Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1938 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 11, 1938
Page 2
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. Octnboi' 11. PAGE TvVO HOPE STAB. HOPE, Hope ® Star •^^* . . «... «._...nv 1* 1921. street, Hope, Arkansas. PALMER, President ^*^«*«%«^ } their readers responsibility the Armistice When y,ul*ves a u, all The Greatest Minority Problem of All " " ' askin fi •tianv into the war was disg ''attired a deep and sincere cles.re for U ' The world's mast feared ; • suns which had led Ger- "tlie German nooplc had ae- ing peace: all that right tiling. . J " were iir.pc-1, ^ G^rn^ ^re^^jelled to, \Vhcn the fantastic repara- 'K. ii LLusiwtiio «n*w --Nor did thc allies honor their own nomic pressure forced Germany to si the French sternly barred the way. cm parth such an effort was foredoimed to failure. In any case fhe allies created H j^-JJ.^^*^ bThSn'J to! ._ ;'only through force could Germany hope to get relief. ev *et the stage for him. down 16 the last prop. And then, having done all this, they retreated again tnd again befo e *"* " ' . . ... , . f +_ i_: • .niiwnnt *v>oi V-i\* nriin<? to Paul Harrison in Ho Forthc Life of An Actor!—If You Like Lions and Icebrgs HOLL.YWOOD.~Mr. Charles B^T^m seenes were budgeted at $SO,000 11UL-L.I >vw-_ ... . m(|| . c> KIDNEYS . MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS ford siit on thc steps of his dressing room bungalow and nursed a headache, and hurled insults at passing executives and actors, and waited for the telephone to cull him buck to his strenuous labors in "The 'Storm." He had a headache because it was hot—130 degrees under the lights- and during the iceberg scenes he hac worked in extra heavy clothing. Ar H final touch of irony, he pointed out the ice was phony-big chunks of wax and plaster. And now he was suppos ed to go back and mnybc net himscl • i-owned. . Mr. Bickford said he might have nd will ocst more. Siiys What lie Thinks, ami (losh What He Thinks Hickford has been a practitioner • iolonec almost throughtnul his carec HI tit is not for that reason that he ' •prhaps ho most colorful actor in Ho Ivwood. He is remarkable because I is „ definatnly outspoken -to anyboc mill on any subject. He is the- despair of studio press m-ents. During the filming of "Valley of" DIP (.limits' he told everybody that tl " IS* •ft K /<,! Help 15 Mile, of KldiwyTube* Flu..h Out PoUortom W" 81 * s IIIIM; tr.ml'V »llli fri"!')'-" 1 ',' r '"J"^ |« soinl- u- story was an all-time low. -I never wad scripts." he declared, jecause all my stories are a'" like. t is last IVll. lill_iw ljlvl •"• --' .. . known he'd hurvc a tough time at Universal because the last time he worked (in ',his lot. in "East of Java," a hon chewed him up He never did b amc Taran the lion, wh owas merely nun. «vy n fact, he Inter sent 50 pounds of l>oef to Taf/.an as an apology tor uwing interrupted his lunch. The specialist in movie mayhem is kindly that way. Once he acquired , couple of whaling vessels at a com sale and determined to operate then himself. He did well from the start bu tsoon sold the boats because h couldn't l*ar t» kill whales--tm-ncll creatures which wouldn't bite a red beaded actor. Heaven llhely a Suliir on a Site Like This The phone rang, and Biekford snar ed some thins mtn it and started f Stage 12. He said 1 might as well come along and see what an overpaid actor does for his money. There may have been a trace nl sar- ,-asm in that, because a couple of bit players had just l>een sent to a hospital after having been bashed l.y »| 1 ; ng ,., n ,r •Except for a play 1 did last year on roadway ("Casey Jones" > I haven I .id a chance to do any netmg m ours. 1 haven't seen one of my own iclures in five years. •After this epic here, I'll probably «c ut to Metro for 'Stand Up and Fi«ht. H Mayer must have been out o ,, w n when" the arrangements were nade Then 1 may go into DeMdlcs IJnir.n 1-acifie.' which doesn't souml bad." HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Phone for Estimate Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 ;U empl to revive wrestlinU in „, h-e-- failed. One man wresll- u.lhcr looks like small potatoes wMchim: Chamberlain wresll- 'inu w-.tli IWeis'ii policy. ,lt th" \VO! Ill 1H tiitabtarian state: totally u»ilili.ri«n ones. L >S K ! An lond ; .'f,..,- fl ' w( "' UM " and mo,,- Week" in New i-wn wave on the ship set. "The set was as impressive and ex citing, as well as noisy and wet. as anything I'd seen before or Hurricane.' Roaring since "The wind machines. thev have themselves. ' This period needs something. H needs filled more than anything ., Ncith<?r wl reading. Indeed over- And then having done all this, tney reireaieu .IK">" <.•.« ufa ..... — iNCiuwr "••• — =• - . . thret^dd^g thflcist bit of proof to his argument that by actmg tough j , ot lhe -western or thejprl a ^A^w could get what she could not get by being conciliatory. , ^at-ding school whose mettles ome.as ^'The aUieslce a dire .-problem -in -middle Europe-and all one can , surance wina her l a l the votes, tends «u«; w.;..* u^v, -ct.iws fn,- it nvor since I91S. * rt ,iic/*mirafie. "I could never, nevei .„ ^Mt/ioaay me-auics mutr. u u*ie--H* "*•";*'"• ijt --•-say-is "that they, have been _ asking for it ever since ISIS. -is"that they, nave oeen asK-mg ior u. t-v«.-i .-.i..>. t ....~. TO UIM.-UUIUB--. • — -.: ... , To the end bt time, this ought to be B n-object lesson to all nalions-an do thaC thin ks this child. "I am only , object lesson in how not to behave after a victory. to discourage. I me. T. M. Reg. TJ. a Pat. Oft. A Book a Day By Bruc« Catton Die lV.y Refused to Be Defeate James T. Farrell novelists. This ma" Ii of modern American proletarian most i absorbed and life—Chicago's! him FloodliRhls from the cuiwak-s glar- i "Old Shoe mill states. An"mv<-ntnr predicts that there will -K=r"««K?Ki what was good eimiif-h for P. * I.'- '"me.s a' Hash that Florida has pro- riurriciiuu. i"»" •••«. --i K, T iVwrfv engines; a tuiiousi funie 1 : a IUIMI mm » • ir^m y ovSed tiPes; blindinJ lui . ", lw „„„,,« ^ »J ™*^ "^ Sr^fc^f rlr™^ Tn^K 0/^0 the ,,„3000-gallon tanks over- m g- s n( ,i veiy K'«id. \Vu,ld use of motor vehicle; .-nt nru . ,,-„,,, i,, .lanuary. 1KB. -with en-a.se of «.2 I'.er cent ovi inn year. U would be possible^, ™*™ £* "^ Stu(ls Lonig , n was beaten. .omgan wi.s u^,.... ••-- , ( noocm| , m ,, ,„ —-- . - i.nagmatiun was strog e' 1 '^.; 0 ^,^; od through thc wildly-driven ram On By DR. MORKIS FISHBEDi of OH American Medical Association, •»> •* . •. Hyfito, the Health M«|T<riae. -That Odd Being, "Adolescent," Is Just a Boy or Girl —Like You Were—Remember tu-m now the less time the young ner has to moon, and to wander m th realms of his emotions and thoughts the beter. Parties with the neighboi in Trips to go through fall woods. After school congregations with guess- sames. Parents should be near at hand to direct, but not to boss. h-ishlovvn—us no other writer has done; he has presented it so faithfully ai.d so eomrletly thai cnt- who has read thc Studs ' . hoor ^ lhW ^thln^-a^; the end of crane trilogy must feel Unit there is at all"left to say about it But Mr. .Farrell nothinK bul . ---- , c ider field for thhe brain and the heart; but it was never strong ct ideals a wi enough to en able him to do anything day-dream hopelessly t ay-re r,-mnv O'Neil is on a different path at it. and ' fcomehow he is going to get out of it seems n KVU,* to me that his newest novel"No Star Is Lost" (Vanguard: S.i)- : his best book to date. This is the story, or part of thhe story the end 01 me "">»•• • .. perched the ISO-pound director, Harold Young, and his crew, their camera protected by a circular tent. . Co fined within tbe walls of a sound tliis commotion was almost] stage. ADLERIKA Every House Needs Westingliouse Radios Refrigerators Washers Cabinet Ironers Hand Irons Percolators Sandwich Toasters Waffle Irons Hope Hardware COMPANY Siagt. iiim - ,. frightning. And. watching the five .___,_==: skinned figures fighting *e wa^ ===== they tried to clear away *=««*«•«£ (Tliis is the thrid of seven articles in which Dr. Fishhein discusses the causes and prevention of accidents in traffic, in the home, and at work.) In 1936, 4500 people died on American farms from preventable accidents. Several rnmdred.thousand others were injured. Somehow people seem o be more careless in the country—perhaps it is because they are out of touch with the •^peed machinery, the electrical hazards, and some of the other causes of nccdents so common in the city. The man in the city must be constantly alert in crossing strees, in go— rf '" people are injured every year by i falls. They fall from ladders, from! hay mows, from hay stacks, windmills, and roofs. Ladders are used far beyond the time when they are safe. Every ladder should be inspected before use. The rungs should be tight. The sides of the ladder should be solid. Ladders kept outdoors in the presence of moisture will rot. Anyone working on a windmill or a roof ought to have a safety belt or a •ope tied to some stable permanent ob- SERIAL STORY MURDER TO MUSIC CVST OF CHAHACTEHS M»Y II V V n <> >' n K"*'—I' •Will ot the aemmtlonnl " AIT-hero. he ject to take care of him in case slips. In the farm home, as well as m the city, people are injured by slipping on \ :Hir^ ^^ n -'>- nomlit-y'H murder. * * * Yestrrdny! Tail return* t"> him to keep «u« <>* ''"' onl CHAPTER VIII UPO ahead," Tait said. VT "Vve said that Dombey s SOng—worua uiiu mi.-.-"-. real author was to get a percentage of any and all types of revenue from 'The Cat's Meow'." "Well, Dombey couldn't bo hanged for that, Rogers. It was a business proposition—and willt Dombey's name behind it. thc musician probably made hundreds of imes what he would have made t.oniriiu\v iiv '-^ t3"---e. • • *- t lhis-as Mr. Farrell himself got out of structure by the waves' force-one so vionctly that his right knee was driven u-uugh a heavy wooden hatch cover. A safety wall, erected just out of camera range to keep the players from be- tnu swcfpt off lhe deck to the concrete floor 10 feet below, had been torn away by thc impact of a GOOO-gallon wave. ••The Storm" is a movie tflonf.cal on of wireless operators, Bick ore be . Reserve District No. 8 OF CONDITION OF THE BY NARD JONES COPYRIGHT. 1938 NEA SERVICE. INC. RErUtil ur v^ui-.^''•"•• -• First National Bank stantly alert in crossing siicca, ... 0 ~ city, people iue lujun-n -j -•-,-,- - ~ ing up and down sairways, and in j loose rugSi slipping on a soapy bath- .,' '- •" „.„ in a me ss using the facilities of he great buld- mb , marb i os , or other loose mntenaU financial affairs_are m ^mess.^ ines in which most city dwellers live 1 le(t on the su ,i,-way. •*"&"* _ _ , -*_-- »Ui-i mc.r-A in as iii will*-'* **wj- —^ and work. In the country the mere presence of a great amount of space seems to make people more careless. ' In the country, as in the city, one of the chief menaces is speed on the highways. Cars are driven at iught in th'e rural distrcts much too fast for the lighting conditions which are avail ^Around the cities a great deal of at- tenpon \s given to this question o eneueh light on the highways, but in he more remote rural districts Uah , except that provided by the c-i, not available. ^^,^KI P Modem motor cars are capable speeds from 60 to 100 miles an hou ^ I speeds of 60 to 80 miles an ho country roads are not unusual There should be a hand support in very bathtub, and children should be The machinery in the cities is using out of the tub. aught to use the hand support in get- financial anaiih die ... " —, , won't go into that in detail be- safety inspctors. : ull of machinery. won v B>J ""•" -• —• - . ,1.1 cause you're welcome to look at the book* at any time. And, if I may add it, they've been gone over regularly by a certified pub lie accountant. For the moment . . ,.;^,T,ITJ. assure you tna Ludden and that I never did like to have guys tell me whai NV-JS healthy for me. The w-iv I fu-ure it is this—I may quit 1-vTngo Play detective, and then cm I 4ay not. But whichever it is T. "won't worry too much about what you think of it. is that clear enough?" Rogers' expression did not change. "I never took you or u wireless un 1 -"'" — ,i,_ , ,-adio chief whose heroism saves he erew of one ship and later, durmfi t e storm, the life of his own brother. The on his own." ''Yes " answered Rogers. "He ICS, t*ll.^ »* ^-* •-• " ---rn would have—if Dombey had kept his affairs in decent shape. But Dombey was always broke. He let payment after payment slip. Time and again I've had to scrape ap enough money to keep the fellow quiet. A thing like that would fool, Tail. I'm sorry now tried to give you a tip. Tail watched him down the hallway. Then he went to his own front window to be sure Rogers gained the street started on his way. that and When he had started on m.-i w".j- • . . made certain of this, he hurried down into the alley. Myrna and -'Anno were in the car, nervously accumulation of detail, the effort some how is different. In the Studs Lonigun books one oc casionally felt eberwhelmed h h sheer mass of evidence Ihat etfec „„ longer nolicablc. "No Star Is Los - r - „ powerful novel, whose realism , infused a deep tenderness an,! noving, sympathetic understa-.iding. Movie Scrapbook (Publi ASSETS liyites Government obhgalions. direct and fully guaranteed Other bonds, stocks, and securities E'S»lS':s,- rf ™>»- £r^.J±t=-»<-' ' items in process of collection Total Assets Dollars Ct.s.'' 422,750.32 270,187.51) 220,07-1.3(5 l.OU 1.00 68,475.7 'I. 127.370.n3 1.108,800.22 Dollars CUs. 370,087.C3' 4'J1,013.08 liri,707.92 5,1(00.0(1 lOW QUlcl. rv mnto i"^ v - i1 --- /\nilL' \vc:i^: "• •-••have cracked Dombc-y wide opt.-n,, pufflng cigarots. and this fellow began to n-.ilize ., We w ,, rc , just ; ;i !> ,,,, " Anni- confess Tait moved impatiently, and Rogers hurried on. finished. There i;: Lud's contract with the recortti I'm nut quite! "It's lucky the- matter of I visitor." We were just about to come up," Anne confessed, her voice heavy with relief. M ' you didn't. I had a Myrna started. "The police?" "No. Harris Rogers." He looked aging from here said —but he got into -••^- , . • t u.,, ,xQ ( ,nip npme irom nco.c UA*. ., . ( , . inspector, to make certain that people t aging. " » that » Tait said—but lie fi who do not understand the hazards -, U at v ^ ^^ Q{ u „ neod ecl quic) will not "monkey with the bu« saw slowly Lets nav ^ gong into a nttle ™_ _ ,• t.,,.,.,,.,1 r>n t!«» tarm is a con-i L)ia you cvci . ,. hnean I needed quick money. H( wi.-nt out venture of liU ov.'n. , mm; -Only—only that I never quite liked him. But Lud seemed to lit. JLUI III'*.--!.— J The fire hazard on the farm is a constant menace. Around the farm, poisons are frequently used for protection against^insects and rodents. There should £ a locked cabinet in which eveo I->IV*. J ««— — ' — - i nil called 'The Cat's Meow ? "Of course I've heard of it. And who had not? Meow" might have He, began getting ;< f»-w I boys in the band and of the 1 th j n k In- was all right. He trusted making him with everything." m . Tait nodded. Poor Dombey, he was on records in a ^« fnimtrv roads oj^ »'"'• , IOCKCU ut*.ji.> c ^ "- ••— . , r \ navehnHaster than 50 miles an hour kind u kept wter the control s^S'^W——-» s r C "! S^^rrs^^l«»-r^ ..^ :„ ,i mo tn avoid hitting tneoojtLi these common nae. *-> j . nr i: o D ro- y° u wu '"- '™ ^lE^iS^r^'''™^ '"" WMhi.SrrrhaiTo i™l Hjrri. SK ••^^-^^SEHJ *- ^- '^'^"^^^ iiVays, company Ludden vestigation - to h ; contract. 1 hap- Rogers with everything The mma ,0V- thul the rei-urdim; I lcader had got himself in too deep is carrying on an- in-1 to do anything else. Come on, i-an-i they'll siu.-."!he told thc girls. "The coast .s many thousands j^-_^ ds '. i ricurb i-ii^ I-—j*™. With attention to these common haz- I . , ^. fnrm will increase. rn iin.i;iiviwti »••* safety on the farm willinerease. want Mal;e it sr rnoin'-nt. "Uo ar.y iiioiL-V" •, lii'-n." clear now." t-rs. It popped up in radio programs, and it had been featured S ctu rrTty h wh^d a an" ( san g l ^ L OT of worn,,, „„* in love -The Cat's Meow" from New York A wilh Do ,nb..-y, y'-u know, to Wana Walla and back again Some of them kn,v; Mm pretty The song had skyrocketed and, we ll. And extended ,nv..-.,UK: lion amwinely retained most of its lnto his past is going t., Kick up , parity. The leader-composers som e things that would wn ; ck Ins Rllt It's MSO a of other swing bands had tried reputation with tlu- >..,,. t l^-. 1>Ul to produce a song that would stick an d thereby inuke HIL .,^0.1 in ^^-d world of swingUteers use e» » ^n-^..^ ^ music—and had lailed. I tne crowus. "You think, like everybody else. The Country May Be^Hac-o, i T Jir i urettv well for himself, in spite of to- ^ ^^ „,...„, ,.„>. , Adolescence- is a long word I sup- r cvo . openf , rs ,,,,,1 social iu- . th&l -^ ud rjombey wrote that nose it has always been m the die- • - ^^ Rogers said . SS^rV. but a •»«•«« f^tS ""- ^«nt ^ gone through the! ^ Dombey didr , t , then who the average P'^^ M ^^ ^^dn^k^.tilldon-ttake to say parent has gone through the f twelve, thirteen or fourteen, nothing of the romantic age- did? that follows. fce of enormou derstand i lie " Ol Lilt ' '•"'ju«*»«— - — i ,- b Unless particularly d(J-| TO OGERS smiled. "It's been good memory, he or she will be IX husmess t o keep that name " ••'""- a secret, and I think it still is good business. I'm telling you that Dornbey didn't write it. It was. brought to him by a broken-down musician who wanted Dombey to help in trying to un- roblems of our o.sn » both Bi r age don't U and boys of this plug it in his band because h hadn't been able to sell it. Com- went to Tail's apartment. JL "Myrna I want you to hit that bed of mine in there. Ann's going to do some shopping—"™1 I think I'll trot down to have u talk with I-VeU-y. I dun'l want to get you duwn there at headquarters and I have them spring the trap. I've I think I can get him to talk sense." ' He turned to Anne. "Get back 1 here as soon as you can, will you, 1 Anr " There's some coffee and .,„„ ; grub in the kitchenet. I'll call for ii , 1 -on around noon." is forgotten, they i •> thc wyy out _ Tait went into And if Pac.tn.-Pla/.a | apartment's basement and rang the janitor's bell. That t .,,,"us otoTher banks, including cerl,ned i-^r;^:;' 1 ,^,;; 1 ^;;:;;:^,,,,,., ^ L ,,,,,s,ts'not secured by pledue of loans und or invcMinenls Total Deposits -.ill-plus Undivided pi of its m-l Reserves for contingencies 2. r iO,-iriO.OO 7i:i,C77.Kl 1)114.127 .HI §100,000.00 20,000.00 22,oa.07 2,7M.3-J J C k C C) fi- Total Capital Account 144,732.41 ( loS( ., in .e Utilities 1,108,8110.22 270.187.50 ne Pacific-Plaza to it: but unless things quiet down ^; .his business won't renew. doesn't rc-ni-W, we couldn't (.','.; I a ! on ^n "to belong ^ n g" hT mighf make "it'into a | satisfied "My Tney are torn, fcig g lt _ wlth * ite introduction by | more Jljan^lhat, T-.^^ n-betwccn •invwherfc m uaiticular. mcj <»- 1 ^jg hit—with its irurouui:""" "i \ - . ret-vein two forces. One, holding them | °B Swingate er S . He offered to I going to tell you • • '•"•• driving: . .. oulrighlj but the man was job in a fourth-rate beer tavern , ^^ y individual appeared warily. ; Say, Pete—I wish you wouldn't let anybody in my apartment when I'm gone. Not even ii they nrelend to be rny grandmother "Let anybody in your apartment, Mr. Tait? I didn't let nobody in your apartment." -You didn't let a fellow in last night who said he was a friend of mine and wanted to wait until returned?" a "No, sir, Mr. Tait. "Who else has a key tomorrow." Tait turned his hand knob of the door, opened appreciate your telling rt" he said slowly. Rogers picked up "You're going curiosity, then?" to forg<-l the it. "I this," hat. vour "I'll think it over, anyhow." hadn't been able to sell a. **™- j V ^' f manag er seemed un- bey could Ke that with a little L^.^' 1 ^"^^ is lo do fixine he might make it into a sjtistica. ivy ••>".. ... Total PledKcd "excluding redi.scounls) ESs.ate. county, and municipal deposits Against other deposits Total Pledged State of Arkansas, 270,187.50 52,593.75*217,593.75 ON PC6T1EL9 WtTH PAT O'eCi TO GET SHOvO IN IUHIL6 I, Syd MeMiit the above stfileim r Sworn to and subscriticd U-fore me hie nib day of July, Chamberlain, Hempstead, .ss: ,, ,t the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that*- 1 ""' J< " S " '" SYD McMATH, Cashier. Correct Attest: LLOYD SPENCER N. P. 0'KKA.L ^ C C:,imS C eSerC ^iW^ HARRV J. LKMLEY, Director^^ RECAPITULATION R E S 0 I! II C E S Loans „ C C. Cotton Loans urnitui-e and Fixtures eal Estate i Government Bonds onds and Securities ash and Sight f:xchange Total By BILK PORTEIl and GEORGE SCARBO Spencer Tracy had no aim life tji; Lvw-i'"" — back to childhood, the other ^^ _ ^ them aheead of thing, unknown rhe g iiu lc too cagey s jor that tn*rtn *••*•" — *~-- - — •older children don't want them You're too old." the and those »' "<•- .- , more urge to self-determination than So he did offer to turn it over to Lud on -a royalty proposition. To the world it was to be Dornbey s not than that it I have—but I've an .idea isn't going to be very healthy to show too much interest in v:ho killed Ludden Dombey." Tail .slifTerifcd. "Listen, Rogers. to the BP ffiSJ" said Pete. "Nobody (To Be Couttnued) k^ [JU11*-^» * « *- — j 11' t till his English toucher induced him to join the debating learn . . . that led t .mntcur dramatics . . .tried to jo, the Marines during the World war . . was rejected because he was only 1 joined the Navy instead . . . n only sea exberienee was a cruise m whuleboat . . . discharged with a *J u-month pension . . . his first sloe job hi the theater paid bun Slo a wet -cored a hit on Broadway in Tl Last Mile" . . . Academy Award wi nur . • will be 39 April 5. 131,020.14 291,724.18 1.00 1.00 270.187.50 220.074.38 Hir>,84G.04 , I A B I L I T I K S Capital Stock Surplus lesrrve Deposits iind Undivided Trofits Total % 100.00tl.00 20.0(K).UU 24,732.41 9G4.127.81 $1.108,800.22 OF1CERS AN!) UIRECTORS LLOYD SPENCER, President ITARRV T I EMLEY Vice-President HOY STEPHKNSO'N. Assistant Cashier P. O'NEAL, VHce-Presiden. Iv 1'. STEWART , SYD McMATH. Cashier JAS. H. IfENHY MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM §5,11(111.00 Maximum Insurance for Eai-li Deiiosilor.

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