Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 10, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1938
Page 3
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Mdmla'y, October 10,1088 . tf6ft , [THEATERS Cotton Ed" Is Still "Hopjrin' Mad," Suh Full of the Yenr Wlinii hillsides are blue with spring blossoms', I Ihnik Hint's the Ixwt time of all; Nut, when corn fields begin lo turn ) golden. Then I'm sure that Ihe best lime is ; .fall. There are few things more lovely than I rosc.s, Tluil in summer climb ovnr the wall Hut, when maples begin to turn scnr- Thon Yin Kure that the best time Is home of Mrs, Charles Ifnynes. We.sl Second stroot, with Mrs. Kline Snydcr ris Joint hostess and Mrs. K. F. Mc- Fnddin, program chairman. '•The Glcnnors class, First Biiplist Sunday school will hold its regular monthly Business nnd social meeti 7;I10 Tuesday evening ut the home of Mrs Terrell Cornelius, South Pino St. We note that Miss Mnrthn Ann Singleton of thiK city, has been elected reporting secretary <>f the newly formed Arkansas Club lit Unylor University. Waco, Texas. 1 Jove thi; wood fires of mid-winter, A^ul snow flukes iilwnys i-nthrnll; Hut, when /{oldenrod wjive.s in its ' glory, I know Unit the host lime is fall. —Selected. • Mr. and Mrs, Thulium Curler nnd lit- tlj; diiughtur of Monroe, La., worn week-mill guests of Mrs. Kli/.abeth I'ritchafd nncl Mr.s. M. II. Bnrlow. -O,-Wiss Margaret Griffin of Magnolia .spent.tin- week-end with home folks. •(Miss Pansy Wimberly spent the weuk-uiiil visiting with her iiunt, Mr.s. Archie Hale, Mr. link- and other relatives in A.slidown. Mrs. L. M. Lile and dnuRhlcr, Alice wire Saturday visitors in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. J. C. Wnl I is and ahildren, who spent tin; past tsvo years donvlcileil in the White Hou.se, have nwvcd to Park Driveway. Charles Vnndiver of Haiti Knob, who is unending Oiiiichilii college, .spent the iwcck-end In this city, the guest | of his si.stor, Mr«. Blufonl Chancy nnd Mr. Chancy. The Tri-Stnte Osteopnlhic Assoeia- tion held its Oetobr meetinR willi n dinner Saturday evening ut Hotel Barlow, the large dining table wns centered with (i va.se of yellow cosmos find nine sage, covers were Uiid for II!. Following the dinner, n .short business mueting conducted by the vico-prc.si- :lcnt, Dr. Ettn Chinnplin. imd n pro- prom wns held nl the Chiimplin home on South Elm street. Mr. nnd Mr.s. Homer I'ifiK hnd ns week-end guest, Mr.s. C. C. Gini- iii.-ls uf Little Hock, en route to Li-wis- ville for n visit with relatives mul friends. Mi.ss Kate Bridewell who has spent the summer in Denver. Colo., will arrive Tuesday for n visit with home folks, the It. O. Bridi-wi-lls. AI The Kinllo Rudolph Vidinlim), heart throb of n generation ngu, will be brought back to the Rnlto Thur.sdny and Frdny n h.s Krealesl pel ure, "Son of the Shiek". Vnlinllno is iceofinix.od universally ns one of ihe greutesl lovers of nil limes Thnt u pitrtuie cnn be brought back 1! ye;.rs afli-r the ;;tui- IK ilend nnd .stil bring thrills In the feminine heart is proof thnt his potent love power nn< electrifying chnrm must have been terrific. It will no diiiibl be exciting fo mother.s to Inke their daughters to se the pieliire «nd proudly coinporo the! movie idol of yesteryear with th M:roen lovers of today; Gable, Powe Flyim, etc. Critics say that Vnlintin slill hi;s n burning fnscination whlc fur exceeds the attraction of his mot ern rivals. "Son of the .Shiek," is the orignlal si e-nt film, uniouchc-d except for mus cal nccompniiyini'iit, so thai Valintin lovers cnn .see their favorite ngnin ju ns he wn.s Ifi years ngo when he mac famous "'11 it. 1 Four Horsemen" nnt "The Shiek." Vilinn Bunkey is also in 111'. 1 picture. Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Anderson were week-end HIK.-SI.S with relatives in I.i/ltlc Hock. — O- MLis Eli/abelh White of Little Hock .spont ihe week end with home folks. — O— -Mrs. James L. Jamison left Saturday Air ;i visit with relatives in Lilllt Knck. ,Mr. nnd Mrs. Bon Turner of Para- gou)d arrived Sunday for a visit with their mother, Mrs. Florence Turner and sister, Mr.s. J. M. Harbin nnd Mr. Iforbin. -O- The John Cain chapter, D. A. R. will hold its October meeting, the initin meeting of the club year, with : luncheon at 12:-15 Wednesday at the CARD OF THANKS We want to tliunk our friends nnd neighbors for their nets of kindness sJxwn us duriiiK tlie recent illness run] death of our husband and father. We ure- grateful to the Rev. Floyd Queen of Hoi Springs, Claude Tuyloi and his quartet, and also to the those who contributed floral offerings. We also want to thank the Hope Star foi its contribution. Mrs. W. J. Hnrlfield mid Children. Officers Selected by Patmos Athletic Group | MON-TUES = FANNY HURST'S = .. Cireal Story | "FOUR ! DAUGHTERS" I with The Lane Sisters Introducing Jeffrey Lynn New Romantic Discovery 7:15 and 9:00 The Pnlinos Athltie associnlion me 1 Octol>er G lo elect it.s officers and select its emblem. The officers were President, Doyle Mayton; vice presi dent Herman Slafford; screlary-lroas urer, Catherine Hnmilton; reporlr Doris Henderson. Patmos will henceforth be known n the "utmos Pirntes." Tht- Pirato.s ;ir uxpceled by Ihe coach, Mr. Jameson, to be the strongest teams Patmos has had for years. Regular season workouts will start for till team in about three weeks. SAKNOKR What happens when four devoted si.ster.s full in love with the .same man? "Four Daughters," the Warner Bros, lure bused on a Fannie Hurst story, vhich opens ;it the Saenger Tlieater Dilay. tiike.s thnt as its theme and develops it into a richly human story. The four daughters of an elderly nuhieian all yive their hearts unani- niiusly in ,\ eaptivnting young man vim romcs to live at their home, and le in turn is enraptured by Ihe young's! of them. And it is this girl, scarce- y more Ilian a child, who bravely icrnific-es l\er own happiness because if a mistaken notion thai by so doing she will insure the happiness of her jldest sister. More by chance than by •li-sign, ihe tangle into which the lives jf the four girls is thrown 4s even- (ii;-!ly unraveled so that each achieves the destiny that makes her happiest. The "Four Daughters" is of unusual interest in itself. In the first place, three of the four sisters are played by three girls who are sisters in actuality, Priscilla. Rosemary, and Lola Lime— the fourth .sister being enacted by Gale P.i go. More than 28.1X10 Tenncsee farmers limed more than 2.10,000 acres of land in l!i;)7 in an effort lo combat sol! aridity. All-in-Otic Line Designed To Make Large Women Slim MON. ONLY CLARK GABLE MYRNA LOY THUR.-FRI. Rudolph Valentino "Son of The Shiek LAST TIMES MONDAY Ann S other n Gene Raymond —in"She's Got Everything" ALSO "Sunday Night at the Trocerado" Our OaiiK—"Ileiirts Arc Trumps" I^itesl News TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY DOUJBLK FKATURK Poli-r It. Kyne's "Call of the Rockies" —Ami— "The Shadow Strikes" They're New. They're Smart. They're Stunning. WHAT? Costume Suits LADIES Specialty Shop istody either "protectively" or in any Her-form- Worshipers in the cathedral were t-x- lortad by the officiating priest to keep iscipline. He warned them not to >ermil themselves to be provoked on ic w«y home and they left in good rder. Secret Pplice and detectives guarded 10 cardinal and his partially wrecker! rohoptscopal palace. Cardinal Innitx.tr uffored p forehand wound from a piece of. flying glass as he knelt in his jrivale chapel. The physical damage wfafl disclosed to be grentcr than bo- iOved at irst find, in addition, n cnnon was injured seriously. a£ Senator Ellison DuRanl Smith of South Carolina was still "hoppin* mad" when this picftjre was taken at Washington shortly after his ^request for a conference between President Roosevelt and a group of southern senators was refused. Although the White House insisted "Cotton Ed," who recently was renominated despite vigorous Roosevelt opposition, was just too late in asking an appointment, Senator Smith saw a direct snub, complained angrily. Senator Smith is spokesman for senators and farm representatives seeking an increase in the cotton loan rate from 8.3 cents a pound to more than 11 cents. seien Uc- — ..fcSNunaETAOET ET' Italy Awaits Oothcrs ROME,, Italy — (fl'l — Italy looker abroad Sunday for reciprocal acUs ol conciliation 'following announcemcn of a "substantial" withdrawal of Italian troops from insurgent Spain. In formed Fascists said the decision to send home the- Blackshirt legionnaire: whl had served more than 18 month consinuously with General Franco wa: only a tentative gesture. Premier Mussolini's next move, the; (sold, would depend upon whether Ih Barcelona government fulfilled it promise to withdraw all foreign vo] unteers from its forces (announce September 21 in Geneva). The Spanish government's undcrtnk ing' has been announced in Italy hu the people were told that the initiativ in .• withdrawing foreign troops was taken by the insurgents. , It was said, Mussolini would not permit ; Franco to suffer military reverses as' a consequence of the cle- purt of the Italian soldiers, unofficially estimated 'at 10,000. Estimates have place'd the number of Italians in Spain as high as 80,000, Failure of the Spanish government to discharge its foreign fighters, it was said, might bring Italian fprces sack into Spain in sufficient numbers o bring about a speedy insurgent victory. U. S. Is to Produce Arkansas Movie ATI! Lessen State's Expense for World Fair ExhibifFilm LITTLE ROCK-^Through the coop- ration of the U. S. Department of the nttrior, and the Arkansas State Planning Board, the motion picture travelogue to bo shown in the Arkansas lisplay at the New York World's Fair tion picture. TVtis is. through the State Planning Board be* tog both a State.and a National agsncy .The active connecting link- in ^i* p$C" ture production will be the -HalWhal Park Service, which is pefirnttfed to flocepl contribution*.from any,JJOt|tCfi with which to carry out its program. It Ls thus possible:for the Centennial Commission, through the Park Service, to defray the cost of, making, the tfay- elpgue, which under this arrangement Will be about one third of the cost Of a commercial production. H is also planned for the government-to show the travelogue all over the --Unitftd States at the conclusion of the World's Fair, thereby presenting it-to-many will be produced by the governmental department that presented "The River" ad "The Plow That Broke the Plains." By this arrangement the travelouge s taken from the commescial field ahd the cost to the Arkansas Centennial Commission is thereby materially lessened. It is possible that the commission will contract with other sources for color production on exterior scenes, as the governmental agency Ls not equipped for film in the natural colors. Randall M. White, acting director will represent the Department of Interior at a conference with Governor Carl E. Bailey and the executive committee of the Centennial Commission next Thursday at which time the details for the travelogue will be worked 1 ul. Mr. White leaves Washington ionday to arrive in Little Rock a.day lead of the scheduled meeting in rder to consider the script for-the arveloguc and visit some of the scenes are to be reproduced in the early lages. Tills will lie the first time the United .tales hus participated in a state mo- millions more than the • 10,000,000 e*- Col. Lindbergh Is (Continued from Page One) chnu." Dtchau is a concentration camp. Contingents of police and Nav.i Storm Troopers in black uniforms kept the erowd under control and tlirecled all traffic into side streets. As the youths moved down the street yelling wildly, many of the crowd followed. At 9:30 p. m. the square slil was u seething Imoss of people bu there was no repetition of Saturday' mob action. Saint Stephens plac gradually was emptied without furth- et' incident. The Veinna Propaganda Ministry denied reports that the cardinal was in nogs Bile Cows ELYRIA, O.— </P)— Biting cows abou the head is -the latest depredation o stray dogs in. Lorain county whicl gives formers, many anxious moments —and the sheriff's office much extn work. The cows have been bitten a night while tethered in 'pastures. New Way to Reduce WASHINGTON. — (/P) — Jacqueli Cochran the flier says importnn flights, such as the Bendix Troph race, which she just won, are goo stream-liners as well as good fun She usually loses five to ten poun on each such flight Ermine is not expensive becaus weasles are rare, but because they ar difficull to trap; pected to see it at New.Work. • 'A crew of fifteen technicians,-script writers and photographers are-expected to operate ,!n,Arkansas,for peveral .months in. filming the travelogue. Poattocs Get ;Tpge(her, ANDBRgON, Ind.-</P)—The -fot>t of a sweet potato was found growing through the center of an Irish potato W. O. Richards dug from his,garden. CHEST COLDS RELIEVE MISER*of .your coU.as 3 ut of 5 people do—massage throat, best, back with VICKS VAPORUB. ts direct poultice:vapor action brings rompt comfort and relief. > y.; < for NASAl iRRiTArioir W HEN your nostrils become red, irritated, and stuffy because you have a head cold, just insert a little Mentholatum in them. Note how quickly it soothes the irritated membranes and relieves the stuffiness.lt will also check sneezing. Once you enjoy Mentholatum's comforting relief, you'll always want to keep'this gentle ointment handy. MENTHOLATUM GSves COMFOR.T Daily use Westing Radios' '.."••.. j Refrigeratori '. n ^Washers ; ; Cabinet Ironers 7; Hand Ironi . • 'I- Percolators Sandwich Toasters Hope COMPANY THERE'S NO POINT IN LETTING COCKER SPANIEL Spanyell family dates back to 13Sf). Cocker is smallest of family. A very popular pure-bred I!OR in U. S. .Standard colors range from solid hlacks, reds, to shades of cream; liver red anil combinations. Versatile, can be trained into retriever. Great lover of human family. HE'S GIVING HIS NERVES A REST ...AND SO IS HE ?..''.V . •..-•Tx55M-.$S»tf3 H AVE you noticed how a dop;, in the midst of play, suddenly stops and rests? His nerve system —as complicated and high-strung as our own—has signalled that it's time (o relax! Man, unfortunately, is less sensitive to the warnings of his nerves. Though nerves may need a restful pause, we are inclined to press ,on in our absorbing tasks—relentlessly—forgetful of mounting nerve strain. When we find ourselves tense, irritable, upset, \ve may not even realize why. Don't let tension tie your nerves in a knot. Make it your pleasant rule to break nerve tension often through the day-TO LET UP-LIGHT UP A CAMKL! Feel how gratefully nerves welcome the mellow intermission that your nearby package of Camels suggests. And not only do smokers find Camel's costlier tobaccos soothing to the nerves—but milder, too—ripe-rich in flavor—completely enjoyable from every angle! Millions of people who live happily LET UP- LIGHT UP A CAMEL *& JH--^ City Meat Market Choice K. C. & Native Meats Sen Foods - Poultry Prompt Free Delivery Phone 707 Evan Wray LcRoy lioury WE ARE PREPABEO To Do All Kinds of Cold Storage Olid Meat Curing COMMUNITY ICE & PRODUCE CO. Phone 350 Tor Purticulurs OPENING SPECIAL Tills coupon good (or 1 game of Billards——dtp and take to CIUNEH'S PILLARD and DOMINO PARLOR Next door (o New Theater JETT WILLIAMS For Quick Service when making your Government Cotton Loans. Classed by a Government Licensed Classoi, IDS South Walnut Street Government Cotton Loans Quick Service-— Immediate Payment Cotton Classed by E. C.Brown, yccnsed Govern ment Classcr iii Our Office. E. C. BROWN & 00. By CAROL DAY The front and back panels of the skirt are cut in one with the fitted middle section. This kind of line ap- eur.s in many costly new models, and ideally adapted to make large fig- res look more slender. You'll find it very ensy to make, in- .denUdly, if you follow the detailed ew chart included in your pattern, 'his design, Pattern 8318, has the sim- lieity and long lines that large wom- n like, with sleeves high at the houlder and fitted to the arm below. A touch of lace at the V-neck and he pointed closing are all the detailt ig it needs. This is an unusually good esign for velvet, to be worn to bridge iarties, leas and informal dinners. It vill be charming, too, in satin, dull ei'e or wool broadcloth. Pattern 8318 is designed for sizes 36, 38, '10, 42, 4,1, 4G, 48, 50 and 52. With one sleeves, size 38 requires 5% yards >( 39 inch material; with short, 4% ards; '/a yard of lace edging for vestee. The new Fall and Winter Pattern Book, 32 pages of attravtice designs' for every size and every occasion, is now ready. Photographs show dresses made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. L^e the charming designs in this new book help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Fall nad Winter Fat- tern Book—25 cents. Pattern pr lx>ok alone—15 cents. For a Pattern of tliis attractive model send 15c in coin, your name, address, style number and size to Jlope Star Today's Pattern Bureau, 211 W. Wfck er Drive, Chicago, 111. FLAGSHIP PILOT, Captain Walter J.'Hunter of American Airlines, speaks for his profession when he says: "Ragged nerves and Hying don't mix. I head olf nerve tension liy giving my nerves regular rests—I ler up and light up a Camel. 1 lind Camels soothing. t» the nerves." :<*••• .\ PIP you KNOW: •—that tlu'Rrowcrof rnliacco alsociirrsii —m many cases, in barns tiiuippnl to apply heat without smoke ? 1 liat the planter works day and night until the curiiiK process is completed? 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