Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1948
Page 6
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*~- Page Six " t A BP&L . « A »A H O M •« • .* — - P E STAR, HOPE, A R K A N S A S Friday, Decornbcr 1 "7 1 /, 1948 ^•WBB^' ^MW» Musical-Comedy Opens Sunday at the Saeoger "A Date With Judy," starting Sunday at Saenger theater, will give you one of the happiest screen dates you've ever had. For this new Joe Pasternak Technicolor tuner, starring Wallace Beery (imagine him in a musical!) lyrical Jane Powell, teen-ager's delight Elizabeth Taylor, Latin bombshell Carmen Miranda, handsome Robert Stack and Xavier Curat's popular dance band, contains enough talent for a three-rim' circus. Everybody has a chance vo net "into the act" in this wnrrmn" Story ot smalltown family life centering on an impressionable dauph- ler (Jane Powell) caught in the toils of adolescent love, the boy friend (Robert Stack) who plays hard to get, the scheming uirl friend (Elizabeth Taylor) wno mis- lakes sophistry for sophistication all. topped by a comedy ot errors resulting from a mistaken belie 1 that Pa (Wallace Beery.)) has fallen for a sultry Latin charmer when all he wants to do is learn lhe rumba so that he can impress Ma (Selena Royle). The sequences in which Carmen Miranda initiates the stalwart Beery into the esoteric contortions of. the rumba are as funny as you nave seen on the screen'in some time. The amusing Miss Mirand" also scores with three South American songs, while lilting Jane Powell also takes time out from her family and romantic problems to Sing such varied numbers as 'Temptation," "it's a Most Unusual Day," "Love is Where You Find It." "Judalinc," I'm Strictly ?r> the Corny Side," "Through the "Home, Sweet Home " Elizabeth Taylor- is effective as the spoiled but neglected noor little rich girl, Robert Stack, in nis first post-war screen role, is enormously likable as the object of the ladies' affections and Scotty Beckett adds laughs in an excellent characterization of a self-important young man Who has just reached his voice- changing age. Producer Pasternak and Director Richard Thorpe have made their new M-G-M offering fast-movin.p. chuckling, easy to look at in its Technicolor hues and delightful to listen to in its varied score by a number of Hollywood's top composers. You can't miss with "A Dale With Judy." Judy Negro Teachers to Organize Extension Classes On Saturday morning. December IS. at 10 o'clock, in the Yerger nigh School building, there will be a meeting of Negro teachers of Hcmp.stead county and vicinity who are interested in having extension classes organized in the area. Dolphus Whilten, Jr., director of extension at Henderson State Teachers College, will be present to asjist in organization of classes // A Date With Judy Starting Sunday at Saenger McMath Enroute to Washington to Pay Respects Hot Springs, Dec. 15 —(>T)— Gov.- elect Sid McMath was on his way to Washington today after being honored by his home town. The first Garland connlain ever elected to the state's highest office told a "victory banquet" here last njght that Garland county's campaign for good government in 104G has resulted "in major changes in State and county government." In that campaign McMath led a GI ticket which defeated candidates supported by former Mayor Leo P. McLaughlin. The banquet, attended by 450 was sponsored by the Garland county Democratic central committee, McMaih, accompanied by his Wife and Henry Woods, his campaign manager, Left Little Rock by train last night for the national capital. The governor-elect plans to "pay my respects" to President Tni- man and confer with various cabinet officers and department heads. Several other McMath associates Were to fly to Washington today. The Sign of the Ram," Co lumbia s picturization of the best selling novel by Margaret Fcrgu ••son which has, as its loading char aeter, one of the most v/idcly- Jiscusscd heroines of fiction, is Doming to the Rialto theater 01 .aunday. The film marks the return to the screen of Susan Peters in the powerful, emotional role of a woman who tries to make a weapon oi. Jove. This is a startling dcpar iurc- from the sweet young inge- nues which Miss Peters formerly portrayed, and is the typo of characterization which issues a challenge lo the imagination and real dramatic ability of any actress. Also starred in "The Sign of the it am," an Irving Cummings production, arc Alexander Knox, Phyllis Thaxter, Peggy Ann Garner lion handell. Dame May Whilty and Allene Roberts. Two newcomers, Ross Fold and Diana Douglas, arc importantly -catured. as well as veteran character actress Doris Lloyd. lhe setting of the Charles Bennett screenplay (he also wrote "Un- comjucred") is Cornwall, England. When Sherida Binyon (Phyllis 'ihaxter) arrives to be secretary to authoress Leah St. Aubyn (Susan. Peters), she .senses the unusually strong grip which the lovely Leah nolds over her husband (Alexander Knox) and his three children (Ross Ford, Allene Roberts and Pcgy Ann Garner). The family is intensely devoted to Leah, and the latter uses this love to gain her own ends. The story is said to reach its suspcnsc- ful climax after Leah breaks up the forthcoming marriages of two of the children, and inspires the youngest to attempt murder! According to advance reports, tnc film has its lighter moments, too. One particularly charming scene is said to take place when Susan Peters sings the popular ballad "I'll Never Say 'I Love You' to Anyone But You," and plays her own piano accompaniment. '•The Sign of the Ram" was directed by John Sturges for producer Irving Cummings, Jr. JANI- POWMLI. and WAI.LACI- RHHKYTciiTcrVhcir .; J3ECKETT in MGM's "A DATE WITH JUDY." ( . , •%& i'M& -..,..,. -SCOTTY Color by Technicolor. *'•*. ^fcitfTRl ijp i M| 8 1 Starting Sunday at Rialfo Trumcn to Back Continued Aid to Greece Washington, Dec. IB —yv-Henry F. G.'ad.y, U. S. ambassador to Greece, said today President Truman is "quite in favor of continuing the whole program" of American aid to Greece. Giady made the statement to newsmen after a talk with Mr. Truman at the White House. The ambassador estimated that abo'.it S-500.000.000 will be needed to cany on the anti-communism program during the next fiscal year ;::, compared with about SSaO'.OOO,- 00(1 I his year. Crady's report that Mr. Truman lavois continuing aid came only a few ciays after the president gave ccngrcs:; a report portraying a gloomy outlook for progress in Greece. ct 'fS* J :,, W ys ?;;•. :'.:•:'•''-•+?••.•:.••'••• ::• ^.^V: V:'-- : ' "-"-" ' " •'.. \- " ••/: i: ^>£ftt^iS-J*? •i, ;•.•.-;••• v.-' : v >'-.•.-.•.:,•:-.•.• .•.:•:•..:-.;:•.•:-..-..-.:•. - .• • •'..•-•.. .'.;..-..{; :. ., x; sfib^Avi'S''^ SUSAN PETERS and ALEXANDER KNOX face a nionv.-ntous problem in this scene from Columbia's "THE SIGN OF THE RAM." Murder Charge Ried Against Slayer St. Louis, Dec. 1(3 — W)— A first degree murder charge was tiled against Floyd Rollings yesterday in the hatchet slaying of 'his C month-old daughter, Donna Anne, t A preliminary hearing was set for Dec. 23, and the 27 year old By GEORGE BRl'A Wiesbaden, Germany. Dec 16— V).— Flying the airlift route to Ber n is a dreary task for the men •ho pilot the huge transports. , An occasional break in the lone liness comes with chatter over the radio—it's officially taboo but the boys indulge just to break the monotony. A C-17'flying vittles to Berlin re ported its position as it passed over Brunswick. "This is Little Willie at 0,500 feet." "This is Big Willie at 7,500 feet " came the next report a moment later from a C54. "This is Big William. . ."the next voice intoned. 'You mean Big Willie, don't you?" interrupted an airman •I said Big William," the voice majestically. "This is a Hollywood, Dec. 1C —(/Pi-— After •ill. a lousy .$.->.000 a week or so isn't everything. Actress Teresa vvright indicates. Kiss Wright got fired yesterday by her boss, Movie Producer Sam i.iel Goldwyn. Goldwyn called Miss \Vnt;nt "uncooperative." She had ho said, refused to go to New York to publicize n picture in which she is costarrecl. Miss Wright said she couldn't make the trip because of ill health Hie countered that she accepted the firm',' "without protest and in '.act_with relief." "ihe typo of contract standardized between players and pro Iduccrs." she said. "is, I feel aiitiriual'jd in form and abstract in concept. "I am determined to never my name to another one. 'We in (he acting profession are to blame for accepting in our enp'neriK'Ss to work under which equities prcv jmmet, Prescott Girls in College Club ^W ^^-^^&l^^^B S ^^^^ & °S WWbVfi^ KE'Mft sS^, ,^< K^h^^Sir ^*?^^»^: is*; M^a, ^^^™^«^^» : ^^^"^ K$A J £% Prisoner Charged With Marrying 14 Widows hold (lie chit chat down, men." Five minutes of silence. Then a voice: "I wonder if he's really a colonel." And another: "It certain ly didn't sound lik<> a coloivl " No "c^i^keToUt 1 bccausc thc ftXrV 11 ., (hc mo "r picturb The bi<", f ,st "iiiv f,,,- th, -,:,- UU ': 1!!JS ^ 'I has come for actors ;^H:€'klfiy:PHJia;^is who hop .-, ride to or from Berlin "in' i n usually manage to get in a word— ndded '' and set off a torrent of replies. l c «.-.s if' \ r chatter between Brit c Chicago. Dec. 1G — (/Pi — A GO year-old parolee from a New v 0 rk prison, accused by the FBI of big amously marrying at least 14 wid ,ows in his quest for cash, was set [under arrest today on a new fcder al charge. George B. McSwain, chief FBI „ ... ...... agent in Chicago, reported the ------ agreements parolee. Stephen Adam Wick was we waive the proper taken into custody on a warrant .'ailing at law and in from Buffalo. N. Y.. charfiinq him with cashing a number "of' "fraudulent checks. Wick, who has more than 40 ali uses, has spent more than half his Monday, December 20 The Order of the Eastern Star will meet on Monday evening at 7:30 at the Masonic Hall for the regular meeting. The Ladies Council the First Christian Church will meet Monday afternoon at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Case Chappell. A Christmas , program will be given The first annual pancake-sausage breakfast will be held for the men beginning at 8 a.m. in the fellowship rooms of the Presbyterian c-vu-y other industry. "Such contracts say. in effect, we havj no privacies which you producers cannot invade, trade us ••n C: tho C \in'?. S lnc IiPk( - 1Chilfdrcn - ' -'! if V n P™ 0 '""" "in"addTti^"to the church' Sunday morninR ~ Dcceml it th,. ume has come for any |bad check charges. Wick also faces bcr 19. W. M Reeves Clyde Hcs •-- -charges ot violating his parole and '-- - ' - - - -- ' - >ae tiik a possible life sentence as an ha bitual criminal, the FBI agent said. Authorities related they did not There is no .h and AITH 1 radios are en .i C74. St. Louis University dental student was ordered held without bond Earlier at an inquest, Mrs. Rollings testified her husband had expressed worry over his school work, ihoir finances and the fami ly's future. They have daughter. '2. Rollings did not testify coroner's jury returned a ol homicide naming him baby's slayer. another and a verdict as the the -- — ^ over zone to Berlin. The wea night seemed a little minablc. chain of he Soviet •y haul of less inter Ihere was a deep silence over the hussian zone one night. The drone of the engines magnified the a plaintive the cargo loneliness. Suddenly frequencies. when an American plr.ne !:uids or takes off from Gafow. the British lie-Id in Berlin. One plane wa.v lined up ready for the takeoff. Came a crisp British voice from the tower: "Is No. 10 aircraft j ready to go?" | "Sure. Boss." was the reply, "give me tiie woicl and I'll .make like a boid." r , . .-..«., exactly how manv women I ,^M r0 ;, u' IiSS ^ ll! ; ht Wk i k had f!ecccd in h ' s "heck sod?," J ' V "? rk fo ''l wrll 'ns schemes. They said, how imnn »h " Cmi ts ; ia '' n my jeycr, he had gone through mar i ! "'i,;,, (( ; on!mon , cieccncics nape ceremonies with 14 widows in glorified i various sections of the country as omes intolerable, but with can be car To 55 J « p -A 3T2 e s" i c a an Hero Laid fo Res* ci Los Angeles, Dec. The voice rant throuuh pleas .. Another night the chatter was pretty thick when a loud voice broke in: "This is the colonel. Lei's hero was laid t day. Pfe. Sadao .S. Munemori. ;;:s the only Ni;;ei winner c,f the iiiessional Medal of Honor in ed State:;' history. II was bcKlowi'd I'or h.i.-j ai.-lion in Kin nests, then flingm-.;' and save his coi':!-; u> Uuil sra, in Fort Lewis, Wash., Dec. 16 — (/P) —A chance remark—the wish of' a GI that he could fly home for Uinstmas—has snowballed into an air lift that will carry an csti- mylted ,oa soldiers east for the holidays. The demand for chartered I planes is so great, in fact, that ! travel agencies have had to call tor help from California , ,- S I', Iai '- I] Phines with a capacity ot 2b lo ;,() .nassensers have been probably will be service officials peeled that within part of his illegal activities. McSwain described Wick as a iast-tongued. dignified looking individual whose appearance was all that a successful business man would desire. Me said the parolee's usual practice was to select a cath ohc woman for his victim after tirst. ingratiating himself with religious authorities. cession - ''eservcid. DOUBLE FEATURE loud T O KOIANb WINTERS as «j >rvl DOUBLE FEATURE y^^l^F r-'i-Vyrf*-- ^^^^^ I Richard j-^ .t.-rwsr.ferto jsh f- ... ... ?A< O :<f'"f I tPHptf®^ ^CAHMOWBSM/' •WLYK.tiSS More .needed. travel [,_, |:>aitl. and it i s c :'. I : > few days tht , " ;1 [I'or planes." ', I •" '-vas a few i 1 na:ik:;;j:v:n- that ;.Robert;; of Peoria. :oi thinking out home for Chris He asked a fellow infantry barracks: "1 wonder if ]() o , tows .M round v.'Hh me an get us ho mi Hc.> was \viih takei-s. t<i •!•'* and had char for a i be days before Vvt. Gerald 1-. was sort of about getting GI in the 9th Washington, Dec. 15 — (/P) —Secretary of the Treasury 'Snydor said today he sees no peril of recession in the present hesitation of prices. "We undoubtedly have the essential foundation for an incomparable era of national prosperity in! the years ahead," Snyder told" the' Unal sesmon of the 25th annual . . terly, John I. McCartney, Orin Ellsworth and J. H. Bernis will act on the serving committee. Places will be laid for seventy- five men. Following the period of Bible W. V. . tellowship. the Christmas lesson will be taught bv Tompkins. At the evening service at 7 o'clock December 19 an octet of women's voices will sing "The Music of Christmas" by Ira B Wilson. Mrs. W. C. Reeves, director, has boon rehearsing with the singers for the past six weeks. Mrs Warren Cummings will accompany on the pipe organ. Arranged for two-oart singing the numbers are- Ro'4'" 11 " th ° ° ldCn Christmas "Holy Night" " O Little Town of Bethlehem" —duet. Mrs. Thomas F. Grayson and Miss Jeanncttc Gardiner "Good Tiidngs"— solo, Mrs W G. Bensberg and choir "Glory Be to God" "The Magi" "Little Lord Jesus"— Mrs W R Ml "'' John Mrs John of thf . would throw ter a plane ••i I most over whelm i-d The "10 or 15" grew i»i^. i^i^lH CilJIJUllJ mcc-lms; of lhe American Municipal Association. the O.udO ic:iu:s. nacl t-fillet! lor opening of new fjelds of taxation to local i'ov- ernments. They did so in adopting •a formal policy statemenl lo be presented slate legislature in the coming year. The statement proposed Hint municipalities be given lhe rU'hl to levy certain taxes and others' Snyder predicted to the delegates that the national economy will be "The Living Song" The singers are: sopranos: Thomas F Grayson, Mrs. Hubbard, Mrs, R. \y. and Mrs. W. G. Bensber Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton, Mrs T E Logan. Mrs. Joe Wray and Mis- Jeannettc Gardiner Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Woshburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Stor buildinn 212-2)4 South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. bv Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor 8, Publishoi Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Mourner, Mech. Supt. Jess M. Oavis, A-'vertising Manager Entered as second class matter a\ tht Posf .Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1B97. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper fLntcrprisa Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable lr Advance): By city carrier per week 2Ck per month 85c. Mail rates—in hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller anc LaFayettc counties, 54.50 per year; clso where $8.50. National Advertising Representative — Arkansav Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tcnn Sterick building; Chicaao, 40Q North Michigan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison A . ve -; Detroit, Mich., 28-12 W. Grant Member of the Associated Press: Th( Associated Press is entitled exclusively tc the use for republicmion of all the local lews printed in this newspaper, as well at 3)1 AP news dispatches. Mrs. Francis Fare, Misses Sue Martin, Francis Thrasher and Jcan- nette Gardiner. . . : f.,-^.. iviitii uii.- 11 ct i iuili.ll e I order Ihe group j buoyed bv still luu-e b,-eklo"s of tie" f-J-passenjjer C-n.mand fur goods, ° machirun-y and , - ~ .- ee Iliuohc works; by new products only j lne . f able - The buffet held filtering a mark'el !_» n'owth and population SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY | YOU'VE.'GOT A PATE y {,',. with a beauty,. - with dudy *' JANE WALLACE POWELL-BEERY CARAAEN MIRANDA ELIZABETH TAYLOR lvr 5IACK cour sitcKin . ucu STARTS SUNDA I heir e i'or ... transpnrtation. In quick order l;-iO men in the outfit joined the travelers. They eharlered three planes which will 'c.tNv IK-I-I- the niijht i>l Dec '>! •\b..-,i the Chrisirnus fnrloiu^h "»:1 hind Ihem in N t '.n- and New Kngland way- i lhe following 2-1 l the Void's planes Chicago, Pittsbur-h Yet,^ despite this strong business naution, we again hear voices apprehension over the business jOullook. similar to those which ;have been heard about this lime i leach year since V-.l day," th..- SC c-i ;i'elary said. He added: ! "In each case these fears have! | not_ been reaiixed. j "file short periods '•'' ' •' icirn. nevertheless, have helped terialiy lo put u damper on va- •}-"--culative projects, and thns ided ir. keeping the economy A Christmas motif set the scene or the luncheon of the Prescoit Garden Club and Die Rose Garden club Tuesday at 1 o'clock al the Lawson Hotel. Members were greeted at the door by the hostesses Mrs. W. C. Reeves Mrs Guss McCaskill. Mrs. Dallis Atkins Mrs J. A Craig, Jr and Mrs. J. K. Bemis. Each member receiv- j ed a lovely corsage made of silvered pine cones with .sprigs of Holly tied with red ribbon. The spacious dining room was decorated with southern smilax Keri candles surrounded by nandina' berries small twigs of evergreen and holly marked the center of ,. . -— -—^*. .i-jld an artistic arrangement of red candles nandina berries and greenery adorned with a ruge red satin bow. . M!' S - T ' 10S - I-^an, Mrs. W. E Wi hs and Mrs. M. 13. Smith were welcomed as guests by Crow and Mrs. R. F' club presidents. Recorded Chi r n- mas music was enjoyed dining the luncheon. Mrs. A. Dudley Gordon and Mrs. of business j ,, eisi - L - "oi'ter were in chur^j of Mrs. E. E. Shell, Miss Mattie Jean Atkins, and Mrs. Floyd Mamm honored Miss Eleise Bennet, whose marriage to Earl Nichols will be an event at Lewisville on Saturday evening, with a miscellaneous shower Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Shell. Christmas decorations, holly and nandinas gave a festive air to the Shell home. Two bridal contests were enjoyed with prizes being won by Mrs. Hugh Elgin anc i MISB Frieda Hale. Little Miss Diana llamm presented Miss Hetiuet with a corsage of while carnations and sweet- pc-as. Diana, carrying a pink umbrella, also presented the bride elect with :>ifi;; from a decorated gilt wagon saying "Kieise it is showering on you". After the gifts wore opened the hO'-tc'KSfs served a delicious dessert course lo the twenty guests present. Mrs. Layman Dickerson i;; the '-Uicst ol her daughtrr, Mrs Tat" McGill and Mr. McGill in St Louis ',' Mo. see 1:0 evidence of the unbnl- ' I conditions ivhich. in the p-.ist i typically preceded a recession." ! No .-iy said, of nessnicn o\-..-r.~,u "little '•'•'•'•-• overborrowing, U. S. Sues to Break Rubber Sti-on^hofd U'.ishiniitui,, 1K.^.. .'I' dfiKirlllHMlt '•'•••^ Uled a Mi.t to :i!ii.-.;i-Ll uorlcl dirt i ubbi-;• products. AttoinVy GeiK-ra! Clark iKHinced. the ci\-jl aeiion u' l'ii.'U:.'hi in the K-deri.1 district COL :ill C!e\-elani.' 10 --,,-V.-- Tl fchid lodp.y iji't.'ak njj ; 1 in JUiUir tli- Following a bisiyo game, i taken from a beautiiully 'lip tree, were given lo members guests. The W.S.C.S. ,,f the Metho'ii.si church met at the .-hurt-i Monday lor their business meeting and Harvest Day luncheon Mrs. H. 11. MeKenzio t;ave a most in.spinng devotional." The -:ronp sang several Christmas ca- rol.s. Mrs. J. B. Heslerly presided over the in'.siness session. Yearly reports oi nir (//fleers, \-.-erc given. Fiillowiny the business session the society enjoyi-d a delicious luncheon. Mrs,. K. J). Galloway LUIV. an intei-e.--l;ng talk on "The .Advance" '~ ^ .Ve'ir )n-o;;ram for Methodi;-.!;-'. Mrs. Galloway is prc-sidi'-nt of ih;> I.Ull'.^ Rock District i.'onfei-ence of the W..-\C .S. The luncheon meeting closed loliov.-iiu: ihe talk. J. B. Franks has returned from Johns liopliins hoKpital in Baltimore, Md. where he underwent Mrs. Jessse | optical surgery. Yarbrouyh, —' Mrs. Frank Gilbert and W. M. Grecson spent Wednesday in Te\- arknna with Mrs. Grot-son who is ill in the Texarkana hospital. Rev. Fn from Ho 1 : a revival d A. White lias returned er. La. where he held U Fir.-l I-iaptist church. Mr:-:. Dan Pittman and Ted Me- iJank-i spent Knnday in Ft. Worth, Texas v/her.' th'.-.v Wei e cucsts in the homi; of Captain and Mrs. Thomas McDa-.iiel Sabot-age on Carrier Ss Investigai-ed Devonport. Enu.. Dec 16 I' 1 Invesli^alors poked abiiut below the decics rf ilu- l-i.i;i)0ton air era!! can-ii.T Tt-.-ribh-. today, look n:.s for evidence of atiempied sab nv.i! t-eremonii'.s ihe shio over to B. & PVV Club met at 7 p.m Aionday Dee. 13 for their annual C.'hristmas party at Lawson Hotel

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