Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa on November 2, 1930 · Page 17
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Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa · Page 17

Sioux City, Iowa
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Sunday, November 2, 1930
Page 17
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«• iimx (Ettij SIOUX CITY, IOWA, SUNDAY, HOVEMBBR 2. 1830. MORNINGSIDE GRIDDERS DEFEAT BUNNIES Nebraska Holds Pittsburgh to BOTH TEAMS PERFORM IN POOR STYLE •Buzz' Brown and 'Rip' Collins Star for Panthers By Dan Desmond I AimrlnlM PrfM" fportu Editor.) Mncoln. Neb.-Proving. that loose j»— ™ football Is just as possible In the a r3ne y again Marquette Is the Winner Over Boston College, Score' 6-0 Boston.—(/P)—The accurate kick- Ing of Mylen Graney gave Marquette a fi to 0 vlcjory over the Boston College Eagles here. The western quarterback booted two placements, one from th« 30 mark and the other from the 2S/to* score his team's only polntS. Marquette played a kicking- game, the Eagles, using Antos and Vodo- klys alternately, made gome good zalns but could not get In scoring distance. Sisk carried well for Marquett« and accounted for several first .downs. Near the end of the GOPHERS ARE CRUSHED BY THE WILDCATS FOOTBALL SCORES MICA I, Dakota sole, 0; atconJj. t; I.tMnr* big league of the collegiate grid sport •s In the hinterlands, Pittsburgh and Nebraska universities performed father In somewhat mediocre fash- Ion here Saturday, and nothing happened. The final tally was nothing for each team. Pitt threatened seriously twice In the last, quarter but Nebraska's (treat .forward wall, which Keems to be an annual combination here, held en earh occasion. Once Pitt was held for downs on the 2-yard llne and later, after three running pl^ys failed from the fi-yard stripe, lost the ball on a pnss that was a yard or two short of the goal. Each time Xr.braska punted past the 30-yard line and out of Immediate danger, f Sioux CHrans Play Of particular Interest was the presence In the Panther lineup of two Sioux Oltyans — Paul "Rip" Collins and MMvin "Buzz" Brown. Collins started at right end, was Jerked late in the first period and returned to action again at the start of the Second half, playing until a few minutes before the, final gun. Brown, however, making his de- fcut In major league football circles •^-he didn't appear In either the Syracuse or Notre Dame games — carried the ball Just twice for a total gain ( IT ' yards. * He entered tba fray "' 'the first period was foop mln- > old and remained^, until' ?about midway of the period when he Injured his side blocking a, Nebraska end. On his first ball x totlng attempt, Brown started wide and,'. cut back through his own right tackle for five yards. A few plays lator p behind perfect Interference that augmented his shiftiness and speed, "Buzz" circled his right end for 12 yards, a first down and what later proved to he the longest Individual ball carrying episode of the afternoon, from scrimmage of course. Brown Injured Brown didn't play any more football after he was Injured 'either because the Injury was more serious than wan Indlcated^by hi? continued presence tlma on line. Here planeklcked a goa! from the 28-yard line. The Kagles came fast at the end of the game and advanced from their own 18- yard line to Marquette's 35-yard line when the Rame ended. Trojan Reserves Win from Denver, 33-13 Los Angeles.—W—The University of Southern California's first team was .in the lineup only three minutes Saturday, but the Trojansj defeated Denver university 33 to 1.1 In an uninteresting contest. Denver's scores resulted from passes. . 50.000 Homecoming Fang See T,eam Lose by Score of 27-6 Memorial Stadium, Minneapolis.— period"Marqiiette Intercepted a pass! W)~Minnesota's fljrhtinir Gophers Un the Kagle 38-yard line and ad- caged the giant offensive play of 1 • . .. — Northwestern'* Wildcats Saturday, bull while Caplaln Hank Bruder was stopped, his teammates clawed and passed their way to a 27 Jo 6 victory to keep Northwestern squarely 'in the sun of the Western conference title race. Bruder's brethren made up for his ineffectiveness by thundering across the Gopher goal four times, twice on brilliant, passes thrown by Ernie Rentner, fullback, and twice after Reb Russell had battered his way- through the touted Gopher stonewall linn defense. Besides seeing Bruder. out of a hospital less than a week after a light attack of smallpox, held to 15 yards gain In 20 plays, Minnesota homecomers were given one big scoring thrill. This was a. weaving 50-yard spurt for a touchdown by the smallest Gopher of them all. 140-pound Ken MacDougal, In the final period. Baiter Scored First Frank Baker, the big Northwestern wing, started things for the Wildcats In the second quarter after the Gophers had met their thrusts through the first period. Baker pulled a 27-yard Rentner pass out of the chill air, and scrambled three yards over the goal llne for the first Northwestern score. Bruder's low kick on the try for point was ruled good because ot a Minnesota offside. • Boon after. Baker snared another pasg from Rentner/nd threw It lat- on or the bench from, that because Coach-Doctor John B. Sutherland figured his pther 'backs w«r» more effective. ' Collins played a nice game'at end, Retting down under the pynts'cap- ably, blocking for the Pitt ball carriers ' and breaking through the Huskier, wall several times to make tackles either a yard or two behind or just at the Una of scrimmage, Francis, "Cowboy" Blegel, the third tB6ux Cltyan on Pitt's tquad, was tffl erally to Lee Hunley, who went off Jack Mand«r», Its TRINITY TEAM TRIUMPHS, 44-0 Blue and White Grid- ders Win Homecoming Game , By Howard Dobson (Journal Sports "Writer.) A. speyly hard hitting Trinity eleven completely .outclassed the somewhat bewildered, but scrappy In a blur of speed 8t yards for an- crew^from Northwestern Junior col- other marker, lege. of grange. City, by » 44 to 0 Jl » «W». .tmra count In the Stock Yarks" park Saturday night in a homecoming game that was attended by 600 Blue and White supporters. An the game opened, Ruark and McDonald took turns dazzling the •Isltors with long flashy runs, and It wasn't long before these two with the assistance of McCarten had advanced the oval to within 10 yards from the goal line, from which point Ruark clawed his way - through the center of the line for the Initial marker. His plunge for the extra point was good. The ensuing klckoff and return: placed the ball In the middle of the field, and McDonald, former Central jirrlrl luminary. a*aln took the limelight. The elusive half back carried the ball on several' successive plays,; placing In In scoring pa-; •Wan, racing across the strip for the touchdown, and plunging for the extra point, ' McDonald Score* The second quarter was not *> smooth for the HIMopper* as North, western was fighting harder, and trenuent'dlsdouraginjr penalties made large Inroads' on their yardage. However, McDonald dashed through a ragged bole at tackle for a touch- South 13. Centrsl high ollds, 3(. COLI.EGB North Central Conference North Dakota, t; Armx, St. Northwestern B. 12: South Dskota, (. North Dakota State, J9; Moorhead, 21. mo TICK Purdue. J6:- Illinois. 0. Northwestern, 27: Minnesota, I. lows. 7; Detroit., I. . * / Wisconsin. 0; Ohio, SUte, 0. Indians. 0: Notre Dame. 37 Notre Dams "B," ;0; Indiana "B," 0. Wisconsin "B," .19; Onhliosh feach., 0. Bis PIT Conference Mansas freshmen, 41; Missouri .frejh- men. «. Mlsfonrl Vsllrr Conference Oklshoms, U: Iowa Siste, 13. Intersection*! Puke. 1J: Vi'Mnuvs, (!. Pennsylvania. 21; K*nea.«, I. Chicago, 9; Prlnneton, 0. Oklshoma City, 13; Davl* and Elklns, PltsbttrRh. 0; NelirsukS, fl. Mississippi. 0: Coin"". 14. Minnesota St. Ols,f, 20; <Ji"t«vu.) Adolphtis, 11. loir* Penn. 0; Icjwa. Ve.,ie>-«n, 0. (TI»J Rlmpnon, fl; Inwa State Teschers, •* Luther, II; We tern Union, 0. Midwest Kslsmioo college, 7: Olivet, I. De Pauw, 2S; Frsnklln, 7. St. Johns. K3: American university, I. Akron. 7: Ohrrlln. 0. Heidelberg, 4S; Ohio Northern. 0. Michigan Normal, <t; Georgetown, Ky.. 0. rtlpon, *: I.mrrence.'O, Knoic. t:; Beloll, 0. Eau Clelre State Teschers, H; Stout Institute. IJ. Butler. 1 IS; Wsbaih. 7. Indians. Ontrnl, 1.1; Ksrlham. 7. River Falls Teachers, 11; I.*, Crosse Ohio Wesleysn, 41; WesHcrn Reserve. .Ohio T'.. 4S; Cincinnati. 0. Valparaiso, 27; Concordla ot Tort Wayne, 0. Howling flrffii. 0; Toledo, 0. . Albion. 12; Almu. s. Itom Poly, 24: Oakland City. fl. Tennessee Poly, 57; Lincoln Memorial university, 0. •Wittenberg. 7; Msrrhsll, 0. BlueflMd, T3; Morris Harvey. 0. Providence college. 20; Lowell Textile. 0. Tilth. 39; Colorado Aggies. II. Colorado Teachers, <; University ot Wyoming, (. Brleham Tounr. 3»: Vtah Aggies. 14. Kresno State, 1J; College of Psrlllc, 0. "t!" of Arls'ons.. 80; Pomona, 0. Montana. 0; Csllfornls. 0. University of Southern California, 1.1; Denver, 12, University ot Washington, ID; Congee of Puget Sound. 0. . Washington sfate, 14: Oregon State, 7. California, 4(; Montana. 0. University at San Tranclsce, M; UnU Vertlty ot Nevada, IS. New M«xlco Aggies, if; Oils, college, n. New Mexico .Mines,, t; N«w Mexico Normal, I. - . South Baylor. 11: Oklahoma Baptists, n. 1 T. fl. U., 62: Abilene Christian, t. Maryland, 14: Virginia. 8. Oglethorpa. 11; Furman, «. Rice Institute, IS; fiewsnee, t. Kent, «: Hiram, fl. Texs« A. >and M., t; Texas Centenary, (. at. Vincent, 11; Broadu*. I. Chattanooga, '»: Howard, 9. 'Tulaite, S.I: Mississippi Aggies, 0, Mllssps, 48: Union ot Jackson, 7. Louisiana Stste. 27; Arksnns, 11. Texas Miners. !0; New Mexico "IT," 1«. Texss. 2S: Southern MWhodlsl, s. Western Teachers, 21; Kentucky Wes- leysn, 14. Tennessee, 27; Clemnon, n. Mnrcershurf, It! Wllllsm Penn (Hs,r- rlsburg), 8. Urslnus, IS; Oettysburs;. 0. Oetty»bnrg. IS: Trinity, 0. Waynesburg. J7; Bethany, I. Centre, 17; J.oulsvllle, l>. Mercer, II; Birmingham Southern, I. Ashland, 0; Miami,'41. Kmory and Henry. I: nlrhmnnd, •. Georgia Tech, B; North Carolina. «. Arkanraa A. and M., 1>; West Tennessee Teachers, C. ' Tennessee Wesleyan, 1»; Hlwasse college, 11. 14. DARTMOUTH AND YALE FIGHT TO SCORELESS TIE Booth Comes ..Close to Winning Game for Blue, Eleven By Alan Ooulrl (Associated Press Sports Writer.) Yale Bowl, New Haven, Conn.— throe attempts. (#)_TWO iiiph powered offensives,; flrat conference Iwo superbly courageous defensive barriers, bunged Into each other Kansas Aggies Win from Missouri by Fine Aerial Game Manhattan. Kan.—(/P)—Forward passes flew all over Merrlorlal stadium here Saturday and when the lust one hnd been tossed, the Kansas Ajrgles emerged the victor over Missouri In a Big Six conference game, .20 to 13. As far as line piay and a running attack was concerned, the Aggies had a wide margin over Missouri but In the matter of forward, passes the Tigers were .equal. If not better, than the Assle Wildcats, who by winning Saturday marked I up their first conference vlqtory In MAROON TEAM SHOWS POWER . TO WIN, 13-0 Smith and Haenfler Offensive Stars Methodists for It was Missouri's game of the sea- b\g fullback, cracked 'off yardage on plunge,after plunge. But then Tlua- sell returned to- the game after a layoff and f began a superior plunging game of his own. Three, then five and sometimes seven yards RUssell reeled off In gain after gain, fighting his way from mldfleld to the 5- yard line. Then on a deceptive spinner play, In which Russell served as the foil, the helmetless Woodworth, Wildcat guard, tore from his place In the llne. clutched the ball, and swung alone around North western's right end for another touchdown. .Once «galn, the Wildcats started a march down the field with Russell bouncing off tacklers right and left. This time he personally conveyed the ball over the goal. ', For the Minnesota followers, \thelr biggest thrill of the day was about o com*. Wanders plunt'ed consls- ently for two first downs and with Northwestern'* defensive attention centered on him, a triple pass, Manders to Brockrneyer to MacDougal. itarted the mite from the 60-y»rd Irie oh * pivoting- burst down the teld through the entire Wlldcafteam. After 10 yards of this, he broke clear run easily across the goal for the uniform but Doctor Sutherland Hot see fit to call upon him; down, but th* try for point wa« un- lopher's only tonch.down successful. "Bcotty" came back right after this venture and added another rhaaes of th-i Intersectlonal encoun- r ot Minnesota, Is.......... Nelson it Bolsnd marker after which the two teams ter, which was marred by fumbl«§, battled 'on 1 to the eriij of the half occMlonal slipshod tackllnz and lit ih Trinity on the long end of a carrjjlrit werf) provided by Captain Eddie B9H«r, McCorfen. fullback, Pitt's frnll quarterback,, whose bullet-like passes to Relder enabled the s«epri4 halt with three dawlins runs .aucctsslpn that .netted «0 Panthers 1o outplay tin Jibsl;er» in yards,' and a tljort pass from Mc- first downs and yardage gajnad, Still, It ban been pointed -out fbiu fhey Donald « to Bv»rfc w*» .rood lfor^•ix; points, JSot content w«h thl«,'th« Cornell Eleven pay pff only on touchdown*. And line, wasn't composed Of TrtoJty forward* HfJIad * Holds Kohawks M he ; ,recov«red a fuuiW*, and opened JMOes, hole at tucM* tbroufb ---- - - id sjcampered for bta -,- paymaster?., ' 1 Tlw lineup:. to 0 to 0 Tie Vernon, l*>-(ff7— A Conull colUge football cbajenged Co«> Mld- champions and beaj every turn, although Cornell outplayed «l*v<n from «tart Uui vterM fubib, I nearly * »opb.omore line baited «•< cor»,)l-. play safdWMt tltlUU only once to swore when a. Mocked by koMtof poe'i hard to »ev*n yards In three by California Berkley, .CaJ.-— Canon-Newman, 0; Maryvllla college, Weatern Maryland, !0; All Marine. «. New Tork U.. 20: Carnegie Tech, 1. Muhlenberr, 24; I.ehlgh. 0. New HamMhlre, I: TulU, 10. Colby, 6; Maine. 14. nhode Island. 14: Boston t'.. «. Providence, 20: Lowell Textile, ,0. TTprttU. 0; Lafayatte, 74. Penn Slate. 7; nucknell. 10. Woater, 14; C»«e, «. Worcoattr Tech, 13; Norwich. 11. Bt. Thomna. U; St. John'a, I. Brown, lit Syraeuae. 1«. • > nrov. CHy. 0: Alle«hany. «. Flndlay. iti Daflanca. IS, . 8prln«flel«l, S4; Mlddleuury, t. N«w River, 10; Catholic, I.. :• Wllllamr, 14! Union, 0. fluimithanni, 7; Kamllton. T. Albright. II; ft. Jc«*ph'a, t. Dlcklnaon. 7; Perm Mllllary rolfege, 1. Delaware, 11; Swarthmore. 12. Weatmlnater, 19; Juanlta, 0.. V. M. I., •: Pavldaon. 0. Denlaon, 1»; Otterbeln, 18. Amh«r>t, !J; Ma««chu»etta Agglea, «. C'onnectkut Agglea, 19; Coot Qur<1 Academy, 0. Weaeran, It; Trinity, 0. I Washington and_ Lee-. 0; V P. I.. ». a -(Or»i), i «J. ,Are»ny.i •.'. , 24; rranVUn sn4 Marshall. » Manllus, SChODl. I. 11; Valley Forge Military High Point. 20; Atlantic Christian col- '^lount St. Mary's, 7: I.nbannn Valley. «. Kenyon. JJ; Capital. 11. <Tls.) Washington and Jefferson, 20; Thlel, 0, Brown, II; Syracuse, K. ., Navy, »7: West Vlrnlnla Wesleyan. 11. Bser. t»: Ottswa. 0. Manhattan, I; City College of Nsw Y °Arnold. H: Brooklyn City rolleg*. J. Randolph Macon. 11: Brldgewatsr, 7. Auburn, 31; We " Colorado "U." 14; Colorado college. I». Regie, 40; First Infantry, Kort r. K. Colorado Mfnes, 11 ; Wsslern Stats college, ,0. .. I.OCAI, Kssl high. SO: Sheldon, n (night). Centrsl high. «: Hswarden, 0. South Sioux City, s; Rlk Point, S. D., I COIXEOES Sheldon .lunlor college, U; Fort Dodge Junior college. C. Luther Reserves, II; Wsrtbnrg Junior collujif. 0, ... Chllllcothe Business, 1»: Oracelsnd. fl. Rveleth Junior college, It; Vlriflnla. Minn., Junior college, u. Wesleysn, 7; Bethany. 7. Mankato State Teachar*. SI; Ksther- vllle Junior college, 0. Cuntrel (PelU. lt.1. 31; St. Ambrose, 0, William Jewell, 14: Missouri Valley, 7. Newberry. I; Ersklne. I. Mount Union, 37; Baldwln-Wallacs, T. Southern Normal. II: Auguatana, 0. Musklngum, 45; Marietta, 0. , Buena Vista, 14; <Jmsh» "U," ». Drake, 12; Washington, 0. Grinnell. 11;. <Jret«hton, J. Kvansvllls colleje, !0; Henover, T. John Carroll, 1«? WIlmlnntoB, t». deorgstown, K: BtaM, II. Transylvania., «: Da»t«n ; I, Columbia (Orl.).i Geneva, 14;iFraii-.«.. -.—• — -^---\ - . T,oyol*(N. Orleans). S7; Bt. Xavler, I Tnmpls. 31; Wak» Forsst. 0... '.• •• Mason 'Clrr. Junlsf collstjSi ,; «1 fl worth Junior collssis (lowsi Kails), ». Washburn. lit jBmporU.Teachers. I. ' Hsskell, 13; Oklahoma, Avgles, 11. Ilookhurst, II; Wentworth, 1». Phillips "U." «; St. Benedict's, «. Alfred. J9; Hobart, «• "U" ot Miami. 7: Bowdoln. ». • St. Mary's (Wlnons), 20; Superior *TulfsT* : 'U," >4: «sor»e Wa«hlngton, I. HssllngK, II; Midland, 7. St. Thomas, II; Augsburg- (Mlnneapo ""Yankton, 11! Northsrn Norrnsl. 0. Plttsburg (Kan.) Taschers, 27; College 0 '^M. PO SchoIi of Mines, II; St. Loul. Tarklo '14'*'Orand Island (N*tO. 0. Springfield Teachers, 11; Klrksvllle T *Carbonda 7 l's Teschers, 1»; Caps Qlrar- desu (Mo.) Teachers. ». „.„.,, Chsdron, Neb., Normsl, 2«; Hapld CltySchool of Mlnss. 0. Wichita "V," 14; Hsys Tsacher,i.. 0. BtsDford. 10; University ot Csilllornls Simmons, Hi' Bouthwestern, 11. Saturday and the result WAS a scoreless, hut peculiar deadlock between football forces of Tale nml Dartmouth. Before a crowd of 62,000 spectators, Alble Booth, Tale's diminutive quarterback, returned to action so well recovered from the bumps he received In the Army contest, that he led the Ells throughout the game and came close to winning <t.' > Booth, on a dazzlfng 32-yard etid run, scampered across the Dartmouth goal early In (he second, period, after leading a serious of Bl;r Blue drives, but the uproar subsided and the mighty Alble's effort was wasted when Referee E. 3. O'Brien detected holding In the Tale ranks; This was the closest Talo came to scoring although, all told, the Ells wasted five good drives deep Into Green territory In thn first half before being compelled In he last halt to take the''defensive hemsclves and beat off a succen- Ion of charges by the hard hitting Indians from Hanover. ' Dartmouth on the attack In the aat half, four times was within striking distance ot the Ell goat, due to the sensational ball lugging Mitchell, the Head Coach of Hamline, Resigns His Post ! St. Paul, Minn.— (&) — Hamllno university's head football coach and athletic director, D. C. Mitchell, announced ho had severed connection with that school Saturday. He said internal difficulties between school authorities, players nnd himself prompted the resignation. ' NORTHWESTERN RESERVES WIN South Dakota Coyotes Put Up Brave Fight but Lose, 12-6 I)y 'lames Fowler STATISTICS M. 8. Flrs*.~down« ' 11 Yards gariled from scrlm- rnafe , , 191 ' Passes attempted ........ 10 Pru«es completed « . . S Yards ftalned on passes... 49 Pnssefi Intercepted 1 Klckoff Yards li^t on penalties.* Blocked punts ** .. 9 .. ID .. 4S .. 0 SUte 7 142 14 5 9* * I 3 11 60 1 Vcrmllllon. S. D.—A llnl Unl- By Ellsworth Parker (Journal Sports Writer,) Mornlngslde conquered South Dakota State for the first time in four years Saturday at Bass field when the Maroon clad football warriors, fighting one of their best games In recent years, scored a great IS to 0 victory over the Jackrabblts. While a colorful throng of more than 3,000 spectators many of whom'were the annual Dad's day celebration, looked on. Coach J. M. Saunderson's smooth working grid machine outplayed the Invading Dakotans during the entire game. By defeating the Bunnies, the Mornlngslde eleven, not only won Its first conference victory, but climbed out of the cellar position In the loop Standings Into a tie with South Dakota State for third place honors. Both aggregations have won one game and lost two. Smith and Haenfler Star Two contrasting types of backfleld men, Eddie Haenfler, 1 a plunging fullback, and Lawrence Bmlth a speedy and elusive halfback, were responsible for the success ot the verslty of South Dakota team^ut Mo ' O tt en8l v e game." Sup- by a teat charging Hn«i 'these med o £ a f mo . t U yery ot Bill/ Morton ftno^WUd Bill Mc<>H. but the Blue defense, .while considerably MtUred, was .equal to the ' emergencies. • On the last play of. the game, with th« .balP In Dartmouth's 1 possession on Yale's 12-yard line, after' a series ; of 'berserk rushes and brilliant passes. McCall tried to drop kick, from the .21 -yard mark that barely missed giving the Indians a three-point victory. It wan Yale's second successive lie game, but marked the first check In Dartmouth's previous); unbeaten advance. a v, a "lt U \ K , B S* the Northwestern university re- wo the first quarter on a pass behind, th' from Intercepted a; South Bakoti * Unlv'eriUy of Idaho, 101: Montana «t«ts Normal, «. •Whitman. Hi Pacific, 0. Southern Branch, BADGERS TIED BY OHIO STATE Neither Team Able to Score in Battle in the Ohio Stadium Ohio Stadium, Columbus, O.—(/P)— Wisconsin and Ohio State rilet Saturday for the first tlm* In U yesrs. ound themselves perfectly matched n all departments and 'played a scoreless tie. Twice each team penetrated the other's 211-yard llne and each had he ball jess than five yards from he goal on one occasion. Ohio had already been eliminated rom the Western conference race with two defeats. The tied served to tnock Wisconsin out M a mathematical po*»">lllty, as the Badgers had previously lost to Purdue. , Wesley Fealer, Qhio's all-American end, was.the hero of the game, When Ohio had M he ball Fesler called all plays, did the passing, punted superbly, Blocked wen and carried th* ball occasionally. LaU In the first period, Ohio advanced 10 yards to the J-yard line, where Fesaler passed on fourth down 9 Dick Larklas, l*ft end, and the brow wan . Incomplete. • Wisconsin started out to make the Came' a rout, Horn fumbl*d the first time Ohio had the b(id|.aji4;Tyi»co»- sin recovered on pblo-'» J?-y»rd line. A. lateral, busby t« pehr, mads it first down on Ohio's 22-yard line and Qnabah and Lusby rushed the t»U 11 mor«, in two plays. An offside penalty against Ohio hurt, but Busby's pass to Jensen fell Iota tit* end zono and Ohio took tb« ball. ... Badgers were marcliln? for a Braves Outlpayed but Tie Eastern Normal Team, 6-6 Madison, 8. D.—Special: The Eastern State Teachers college Trojans battered the Bloux Falls college Braves badly In their final appearance Saturday, but Webb, Bave fullback, grabbed the ball, out of Wll- Imrd's crippled and bandaged hand and raced 70 yards for the tying touchdown with but one minute left to play. Harllng scored for Eastern In the second quarter and Hloux Falls never pressed mldfleld but once and that was on Webb's race for a touchdown. Eastern made 17 first downs to five for Sioux Falls and had Sioux Falls in danger five tiroes with only a few feet to go for a towhdown. Harllng, WHIard imd Qregorson In the backfleld and DIxon and'tha Johnson twins In the line starred for Eastern. Webb, fullback, Fletcher and Farnswortb, linemen, shone for Bloux Falls college. Luther Wins Its Fifth Conference Game from Keymen Decorah, la.— (IP) — Luthee rollep,e won Its fifth Iowa conference tilt lere Saturday by defeating Western Union, 29 tp 0. A powerful offense was used by the winner*, who plowed through the Invader's line for i." ,,"...," Steady gains. he llnrup -Tsil* Klvi irsre ilbur Wilbu ... Hare . T.oeter Unehan Vlnrent Sargent Sullivan . Pnrker . , Dunn C'rowley pass 'and crossed thfe 'Coyote goa Ins 'after a beautiful 66-yard run The final counter came In the third quarter when C.ummlngs passed to Cog?hall who stimpered over for a ouchotywn. With most of the regulars on the sidelines with Injuries, Montgomery's substitutes gave a surprising exhibition of fight and power to outplay the nvaders by a wide margin. Hanson, Hyllestad, Campbell and Wolter made repeated consistently advanced gains the and ball. ,, . The Norsemen scored twice In |mrt for Kramer, Rrlcoron fo Stewart, ........ " serves here Saturday afternoon, Th,e aUt fct the 8outh &&#„. to r- tlnal score was, ^.-^ . ward wall. VThlle Bmlth wa» doing All Pt the ijcorlntrby b^oth tewns1, h - _^ ntlns ftnfl 'aaa^g 'around was due to forward passlnf. ,.Th > ena8P iJ na Sff^tacWes. t& < rttttdy- Coyotes counted their touchdown .1 Haen ^ er was Bma shlng tho center ot thff..Brook/rur» Hne/vforv .wbuart trains that>>ccouhted for the. numerous first* downs. ,, It ' was the flashyv Smith . that grabbed one of Vander Wilt's passes out of the air, evaded several-enemy acklers and scampered ,10 yards for he first Maroon touchdown in the econd period. A sustained attack, rlglnatlng In mldfleld and featuring he ball totlnff abilities of Haenfler, Kettle and Smith, had placed the all within scoring distance. After being stifled In the suc- eodlng two quarters, the Mornlng- rde offensive became active again In the final stanaa and pushed over another touchdown. The scoring episode began when Smith returned a South Dakota kick 20 yards to the 40-yard Nne. The mighty Haenfler, smacking with every ounce of strength, contributed 10 and 6-yard gains on two plays to give the Maroons a first down with only 25 yards to go for a touchdown, Vander Wilt tossed a nice pass to Smith that addad another 10 yards and after falling to advance through tackle, the ball was given to Kettle who skirted left end for a touchdown. Perfect blocking on the part of the Maroon linemen' enabled Kettle to make his successful expedition. Capt. McClarnan supplied tha extra point when he caught another Whltmore, late. In the game, got away with several nice runs and the passing combination ot South to Carlson was a constant threat. Northwestern held South Dakota on Its 10-yard line In the last three minutes of play. Lineups and summary: Hoplk Dsikota (fl) Ji'westers) "B" (It) Krk-c ion .......... l« ....... Goodman Carter ............ It ........ Benlw U Clinker ........... 1C ........... Volti ! I.everett •,.,,, ..... n .......... I.owry N.Leer(c) .... ..... rt ...... Ynungberg Uurlron ........... r ........ Kornob n Wohler ........... 'Ih ......... Dubskl Hsniion ........... rt ...... Coggshsll Hyllestad ......... Ih .......... J" b « (.•ttmpbell .......... fb .......... Seghl South Dakota: Tlce for . Hulxtltutlnn ou ..... . ........ _ ..„ ..... . ..... .. ... Hanson, flouih for TICS. Qualm for H lestad. Kltigeralil for Carter, R. beer , or Hor , p ,|, Kramer for Erlrcson. Stew- each half, picking up a safety ond three extra point's,. Though the Norsemen had the ball most of the time the Telegraphers staged two offensives which culminated In Incomplete passes over the Luther goal llne. Brown Griddew • Battle Syracuse Eleven to Syracuse, N. T.—<*>—Brown unl- v*r»lty IrWder* battled Byraciwe to a It-It tit'in Arcbbold stadium Saturday. Blanked In the fintt period the only one In whtoh «yr»cu*« •cored, Brown slowly built up IU total, gaining six point* In the second, •even In the third and three more in the fourth. In th* last period with orUy a few rnlnuU* to ptoy, Ourl, of Brown, droplflck»d from Sy^acuoe'i Je-ywo mark. It went ov«r. B«fore «w- otber play could be run of f. the fam> ended, tied. , Sine* 1W Brown DM not defeated the Orange. The steady .play of Captain Halvorson, of Luther, was a bis fattor In . (topping the Invaders. Hanson and Bavlck were the big ground gainer* for Luther, While Koch and Conley did good work tor the Key- men. .'' * Iowa Wesleyan . and Penn Play Scoreless Tie Mount Pleasant, ' Wealeyan and Penn colleges battled to a »corele»s draw In a contest which had been expected to eliml uate one of them from the Iowa con Carter for Kltzgcrald. Dlion for Clinker, PlttgeraM for Carter, Quslm for Camphell. Tlr« for Whltmore. South for Tlce, Tire for Whltmor*, Hanson foe Tlce Kramer for Krlccson, D'Conner for N Leeds. Northwestern: Vsll for Korobln Camming, for Dubskl. I.emlng for I«n bell, llsll for Ooodmsn. Isabel for I.em Ing. 7)onohue for Co«g«hall, phlland*rson for Ix>wry, Roren for Flenstlen, Dubskl for fleghl, Byrnes for Henlwll«. Tardage from scrimmage— Northwestern, i»: South Dskots, !«0. IPIrti. downs— Bouth Dakota, Hi Northwestern. 5. Offlclalp — Referee. Smith (Minnesota): umpire. MrDonaM (Mlnnefota); head linesman. Klner (Blouic CMty). arleon. l.emlng. .Cogg- of' Vander Wilt's accurate heaves across the goal line. Lineups aqd summary: aerial Touchdown ihall. H.I), stats Fos. Wheeler Is.. Jenlson It., Uronbere If.. Kummer o., Tepler... Moralngslda ... McL*rnan .. Hutchinson Lewis ,.,;.,,. Nash ,,,,,, Fopsvle Rsun Hall ,. VanderWIlt Smith Florida and Georgia Play a Scoreless Tie at Savannah Savanah, Oa.— (IP)— A courageous, battling University of Florida team, beaten last week by Little Furraan. . . .n,. Roll rt.. Benson............. re.. Hsverson..'»..,«... ..nb.. Carr Ih.. nishol rh., Bones Nelson fb Hsenfler Officials—Rofers, Curleton. referss; Harmon, Wisconsin, umpire; Qrten, Iowa State, head linesman. Score by periods: Mornlnislde I I * T— II South Dakota Ststs 0 Old— 0 Touchdowns—Smith, Ksttle. Point afnr touchdown—McLarnan. Substitutions—South Dakota fitste: Rlshol for Severson, Severson for Rlshol, Nelson for Hladky, Csrr for Ulvl*. Bchulte for Tep- Isy, Bchwlrsn for Bchults. Strong for Jenlson, Swanson for Wheeler, Hladky for Kelson. Mornlnsslds: Kettle tor Bones. Gottlob for Lewis, Hobenr 'or — - Popevli, Pope vie for Koberc, Lewis for rose in all Its might to turn back, oootjob, Wyant for Raun. Amusssa (or a mighty charge from a favored f tr «nce football race Saturday. Th.| -- «a.m* n>aM TtTAalavon'M hnmarftmlntf " u< * 1 Qeorgia machine and end their an •con when the first half ended, with the ball on Ohio's 13-y»rd line. Wisconsin had t,h« better of the wcopd periled and Ohio of the fourth, but the other two were evenly fought. Th» lineup: Okte Mat* gtlhy BOTH* .It. .... J,iib»t»vW» If ...... ~s»>I-n,lB o r* » :*«il«r rt r* V»rnsr Holcoinb Horn. .... , ........ ob...... .......... Ih.. .. ...... fiiutb; gam* was Wesleyan's homecoming feature, Penn drove deep into Wesleyan territory during the first two periods, keeping the Methodists on the defense, One* the Quakers reached Wealeyan's 10-yard stripe, whersj the Tigers stiffened and heUJ for downs. Wesleytn opened the third period with a driving attack that forced the play into Penn territory. Three t|m«a U drove Inside the Quaker 30-yard line )>ut a Jijc&tinf P*nn line stopped each threat. • ' Wts|«yan »tUw»ted to score . In the final minute with a placeklck, but Dresser's boot fell short. scoreless tie. Georgia made several scoring bids and was twice on Florida's one yard line but in each Instance Florida held. Lefty O'Doul to Give Dodgers Added Punch ' Texas Longhorng Upset Southern MethodiBt, 25-7 Memorial Stadium, Austin, T**.— W)-T-UnltMblDg a. ttrriftc ojlfeiuive, the powerful University of Te*as ups»t unlverelty. Z| to 7, Saturday. *t tbelrtown passing (M8* and tbolr running attack sau,»lph,«d bb. the start, the had a chance against Up | tering offense, . Virginia Awarded Minnesota Girls H. £ Tank Tourney Virginia. Minn.r-(£V-Th* state W«b achwl ' Officials— Befsree, Rogersi (Csrletsn); umpire, Harmon (Wisconsin)! head linesman, Greene (low* BUts). Grinnell Back May Be Lost to for Season Brokiyn.—</P)— If M«X O'Doul, new acqulstlon of the Brooklyn Dodgers, next year hits anything like be has in past seasons the club's out plenty of runs to work on. O'Doul. with the Phillies, and Johnny Frederick, centerfielder. and Bab* Herman, rightflelder. Dodger regulars, drove in 302 runs this season, Iowa Wesleyan and Penn Battle to Tie Grinnell. la.— (/P)— A knee Injury which Russell Ruff, star Grinnell college halfback, received hi the homecoming game with Cr eight on here Friday night, may keep him out of the lineup for the remainder of clans. In the event it U found unnecessary to put the kne* in a cut, a, brae* will b« put around it and Ruff will be on 0»e bench ready for action it the eleven f lads th* goJns difficult without him la the final periods. nmiffit • *-'

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