Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1948
Page 4
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Paga Pour ** HOPE STAR HOP 5, ARKANSAS Prescoit News Monday, December 20 The Order of the Eastern Star Will meet on Monday evening at 7:30 at the Masonic' Hall for the . regular meeting. The Ladies Council the First Christian Church will meet Mon- 'day afternoon at 2:30 at flic home Of'Mrs. Case Chappell. A Christmas program will be given. The W.M.S. of the First Baptist church will meet at the church at 2:30 p.m. Upsilon Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma society, had their annual Christmas party Tuesday evening, Dec. 14, at the home of Mrs. j. B. Hcsterly. Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton assisted Mrs. Hcsterly as hostess. A delicious salad plate was served to the fourteen members pro- Bent. Alter a short busines session all the group enjoyed singing Christmas carols. Circle 1 of the W.M.S. of the First Baptist church met Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W L. Britt. Mrs. Edward Bryson opened the meeting with prayer. Mrs. Frank Williams. circle Chairman, conducted the business meeting. Mrs. Hody Butler read the meeting of the last meeting. Mrs. Williams gave 'a devotional on the Birth of Christ reading the Scripture Luke 2:8-16. t During the social hour a delicious dessert course was served to circle members: Mrs. Hody Butler, Mrs. Frank Williams, Mrs. R T. Murry, Mrs. C. H. Tompkins and lo guests of the circle, Mrs N D. Allen, Mrs. Edward Bryson and Hope Star Star of Hopo 1899; Prosi 1927, Consolldotcd January 18, 192* Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Waihburn, Secretary-Treasurer of the Star building 212-2M Smith Walnur Street. Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publishoi Paul H. Jones, Manogino Editor George W. Hoimer, Mech. Supr Jes« M. Cavlj, Advertising Manager Entered as second class matter at th< Post Office of Hope, Arkansas, under tht Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable Ir Advance): By city carrier per week 20< per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller ant LaFayettc counties, $4.50 per year- else where $8.50. Notional Advertising Representative — kanjoj Dallies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn. Storick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich fgan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madisor Aye-; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Granc Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg. New Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of the Associated Press: Thi Associated Press is entitled exclusively H the use for republication of all the loco news printed In this newspaper, as well ai all AP news dispatches. Mrs. Elijah DeLaughter. Circles 2 and 4 of the W M S of the First Baptist church held a joint meeting on Monday after- THE STORY: Life scorns bright &nd beautiful to sixteen-year-old Merry Carson, whose big moment is Tip Kennedy, captain of the high school football team. And when Tip, driving her home in his Struggle Buggy, says there's something he wants to talk to her about. Merry's heart begins to do nip-ups in her throat. II Tip seemed to have difficulty with his words, and the Struggle Buggy was parked in front of the Carson home before he finally said awk- ardly, "I know that we're pretty young, Merry, and I don't want to go all soft and gooey. But I'm going to be through with high school this spring, and I've decided I'm not going to college. Seems a waste of time, when I'm going into the garage with Pops, and I've got enough 'book-larnin' for that. Pops needs rne, and I figure I can learn as much by working with him as I could by taking a four-year loaf in college." "Oh, Tip, I do think that's smart of you," breathed Merry, just exactly as she would have said it if he had said, "I'm planning to dive Off the bridge into the river to- morow at 3." Because to Merry whatever Tip did would be smart! Because Tip did it. "I'm glad you think so, Merry," said Tip gratefully. "And —well, I know you've got another year at * high, and I thought by the time you finished, if you didn't plan to go to college—" "Oh, I don't, Tip —I wouldn't think of it!" "Well, then, how would it be if you and I sort of set our sights together? That' is, when you get through high, we could be formally engaged and everything?" Merry's eyes were shining and her young face was all aglow. "J think that would be simply frantic, Tip!" she told him shakily Tip's lean, boyish face beneath the straw-colored thatch of slightly curly, thickly crisp hair was radiant, and his blue eyes were warm and tender. "You do, Merry? Gee, that's ' noon at the home of Mrs. Madison Ingram. The opening prayer was offered by Mrs. Metlic Robinson. The business meeting was conducted by Mrs. Clifton Yancey, circle chairman. Mrs. L. L. Buchanan presented the last two chapters in the study of Acts. A delectable dessert course was served to Mrs. Will Grimes, Mrs. Clifton Yancey, Mrs. Mattie Kob- irison, Mrs. I-.'. L. Buchanan, Mrs. Watson White Jr. and Mrs. A. S. F. Ridgiil. Mrs. Sidney Loomis was hostess to circle 3 of the W.M.S. of the First Baptist church at her home on Monday afternoon. Chrysanlhe- mums decorated the room;;. Mrs. Claud Cox offered the opening prayer. Mrs. Loomis. circle chairman, presided over the business session. Mrs. Leroy Phillips and Mrs. Orville Odom gave the last two chapters on the study of Acts. During the social hour Mrs. Loomis served a delicious dessert course to members: Mrs. J. T. McRac, Mrs. R. I. Worthom, Mrs. McRac Munn, Mrs. Logan Anderson, Mrs. Rubin Jester, Mrs. Cloud Cox. Mrs. Orville Odom and Mrs. Leroy Phillips. The Euxclian Sunday School class of the First Baptist church enjoyed their annual Christmas party Tuesday evening in the home of Mrs. Edward Bryson with Mrs. J. T. McHae and Mrs. Otis Langston assistant hostesses. Mrs. Mc.liao, the president, had charge- of the business meeting. The devotional "Gift to the World" was given by Mrs. Watson Buchanan followed by a solo "Silent Night" by Mrs. Don Sallcc. Mrs. Bryson led the group in prayer. Each member told of tho Christmas that imprcsosd them most. Santa presented the gifts to the members from a lovely lighted Christmas tree. Mrs. Bryson, class teacher, was presented a beautiful gift of glassware by the class. During the social hour a delicious salad course suggestive of the Yulo- tido season was served to the twenty members present. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blakely and Mrs. Werner Hamilton spent Tuesday in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Sawyer of Hohenwald, Tenn. are guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Gordon. Mrs. Joe Boswell. Mrs. Frank Turbervillo and Mrs. Orin Ellsworth spent Wednesday in Texarkana. Homer Burke- who has been the fiuest of his mother. Mrs. 11. J. Burke has returned lo his home in Mattoon, 111. Miss Mildred Bemis. student at Stephens College. Columbia, Mo. arrived Thursday night to spend the Christmas holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hervcy Bernis. Miss Kate Sparks Bemis, student at Lindenwood College. St. Charles, Mo. has arrived to spend the C* * LJ'II Spring Hill Downs Okay 32 to 17 Spring Hill Independents defeated Okay Cement team 32-17 last night in the first game of a doubleheader at Spring Hill gym. Martin was high for Spring Hill with 1C points followed by Collins with 9. Stanton led the Okay boys with 10 points. In the second game a Hope Independent team had plenty of trouble downing the Spring Hill boys 29-20. Turner bagged 8 points for Spring holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bemis. Mrs. Tom Bemis, Mrs. C. F Pittman, Mrs. D. L. McRae, Jr. and Mrs. Hubert Whitaker spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Little Rock. Hill, Martin chalked up 7. Green was high for Hope with 11. followed by Rothwell and Rogers with five each. Bobcats Split a Pair at Arkadelphia The Hope Bobcats lost to Arka- dciphia's Badgers 28 to 23 last night in a ragged contest that was full of miscucs. The Bobcats just were not clicking the first half and it lost them the ball game. In the second half the Bobcats carne back strong to outscore the Badgers but failed to even the big lead. While the A boys were taking a drubbing : the "B" squad easily licked Arkadelphia's seconds 29 to 15. Coach Jack Hopkins was fairly well pleased with the boys indicating they were "coming along." The Soturdoy, December 18, 1948 Story of Heroism in Connection With Crash Greenville, S. C., Dec. 17 —fUB) —A story of heroism vyas told to- doy by an air force officers investigating the crash of a C-82 Packet which killed four men and injured three others. ! , Sgt. William T. Raulston, the first to reach the flaming hulk of the crashed airplane yesterday, drag god its pilot. Capt. Thurston 'B. Walker to safety, saving his lifb, officers said. next game is with Prcscott on January 4. ,«. The Bobcats are learning Coach Hopkins' system which is entirely new to them and were not expected to set the court on fire this early in the season. As the season gets well underway the team is expected to improve considerably and there is a good possibility of Coach Hopkins developing a pretty strong ball club come tournament time. great. You've always been my ^m Merry — I think you're swell," he said huskily, and took off his class ring and offered it hesitantly. "Will you wear this, Merry, until we can persuade your folks and mine that it'll be all right for me to give you one with a diamond in it?" Merry hold up her little paw, grubby from the day's activities , at school. The nails were embar-! rasing to her, for no matter how she tried, she couldn't quite manage not to bite them in moments of stress. And Tip slipped the ring on her finger, where it hung loosely. "You're sweet, Merry. I'm pretty-' crazy about you," he said huskily. "I love you, too, Tip," she told him shyly. Awkward, young, abashed, he bent his blond head and kissed her, and for a moment they sat looking at each other with shining eyes. And then, crazily, the most absurd shyness swept over her and she fumbled with the door and said hurriedly, "I'd better go. Dad's home. I see his car. They don't like me to be late for supper," "Your dad's frantic, Merry. One of the best. And your mother, too. Gee-gosh, isn't it great our parents are such close friends? You know- something, Merry? You and 1 are <iriir\ tt 4 (••» I•./» ii\.- -i /•!» 11- I; I- .. * u .-i.-.. • Merry stood just inside the big front door until the protesting clamor of the Struggle-Buggy died away, and then she heaved a long, happy sigh, and came out of her happy dream to listen with incredulous cars to the sound of a furious word battle going on in the living room. Dazed, she moved to the door I of tho living room and stood there, ; staring and wide-eyed. It was a big, handsome, wcll- dccoratcd room. Tho furnishings were old and well loved and polished to a satin smoothness. The draperies of chintz were harmonized with the slip covers and with flower prints framed in bamboo against the soft green walls. It was a charming, restful room that Merry had always taken more or less and that was that. But now she was sharply conscious of the room as the background of tho two people who stood facing each other. Susan, her mother, was not quite so tall as Merry, pleasantly plump, and had neat brown hair with unashamed streaks of gray here and there. She was wearing a neat, crisp, dark blue housegown. Susan's face, that was ordinarily touched by only the lightest of make-up, was an ugly brick red and her eyes were blazing. Her mouth was drawn thin, and out of it came little gasping crios of fury and shocked disbelief. Dad was — Dad. Tall, distinguished, good-looking. Crisply tailored, the picture of an up-to- date, progressive, mentally and physically alert man. But now his face was tired and old-looking and there was a sick look in his eyes. And he was watching Susan as though hed had never seen her before in his life, and saying nothing. "Mother!" Merry's voice was shaken with terror. "Dad! What in the world—" Susan whirled about, and to Merry she looked like a stranger. "Well, Merry," Susan flashed, her voice thin and shrill and shaking. "You're ;just in time to hear the news. Your father has decided that he's bored with us, you and me, and wants a divorce." The word struck Merry like a rock thrown straight at her quivering heart. She dodged instinctively as she would have dodged an evil missile, and her hand clung to the edge of the door and she whispered incredulously: "A divorce'"' "Now that I've worked myself into a homely old woman for him, giving him the best years of my life, bringing up his child, taking care of his house, helping him to become a success in business, he's found some cheap little flirt he wants to take up with." "Susan!" Kinian Carson's voice cracked like a whip. "Control yourself! 1 will not allow you—" -Susan whirled on him like the spitting cat she -seemed. "You won't allow me? You won't allow me'.' Do you think for one moment you have any more power over me'.' I'll spread her name to the whole world. I'll see to it everybody knows just what a vile, wicked, filthy creature she i.s." She stopped, a choked .sound in her voice, as Kin caught her by Die .should.-);; and shook her, not at all gently. "You don't know anything about her." His voice came through clenched teeth. "1 know :;Iu-'.s a no-good. Any out lie tiling, ivitijyr lou anu i are ' nnov. sues a no-good. Any going to be exactly like them; woman i.s who plots and connives they've been married for lid-odd years and they are still in love and still devoted. I don't think I could take it it we iiad the kind of parents that are always .shrieking at each other and maybe getting divorced." Merry shivered. to .steal a husband from his family." "Nobody stole inc. Don't talk like a fool, Susan!" Kin's voice grated furiously. "You and 1 not marriage fell apart ages antly. . _. , t-ver wony about divorce in our : Merry." families, Tip—there's never bc^n | "Yon let your imijd slop grow- on*; in our family us far back as 1 ling when you :-rttled dov.n to have read or heard. Nor in yours, ! having the most immaculate house either." I in town. You slopped being a Tip smiled tenderly at her. companion to either Merry or me." "And we'll -see to it that we ke-.;p "Oh. so that's going Ui be your ihe record clean, won't we?" ' | plea, is it'.' The wile is to blame! "Oh, yes, Tip." -She neglected you; she didn't un- He kissed her, came around the j d-.-i stand \ou; and so this cheap Car to help her climb uvi-r tin- i little ,-. anum - •" door, carried her heavy pih- ol j Kin's hand raised swiftly and school books up to tin- fjojil dour j Mrucl: hi r. Nul hard. A mm- Of the big. mellow old-la;hiu;n-d ,)',-''! if s-lin:'.ing Map across tin •vvhite frame- liou.se. and tlier i lij-'ht if !-lin:-.ing Map . , _ .. . \ cheei:. liul lo MCI i y. cl; the autumn du.\-k. lie said i;o!lly, i uncumprehcndini: "Be see-in' you, dieam boat.'' | her Very KH-S. in "Be set-in' you." she ansv, ereci ' lil-.e tin mid wus gone. .1 and iimi shocked to bio.v resuiuideui rack of doom '.'iu lie (JunlniUcd; ONE WEEK ONLY SHOP FOR CHRISTMAS Give One Beautiful Finish CHROM! 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