The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1934 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1934
Page 11
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BDftHEVILLjE. (ASK.)! COtlRittft CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate K Uve IwerUous: : limj (or cousecu- HFive average words to a Hoc) One'tlme per lino ..;........ lOc T»'o times per lino per day .. Obc Three ttojea per llrie per djy . . 06o Blx lilies' per : Itae pet d»y .v'osc Mouth rate per'toe ,..,...,. We Minimum clurge 50o Ads ordered, for three or six Uiuea mill stopped before expiration will be charged for Hie uuui- bor of tlnies the ad appeweU and ailuatmeat cj bUT'fciade, } All, ..Classified Advcrtlslm; copy submitted by, persons resioUug oul- . side of the" city must be accompanied by-cash. Bates may be easily computed froai above table . No responsibility will 1» taken for more' than one Incorrect Insertion ofs any classified ad. Advei iislng ordered tor Irregular iusertiona. lake I lie 6ue time rate. BEST .PRICES ON STOVES, PIPES, TAPERS AND TEE JOINTS, DAMPEftS.-SCUTTLES. SHOVELS, ETO. OBERST STORE CO. _ PHILLIPS' USED CARS '2»- CHEVROLET COACH . . . . f CUKYSLEK COACH ........ S 25 '33 FOKD TUDOB SEDAN S445 '3Z PLYMOUTH COACH .. $295 V-» DE'LUXE TU- DOK SEIJAN ... ......... 5535 '3J CHEVROLET COACH .. 5455 TKUCKS aad TKMLfcKS '2!) CHEVROLET TKUCli ... 5 88 'M CHEVROLET 1KUCK. 157 Inch WhKlbase, Uiiitl Wheels ................... J KIN GUAM TRAILER. I) ua I is, New Kubbcr .... {225 FOKJ) Cab r. Closed $1(5 PHILLIPS' USED BE ECONOMICAIT BUY IT RIGHT A ciMupftto UM «S 'Mcy ft niayto *. (tfSSn ««.U. •• tiliUn, , Owr, Ml. •itt.Tl U» Rite Price Grocery in ow p. o. aide. BlythevlUe My Cttl la Btw-k twt I treat you wUtc. FUl up now. OHN BUCHANAN - I'HONIi W7 Phone 2ji — Wo Dellvei COLD WEATHEB COMING I AUTO GLASS '• • AKK-MO LUMJBK* CO. PHONE 40 Cobb UndwUkinf Co., Inc AMBULANCK ' COPPER WKATttU STRIPPING Saves • fuel at small cost Arkmb Lumber Co. WALL PAPER IT'S BARGAIN TIME AGAIN In our Wall Paper dept. All 183* patterns must go. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Go. ilodernizo yotir .country . lioino ' with a Demlin; WATEFS. syslciu $40 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. ELECTRIC'": WASHING MACHINE -"Simmons Polly-Prim" Makes Work Fuu. P;ASY TERMS. I er Walnitt &. 1st :sttwl» .QPEN. NIGHTS DISTIL ' Phone 8i;i< of Used Trucks 1932 UODGE,. ' 1SS-" Ton Truck ..... 1932 CHEVHOrElV U-i Tut Long• WbetllMsc' .... ISM • CHEVHOLKT, . IK Ton Truck 1933 INTKRNATIONAIv li Ton Truck ...;.. i*OAC $135 US"/3 CHEVROLET, \\(. Ton Truck. All New Tires, Slake Body .. i!K<3 CHEVKO.LET, ','• Too Pick;Up ....... 1D29 CHEyROLbT, IJi- Tun Truck ...... I9JO G, M. C., l!i Ton. Truck i931 CHEVROLET, ,,i>/. Ton Truck. $42S $365 $115 $165 $215 $145 OIL STOVES, -WOOD STOVES, COAL: STOVES SPECIAL, WelCES SEE OOB NEW LINE PAUL BYRUM Opposite Old Postomce. 252 fill 115 ~& ask. for Pat for demon Ktratioiu or Studtbakcr, terra plane, Iludson, Willa A Antia 'cars. : • Real Estate Let Your Rent Pay For, A Home We • have'" U homes to be sold Io CASH OK TERBIS From $500 to $3,000 All are priced • al less thau hal of theJr present replacemeut cosU This offer will last but, a shor time. ACT NOW I " PHONE 12 1933 CHEVROLET, I!i TOD, Truck. Long All Trucks Rcccindiliancri - Heady for Service. Fur Iteal Truck Values Kce l/s Today! Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Open •• At NighC"- ['hone .0^1! IP YOU WANT A SMALI, HOMi. LOOK AT THESE No. 1— A 5 room IIOUFA lot siz' 50 by 14S ft;. on paved street; wu ter connections. . no plumbing 1 House. JSSO.'OO, $175 cash, balanc like paying reut. No. 2.^A 5 room, lot, 37K Ice by 140, water connections, pric M60.00, 5150 cash," balance reut. Wo. 3—5 room liptise, same * .No. -2. All three in. same block iieur Hishivuy 61. Houses can no be built for twice the niojiey. W, M. Burns tiraiid Leader Bldg. Phone 2iaV lii Position Wauled Will do STKNOOKAPH1C work nt nlBlit.' Reasonable rates. Call M or 732. ..-..- Bltte- Mate MULE,: 7 years old, wliile spol on right, wcalliers; 1 ulue: Horse MULE, a 1 years old. T. t-t Crawford! BlyttieviUe, Routs 1, Boji 72.' ;• . !!p-15" Parks Brot. Coal Co. PHONE 911 FOR, "Hi-Lo Alabama" "BtiK-k Royal Kentucky" CLKAN COAIy ^ LOW PRICED Ladles BHob DYE1NO dona by experts. Hea soimble. E. E. Uatcllff, Acioss from Hubbard Hdw Co. Hardin-Barron Coal Co. AT' STKRNBEHG'S GIN . PHONE 116 QUICK-FIRE, ALABAMA, 11UCK CREEK, KENTUCKY COALS WE SATISFY OOB CUSTOMERS' See Us About Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. "Ilailiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" ' CALL 214 . yOH BEAUTIFUL FLOOKB KENT OUR FLOOR SANDKR LUMBER CO, Save * YourMowy ' 8EK03,' ALL -KINDS OP FEEDS AND FLOUR BOUGHT 'IN ! CAR' LOAD' LOTS.' • j J. F. Livingjion "••'< WHOLESALE & ; RETAIL i We put DANCING TAPS on shoos & itlso <lo expert shoe' repairing. I'lJOQIiESSlVE SHOE SHOP 103 3. Second FUciury Authorized FKKJIDAIUK SERVICE Factory Trained Met'hMM> Day til— riionc—NlgM J» V E. 15. GKK SALES CO. 401 Main St. .';' W. J. KNOX :\. Having, miuta'sill kinds or shoes for ABNORMAL feel, cau repair shoes (o correct ABNORMAL-feel. ''Automotive All kinds paint and body work ilone, ClicApest pi'lccs .,'JOIIN HIOARN Uiirncll A'uo Snlcs Co.- BEST COAL FOR MONEY "Acme Alabama" "HJuuk Royal Kentucky" N. W. Trantham Coal Co. PHONE 9fii Wauled If you have any. HIEN'S. BOYS', or WOMEN'S USED CLOTHES for 'sale cull 092-j between 9 and 1 ft" m. ••." l-i>-k-4 SASH paid for USED. CLOTHING & SHOES to. ship west. H. LKIGHTON, 321^ E. MAIN. "ALWAYS AHEAD" FESU ' BEST PEED—OHEAPKST PRICES Obecsl Slore Go. v MOBKBLY, Mo, (UP) -AiiierU'ii's lniw. 1 PiiUllo Krwmlca . uvo not Iw Joliii DUUiHjers,, but munition ii«tav . said Dr. w. a, Selnlt, Causa? City,''Ui nu address befoiw Hie Mc'thoilit Episcopal religious couferenc* here. I'Sl Oyster* * Itlvcr fat Hs I'hUkcii Khmcrs Every l>»y Jimmie O'Brien 105 S, Second For Sate tiirsu she Moore's Air-lluliL HEAT- EH, BED DAVANEITE suite four burner OIL STOVE, DINING TABLE. F. T. ELDER, 216 W Kentucky. 2j> x£ Hogs Foi\Sule In suiull Numbers. J. A. Oossell. Slutu Mn'e,. North o! Huffman, J. Ben Cluiie ; Battery Service We recharge, rebuild nil makes. Generators & Starters Repaired. At Tom W. Jucluoii's Station ASH & SECOND 1'hone 8 — KcsWcnee 277-W. Filling slntlon, 4 room IIOVKC anil 7 lots on hlglnvny m for $1800 cash, 5 room jiousc wllh bath, goo( Barayc nnd .outliouse at 130* W Asli, $1500,'cash, phone 121. 21-vti-f WE SELL. CHEAPER / OUH STOCK IS COMPLETE •' MECHANICS' SUI'l'LlKS KlSl'LAOEMENT PARTS, TIRES, TUUES & ACCESSORIES • Free Service Hubbard Hardware Co. Automotive Dcpi. 1'hunp *476 Tlio American \imak tronl. Is Jiot trout; it belongs to the ctmr l-^i-k-B i'«a MtJN'H < SUITS OIINAP. Slzu 9S. Oood-condition.- C«ll -oao. - SPHINOKIELD, iSlo. (Ul')Lcilus: Slmltli, rullrond frclglit. inmnt'cr neie, .iski nil ellipsis of honey to keep coMdlneis scaled tlflil , A slightly d.uniigeil carlo id o( honey nrrlvod liern mid within :i few mln- ut''s 11 swimi, of more |h»n l.t'CO .°i> inudo y/oik-iinjx^'l^lo &PUINOriELD,t . P«ul - ee m Hie bulWIiig ,U4ou»hout I'll 6'j;uincr. - ~ UK LAUGHED. OU'lTA TURN! CLOSING OUT Reconditioned electric -refrigerators. Good condition—successful operation GUARANTEED. '".-' Sizes, Irom 5 cubic feet food storage sjisce to 13 cubic'f«t. You may see these unlfe today. K. B. GEE SALES CO. N 1 N 407 Main St. ALL FIXTURE'S belonging to the Olencoe Cafe, for salo clu.'ui> Part cash, balance on monthly piy- nicnUs. John 'Ihumiison, alcncoe Hold. '" 21^'k ia*-ai ANTIQUE WALNUT be<l and drcs- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES i group, a fish of the salmon" fuirUly. I (ion. Call Deaspnable. Excellent, -conill- 60V,VOO'<ZE A SCREAM IN ,4fy-t < »Y ntX SIRVICtJNC. i.ntg u. t.r/fi. ofr. SIR, VER ROYAL HIGUWESS, OOP WILL BE BOOTS'.'.'.wtv, svit9Vt\ti>,o\'. 6tT up ', rt'i TEM O'CLOCK. Iso-ooo .TVR HO HUM! gioj4_ev»ysuivicc ujc T H "to.U s f»T of{ WASH T'JBBS • , . '**" WH^T^"'RA^TURrJips"AQAl'JT?OR\/ r PaETTy SOOW Y WHV ' BREAKFAST-? ' W STARS,' WO J/ YOU'LL BE~ABIE DON'TV TOOTHBRUSH.EITHER AND JUSTy[ TC) PLAIT IT /BORROW N_^L!A_y- ITS 1 A LONG .1'UhI,! 1 \ DOWW YOUR CHEST. EASY'S RAZORP, BUT WHERE'S V THBRE"'" THE SOAP IBNT'ANV. AND HOT WATER?/ GO DOWN TO TH' JOB KENT : Suburban Home &' Acreage. Must cliolto.. Kighl In. Blylhe vlllc. $15 per month house rent, payable moatlil y and *10 per acre lor land. Good lease. Call Courier News. Farms for Sale! Terms Reasonable fHEL.-a THOMPSON, CaruthetsvlUe, Mo. Room & Board WANTED: — KOOMEKS. AND • BOARUERS, priv'alc'Tiome. 309 Ho "V- . -'. 4-ck-U- o I . -OUlfc5]UeH ' •For,'Reut 5 room HOUSE, balli, 1306 W Asli. Call 124. garage. 4-ck-U Bedrooms; steam liealfId. Oenllemeii" or couple. Oarage. Plioiic 660. 2o k9 Wlieu science makes them betlsr RpKTTS 606 North bit, • {•"•••• x"^'** J*xltW»»3 North Butler\Couiitic5. Write- mediately/ . lUwlcigh Co. I -'r AKJ-4-OD, Mdniphls,- ; Tenn see: C. H. Byni Ho[lam||Mo. Salesiuaii v,itli:!car.: Sales'.cxpcrt- enqe desirable.; »IOO< Weekly.; 117 S. Broathvay—p.' q. Bpi; yg Personality, Essential ONB roll ol: West. .4>ni" " - Telephone 5SO 66. SALESMAN SABf I you V /^6EPIT UP,\ SHOWEMiyOLiy OW.' iHELP.'A/ 'AT'S^UNHy. IT V M«VB£ 1OU' •=C.O/'MY : N BQWoy. ICANTAKG IT. i i.GIVE UP- V WAS'O.K.WHEUMOOWTKNOW VALET ALWAYS I YOU'RE DOING/ DON'T BE A j THIS f^ZOR'S I I CHOPPED THAT /HOW TO SHAVE, - - ' r "-"= A ~...-^ro n WORSE THAN KIMOLIN TM' •'---A BUZZ. SftW. A OTHER DAV.^ i\V_. J"<~~L-, I -^ \ SEmawELy, ^^\ AMD SP» W^ • \ EMM^Y nc«sjnvicc.i.ic. r. M.pto. 1 u.5.I>»T OLD J ALLDEPEWDS OH MOW VA BBSM COM- VEf?SELF SlMCfi LEFT ME t BUT'IIE MAY Bli^ANY MINUTE! 'NOW, 1M TH' P1RST PLfiCZ, KOW DIDTO -HAPPEW T fl LOSE X MATTER Off FftCT t VER JOB ON TH 1 -POLICE FORCE? J'QUIT —THAT IS.' I WAS SUS- •\ //^OHTvfl7AveflH,e(jr FELL. ASLEEP '/ DOM'T LEf ONTH'JOB, ) THAT IM- HUH? /FLUEWCe \ft, DUZZ/ FRECKLES AND H3S FRIENDS " ^FrtecKLes, THIS .BLACKSMITH SHOP . : '15~&?)NG STROWG. BODY ; BRAIN !VS.!;BRAWN!' •ro.LIKE Tt> SEE YoU. STARTLE-THE' WHOLE WITH ; ive GOT TO- SHOE-A FEW MASS FOR A RICH GUY ST1LLWATER RWD. 1 GO DCT.VH CELLAR i.YqU'LL PIWCj A,BOX-Op. HORSE SHOES.., SEE ; IF' UP"; HERE, OKAY! gEE^ •THE KIND pi; I 14EEC)..,TWAT't.L .PUTM6 Itl COM- DITiON !.'.. CA56 OP THAT .. EVER ABILITY .A SWELLED HEAP. 3CC4USE A . fTlLTAKE CARE OP EVERY-' BUT OLP * BEAM.'

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