Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1948 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1948
Page 7
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Thursday, December 16, 1943 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS By Chick Youn£ OZARK IKE By Ray GoHo LATCH ON, V PIGSKIN*.. WE GOT fGVUNTY RUGGED YARDS 'TRAVUL IS /— ( FOUR HUNDRED AND > NINETY-NINE DOLLARS V FOP A HAT--THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS I , I CO NOT/ Ss "" MY EYESIGHT 5 JUST THAI MY "J^Vi^ ( A R£N'T LONG Qr v ('-, ^>. ENOUGH - •i vs-C'Y •,7"->^5>x. f-v* f •.••i b : ;.>•/ *J<<s c^s{.»'.'-.-v..j,-J ^I5i^?&^4 Bv Michaoi O'MolW K, THE SMAUER CHUNKS OF GLASS WERE SMEARED,.HINT, BUI W,1 GOT CLEAR PRINTS FROM THE BOTTLE NECK. AND YOU WERE RI6HT/ SIDE GLANCES ARNIVAL Bv Galbraith By Dick Turner 5*jj»r-'COPR...19le OY_H£A .SERVICE. IMC. T. M. RE Bl Leshe Turner , PAfA..,YOU \ KNOWIMff HOW DON'T THINK. \ FEEL, HOMEV...t'p ,V\S... IRWHEP. WELL SELLING- WiE GOODBVE / THAJ NIO-HT, >rt^ ... BUT I'LL WAGER SIR ROUND'S \ EASY DIDN'T K|f GO WE ASSUMED. W&Mi;. KICKIMG- HMSEIF (XEOUND THE ) TOUCH THW M?pjJ^' AM!> I'UE BEEN TOO PEWSLV G-M-ES FOR PlCKIM'THKT / BOX, PMA! M$"~..~ .i«N STUMMED TO THINK CLEWZ.LV. BUT.,.' BUlffHTEE. TO HELP HIDE WS> GEOFFREV SNSWH Ji JAW/ HAVE K«OWM/ii|i f . ... v£ -~»r—^**-—~*V*- •"SUvr-^V „ U> 8y Carl Andersnn COP«. 1*48 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. HEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. COPR. 1540 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFP. EXCUSE US, PLEASE! WINDOW BEING- DECORATED EXCUSE US, PLEASE-! WINDOW BEING- DECORATED "Grandma, is your will a secret? Mother keeps wanting "_bet Dadi he_won't get a pennyJ" " It's for extraordinary bravery—he gave his own wife a '.ticket for parking double!," FRECKLES AND HJS FRIENDS !?/ RUOOLFO/ \ STOP/STOP/ ;e YOU MAD? FUNNY BUSINESS, <'AILD DUCK Sy Walr Disnev 6lVE IT T f^'Y! WHOSE 'ZITHER. DO TO *Ae ' / ^OU TMlNK. YOU'RE [RESUME SPEEP V P O SOCM TONE - SOCH . A M&? ^^/ ?s5sm v t "-\ - U ^•tASfS3Et^-'-/,>'"'i«t % iH-sifflSB' •>i.f^f.'fv^ T _ » .-i'-COPR. I?4B BY NEASfRVICf. IMC.T. M7R1G.U S. PAT. OFF. ,.EY OOP By V. T, Hamlin it E-, _ill'r-1 |-nr*-,_uijTH-_u_—"*— ga-Vjffflyir; "Maybe I should have gone south after alii" POPEYE V'BETTER ^~—v. EA5E5 LOVE IT.' PIPE o;-'^ N. a??*. \ JUST WATCH WHAT VELL1N 1 AT DAM25 ] SIS'ES \VHEN V.'E C\'LV SETS >A / PASS TW)5 <TL-' BUMP5 ^N TH' / BAS UP AHEAP. EAP.' VER TUJO, _QSCAg. .'.' ME LUCK IS HOLDIKT OUT!! THE MEXT ONE WILL BE _ . ^ £ _ (jvv\ JUST ONE: // ^ "-"•^' <- ^- - N \ ' K ^vv^jm aj^ ^ ,-ic. 1 -,.K.:^ By taqor Morrm OUT OUR WAY HOWDY, OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J. R. Wifliams ifh Maior HaopSe EGAD.TvJlSSS/ CReDITOGS HEARD A\E OM THATQOiZ?"--THEY'LL ni-is. -^ ^\V 80MES BEFORE T CAt-i PAY \ THAT FEROCIOUS MR5. ROLLVJELL'.' I i^-- THE WAV You STUMBLED Ot^TO THSV AMSVslEW , N /OU COULD E-ELL THE HARNESS 'i OIL TO A USE CAR OH , THAT W WE LL .WITH MO FATHEAP.' \ BRAINS HE'S CALLIWG HER \ DOiM' BETTER. "MRS. SUGAR"/ j THAM US"HE'S IT'S A MICK- j FOUMP OUT SHE NAME, AMP \DOM IP SHE'S SOUR \TO TH OM SUGAR, THAT'LL fv\AKE Lmc LfXDY VOU is 3UST AROUMD tU6 CORXiER - WITHOUT THIWKISJ

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