The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1934
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER •'••.-•• THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OK NORTHlAHr • uvuui- ^^-"•v™ 1 .™ • .««^ m. — _ . I»»MJ«OI A-HKAN8AB ANu HnirrmAurr uiuunnui VOL. XXXI—NO. 172 mythevlll« n»Uy New. niytheville Ocurttr BJlMlalppl Valley Leader Blytheville He'ikld HOME EDITION HI/miEVILLK, ARKANSAS, FlUDAV, OCTOBBH 5, 1934 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS CARPELS TAKE 1HIRD GAME, 4 TO I M • •••-. • • i . _••••• m*f • •.*.:-• -'"- . " • —— r- '-..-—-- M ^^^^ ^^^^^m Younger Dean Brother Has . Tigers Eating Out of His .: R. H. E St. Louis Cardinals 4 9 •'. . Detroit Tigers 1 82 SPORTSMAN'S PARK, gt. txiuis Oct. 5;—The Detroit Tigers" faced another one of Ma Dean's boys today and found his offerings not to their liking. Paul Dean pitched the ,st. Louis Cardinals to a 4 to 1 victory in ths third game of the world scries hare today, Hiving the Cards a,two to "one edge in .games. Paul became the second Di:an to beat the Tigers following in thc wake of his big brother, Jerome, who bent the American League champions Wednesday Paul, however, did even a better job of beating Ihe Tigers'than did Dizzy, blanking the Tigers foi eight innings before big Hank Grcciinerg shut the door to a shut out in his face with a tremendous triple in the ninth inning, Gresii- berg's triple with two out, score'd White, who had singled.' Dear struck out six..; Tom Bridges started for Detroit* but was relieved b} Hogsetl, in the fifth inning: The Cards went into the game 10 to 7 favorites, both on today's plav and'on U>c^.'scrles. There did not • seem to bs much betting • , : First Irmins Tigers—Medwick -'raced far over the left field'-,foul'line, to snare a .drive over;the bat of While for Ihe first out. It was. the prettiest catch, of'..tlie series so far. -pbch- '».'. *?B£ weaij, down swinging.- lipping • ^a'.-lriird-jstrlke, ijutr'CatcHe'f-rJelanc'ey '. managed to hiirig o'ri to'it-"'for :the strike' out. Gehringer shot a clean hit into right' center for a single. Greenberg fouled oiit to'Delanc-sy. No runs, no hits, no errors. : Cardinals—With the count two and two Martin crashed" one against thc screen ifV right field and slid Into third safely for a three bagger "when the throw ' in was slow. . Rothrock slammed the first ball pilched far back into deep ' center Held, White : making the catch but being unable • to cut oil Martin who scored standing "P. Frisch singled into right Held. With the hit and run on McdwTt!: struck out and Cochrane's throw to' second caught Frisch for a double play. One run, two hits, no errors. '' Second Inning Tigers—Gosiin cracked a grounder (OR-ard second. It took a weird hop and eluded Frisch, drlbblin-> Inta right. ficW, where • KothroA overran ' the ball, Qoslin , taking recond. It was scored as a single and an error for Rothrock. Rogell /lied out to Medwick in left., Owen bail ., was hit by Paul Dean's .fast but trotted clown to first. Fox lofted to Martin who raced back of third !o make the catch. With runners on first and second Bridges struck out, ending the Inning. -No runs, one hit, one- error. Cardinals-Collins shot, a pronml- cr between Gehringor and Greenberg for a single. DcJahcey doubled against the screen in right field but FOX took it off the As_Alj_Detroit Tnnied Onl tor Schqftlboy Rowe's Big Party s -;-=; Vo Change Possible With-out.,; .Congress Action, Delegation Is Told ' .Modification by congress of the Bankliead • cotton control net will e necessary before Mississippi ounty farmers can re«ive tax ex- mption allotments on any other asts.tlian that followed this-year. That, in substance, is the infor- lation which a delegation brought ack from a. conference with AAA Dicials at Washington. J. F. Tompkins, Burdette, c C angslon, Number Nine, and C W (flick, Blytheville, made the trip hey. received a sympathetic -liear- ng. but were told lhat whatever be injustice of the system' follow- d in making lliis year's allotments lere was no possibility of modi- 'ing it because it is "specifically rovided for in the Bankhead act, Tney were assured, however, of a ncndly attitude by the depart- lent toward efforts to obtain from ongrcss certain' changes in the act efcre another crop year. The delegation has sought a mod- Icaffon of a ruling under which lississippj county growers will lose large part of the 10 per cent educted from the county's quota or the state reserve. Allotments .,..„ . ^.^ iuulx ll( UM tnu „, WIU aiiut; reserve • Allotm screen on the rebound and his ° this county from the stat» Olll-k ],„!,» /-„!!;... ._ ,,.,..j con I,, -' '" _» 1<U - Qnlck throw held Collins to third. A fast breaking curve ball hit Or- saltl squarely between the shoul- mijng the bases with tlcre. _ outs.- Greeiifcerg took" Ditroclier's loin pop near first. Tiie St. Louis fans gav c Pau , Dean a roari reception ns he went to bat. Dean drove n fly high „,-,„ far |n(0 right field. While took the ball near the barrier but Collins scored standing up. Delancey advanced to IhircI and Orsatti to second. Martin filed out !o White in center. One run, iwo hits, no errors. Third Inning Tigers—White lined out to Rothrock in right. Cochrane walked. Qehrlnger drove a line drive into left center. Medwick was barely able to reach the ball and fatted to hold it, falling as he missed. Cochrane raced to third ..and Geli- rlngcr lo second, it was scored as a two base hit.. Greenberg struck out, swinging at a third strike. Ooslln is intentionally passed lo get to Rogell, filling the bases. Hogell flted out to Orsnttl in center. No runs, one hit, no errors. Cardinals—White lost Rolhrock's nigh fly. into center in the sun momentarily but recovered barely ill time lo make the catch with his back to the plate. Cochrane took Frlsch's pop foul. Medwick slapped Bridges' slow ball gently mo center field for a single col- Jlns lofted to Gosiin In left. No runs, one hit, no crrm .., Fou th Inning tigers—Owe grounded out, Dur- W. K. RICHMOND & CO.'S AFTRKNOOfl .COTTON LETTER NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 5. - En^' ;r f e , d , by be " er rablcs a »d «"e n,, «£ by thc ncw hcfl <i of rnf,i i /• gnlnsl prlcc fixi "S and control .of industrial products, the !?' ,'"f tet 0|W " ed oro >'"<l 5 or low. - serv ewili amount to only twenty or thirty per ce n of this county's contribution [ o the reserve,- it h said. Young Californian;?|fjjis s Way to Golfing iFinalsj' 'CHESTNUT .KILL,'"Pa., Oct. 5 J IUP)—Dorothy Tranng, 20-year-old i San Francisco girl, playing in her j first major tournament, entered 1 the finals of the women's national | nc minis 01 tne women's national j. • ; joif championship today when she i Labor Commissioner- Asks defeated he Kansas. City veteran, ' D • ^ , rn , Mrs. O. S. Hill, three and twoi in . I I'OSCCtltlOIl 01. Blyllie the semi-finals. Tomorrow the husky young stylist will meet" Virginia Van Wie, Chicago, the defeating champion, ville (Violators yniLasu, nit: Qcieaimg champion, [ "*^*--u n.vj^t\, UCL. p. (UP)-. in the 35-holo final. Miss Van Wie j Prosecution of 25, restaurant am reached the finals by defeating I ctlfe operators In; eastern Arkansas Glcniiii Collett Vare, former title j 1VJ1S ' Ihreatoicd to:lay by Labor tinlflor tlivnn o«,i *i..« ConiTtticsinnrii- T?rl T A»..m...i_ . , holder, three and two. JIBE FL Starting Fire With Coal Oil Costs Life fo Another Missourian Bonnie Lowcry, 26, river fleet worker at Cotlonwood Point, Mo., died at the Blylhcville hospitfil late yesterday of injuries sustained when he was burned while using, kerosene to expedilc Ihe build- ins of a fire earlier in the d;iy. The manner in which Lowcry. wat fatally burned was almost in detail a duplication of the tragedy in which H. A. Hough, of Sleele, «-as a victim earlier in -the , week. Lowcry poured the oil on the Tire at his home when it failed to gain headway Quickly. A gust of (lame shot out of the stove, Igniting his clothes and causing Ihe oil can which he carried 'so explode, throwing liquid fire over the entire room. His wife had one hand severely burned as she attempted to aid Lowcry "" 10 - • "MI of thc house and Mrs. I ,v.r h,i K Points,! Lowcry succeeded in rushing out he tnrf. i, , f Wtordoy's with their small son before thc th"« t, e , ^.' s L ll l, m ° tlerat < !l y "™se was consumed by flames. Lowery was rushed lo the Blv- Iheville hospital but died within thcr( sonic short cover- ,; r cover- on the heavy rains reported 10 ^tcrn belt following the PUSS jig i n |« nd of a hurricane of ." CM5it ?: a few hours. Prices held small frbtir Funeral services were held this close .morning at CJobb chapel wilh uarkctithe Rev. W. J. LcRoy, pastor - the Lake Street Methodist chtirch. officiating. Interment was made at Elnuvood cemetery. Trie deceased Is survived by his widow drove a *, \* i L— rox arove a "^^"-^n » am vnca oy grounder between third and short Rnti cn »d. hi* parents, Mr. and „?.!.,? *? 8 .:. Brl(I S" walked,'. FOX'Mrs-. Gene Lowery who live near ou ,, r' e ' v ™ catch Coclirano walked, '-fUl- baso.,. Dean took . tin e wipe on his hands as Gelirmger who hit safely, i,, his fr, hlf r S 8 , '° Ull! Pl!ltC ' ralllp to bat. Gehringcr grounded out Frisch to Collins. OH a fast niay No runs, one hit, tlo errors Cardlnals-Delancey struck out going down swinging. Orsalti wnlk- od. Durocher filed out to Hogell here, two brothers anri two .sisters. LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 5. ''(UP) — id is Commissioner Ed J. McKhiley'^m^ less they comply immediately with laws regulating working hours and wages for women employes. . Instructions have baen sent Prosecuting Attorney Denver Dudley at Jonesboro to set that compliance « made or to enter prosecution against the violators. The violators are in the cities of Jonesboro. Blythcvillo, Newport and Augusta, McKinley said. He was advised by Maude Wait,, secretary of the state Industrial welfare commission, W ho made an inspection trip through that section'. One hotel in Jonesboro an-J another in Blj-thevJIle were described as the most flagrant violators, in one instance Mrs. Walt reported a woman working 80 hours a week. Ths law sets n maximum 5-hour day and six days a week for women. McKinley said he preferred Gulf Storm Danger ? : , WASHINGTON," Ocl/ 5' " <UP>- ,Thc United Slates weather bureau this .'afternoon ordered slorin warnings dcwn from the "month of the Mississippi fiver to Panama city: The report jaid a tropical disturbance of light intensity passed inland between : Pensacola, Fin., lind Mobile, Ala., about 10 a.m.' Settlement of District 17 Is Goal of Conference at .St. Loins Clifton Scott, receiver for Drainage District 17,' is In St. Lo\iis to- dny for n conference with 'til..' bondholders prolcclivc Committee rotative to the proposed settlement of the district's debt. The outcome of today's meeting will probably determine future steps. If an agreement Is reached the \yay will be open for a settlement; although It may Involve Hie raising of a substanllai sum by taxpayers of thc district to supplement McKmlcy said he preferred an 7 Paycre of Ihe district to supplement adjustment without prosecution biit! tllc loan already promised by thc tnat efforts to obtain compliance Reconstruction Finance Corpora- by some of the violators had bicn " " " unavailing, if it is inconvenient for district prosecuting attorneys Fanners Cast Their Ballots .-: for Continuance of AAA Program : 1 DKS MOINES, Iowa. Oct. s: (UP) —First tabulations of votes cast by 75,000 Iowa formers In n' reTgren- du'ni considered a conclusive test bl . farm sentiment, on AAA crop control showed 15 per .cent of the voters during lo rclaih tfc program In 1035. Althouoh all mid-western states were conducting similar noils it war, to rowa lhal. the administration looked as the main source 1 or !n- .forniallon on the desires of farmers. With 573,700.000 In corn-hoa bcnenis promised and $27.0CO,00() of llml sum already paid. Iowa lias a . lnr»c majority 0 ; pni'tlclpniitji In the 1034 reduction program. The qiicsllon was; "Do you fsvnr a corn-ho» ]iro- Brnm for 1935?" In voles tabulated in 30 counties the answer was: Yes. 0.349: no, 2.518. Voting will be continued today. y to take care of the cases inimedi- alely the labor commission will institute proceedings, (he commissioner said. At every royal command performance in England, the stage hands must appear in evening dress and white gloves to shift scenery about. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Oct. 5. (UP)- Pncos advanced fractions to more than two points on the stock exchange today. Curb prices joined the rise. Bonds improved, led by amusements and rails. Grains firm°: • Smair advances were noted in silk, lilacs and copper. A. T. and T ........... in 1-2 Anaconda Copper ..... 11 Bethlehem Steel ........ 28 I- 1 Chrysler ................ 35 3.3 tion, if Mr. scott and thc bondholders committee find it impossible to come to an agreement it Is believed that Mr. Scott will apply to thc court for authority to negotiate directly with the bondholders, in the hope that they will prove more willing than their committee to accept tlic terms the district Is able to offer. The loan approved by the R. P. C. is snfnciout lo pay little more than 30 cents on the dollar of the district's bonded debt, some additional money might possibly be raised among taxpayers of the district if a settlement of the debt might thereby be effected, but it would necessarily be only a small percenage of Ihe difference between the R. p. c. loan and the face value of the debt. Wasson Asks R. F. C. Aid for Closed State Banks LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 5 (UP) — ~ > Mur 353-8 LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 5 (I Cities Service 17-8 Inclusion of state banks In Coca Cola 132 1-2 General American Tank 34 General Electric 18 1-4 at short. Dean struck out on three pitched balls, offering at all three. • No runs, no liils, no errors. Fifth Inning Tigers—Greenberg walked. O«lin nied out lo short left. Greenberg held first. Rogell singled Mo cen- .ler, Greenberg going to ihird. Owen missed a third strike, pox struck (Continued on Page Three) General Motors International Harvester Montgomery Ward .... New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp '.'.'.'." 5 5 . 8 Simmons Beds 9 7.3 St. Louis-San Francisco 1 3-1 Standard of N. J. .p 5-8 Texas Co 2I 3 . 8 u - s - S'ccl 33 5-8 U. S. Smelling 112 3-t Heconslracllon Finance Corporation plan to advance $00,000.000 for small national banks In receiver- 30 ship to pay off depositors was ask- 31 1.41 ed today by Stale Bank Com- 28 1-1 mlssioncr Marlon Wasson In a let- 22 ter lo chairman Jesse Jones of 35-8 the 'Reconstruction -.Finance Cor- H 1-i'poratton. Wallace 1'ofnls Danger WASHINGTON. Oct. 5. (UP)If farmers abandon controlled production there will be more corn next year Jhnn the nation knows what to do with and the price may drO|j lo 10 cents n bushel, Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace warned today. Farmers receive about 70 cents a bushel now. "A surtdeY, and heavy Increase In our exports of pork and l«r<l would of course ininrovc .tile situation." Wallace said, "but we cnnnot count on anything but a slow moderate Inercaw. Even that Is hard enough ' i yet." The sccrelary' s advice wss contained in a speech appealing to corn-hog misers lo vole In the referendum bcin» conducled at 150,000 community meeting.'; throughout the nallon. The producers arc belli? asked whether thev want t continue (heir "partnership" will Ife government for adjusted production. Wallace said past experience proved that acreage and yield o corn were greatly Increased In sea sons subsequent to severe drouth After the 189-1 drouth, he recalled, corn acreage Jumped 13 per cent anrt the price fell from 45 to There arc 104 Arkansas banks In receivership. Jones announced the: plan for national banks at Washington yesterday and said that Inclusion of stale banks would depend upon state bank commls- .sioners. ith of cents. Chicago Wheat Dec. open high low 'close 08 7-8 07 7-8 SC 3-8 07 3- Dec, May Chicano Corn open Wgh low claw 74 7-8 75 1-4 74 1-8 75 l- VI 77 3-4 V6 3-4 77 1- Grand Jury Called for Hauptmann Investigation TRENTON, N. j., Oct. 5. (UP) -me liimlerdon county B ranil Juy was. called today to meet oil outlay [o consider the Lliultaeh Umiplng and murder ease. 'I he e.ill wfts at the order of Athlon. Unvld T. Wilenlz. "It Is our notion of common Jus•e lhat before any. Imllclmcnls In Is state are used for the purpose extradition proceedings ugnlnsl ic defendant Hauptmann such In- iclmenls ilioiild be basal specl- ally njxiii evidence!now nviilhb]' directed particularly against defendant llaiiiilinann," lie nd. tlf (til of tin did lie and th s; 1 Pfl! PROFITS .to La- Re- Frances Perkins Tells bor Investors M'usl ceive Return SAN FRANCISCO, 'bcl. 5, (UP -Rili waxei lo the. worker and tat hand to piomolo prosperity, „„„.. '""y of Lnboi prances Perkins said lay In addressing the "American Fodfiailon of Li.bor at 11s minimi •xmvenlion here. Althoijt'h speaking before reore- cenlntlves of trndc unionism ,Miss Perkins gave further assurances lo business that the Roosevelt admin- Ktratlon i s not seeking to curtal or eliminate Hie profit motive li Inqustiy. She coupled this with n nien lhat workers ulllke the; m«|latloi machinery set up i by Ihe fcdera goveiJimonl-'aiid<i tlrat niiemploj incnf ' lusiirSnt'c* 'Jiiicf'.'old nge pi>nslo:i5 would lie K ''t of the soclnl Insuriince program lion uelng fininr-d t» Washington. "Every: individual employer and company lias the right, a s 1 kiioii you wlllfngrcc," she said, "of nmk I"B n"profit, for Ihe savinss of mnnj people arc invested In industry aiid Ihcy nre entiUerf to expect :tlie maintenance of profits. But by th« same token It itiusl bs recognized lhat workers are entitled to lair wages based upon the ability of n) employers lo make a lair profit. "The close relalioii between good wages and steady proflls is very clear in our American economy. The eight-hour day and the general use of the automobile came at the same time and [lie relation is not a'ccl dental." Memphian Severely Injur ed in Accident Near Holland Last Night P. L. Karan, salesman of 220 Cowden Avenue, Memphis, Train, sustained fractures of both arms i scalp wound and lesser Injuries when his car, driven by a negro chauffeur, collided head, on with a car said to have been driven by O. W. Wilson of Yarbro. Wilson also sustained injuries In tlie accident which occurred about a mile south of Holland on Highway 61 at 9:30 o'clock last night. Karan and Wilson were brought to the Blythevillc hos- |)ital in a Stcelc, Mo., ambulance but Wilson left .the hospital' before physicians liad made a complete examination of his Injuries. Tlie negro chauffeur escaped wilh minor bruises and Wilson prc slimably was not seriously hurt. Thc latter had a load of cook wood in Ihe rear seat of his sedan. Thc negro told motorists arriving at Uic accident sccna that he saw thc other car approaching down Ihe middle of the highway ns he was driving north, and drove his cor over lo Iho edge of the highway but. was unable to avoid a collision. Mr. Wilson could not be reached for a statement. Mrs, Karan arrived from Mcm- phis this morning and was at 14 the bedside of her husband. Supreme Court Will Get Shank Appeal October 15 - — - -v „-,, „, J-4 LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 5. <UP)- Mny 97 3-8 98 1-2 SG 7-8 88 3-8 A P)»al of Mark Shank, Akron, O., attorney, under sentence of death n the poison slaying of lour, for i sanity hearing will be submilted to the state supreme court October 1-4 15, Assistant Attorney General Rob•2 (erl p. Smith said today, oiiy. BU by PrOIS fain manent Residents ",'j Fiu in Colony Will ,Be Caiefully Selected ,' : nv inn ir. MAI.OV , « Jolted rrens SU« Corrripondtnt LITTLE ROOK, Ark Oct 6 (UP) -Selection of the first 100 inmll- » (o be placed on the govern- •-nt's 15,000-acrc model farm col- ' in Mississippi county has be-' . and occupation | s expected thc end of Octobei, the United "i 1 ! learned today, Allocations of two and three Indies have been made U>-42 Joiinlles to iupply, the first ic«f! iiimls of the Federal Emeiecncv riellef Administration's e. M ,crS- .iil farm development Oas" v, C i>- Jis'vvho have been closely n--><vr- :d with families on llio icllct t< ', n« IT 0 !?" 10 '"} th0ie ^"',Wa,i. iled fot the colony. Plan Careful Selection ' ' of th. Sh " n> ' oxccmUe secretary would be no mass nppllcntlnn for iai)»5 o» j), c colony. After the case workois have made recom- nendntlons n,,d filed applications 01 a few of (heir moil cltBlbV families the county ^unetvlMi will make exhaustive invesiigation be- foii. narnlni; tho two 01 thr.-« families allocated. \' Aiipllcallon banks, one for' thri Wllcnnl and one for the case workei, will compose n tfioroush record of Ihe family und e, con , sldeiation y rars the „ ° ms been on n farm, where he has been specifically'the past five years he name of lib, landlord If he has been a tenant His,reputation as - to Jiont-sly, indusrry^'sobrlety, md,ilispositloii, his debte and the adaptability of his family to the new locution are some of the things thc GDI eminent wauls fo'know ' All of the Information ivill a o f o selection of best families for the model community The counties and Ihe number of, famine, to be taken iron, each 'OiiOW* * t Arkansas 3, Ashley 3, Bradley 2 Calhoun 3, Cliicot 2, Clark 2 Clav 3, Cleveland 2, Columbia 2, Cralg^ licad 3, Critic-mien 3, Cioss 2 Dalas 2, Deshii.2, Grant 2, Oreene 2, Hot, Springs 2, Independence 2 Jackson 2, Jefferson 3, Lafnyetle 2, Lawrence 2, Lee 2, Lincoln •> Llttie River 2, Lonoke 1 Miller 3' Mississippi 3, Monroe 2, Nevada's' Ouachttu 3, Phillips 3, Polosctt 3" Prairie 2, Pulaski 3. Randolph-a' Saline 2, St. Francis 3, Union '3 While 3 and Woodruff 2 " Homes and Equipment Ready There are 100 new houses on 20 30 nml 40-ncrc tracts waiting for the families. Each Is equipped with electric lights and each has a bath room. A barn, hog!pen, chicken yard chicken houses, a mule, a cow chickens and implements will be raiting at each farm. The families that go on these farms must JO thc right type for rchabllita- lon In order s lo appreciate their )ossib!lillcs anrt work to pay for them, Sharp explained. Just how the farms on the.$f-, 000,000 colony will be sold to'the. accepted men has not been deter- iiined definitely.- Hoaever, ar- mngenients will be made, it was understood, for n long term pay- ncnl plan and residents will be given every encolira»;menl to meet :heir obligations. Unofficial es- llmates of the sale price range around 430 an-acre with reserva- ':ions for wide : variations. The price will ineliidc' prorated cost of building roads and drairi- tge ditches through the cuto\er timberland, clearing of two acres \bout each house, "constnictlon o£ '• buildings and 'placing of etjuip- t uent. Build Conimnnify Onler . Constnicllon of the community center has slarted. Ground is be- ng cleared on the 160-acre tract and Howard Elchenbaum, archl- .ect, U rushing building plans. Three' brick buildings about a semi-circle will form thc centra! mit. Plans now are to r h t - ash he buildings to lend ti rnelr Southern colonial style. The caner building will be for admlnts- rative offices and will be ibiillt along lines of the old Arkansas >talehouso. On one side will be a :ommlssary and on the other will >e a cafe and shops In one build- ng. WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair tonight md Saturday. ' .Memphis and vicinity—Rain thti iftcinoon and tonight. Sttwda; atr, l .

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