO i AkE O'CLOCK, TO FRECKLES WANT PLAY BUT IT'S TIME TO QUIT/ SO FRECKLES THINKS. HE^S GONNA MAKE MORE YARDASE THIS YEAR. TH AN X AM , EH .' WELL, YOU CAN'T MAKE YARDAGE FROM THC BENCH) WE LIKE? THE MUSIC, THOUGH.' WONT YOU PLAY AN EXTRA HOUR FOR $10? IT MAY Be LATE FOR. YOU, COACH BAG LEY, BUT ITS NOT Too LATE FOR, YOUR. STAR. HALFBACK/ AND DON'T HANS up TILL 1 FINISH! THE IDEA IN GETTING ME OUTTA BED AT THIS HOUR.? THATS AN EASY WAY To PICK UP SOME EXTRA CHANGE/ AFTER DUDLEY HAS TAKEN! JUNE HOME- MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Speak Up, By MERRILL BLOSSER BUT, MR. 1.AKJE-! MOW TAKE IT LAKJE...I CAKJ EX- PLAIM THIM<3.' WELL, VOU CAM STOP . HERETHEV COME NOU/.' WHITEV, IFAKJV- THIMG HAS HAPPEKJED TO MVGA, WAIT, SHE'S BUT GREAT MEWS FOE. -ABOUT THOUGHT THE.V HAD VOUR PER- MIS5IOKJ TO VOU, L1EUTEWAKJT- >T'S THAT TIU HEEO, WHITER WHO BUEMS ME UP/ AT HEADQUARTERS. -JACK IS PUPJOUS WHEM HE Lfc'ARXJS THAT

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