The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1934 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1934
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE,, (ARK.i . dbOKIKR NEWS The Clew of : THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4,, 193.^ otten CAfiiiON'8, or the detective u, was 1 billing time until ff n troa> " le * erv 'eo station arrlv« to make tbe ulenllft cation. H» looked up as Monleu MtBTtd the room and nodded Then r b»'twned back to tbe tall, some- What paunchy Indhldual who em en » wooden bench, bis shoulders slightly stooped, his ejea nenousl) fllcljerjDg atom the room. On a cUSr nearby sal a gin with eyes t£at vr«r« dark, v\ais and nalchtul ' Morden «wei>t tb«. flrl with an %PI>redatlv,e eye waited until ber f!«jc«. rested upon n(s face. and /After a moment she returned the •mile. < ,Tom Cartons looked over at tbe n?*B and said In a weary voice "You're talking lust the way they ali 4 Qt them talk If J had a nickel tor every guy who claimed he »as «ofBg to brepk mij for holding blm I, Couldn't have lo work You My -jour address Is 73,! Mnp| e avenue Then, when »« prove you don't live there, you say son re John Smith ^f Rl?ervle» and that you gne us % fake name and address because JOU didn't want to lie Involved in a lot of scanda.! Tha girl claims ihe's, a'hitch hiker end hasn't nnj torn*.; that" jou picked her uji '.That's right," said Ihe man ' , "Shut. up" Cnrsons <mid "111 j nk sou questions »hen I want jou • s ThYman wet bis lips ncnousb wjtn the tip of lib lougue. ami •Sifted his cjes to the girl the girl fidgeted In her chair siirtdcnh looked oter to' Cartons anil cor ,fanj Interpreted tho cool Imraor \ of, bis gaze. , iHoneil to Oodl" she sifrt "If I knew ac>thing about him I'd loll loi) 1'ju telling )oii the Oods own truth, 1 was lust «nlktng ond T^n't $veo giving the drUora a Jumble Bhen this follow pulled his it>»dst,er ID alongside lha curb and tuked me if I dlrtnt want a lift J told him 1 didn't, and tie put the ca_r In lo^ gear and crawled *!onj . . ." telephone rang CsrEouB held the receiver to W» «er, nodded his liead and then ' looked across at tlie man on the ' ' :NOW.- he said, "we're eettlne •cmeffhere * ' He «poke Into the transmitter, "Jiat'a all the dope sou'va' gotr H^ nodded, slipped tho receiver $ack ln(o place wrote ranlilly on « aheet ot piper, then looked up «,th« man. ,L?A11 right, Mr Frank n Cnthaj •uppow you tell us the truth?" ~, Thy 'man on tho bench did, not •*!««.' Hl» ejea sllttcd slightly, as though concentrating in swift thought , r ",you got that nanio trom llo Place where I tented tha car. uldn t «UT7 he said. . ^arsons' manner was tha manner e? a cat torturing a mouse ' "Why'" he asked with smirking Innocence, "Was that [hs name jou gave when you rented the carl . Ths man on tbe bench nodded "All right," ho aald, 'there's no t|« keeping up tho pretense any more. I'm Fran* n Cathay of * Thanks eot to i1 ' fcet ' look » card , «t« ,hlp pocket, opened the J»r4 cue, »howed drklng licenses lae,C»f<l 'memberships, goU dui / ( ' , j telephone rang again. Car »«• Crested the receiver against SW left ear, propped his left elbow 'h*i* t rt< *° lliat tbe re reld hn an angle a,,d h| 3 waa tilted over to one Wluat tk« receiver. Ide, puahed ilia eyes talked. Mordcntvept the gttl Ml, an appreciate eye and aftu a tnomttil sne returned the smuc. | 0 ;t Cathy's face as no «wi,at do you dor asked Car sons. '1. supervise my InveslraentV- tlie mnn said with dignity. Charles Monlcn saunlereil from the rooui At tho doorway he paused w.lth the door open iiist a crack. "Do me a taior, Tom, will youT" ue sail. Tom Cnrsons turned bis head and raised his e>ehro\vs. " "Hold him for 15 minutes," Mor- dcn said,, and slammed the idoor before Corsons could say anything. He raced down the corridor to the press room, thrust his hend In the loor and saw that Whlnple.ot Tbe Planet ivns seated at his desk, kept on going down the corridor until he camo to a telephone booth. Ho entc.reil ins booth, and, aa he jmllcd tho door shut, tha light clicked on. Morden.reached up and extinguished the light by unscrewing the flobo a half .turn There remained enough light which flf tercd In through'the glass which imrlltloiieil Ihe top of the door to enable him' to drop the' coin and Olnl the number of The Blade. 'Listen, cutle," he.said, "put me on with Ii6y . . . yeah, I know Never mlna that Bluff. "Suro tho Invitation Is good put forget It This la business. I'm using a nickel of my own money . . hollo, Hoy. thla John Smith caso has busted wide open I'm telephoning.: from a booth in the corridor. VVMpple of Tha Planet s on duty In tho presa room. Ho'a ust got tho memo that was handed out from tho desk, and the thing ms gouo into The Planet as 'an "Venn, this Is u'cailqutirler'g. Carsons speaking. No, 1 know now that it's n bum steer Dut hgw about a chap named Cathay? Seems to bo rather a big bug, with mem bersulp lu a lot ot country clubs, and . on, he is, is heT That's Interesting . . . Candidate for Ihe office of city councilman, huh? President of a luncheon club, hul.2 jji rector In a bank.'huh? . . well, lio'a held here—well, he's Just being bold for questioning, that's all. . . uu huh all rlghl—thanks. No, we liaven't put a charge against him— ust picked up for Investigation in Lonncctlon v.Uh a broadcast. He i\as driving a car that looked like ono that figured in u stick up 1'eah I guess it's all a mistake." JJH hung up tho telephone, nnd looked at tlio man on tho bench with a new found respect. "Why the 'hell didn't you como clean in tlio first place?" ho naked. "1 couldn't afford to. t can't afford to get nilied Into this. I can't afford to get any notoriety." Cnrsons nodded. "You should have como clean In Lho first place," hs said. "You'were inly, picked up on suspicion, l.ct'a lust check your identity. What's your address In nivcrviow?" Tho mnn spoke without healta ion. "Mr address fs at 286 Walnut ,|y^ telephone number Is My oftlco is in the First aveuuo. Mala 6S3i National Dank ImlWIng. I have suite 90S — a siiite .'of five rooms, occupying tho entire front ot the ninth floor." ordinary John Smith, suspicion of driving while intoilcajod, but the man Isn't John imltb at all.' H«'I a Me etiot la Klnttftw. a man by the i|nm« of Oethay — C.%t ; b-g.» . . . that's right ... Frank B Catlm* of Rlverview. He ll,e. *i 2SC Wuluul av^que. t)a» C tt)c«« lu the First NallonM Bank building la a danker and. candidate'for city council, There/I lirobablj, a hot political fight u» there.: and th, newi of his arrest will b«' munition for'one'bt'lhe Ulvervfsw newspapers, depending on which one 1s fighting him. Ye>. he' «aa picked up with a chicken. He ad. uiita be doesn't know her 'and never saw her before. Her: story Is tbal she's Mary Brtgje;'a hitch. hiker. . ' ;.-• v .". "HPOM CAHSONS la han'd(ln« tb. Investigation.' and Toni"• ha» fallen like a'ton of brick tor th«' big bonking business. Toui figure* the mau's got political coDa«ctlouf hero he can work If be wauls to Cathay la going to pay about a bun. died bucks to get. eased out Ihe' buck door arid ,!>avo the whole :hlng dropped. Carsons can do'lt because oo charge was rnade The guy was Just nicked up on'susiil clon mostly suspicion of being mixed up in the service station slick upi . . . „„,-„, ,.,„ certain of my facts ,1 heard him when h> kicked through 8 «d cam, dean, HOB go^hla card -case witb- him with hie menj(iersbip cards his driving license and all of lbat'« tu a and Cnraona w||) have him verity' the signature that's on his lodg*- cnula and operator's license, Ju.t In order tp make certain h«'a goj the I flit inoo . .'.you can put In a call for Mrs. Catliay at Rlvervlew and get a statement out of her. . . . How do 1 know be'o going to toy hfs way Ollt7 , Iem How do I know thla call Is costing me a iiiclei? want him held long enough, to get a photographer over lioro you've got to brlns BOine pressure lo bear on Carsona and do It right now." Morden slipped the receiver bark Into place, left the telephone booth and jtarted doftn tho corridor to uard the room where Carsona was holding Frank B Cathay. He gad tnken less than half 'a do'rcu steps * CHAPTER 1 •£KM!H sifted Into police head quirters and then seeped down Into the press room In tbe base. dent with the unfailing regularity' 'at dirty v,ater draining through Ihe waste pipe of a, bathtub Clinrles Morden sat at hfa bat lend desk and held in Ms hand* a telephone which nas directly con nected «I[U The Bhile "lie got another purse snatch Ing for sou • he droned Eliza belli Civcna 42 3C12 Reeiier Mreeu alighted f,om Thirty secotid avenue mto k* car and swung around ffce corner Decker way — r--^- room and staring at him suspiciously. 1 "JVltere you been, guyr ne asked. Just fooling wound. str'el,chln* "17 legs," Blorden told.tlnx Whlpple's gaze hecams more BUS- Blclous. He walked past Morden directly to the telephone h'ooth an* Jerked the door shut.' The switch clicked, but the light did not come on. Morrteh hail neglected to screw the bulb back Into posUlou. Whlp- pla reached up. twisted, tho globe, «nrt tha light came on. IVhipple jerked open the door anr) ran down Hie corridor to the press room. Ha picked up hla - ,„ .....o ouu ,> 1Ia a nitcn telephone and shouted ' Into It, lllllor "'"' Smith picked up in the I told everything' Morden of The '". "'.''""inlille a few mluutea before Blade has plcked,up nomethlns hls """' H » had n minor traffic not _ I dpn't know what ills. Let with a cur driven -by 32, 619 Melros'e mock trom the car line two men who hid been walking behind her rushed past and suaubed her purse. The purse contained 57 4d In cash eorna letters a key ring with keys to her house and a compact, . "Heres a funny one A man n-ho ines his uame aa John bmltb tS. 71Z Maple avenue driving a Uiijsler roadster, licence number CB3S13 nrrestefl on suspicion ot anting while Intoxicated There was a chicken with him She give* the name of Mary Bn K q= her age as 22 and snja sli<> has no resl fence She claims sbo wits a nllch the transmitter -Just Somethings up Moiden hung up tie and bovnded Into the corridor corror where the officer, passed him a! writ ten memo This Just, came In " he said Morden glanced through th« memo 1 and jare a low whittle He asked one or Uo questions, Jottei donn notes then rushffl back to the telephone and picked up tbe re- celier looks like a murder case" he line" iv -- ••^7- «-1f"« uc Private detective killed by All right. I II bold There wa 9 an interval of Alienee then Mordea's eyes gleamed with enthusiasm Bairn a i ong He slid an appraising th? e(Jges of hia black hair making certain that the w^ves wora smoothed Into place His. voice took oa a tone of banter ng iDvitatlon. "Hello orat, ^ wondered If >ou'« tlve me a tumble Listen, cutie They , cue found a swell new eating place, , n(]or 8))ow 0| n(]or 8)ow "hat do jou say we toddle over " and me find out" aciiWent wlti 9 e »rge . Mofllti '. • "•-•""» «-, ui^ nietroso Morden, standing In the door of a . lree[ - Tlla accident look place al the'press room. Ill a cigaret and 6 Mo'section of Webster and grinned mockingly. ' - . Broadwaj Tnfflc OfHcer Carl "You're sura a auspicious cuss," Wheiton was on dutv at the cor ho said. "My city editor would ner - He smelled liquor on bmlths —-'-- ' - — breath Carted questioning him Sinlfh seemed anilous to get away "A. a , WIlllet w «ll "lied with *""""" " ' bribe the suspicious --— ,-M-- -u.u.u.u*. no ^atimi ' " ^ report of a couple of Lho desk sergeant, called the radio service slation stick ups—the one 1 broadcaster, even called the various '.'' eent 1n abnut tw ° hours ago—where precinct houses, without learning a . man aD(1 a woman drove up to can me for'that" "JFor .'What?" asked Whlpple. "Holding up.the paper on a bum steor.'^ Morden said. 'I'm not so certain It's a bum one." Whippla told:him. Ha called money, officer Thero nnd tried lo Whcnlon got anything. . Morden, afraid to leave the room, flrop'ped Into his chair, put his feet up on Ihe battered desk and srnoied ove up o «bo service slalton and Ihe woman "" """ had placidly. the stick-up. Tho pair been driving n Chrysler roadster so \\heatou nudo an luveatlga (To B« Continued) «plcr Hor<(c«. tk« • » new «ci)g>l B t- Sandwiching in a Good Tim'e • ^N officer appeared In the doorway and beckoned to fiiorden Worden no<)ded bis he»d, n Id. into Abruptly his ^olce returned to Us ronlng bored inonolone 'Okay Edwar4 Shlllinghv 53 63 Monadnock bnlMing at Ninth nd Central unmarried licensed aa a prlwu detective Act at 10"l5 r^ gangster on Western avenue between Gypjees anil Hnzel A man driving t Cadillac coupe with the Jeft fender dented, drove slowly along close to the curb Tbomaa Decker 4?. 154J Washington street unmarried, was walking along the sidewalk. The car pulled fa close : tb» raised curb. Run, A uid lono .. occupanl 'All right, you IB tlje car got out walked across the sidewalk said something to ballllngby. stood Uose to blm and Decker eaya they seemed to be standing still for two or three sec onds ihen the man from the Cadillac fired four shots at clo-e range turned Jumped into his car and swung around tha corner Decker ran to Shllllngbj and «is the firit to reach the body 'Officer Sam Greenwood ieard tho shots He was two blocks away He arrlied about lha time uecker stopped a passing motorist rae victim was dead 7 wo of tb, shots entered the heart. The otbe' two were within three Inches o the heart Any one ot them nout have been fatal stantaneous , uu „, uuu forget ,to mention Sam Creennood Hes a good cop 'Death was In 8 a> don HE dead man was Edward - - - a ~.., « lu «„ ugac, yoi skunk here* where you gel yours Decker in a panic, started to run The man called after him 'flea your, buddy. 1 got the wrong guy' "Tia car got tnto motion went on pan Decker He had a good ?<"? «.t. IV but., couldn't: get the llcen.s.*, number. .The ' tail .light nad been ao.ctqred.or eifie was dim But be could sea-the dent on the '•ft re »r'.?«njl«r.-.-•«..was »,gray Cadlllao coup*.' The driver wore an qverco.^ |nc| 4 black slouch bat. F'fty y,«rds down the stMeti-the car stopped, Shtningby was wait Ing (.long tlii sidewalk, Toi man 41TTV Sblllingby Identification made irom letters In his pocket and bis private detectives license. There was a typewritten statement in hl» Pocket that If he should 1 be found lead police wero fo call Fay bron son. at Loci haven 2914 and lo question Philip Lampson, so traes known as 'Cincinnati Red Officers called Fay Bronson She ives at 1924 Argyle apartment SB nge 23 She said that Shill ngby had been working up i case gainst Lampson She dldn t know what the case v,is bhillmgby had aid ha was going out to shadow ampEon He thought Lampaon light grab him and frisk him so e had his secretary type out this tatement. The secretary says tl )8 bjecl of the ataiement was to keep Iimpaon from bumping Shllllngby off He wanted Lampson to think there «as some evidence that reas .being held hy the secretary. She says It was Just- a bluff. TJiere wasn't any'evidence " "That sounds sort of fishy Shill ingby .probably had something un his sleeve. .He may bavs Intended to talk.with Lampson and Hash the statement on Lnmpson. K'osv here's another .funny angle-on .the case- Decker la In a panic,. list made his statement: to the police, gave hla name and address, promised that he'd be available as a witness. He sklpned .out Just a few minutes a«o . Dollco received a le! the crimlnologlst stating that Decker hid consulted Ijiui He =Wd Uecker Mia afi lid Lampson a gane «ould kill bim to keep Jilru !rtl ^ testifying Griff sasa that bell liroduce-Decker any tluia It's necc-s- •<ary to l^e him as a ultnesi that in the meamlrap Decker Is going to be verv much under cover Therca something funny aliou! that. t)ect er's statement to the police doesnt indlcite thnt he could be of my much help in coiuictlng Lampsoa. The ppllco figure he either knows something ho rtidn t tell them or that ho Ins some other reason for being frlphlened n might he a goad plan to get In touch with and see it ne can get a statement from him nowl rece ' Ter ma(!e squawking •Sure," Morden •said "J can get a good story out ot that Johu Smith /fe case and mike a human interest 'i yarn out of the hitch inker who •' was picked up for a rida and found hermit under arrest She lent hard on the ejes Shed make a good picture and la the type that would sit on'the edge of a desk 1 aud show plenty ot leg I 0 o bad *• i ne haven I got time to gel a Dhotog. ripher down here In time to make the ttrst edition nut wa shoot her for a good follow-u,, .,„,„. Sure John bmith Is a. phoney rat the ofBcera 'are going to tind out who he Is tefo-i> thej turn him oo«o They haient got ansthing agilnst him He doc n t check with the description of the service station slick uns—not when tney sot a good look it him They're going to bold him until one of the mon comes in from the service Eta ion to sea It he can Identify tha girl but the) haient got anything ?il«sl Smith l, es tnd a coupl. ot drinks, but he's not luloi|ca.tea; Okay III b,,st In and get ypd omo stuff for a bum-in interest rticle Yeah I know I caul et It In 10 minutes It you w lr,tj picturs you'd-better send a pho- ogranlier down fight away. . '. Ok/iy. r» ca |) y OU dm^ in sevea Unules—10 at tho latest." , ' iloriiea 6 ltd tlie receiver back nto place, lit a'cigaret and savin- ered but "of the press room, down corridor'filled with stale, lifeless fr, and pushed open a. door marked Detectlva Bureau." might • . ,'iBI MARY E DAGUE .' , 1Jlp NBA; Service Staff Writer P* gang's all'togcther again at- t*r Ui« summer separation. Tliose M-tSe-death, bridge tournamenU, ^ infwupted bj vacations and the aatractlons of outdoor life, are go ' Ing full-tilt and almost every night "' ir "f tn to sit until • It's lots o( fun unless you're 6ne 'of those, hostesses Vho take being a hocieai to seriously The better to *o be nonchalant like Oie In the aayertl^meht whom - nothtaf Rtn ever agitate, if you're the hospitable, sort who likes to serve refreshments, ); ec p ,. ollr shelves well-stocked with lots of the. right kind of calmed things nnd dont try to be elaborate in vour sandwich-making. ' . 1 have found lhat certain liot and quite simple sandwiches go well when the evening? nre chilly, though niy shrimp and egg rolls nre the crown ot the evening lo.most.of m j- guests. . .For,enough rolls to serve eight once around, you must have: One egg coked shrimp, 3 hard cooked eggs, 3-3 cup mayonnaise tablespoon prepared mustard, 2 saH P ° 0tlS K ' m0 " J " l0e ' '" 2 lcas ! >00 » Clean shrimp and cut fine. Add eegs, chopped nnc, and remainder of ingredients. Mix wcll-aiid spread be wen finger 'rolls that have been ">llt and buttered. Hot naked Btan Sandwich Twn cups plaiu baked beam 3 tablespoons chopped onion, i green Pepper chopped, 2 tablespoons butler, 3 cups canned tomatoes, 1-2 tcasoon salt, 10 slices toasted bread. Cook chopped onion and green "•-- In butter until soft but nol brown. Add lomatoes which have been rubbed through a. strainer to remove seeds,, then sM, :'nnd simmer until thick, about one-half hour, serve hot baked Ijeaiis between two slices or .to'ast'willi tomato sauce poured .over. These sandwiches arc good nmtlc with toasted rj'c bread. Yon might have several kinds of bread at hand ami let encii guest choose and toast Ills own. , I Smothered »;,„, Sandwiches ' five slices bread, - 5 slices cooked ham. 1 egg white, 1-2 cup mayonnaise, 1 letispoon prepared mus- Bcat white of bss'lintll slff. Slow-i ly beat in mayonnnlsc and nnis-' tard. Lay slices ol ham on slice? of bread. Cover wllli mayonnaise mixture. Bake In very hot oven H15. degrees P.) for tour * minutes until puffed and brown. Serve at once. Cherry and Nut Sandwiches These arc Interest^ nutc sweet sandwiches made with crackers YOU can pass them wltVi Ihe last cup of cofTec if you like to finish with a bil of sweet. i Two tablespoons butter. 2 tablc- SIMOIIS maple ^^ U2 ^ n _ fcctloners sugar, few grains salt ousting of cinnamon, 5 tablespoons maraschino cherries, 4 tablespoons chopped pecan meaU.'crackers Cream butter, add maple syrl ,p and -gradually add sugar, salt and cinnamon. Then add maraschino cherries cut In small pieces and broken nut meats. If the mixture Is too thick to spread, moisten with cream. Spread between crisp crackers and serve. . ~ . —.......,,. „ 1<;IC}>I1UUU "vlt^lMW I3UICUU. .communication..from Sidney GdCT. < To a, continued) =WEEKLY SUNDAY-SCHOOL WESSON: With Christ The Text: John 15: I-ifi closing hours, of ,H,is life In 'that' cSn ' ' i E. «II,ROY, t D. II. -, - ---_,,_....,.— tf Jesus,-who seemed all sufficient: and iwhp seemed to derive all the necessary h^^art'T "' iS^^^^nS- turn n£ n'^S S^ J^^^fep/^ for n scru-s of istudles In 1.1m fihn. ' JTiJ,i,i:-Jl „! *•?,?.?'? * . men for n scru-s of istiullbs In tlie Chris- llan life.-.-': '•-.-. >• ,, ChrUtian...'ifc Is primarily' ' upon, the figure of the branch' In relation to the vine. U was an allegory • that could bo well imdeT- slood by those who lived in*''"a country of vineyards l! ''; : Thcy.imrtcrstood full well 'the pruning and purging by which the' y"L?;? S kcpl IS "•' strength mid' equally well the relation oF'tiie to the vine, that they • of one ' branches pa wiili and , ' " ^ Vcrt lts lifc from the , n , U[i f the same time ministered to the life of the vine.- Jesus was Tond of insisting upon this mutual apart from relationship His i of His life them. They were be- • -- — . ...*.,,,. iiity Him and Ho was in them. . . He , fc1 ' «w »wd of their human friendship 8 ,,d nearness. HU soul was full of loneliness and agony, as fBll|.»| Ul ... - - ilcntlpns; ; wijh :Hls:aiscfples; He common devotion to' the will of Qod which linked them into the true unity of- Christian faith and devotion. .'.'.'•'« • * ' " What was true of these first Christian groups In direct con- t*A':.with .the Master Is true of the : Christian .fellowship In every age and in every manifestation. If Christians fall to realize the blessing of Tellowship wilh Chrisl.arid with one another, .they are Hying far below their privilege and. nre falling' tci realize' , the, elemental glories and beauties of the Christian; We. • . •'.-':"",'. One might dwell upon the moral realities of. this 'fellowship,: It' k not merely sepllmental. relatlon- sHlp. It Is not a sort of secret communion of oyyprds and rituals that all in'eii ma>'nol share. It is a fellowship which finds Its reality of love. .,....,„„.-- --oly. k the test of the Christian-life and of the Christian fellowship, is it supremely devoted to tlie things that Jesus loved and thfe -things that Jesus came-to do? It Is this that' iiu'lV the disclptc upon: Ihe same''plant 1-5 the Master. is ' In sharing Christ's ' pu'f-' Poses, that we. enter Into His- life --•;that-His;life enters:into ours It- is.-In .Hits -relationship 'that becomes fruitful, t n;l t, we achieve Us highest purpose in ful- filling-flic will of God. British Wedding Cakes Resent Wf>rch of Time In ,::Biptil ;. a rn(-tii«! > ,. .commit- "tfl . hair,- short or just shorts may replace conservative stylel lnP , w o- alHre-'biK -the traditional e. CakC '^er-^l, become the most recent exhibition of the art of British bakers and con-.- fcctioners, examples of : matrlmpni- < al pastry still retained - the'. GoXhlc nrchlteclurnl style'Vfavored by the Vlclorhns ', While e\ery other type of structure his become plainer severer and more utlliiarian, 'the wedding cake rclains.all the c'uplds,' curly- cues nnd ornamentations-. In glistening \\hitc icing destined later to smeir the untlersidps of; the bridesnnid'5 hopeful pillows . The winlcr northraslers of tho Athntlc states travel up thi- coast for the south\vest ' ^ Dr. Floyd D. Howton, Dentist Announces the open- o{ an;p{fice for dental pi-actice^in the Lynch building on South Broadway. Now-Localed »t soothfast Corner Walnut and' Second * .' • ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER •*'•"- SERVICE BUREAU : DON,.EDWARDS, Proprietor All mains of rebuilt Typewriter., »dding MachlnMandC»lcnht«r» — Paris— Ribbons .71 .

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