Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1938
Page 3
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Tuesday, October 11,1938 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE f HRE& MRS. Sir; HENKY Leiu. ~TF,LBPHONE32r ^^ 111 Life's (turdon Count your cm-dim by the flowers, Never by tlio lutivcs that full— Count your <l»ys by tfohlrn hours, Don't rtiiH-mber clouds nl all-Count your n Splits liy .stars, not yhmlow.s Count your lift: with smiles, not tears, And with joy IhnniKh all your lifetime, Count your age by friends, not years. - Helui'tfd. by re(iuest. Mrs. Kmniii .lime* Harurove of Waco, Texas, iirrived Friday visit witli her .Mslers, ni(!hl for Mrs. (jKi>. Capital Hotel. Miss Crumplcr is president of the Camdcn District of the Arkansas Federated Music clubs. —O— Mrs. II. A. Hoy oil left Sunday for LXillns, Texas, where she was called to attend the bedside of he- daughter. Mrs. P. D. Smith, who is ill nt her home in that city. Uruedlove nnd Mrs. J. F. Porlerfield and other relative.';. -O- Mre. M. J. Warwick loft Sunday night for New York City, from where she will 5,iiil for the Panama Canal for :• visit with her jjrandson Dr. Al Kob- ison and Mi;;. Hubi.sun. ~o- Mrs. Tom McLarty and Mrs. F.mniti HitrKiovr nl Wiii-'o, 'IV.xa.s, were Tuesday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Hill O'Brien in Shreveiwrt, La. -O- Mus M;,udc Crumuler of the nuisie ilf|r.irtment nf M.'iKnolia A. & M. c»l- leKe, was a Tuesday visitor in the city ittteiidiiu: ihe Tn.imni; School for Coinniunitv Ri'creiitional Music at the Tin: nusiness Women's Group Conference "f Ouachita Presbytcrial convened at the First Presbyterian church in this city Sunday morning, following a s|M.'Cinl sermon by Dr. Thus. Urewsler, pastor luncheon was served at the Hotel Barlow, after which the conference was held at the church, with Mrs. Marion Pope Tnlton of Cam- dcn presiding. Talks were made by Mrs. K. G. McRae, Presbytcrial presi- lent and by Mrs. D. W. McMillan, of Arkadelphin Synodical president. The •ui-st speaker was Mrs. E. C. Marshall if Little Hock, who brought a splen- lid message to the group. About 20 .nit of town visitors representing eight different churches were present. Krebs Is Power Back of Henlein Is Head of Reorganization of Sudeten Area Into Nazi District By MILTON BKONNER NBA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON—Konrncl Hcnlcin comes back triumphant as the Hcicliscom- missioinur of the newly-Nnzificd Sud- ontljind. But behind his Iriumph there sits n little-known figure who may yet be n even greater force in Uic new territory than Henlien. Henlien's I'osilor is considered to that of Scycss-Inquar 1 in Aastriii, nominally that of "hcac TUE.-WED. IVler H. Kyne's "Call of the Rockies" Will) Charles Starrctt AI-S() From the Shadow Stork's Red LaRocque "The Shadow Strikes" At the New Son«s of the trial tuned to the blast f guns! Tender ballads that tell of nvc, while death and disaster ride he high road of adventure! Colorful vestern Charles days are to be Slarrell's new found m Columbia drama, "Call of the Rockies," Tuesday md Wednesday in the New theater. An unclaimed hat in a theater, a r.alch folder, a bullet hole in a lace curtain, fain perfume on a coat lapel. So At the Rial to many requests wcie received from movie fans from ::11 over the country tlval film cxecu'ives found it advisable to go deep down into their files, 20 years back. Rudolph Valentino, who is playing at the Hialto next Thursday and Friday in "Son of the f.hiek," was in demand. So immy devoted movie fans remember the mighty Valentino as the greatest lover of then _ __ __ all that now. 20 years late' 1 , a rcques i'ne'of the flimsy chics followed ' was echoed across the nation that he Mrs. R. G. Byers unlertaincd Satur- l:iy. October 8. at her home, honoring Mrs. Cnrllon Robberts. a recent bride. Assisting in entertaining the guests were Mrs. A. W. Martin and daughter, Miss Mattie Jean. In games played, prizes were won by Mrs. Dewcy Martin, Mrs. Carllon Robberts. Mrs. Ivy Mitchell, Mrs. B. M. Hazzard, and Miss Maggie Martin. Refreshments were served to the following: Mrs. Ophelia Thompson. Mrs. Irlene Richards, and Mir.. Ha/.cl Richards of Emmet, Mis Neil Osborne, Mrs. Harlcn Morion, Mrs. Dewcy Martin. Mrs. A. W. Martin. Mrs. B. M. Hazzard, rs. E. S. Jones Mrs. Ivy Mitchell, Mrs. O. II. Grisliam, Mrs. Victor Campbell. Misses. Maggie Martin. Mildred Marlon. Helen H,i/- /jird and I'at.sy Hulhc Martin. .11 solving the mystery of "The Shndow Strikes," the mlngmng and ^exciting screen drama, at the New, Tuesday and Wedncdsny. Rod Ln Hocque in the starring role. When mi emotional, impetuous heiress (alls in love with n Maid professor of -/.oology it means Trouble with a capital "T" for the professor, complications for them both mid comedy for theater patrons. At hist that's the promise of RKO Radio's forthcoming comedy, "Bringing Up Baby." which presents Kalh- crine Hepburn as the heiress, and Cary Grant as the professor who becomes involved with a leopard, a country jail, a mad search for ;\ priceless fossil mid n multitude of other trials durini; 1 | Hie course of the story's unfolding. Other notables in the cast include be l>roughl back. Millions of early movie-goers remember swooned at his very appcarnnce upoi the screen. Those people were curiou, and anxious to sec if that mighty pow er that charmed them once before wa .still there. They were anxious to se their movie idol just one more lime both out of fondness and curiosity. S many young folks had heard so muc about the man that they too wer calcnby curiosity to see him. just onci So a universal petition was presente to Hollywood that "The Son of th Shiek" he revised. The picture is pre .scnted in its original form with the simple addition of musical aroor.ipany- mciit. Vilma Banky is co-stared. Hitler's Next Aim (Continued from Page One) Fall Season Brings (Continued from Page /lining o considerable body of horse p.valry and horse artillery. Nothing much ever is said about this particular wing of the service. It is mown among military men to be Germany's ace in the hole against a tune when fuel no longer would bo avert- ible and the fighting and hauling would have to be done with horses which could bo fed from the countryside. Access to the Huinanian oil fields would solve Germany's oil problem. Rumania ranks fourth among the great producing countries, ll now produces 10,500,000 tons annually and could be expanded. It would be a long haul from Rumania to the western front a cold's effects. Researchers have discovered that babies are likely to have fewer colds because they are les frequently exposed. Children under five, the Health Service says, are more susceptible than any other age group. Young adults catch colds more often than elderly persons. Whle there are no national figures for the common cold, the Health Service offers a sample showing the incidence of the common cold in medical officers' families for two and a half years. There was a regular decline in colds between April and August, the officers Sunday. Itev. E. B. Adcock of Nashville it* tended church at Swe«t Home Sufi*! day. v A. J. Compton was a business vis* if.or to Hope Monday. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Otis Daniels and chil*,- dren of Belton visited Mr. and MrS«j Neighbors Saturday night and Sunday*; Lewis Woods is still confined to his? bed, but Is improving slowly, ', Mr. and Mrs. Bramm have gone on 81 ] visit to Jacksonville, Fla. or to a Russian front but the Danube' found, but during the months of many provides a water route and railroads J colds, September to April, the trend another. W as irregular. The chart is based on The battle for the Rumanian oil fields) the 1925 study, when the peak was might transfer the major war front far to the East. In that event, England ;;nd France would be hard pressed to defend them from capture—unless Russia should step in as an ally. And Russia seems to be cooling off toward France since the Czechoslovak -ENDS TUES"FOUR Huns Kreks, above, pioneer Nazi in Czechoslovakia, may become (lie real poiver behind reorganization of Uie Sudeten area into a Nazi .district. mi-n,"but really that of a subordinate Most earthquakes occur along lines of structural weakness in the earth's harlie Rugglcs. May Robson, Barry strata, especially near lofty mountain Fitzgerald, Walter Catlelt and Frit/ ranges where there is great inequality [•'eld. It shows at the New Thursday I between land surface and the nearby iind Fridav. .'••ea bottom. carrying out orders f — quarters in Berlin. — i ' —. urn party head- III. 'I = Preview Sat. 11 p. m. = = SUNDAY-MONDAY = = All Hands r.n Deck'. . . . There's = — Ilivrt-liiTaUs Ahead! — 1 JESSIE MATHEWS | — —in— = 1 "SAILING ALONG" = . E W KSgp Pond Street One Day Only . Sparks /'UNIVERSAL CIRCUS" El Hitler already has at his right hand at Berlin a Czech Nazi who wore the .swastika before he did. and who fled Czechoslovakia Ijcforc Hcnlein's rise, to be continual adviser at the Fuehcr's elbow throughout the Cezch crisis. A pioneer in the Nazi movement. Bcix Office | Opens 10 a. m. = '.V.W.W.V.' ,5 —TUES-WED— Pleeecman— Ya } Wanna Buy A Duck Mama, That Man- —YESSIR— THAT DOPEY DUCK SALESMAN now a refugee in Germany, Kreb.s has been appointed a district leader without a district. ' Krebs was a Na/.i long before Hitler, and his National Socialists party] in Auslro-Hungary was working along Hitlcrcque lines for many years before (in 1917) it took the name ot Doutscho Nationalalsozialistichc Arbeiterpartei, that is, German National Socialist Worker Party. Hitler Followed Krebs' Lead It was about 1920 that Krebs came in contact with the small movement in which Hitler held curd Nb7, ;,nd which had been started in Germany by Gottfried Kedcr. Krebs' associates . .. . f~t i i . ... i. :.. lowers were at it in Austria and Germany. Kreb's party was dissolved by the Czech st.-.te at just about the lime Hitler was coming into power in Germany, and Krebs himself and several associates, violating their parole, skipped into Germany. He had resigned his seat in the Czech parliament when charges wen.' brought against him. and though a cilix.cn of Czechoslovika. was elected to the German Reichstag in 1036. Naturally, with his Czech background, he became a trusted advisor to Hitler in all matters rcdating to the Czechoslovika coup. The successor party founded by Henlein after Krebs' flight was supposed to be a separate affair. Krebs received his title of gaulcitei (district leader) from Hitler last April and there is every reason to believe that on most of Hcnlein's visits to Germany, he was seeing not Hillei himself, but Kreb.s. Because Krebs was denouncing, If years ago, the foundations of Czech- slovik-.i as a "gigantic historical lie.' and because that is precisely the position taken by Hitler in his spccche: on the Czech crisis, it seems likel wore the .swastika in Czchoslovakia and had begun to undermine the republic Ihere long before Hitler's fol- STAMP NEWS Tokio reached in mid-October. The previous year the peak came a few weeks earlier. NEW Undtr-arm Cr«am' The Rev. F. P. Doak of Nashville filled Bro. McAfee's appointment at Sweethome the second Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Nance have gone to Fine Bluff to visit their daughter. Mrs.. C. M. McLarty of Nashville spent last week with her sons here. Mrs. Sarah Coaley returned Sun- day from Broken Bow, and DeQueen where she visited her sisters, and brother. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Coaley of Nashville visited relatives here Sun- djiy. Mrs. Mlilard Huddleston of DeQueen visited Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Coaley Sun- dWi ivfr. and Mrs. Melvin Coaley of Bingen visited Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Coaley Sunday. R. A. Sanford made a business trip to Hope Monday. Otis McLarty visited his grandmother Mrs. Tom Thompson at Highlanc Deodorant Safely STOPS PERSPIRATION 1. Does not rot dresses- does not irritate skin 2. No waiting to dry— can be used right alter shaving. 3. Stops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. 4. White, greaseloss •vanishing cream. $. Arrid has been awarded the Tested' and Approved Seal of the AmerieanjJ Institute of Laundering lor being;.! HARMLESS TO FABRICS. ARRID 39^nd59^.W City Meat Market Choice K. C. & Native Meats Sea Foods - Poultry Prompt Free Delivery • Phone 767 . Evan Wray LcRoy Henry j that Krebs is close in his confidence Krebs Keady to Take Over Thus Henlein, who did the activ .spade work in Sudenlcnland. ma, eventually be relegated like Seyss Inquarl, in Austria, to a position of nominal honor but no influence, while the renl government of the Sudeten regions goes over to Krebs. Regimentation of the Sudcnten areas, with elimination of all parties, and ;'ny opposition press, will unquestionably follow in the foot-prints of the German army of occupation. And the Henlein Nazi party will undoubtedly be absorbed into German Nazi parly, whose natural leader for that urea already sits in the place of power in *-,> < , ' Mr >. \ CfreSNAPSHOi SCHOOL-TIME PICTURES •nj Wild W.,t COMBINED Pasturing The HODGINIS 7 CRESSONIANS ROYAL FIVi PICKARD'S SEALS Choi. Sp.rln 40 DANCING HORSES «nd AO DANCING GIRLS Herdt of Performing EUphanti 101 SUPER CIRCUS ACTS In His I* Newest and Screwest "MR. DOODLE KICKS OFF" ; : —THURS-FRl— l| Brought Back ! ! ! |" Rudolph Valentino >. in |; "Son of The Shiek" i?.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.W u POPULAR PRICED CIRCUS »ii^. ,i •• J>.[••^•^••^mi ^ »• m**'^ ^^••^"•^•^W» Largest Circus on Earth For Adults 50c, Children 25c They're New. They're Smart. They're Stimulus. WHAT'.' Costume Suits LADIES Specialty Shop mark the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal to world commerce on Aug. I 15, 1914, the Canal Zone will is- | sue a special series of stamps next year. The issue will consist of 10 or 12 value's ranging from one cent to one dollar. President Roosevelt suggested ' the set when he visited the Canal Zonc'several months ago. At his suggestion also the stamps will show scenes of the canal at the Ume of building and as it is today. At the same time plans are being considered to issue a special series of airmail stamps next Feb. 6 to mark the 10th anniversary of the arrival at the Canal Zone o£ the first airmail from the United States. Col. Charles Lindbergh piloted the ship. t * * In order to assure an early start on the 1939 U. S. philatelic program, the Post Office Department plans to complete issuance of the set of 32 "presidentials" by Christ- imas. These new stamps, to replace the regular issue of 1922-23, are now coming out at the rate of one a week and sometimes two a week. i * * The U. S. Post Office Department may now build eight or 10 , philatelic trucks instead of one to tour the country with displays of , all U. S. issues. The first truck will likely begin its tour in October. * * * " Interesting new issues: Papua— five-value commemorative airmail series to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the British possession; Netherlands—t h v e c values marking the 40th anniversary of the reign of Queen Wilhcl- mina. In the same design these stamps have been issued for Curacao and Surinam. A four-value set has also been issued for Netherlands East Indies. >0:iS, NK.\ S.Tvicv. Inr.) the person of Krcb.s. In Germany, as in Russia, the important posts are party, not government positions. Elementary school cnrolcmcnt in the United Stales dropiJed 4.2 per cent between 1930 and 19.16, and it is still going down, apparently due to a drop in the population of children under high .school Bge. Qfiumpy? Not now/ V Government Cotton Loans Immediate Payment b.v B. C'.Brown An easy, humorous school-time "story" snapshot, that could be made with any camera. [ways Iroasnre. Again, have you ny snapshots armunl llu 1 school rounds—at thR tennis cuuri, lite uidoor drinking founumi, the wings and seesaws, nnd other Inces where children tjiiil.er? Pic- nro your children tlu-n-. mm later MI your snapshots will hi•!]' il"' m '''-• •all tliR Rood times iliry an,l inch •OUIIK friends had at srli'ml. When the children aro r'.d ennush, hey should have ranui.^ ot their own, A Rood box type . .mi'Tii will •serve their needs iidniii-il'lv. ;1 l 1( i H hard to imagine a heii.-i sifi. The growing boy or girl will i!<'.u;IU in picturing friends, scluu.1 ai'ivities •school scenes — and im-Npensive ACATION is over, and a new school year has begun. Tho hectic rush and bustle at breakfast, the patter ot small feet down long school halls as class bells ring, and much poring over texts and notebooks under the living-room lamp at night. A new season—and a uew field for the camera. How many of us have good eoller- tlons of si-hool-day snapshots—pictures of our own school days, or our children's? Most albums reveal too lew, aud the chance to make others will not. i-Bturn. Look at Johnny as lie tightens (Tie. strap about his books, and goes whistling down tho walk to another day ot classes. II Die's in Hie fourth grade now, you'll upver be, able to take another pie< tuve ot him at tho Hiird grade stage Time moves ou, and Hie pictures we. lose today are lost forever. Do you have, a good "off to .school 1 snap of Ilio children, showing then as they turn at the gate to wave goodbye? Probably not-yet i Would be so easy to bring out th aamera any sunny morning aui $ateh a quick snapshot you woul cameras aro so simple i ,uit an> child can opi.-rate them. At. home at iiight, ' *;u'l>'" I»'c litres tire worth while, aii>l :• ou cai make them with any camel.! Allyoi need is a couple of n- xpensiv photo bulbs, and ;i roll »i i»'i sensitive panchromatic till"not try to keep the, full st»iv of th school year in pictures" Si.me da these school-time snapshots will b highly valued possessions, Joliu van Guilder. \ . . . (hanks to Black- Draught. Often that droopy, tired feeling is caused by constipation, an everyday thief of energy. Don't put up with It. Try the fine old vegetable medicine that simply makes the lazy colon go back to work and brings prompt relief. Just ask for BLACK-DRAUGHT.. "An old friend of the family." OPKNINC; SPECIAL This ruiipon good for 1 game of Bilhmls clip and take Ui CKINKII'S BILLARO and DOMINO PAKLOK Nc\l door lo New Theater Wi: ARE PREPARED To 11» All Kinds of Cold Storage and Meat Curing COMMUNITY ICE & PRODUCE CO. I'lmiic 1(50 for Purlifulari . ..",' takes the color of leaves : that tillable at your feet . « , grecngold, topper, brown; shades of an early Autumn sunset . . 0 blue, v/me, rust; puts them in smart, practical frocks to take you everywhere this fail end (sad you on to winter. (a) Sandpiper (spun rayon and wool) dress, tucked from chin io hem. Embassy Blue, Rosewine, Copper $7.98 fb] A *Donjenu . • r accenting shirred bodice. Embassy Blue, Jupiter Rod, and Envoy Brownt $9.98 7 to $ 14 85 SKI: JETT WILUAMS Fur Quick Service when making .vour Government Cotton Loans. Classed by a Government Licensed Classct, 108 South Walnut Street (c) A clever wool jerity frock for *Donjenus. Skyline Blue, Greengold, Legion Copper, Black,. $7. 98 fd) (Vo-to»i« nub wool*n tailored sporrt drtu. Blu« Mii«, Golden 6«U, Srey Earth, L«gion Copptr,. $14.85 We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo. W. Robison 6* Co. HOPE PRESCOTT Nashville

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