Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1938 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 12, 1938
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Alberta's Credit'Plans Hold Interest for Californians As California Prepares to Hold Election on the "$30 Every Thursday" the Story Below Is of Special Interest at This Time By NKA Service CALGARY, Alia.—Anxious inquiries Imve been coming to Alberla from California. As the day ncare when CuKfornians vole on their "Thirty Dollar Every Thursday" plan, they want to know whatever happened to Alberta's Social Credit plan, which the Aberharl government was elected to carry out three years ngo. There i.s enough similarity to justify —. -. — — C'.'thc interest. The California plan which will be oted n November 8 is designed to put >uying |xjwor in the form of $30 each veck of progressively-taxable scrip in he hands of nil over 50 who are not vorklrif!. The Alberta plan is to pay a "social lividcnd" of 525 n month to all citizens, 4 First-Stringers Injured as Bobcats Prepare for Game Locals to Be Badly Hampered for Conference Battle Friday RECORD AT STAKE Jonesboro, Reported in Good Shape, Has Big Heavy Squad Coach Foy 11. llammons was moan- in' the "Jonesboro Blues" Wednesday as he sought ways to bolster a cripplec .•.cni.-ul for iLs important conference clash here Friday night against the strong and undefeated Golden Hurri cane team of northeast Arkansas. Hammon-s has four first-string mci 011 the injured list headed by Captuii Dean Parsons, who was shifted frou guard to quarterback; Major Simpson Norman Green and Wesley Calhoun all linemen. Simpson and Green hav been the .starling tackles. Of the four men, Green is the most .seriously injured and it appeared • slight possibility thai Green woul see liltlc, if any. action against Jones boro. The other three have been un able to practice. Tackle Green was clipped in the De- Quecn game last week and .sustained Hope Star WEATHER. Arkamux — Mostly dmnln, probably occafsivnul rains in the extreme north portion Wednesday night and VOLUME 39—NUMBER 314 HOPK, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12,1938 PRICE 5c COPY NEW WAR DRIVE Jim Simpson Wins Acquittal in Fatal Highway Accident Instructed Verdict Exonerates Simpson in Guilliams Death Saenger Cup to Be Presented to Softball Champs Thursday NEGROES NOT GUILTY both knee and ankle injury. Parsons received a severe cut on the leg from a spike. Simpson is mirshiK a bruised leg and ankle. Calhoun step- peel on a thorn at his home last Sal- imlay and is limping. Loy Ward Returns The only note of encouragement was the return to the squad of Loy Ward, counted on us a regular end but injured before the opening game of the season and withheld from action. Ward .scrimmaged wilh the team Tuesday and it is hoped he will be able to go against Jonesboro for the first lime this year. Hammons announced lhat he had abandoned rough work for the balance of Ihe week as a precaution against furthor injuries Junior Gnme Thursday The junior high school grid team, coached by Bill Brasher, will meet the Tcxarkana (Texan) junior team at the stadium here Thursday afternoon lit 3:30 o'clock. The admi.ssion price will be 5 ami 15 cents. It will he the second game of the season for the juniors, having losi to Blcviiis la.sl week, 13 lo G. Football fans arc urged to attend the game. Alberta's disciple of Social Credit—William Abcrhart, Premier three years, no credit yet, with the state also reimbursing on the sale of goods at state-fixed prices. Each is a plan to increase arbitrarily the buying-powcr of the people, to wipe out the discrepancy between the amount of goods lhat could be produced, and the amount of people are able to buy. So with S30 every Thursday looming Lewis Stamps, James Taylor Acquitted on Murder Charges An instructed verdict of acquitta was relumed by a Hempstead circui court jury Wednesday morning, exonerating Jim Simpson, Hojie youth, on a charge of manslaughter which grcv out of a fatal highway accident on th Ho|x.'-Lewisville road several month, ago. A truck driven by Sampson strue and instantly killed Robert Guilliams 28, of Mope, a WPA employe. The ac cident occurred early one morning a Simpson was en route toward Lewis Ville. Two Cases Thursday Following Ihe Simpson case, com recessed until Thursday morning who two civil cases arc scheduled to b heard. They are the cases of Varl Ma and Harry Lambert against Join} W. Tedford. The cases resulted from a highway accident in which Lambert is seeking in California, il is proper UMookjindj ^ m fm . DC| . son;ll i n j m .jes and May i.s asking $3,000 for personal injuries and sec how $25 a month looks after three jears in Alberta. Jimesvlioro Prepares JONESBORO, Ark.— A long .scrimmage .session i.s on schedule for the Golden Hurricane this (Tuesday) afternoon after only light workouts being held Monday afternoon in preparation for their hardest game to date Friday night when they meet the Hope High School Hobcal-s at Hope. With the team in fairly good condition, Coach Lowell Manning plans to hold a .stiff scrimmage, mostly on defense. Wednesday afternoon another hard workout i.s on I'nor Prospects Tile answer is: not so good. Though it voted for Social Credit three years ago. Alberta hasn't got it yet, and the chances of getting it look slimmer weekly. Premier William Abcrhart, in a recent lalk, recalled how the Israelites cracked down on Moses, demanding water during their wanderings. "How they did ride Moses," Abcr- hart recalled. "How ungrateful people are." This gloomy speculation arises from the facl that the people of Alberta, having waited much longer for their S2S a month than the Israelites waited for water, arc gelling restless. They want the money, and they tell Abcr- hart so in strong terms. Bui there ha.s been no money. Six months ago Cluef Justice Sir Lyman Uuff of the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Social Credit Act, cornerstone of the Aherhart Social Credit structure was beyond Ihe province's jurisdiction—in plainer terms, it was "cut." Huled out also was a press gay law by whch Abcrhart sought to compel newspapers to print whatever he chose about Social Credit. Bui Aberharl does nut despair. He $300 damages t ohis automobile. The accident was reported to have occurred in Nevada county. Negroes Win Acquittal Lewis Stamps, negro, was acquillcd on a charge of murder by a jury Tuesday afternoon. He was charged with killing his son-in-law, Richard Johnson, over, thn alleged beating of his 1 wife who is a daughter of the Stamps negro. A jury als actiuittcd James Taylor, negro of Fulton, for the stabbing of . C. Lewis, another negro. Two other negro murder cases, those ,f Mark Reed and Richard Brandon, vcre continued until the January term. -v • «•21 Dead as Result of Forest Blaze 'ires Sweep Northern Minnesota, Spread to Canada .vurkingj j ll( ij cillos th-d his government plans t< slay in office two years more- He pleads for "a fair chance to demon- schedule will, U«f week's pr = lion j ^.^ |hc vMue ,, f „„,. ccnn(>lnic tluM) . workouts ending with only light Thursday. Pa.su defen.se will stressed at: Hope is reported to have a good passing attack. New Play Monday afternoon, the practice consisted mostly of warm-up exercises. IK ,I rius," and insists that "the governmen ha.s not exhausted all its strategic movements in attempts to free people from the cluch of the money barons.' A Scotchman's Idea Abcrhart, an evangelist, teacher, anc with several new plays being given j radio speaker, won control of the Al to (lie team including several new pa.ss plays. Although he ha.s not decided as yet who he will start this week, the Hurricane mentor will probably start the same line that started against Cathloc High with some changes likely in the backficld. Cyril Garrett, wh« turned in a good job of blocking against the Rockets, may be given a starting post for the game Friday night, in place of Eu- Osmcnl. Fat Pharis und Willard Tilley will lx>th return to the starling lineup with Durham being the fourth man in the backficld. Howard Barringer and Johnny Os- mcnl will probably .start the game at nuls, with Fontaine Drehcr and Cecil Pcmberlon at tackles, and Polly Black and Germil Rhca al guard. Odi.s Coker will complete the starling line-up at center. (Seeking Hevenge The Gold and Black eleven will be seeking revenge of the 38 to 20 defeat handed them last season by the Bobcats at Woodland field. Although the> will be rated as underdogs, the Hurricane will have a strong team unless in juries hit the Hurricane in practice bci'ta legislature in ISIS, and hi.s gov eminent, pledged to the Social Credi plan of Major Cifford U. Douglas- Scotch economist, went ID work al th beginning of 19HG. The Aberharl regime began like an "reform" administration, wielding th ax onlhe- public payroll, effecting inn or economics, and attempting to JH the almost bankrupt province on , firmer financial foginlocs i firmer financial footing. A quarter of Uy the Associated Press Finding of four more bodies in Dance township, Ontario, the forest fire area brought to 21 Wednesday the- known dead from hlsv/.es that swep the Minnesota - Canadian bordci region the past Iwo days. (Continued on Page Three) A famous American writer who appeared in one of his own plays last summer declined the Pulitzer Prize in 1920 iinci accepted the Nobel Prize in 1930. He was born eight years before the opening of Chicago's World Fair (not the Century of Progress). Who i.s the writer, what play did he appeal' in, and when was he born? Answer on Classified Page million dollars in "Prosperity Cer- ficales" or velosily scrip, taxable on ;u.-)i larnsaclion, was issued in mid- .immer, and comic mile was added •hen Ihe government found itself hold- ig $75,000 of its own scrip the first •eek, Ihus Ixiing forced to pay itself 7, r )0 in tax stamps. At first the federal government lent Mberla money to pay maturing obligations, but later it refused, and what mounted to a general murntorium on lebt followed. Merchants und whole- lalers largely refused to co-operate in he scrip, which produced no great irasperity. Special session followed s]X-cial scs- iion of the legislature. The sales tax was repealed, but no revenue measure was provided lo replace il. A "produc lion lax" amounting to 7 per cent o his production in goods or moncj againsl every farmer, roused the ange of those who were wailing fur check instead. Then followed enactment lust yea of Ihe basic laws which were lo bull the foundations of Social Credit. Bu early this year came the double blo\ of court rejection of the laws and 111 political failure of the Social Crediloi lo extend their victory into Saskatche wan. No new Social Credit legislation hu been proposed since last spring by U Aberhart government. Today one hcai little talk of social dividends, an many people lake Ihe altitude tha "the less said about it, the better. Kin- Sweeps Area Ii,y Ihe Associated Press Two more deaths brought lo 16 Ihe toll from Ihe northern Minnesota anc nearby Canadian brush and fores fires. Provincial police at Fort 1- ran ces Out., Si.id several persons wcr missing in the area 50 miles norlhwes of thai city where 12 others were burn ed fatally. The latest victims were Maxme La belle, 11, who died in a Fort France hospital; Joseph Dardis. 07. Inlcrna lional Falls, Minn., who died of heart attack while aiding in resell work, and Bemiy Fulz, 25, whose bod was found near hi.s burned cabin i " ance township, Ontario. Twelve of the dead were members f the Frank, William und Noah Luclle families of Dunce township. A Park Rapids, Minn.. CCC toy was illed in the collision of two Forest ervice fire trucks and a fire^ fighter uffociitcd near International Falls. The fire danger was diminished jmcwhiit by overnight showers bul a oulh wind was again fanning flames rowding fire lines manned by more ban 3,000 men aided by airplanes. The Labellc brothers families tried escape firt.1 by horse-drawn rig and tonesboro Deputy Dies From Wounds; Arrest Assailant leorge Spencer Succumbs to Bullet Wounds; Nab Suspect NASHVILLEMAN SHOT Body of Russell Brown Is Found in Woods—Believed Accidental Germany's Trade Scout in Turkey JONESBORO, Ark.(/P)-Chief Deputy Sheriff George Spencer of Lake City, died in a Jonesboro hospital Wednesday from bullet wounds received Monday night when he attempted to arrest a man on a hcarge of disturbance of the peace at Lunsford, 12 miles cast of here. A man described as Alf Woods, 25, whom Spencer named as his assailant, surrendered to Sheriff Tom. Lane in the woods near Lunsford. The accused man was rushed to a Memphis jail for safe-keeping. 'Is Found Dead NASHVILLE, Ark.—(/P)—The body of Russell Brown, 28, crippled Nashville fruit grader, was found by a searching party three miles south of here Wednesday, 18 hours after he had left home on a hunting trip. A shotgun charge had struck Brown in the neck below the right ear killing him instantly. The searchers said indications were that Brown attempted to crawl through a fence, dragging the gun, when it discharged. European experts are predicting that a triumphant Hitler will press his drive eastward via the trade-agreement route rather than by armed conquest. Forerunner of such a program is Germany's Economics Minister Wallher Funk, above, who is in the Turkish capital of Angora trying to arrange an improved trade agreement with the Otto- J man government. ' Various Pension Plans Are Flayed Troops Prepare to Launch Campaign South China Area Raid on Canton and Han- kow New Objective of Japs 50,000 MEN READY Slovak and Hungarian Delegates Fail to Reach Agreement SHANGHAI, China— (ff>— Japanese forces unloosed their full might Wednesday in a final, giant offensive designed to capture Hankow and smash Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Sheck's legions. The new Japanese expeditionary force, estimated at between 30,000 to 50,000 -well-equipped men supported by naval and air units, landed on a bay a few miles north of Honk Kong. Their plans were to sever communications between Hangkong and Canton, last of the big Chinese soastal cities, or between Canton and Han- kow, Chiang's provisional and military capital. Fulfillment of the scheme would mean cutting off of the vitally needed defense munitions. Far in the interior, Japanese troops intensiied their smashing drives against Hankow from the notrh, west and were reported to have cut northern railway communications with Hankow, capturing Sinyang, 100 miles north of the capital. Boy Scout School to End on Monday Closing Exercises Will Be Held at 6:30 p. m. at Fair Park —Photo by the Star The Saengcr sold trophy, which was announced last spring for the suftliall team winning the city championship this past season, will be presented to the Bruner-Ivory Handle company team on the Saenger stage Thursday night. Eurl \V. Krion, district soflhall commissioner, will introduce King Kime Kelly famed Little Hock Softball pitcher, and Kelly will present the trophy to the local champions. Krion will then interview Kelly on his spectacular pitching successes, and Kelly will demonstrate some of lu's throws on the theater stage. The Bruner-Ivory team will appear in uniform for the |ircseii(;ili<iii ceremony, which i.s arranged liy SI. A. Liffhlmaii, Jr., SaeiiKCT-Kialto manager. T!iu trophy will lie in possession of the Bruncr-lvory team for the next 12 months, anil will pass into the permeuant possession of any team which wins (he city championship twice in succession. Plans have been made here for 'the last of six weekly training sessions for Soy Scout leaders of this district, the program to culminate next Monday night in joint exercises for the leaders and a court of honor for the boys .homsclves. Ed F. McFaddin, district chairman, ivill be in charge of the program next VIonday, when the scout leaders will graduated from their training school and the Boy Scous will receive awards and certificates of advancement, day at Fair Park, where a Mulligan The fete will opc-n at 6:30 p. m. Mon- slcw will be held. This will be followed by the ceremonies. Joe A. Clement of Texarkajia, scout executive of the Caddo council, has asked all parents of boys to attend. He also announced that the program would be open to all Hempstcad county residents and other interested in scouting. County Home Clubs to Meet on Friday County-Wide Council Session Is Called for Oak Grove Community hen afoot after burning trees blocked the road. Fii.nk Labclle direclcd the party ncluding mostly small children lo lie on their faces in the woods (rail. Those who did so, were saved bu one of the mothers became punick> und with u one-year-old child in hei arms, tried to oulrace the flames Othur children followed er. 'The thick smoke must have over come Itiem before the-y got very far, said Constable David Hamilton. "W found the bodies a few feel apart will tile two mulhers' bodies resting ove the small babies as if they had tried u hide them from the flames." Nine persons, mainly surviving mem bers of the three families, were i Fort Frances hospitals. Members of New York dairy hei one-fiflh of their herds each year be cause of losses from disease low-pro ducvxig ability, and oilier causes whic lower milk production. Amendment No, 28 Meets Opposition l-Iempstead County Club to Actively Oppose Measure Home Demonstration clubs over I ounty will meet Friday. October 14, 'ith Ihe Oak Grove club at the Oak rove Methodist church, for a coun- •-wide council meeting. Mrs. Wilur D. Jones, county council president iiiiounccd that the meeting would ,ien at 10 a. m. and close at 2:30 p. m. Special numbers for the day will be reading by Mrs. F. B. Feiiwick of the Ulcn club! The playlet "A Shanty- uwn Scandal" which Hempslead ounty took to Camp Robinson and a kit by the McCaskill club. Other numbers will be group sing- ni< and report of the meeting of Na- innal Recreation Congress by Miss 3ullinglim. home demonstration agent. Mrs. Cecil Wuixlul. president nf ihe Oak Grove home demonstration club, mnounced thai all committees had completed plans fur the meeting. John WilsoTMeeks, 80, Former Judge, Is Dead POCAHONTAS. Ark. ~r.-V.-- J"hr Wilson Meeks. 80. former circuit judge died at his home here Tuesday nigh 1 following a long illness. He served i:s a member of lK> buurc of trustees of Arkansas .state charitable institutions under Governor Jones ii 1895-99. He was grandmaster of Arkansas Od.t Fellows lodge in 1913. Public school property in the Unitei Slates: is valued at about five and un half billion dollars. The Hempstead County Club of Ark ansas Constitution & Citizens' Protcc live League has been formed to ac lively opjxjse the adoption of Amend mont No. 28 at the November 8th gen oval election. Steve Carrigan of Hope was named president; Lee Garland of Hope vice- president; John Vescy, of Hope, secretary. Other members of the executive committee are: Charlie Harrell, Hope; S. C. Bundy. lojie: Frank R. Johnson of Hope. The League is just what the name im- 'lies. It was organized for Ihe sole nirpose of protecting the peojjle's •itlht.s, guaranteed under the Consli- utiun and lo preserve the sovereignly md credit of ihe stale. Il i.s non-polil- •al, non-parlisan. and there is no charge for membership or participation n League activities. Joe Hardm, planter of Grudy. is president and Senator Dick Mason of Cuinden is secretary of the state organ izal ion. The League is waging un intensive campaign in all parts of ihe slate agam.si the so-called Refunding Amendment 'No. 281 but aLso being referred lo as ihe "Back lo ihe Mud Amendment. After huvini: secured the opinion of several of Arkansas' most able and disinterested attorneys, officials of the League point out some of the proposal's most objectionable features: Eliminates "county turnback" funds and wil llheiefore cause the county (.Continued on Page Two) MIND Your MANNERS T. H. RU- U.-& P»t 00. Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then check iigainst the authoritative answers below: 1. If a sorority sends corsages to its gucsls of honor for a party, should one also be (sent to the housemother'.' 2. In a college dining hall, who usually enters the dining room first? 3. If a freshman meets members of a fraternity which he did not pledge during rushing, should he speak lo them on the campus? 4. Is it good manners for a collegian to inquire, "What is he?" when a student's name is mcu- lioned? 5. Are blind dates considered all right on most college campuses? What would you do if— You arc a college freshman who has not pledged a fraternity—but would like to— (;:' Tell any member you happen to know thai you would like lo belong to a fraternity? (bi Limit your friendships to fraternity men? (L-i Concentrate on donig somc- lliing well—football, debating or any extra-curricular activity which interests you? Answers 1. Ye.-. 'i. The chaperon. 3. Yes. I. No. Inquiring about a student';, fraternity the very first ihmg sounds—and is—snobbish. 5. Yes. Especially for freshmen. Be.st "What Would You Do" solution—le), for fraternities fight for students who show signs of becoming campus leaders. <C'-|\Might 1938, NEA Service, Inc.* Social Security Experts Hit "Epidemic of Crack-_ pot Schemes" WASHINGTON— (/Pj— Cocial Security Board officials had under consideration a repirt prepared by their economic experts describing the variety of pension plans being proposed over the country as an "epidemic of crackpot pension schemes." While board members refrained from commenting publicly on such plans as California's 530-cvery-Tliursday" proposal the opinion set forth was that the plans "must be taken scrioXisly only because their surface plausability has succeeded in deluding so many millions of the aged, their friends and relatives." "This will continue," the report said, "until the men and women of America realize that there are actually no 'short cuts to Utopia'." The proposals were divided into main groups — those which would be inanced by special taxes and those which call for the issuance of scrip The reports said that taxes which night be imposed to raise money for arge pensions "would be a great burden on labor, business and consumers" and added: "Nor can we evade the real costs of these proposed pension plans by the issuance of scrip or by other strange currency proposals. For every dollar of script issued at least ?1 of taxes would have to be collected from wage earners and consumers." 2,000-Mile River Highway Planned Britain Warning LONDON, England— (if)— With Japanese forces landing in south China for a drive on Canton, the British government Wednesday let it be known that Japan had been "reminded" that ^ahy damsge^tff-tiie-BriUsh interests in • south China may involve "risks of Anglo-Japanese relations." Note to U. S. TOKVO, Japan—W—The Japanese government Wednesday urged the United States and other powers to "refrain as far as possible from moving Droops, warships and aircraft in south China" in view of the landing of Japanese expeditions, presumably for a drive on Canton. Sue AJC Killed JERUSALEM —(/P)— British troops spreading over the Holy land in pun- I itative expeditions to end Jewish-Arab ; violence killed six Arabs in a clash with terrorists Wednesday. Four-Lane Strip From Minnesota to Gulf Is Studied Fail To Settle Dispute KOMAROM, (On Czechoslovak- Hungarian Border)— (/P)—Persons close to the Slovak delegation at the Komaron conference on the territorial dispute between Hungary and Czechoslovakia said here Wednesday that the Slovaks were asked by Adolf Hitler to mediate "in this serious hour." The Slovaks said after the meeting Wednesday of the two delegations that they were so widely apart that it did not appear their differences would be bridged by an ordinary negotiation, Russian Leader Dies PARIS, France— (ft*)— Grand Duke Cyril Valdimirovilch, 62, head of the House of Romanoff and self-proclaimed "Czar of all Russians," died Wednesday in an American hispital here. Pretended to have vanished the throne of the Russian empire, but living as an exile in France since the Bolshevist revolution, he has been seriously ill two weeks, suffering from gangrene in one leg. ST. LOUIS—(/P)—Interior Secretary Harold L. Ickes promised Tuesday aid of the federal government in planning a 2,000-mile scenic trafficway along the Mississippi river. A statement issued by a river states delegation following a conference with him said that Ickcs indicated that the National Resources Committee, of which he is chairman, and the National Park Service, in his department, would be asked to co-operate with the stales in further plans and surveys for the undertaking plans and surveys for the undertaking. It was said tl\at a bill authorizing ihe parkway (a four-lane strip thai would extend along the river from northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico) would be drafted for introduction at Ihe next session of congress. Methods of financing the project, which proponents are hopeful of get- ling started by 1941, and estimates of Uie lotal cost, were not discussed at length. The parkway would be for passenger automobile traffic only. A Thought Faith is to believe, on the word of God, what we do not see. and its reward is to see and enjoy what we believe.—Augustine. Business Meet for Gospel Tabernacle Annual Session Will Be Held at the Church Thursday Night The Hope Gospel Tabernacle will hold its annual business and fellowship meeting on Thursday night, October 13, beginning at 7:45. An invitation is extended to all those in- lercslcd in the Tabernacle program, • as well as members and friends, to be present. The meeting will not be strictly business-, though there is certain business to be transacted, iho pastor will speak and other features of interest and blessing are being planned. The growth of the church and Sunday school has been phenoniinal. The regular attendance practically fills the auditorium each Sunday night und the Sunday school it> crowding out its quarters. Additional space is being provided this week fur three more classes necessary to organize. On Saturday the Tabernacle Sunday school will hold its animal j>icnic at Fair park, meeting at 12:30 for a basket dinner and immediately a devotional service will be held following which ihe afternoon will be spoil i in games anil sport.s of various kinds.

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