Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1948
Page 5
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Thursday, December 16, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Pane Fiv« Carries Younfl Most bats have only one baby, but some have as many as four. Regardless of the number, mother bat carries them 'all along wherever she goes. BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys When disorder of kidney /unction permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, •—i - mny i caus ? nt >KKinK bnrknchc, rhcuitmtio t^jPRing, !CK pnins, loss of pep nnd energy, gct- *} ting up nlKhta, dwelling, pudmcaii under the eyes, tieadnchea nnii-dizziness. Frequent or Scanty passages with smarting and burninB Sometimes shows there is something wrong Vyth your kidneys or bladder. Won't wnit 1 Ask your UruKrjfst for JDoan's J/ills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over Bfl ycrara, Doan's give nappy relief nnd will help thc 15 miles of Kidney tubes flush out poisonous was to from your blood. Got Doan's Pills. 52 Applications for Liquor Permits Little Rock, Dec. 16 — W — Ar .knnsas Revenue - Commissioner Otho Cook said today 52 applica lions have been tiled for new retail liquor licenses. The permits would go into effect Jan. 1. Deadline for filing was lasl midnight. Hearing on the applications will be hold Dec. 28. The number of applications and counties represented i n elude: Franklin 1. Garland 4, Jefferson 3, Miller 4, Mississippi 2, Ouachita 1, Pulaski 10, Scbastion 11, Washington 3. Liquor dealers seeking renewal of old permits file applications in June. No Public Hitting One of the rules which Catherine the Great had printed on cards placed on Ihc dining table was: "Noblemen are forbidden to strike their wives in company." NOTICE We are set up to sell Churches, Schools and Industries Wholesale prices. No Charge for packaging 207 S. Walnut Phone 447 DOROTHY DIX Heel of a Husband Dear Dorothy Dix: How can a wife tell when her husband loves her? I have been married ten years and all my husband and I do is quarrel continually. He beats me and swears at me, and then (ells me how much he loves me and cries over it all. Now I would like to loaVe him and go back to my folks, but he won't let me go. Says he can't bear to be separated from me. Please, tell me what to do. Do you think he really loves me? UNHAPPY WIFE Answer: If your husband loyog you, he certainly takes a stfaij'gfe way of showing it by beating you up. I do not wonder that you arc slightly doubtful of the strength of his affection. Personally, I should not care for such love tokens, and I should consider that thc tears that he shed over my bruises had a decidedly crocodile flavor. It is nonsense for a man to say that he loves the woman he mistreats. Love is tender and kind and socks thc happiness of the beloved one. It -doesn't strike her: It doesn't batter her up. It doesn't abuse and insult her. Words are cheap and it doesn't matter what a man says. It is what he does that counts. And the only way a wife can tell whether her husband loves her or not is by the way he treats her. Treatment Counts If he is good to her, if he is considerate, if he is tender and unselfish, if he works to support her, ho loves her. But if he is selfish to her, if he swears at her, if he beats her, if he does not provide for her, he does not love her. no matter what ho says. Nor do I think' that any two people love each other who arc continually quarreling. If they have a real affection for each other, they are willing to sink their differences and to give up their own ways in order to make each other happy. Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a man 45 years old. Have been divorced Uvicc and am now married to a lovely girl who is happy except for one thing. My Father and my 14-year-old son have to live with us because I do not make enough money to support them in a separate home, and they get on my wife's nerves by continually telling her how Mother and Grandmother used to cook and how wonderfully they kept thc house. This runs my wife frantic and I do not know what to do about thc situation. Should I forsake rny family for the only woman I have ever been happy with, or should I let her go her way and I take care of my family? WORRIED HUSBAND Answer: No problems in thc world arc so insoluble as those that arise, out of the domestic relationship, for they are complicated by so many issues that seem right, or wrong, according to the way you look at it, and that leave you heartbroken, no matter what saprifices you make to try to settle them justly. Your case ' is a tragic example of this. Ypu love your wife and want'" her'' to be happy. You love your helpless old Father and young son and want them to be happy. But they cannot live together in peace and you do not make enough money to establish them in different homes. And, anyway, you are thc bone of • contention over which your wife and your family fight. Millions of lives are wrecked by in-laws having to live together. I, no more than any other dumb cluck know how to solve this problem. The only suggestion that I can offer is for you to have a heart-to-heart talk with your Father and your son and tell them that they arc breaking up your every chance of happiness by inter faring with your wife's housekeeping, and that they must have their tongues cut out rather than throw Grandma's cooking in thc current wife's face. Dear Miss Dix: I have a fine wife and three daughters. I make a very small salary, just enough to eke out. However, every wintei my wife's sister, who has a good income, parks herself on us and never offers to pay a cent for hei living. What would you suggest my doing? •, • . Aft ANGRY. MAN Answer: Send her a board bill Refuse to let' yourself be an easy mark for a deadbeat. Grafting relatives are thc curse of thc world Nearly every family is afflictec with one of these human sponges but it is their own fault. One gooc bill would rid them of the PCS' forever. (Released by the Bell Syndicate Inc.) Daily Bread Continued From Page One Mlity of correspondence. of the ionic, of liberty of thought, of travel, of changing address, of leav- ng the country and returning to it. of public assembly and of individual the Midcontincnt Oil and Gas As frapid growth of the federal govl sociation. (eminent, from 1,000,000 employes Also heard on the opening pro| to 2,000,000 in 1 years; from $2 sram was Sam Hays, executive di 1000.000.000 to $7.000 000, for pay rector of the Arkansas Public Exl r ° n ln thc same period from 521 penditurc Council. Little Hock, oceans to 1,141 in 16 years. Ark., who contended the major problem fared is the fact that government is "getting further and security." All this is particularly roKret- :ablp since real popular government hnd finally seemed to have secured a foothold in South Amerca. Now Venezuela has been for:ed into a backward step. Unless tier new rulers surprise everyone by living up to their promises, the iiold of military dictatorship in no such thing as citizenship by ,, „ _-._ _ proxy," and charged that even lfurther away from home where the when congress tries to reduce gov 'people could watch the way their eminent expenditures, it is often money is spent." This, he dc (spokesmen for business orgnniz?. But he contends, "there is America will be stronger than ever. If the Gallcgos administration lind bncn allowed to stay in office. Ihcre is a good chance that it would have done something about the widespread and abject poverty which makes a feudal society and military rule so easy to maintain in the ncighobring continent. But since it. was not, we may only re fleet again on how closely we are lied to South America in geography, history and economic interests. and how far we arc removed in political tradition. clarcd, results in waste and incf fieienc.v. Citing Arkansas as an example, lie said stale governments were taking on the local government Umd. He revealed that in Arkan sas, 45 per cent of the state revc nuc actually is for local govern merit. In his talk, Slahl reviewed the lions who oppose reductions In certlain specific appropriations which might benefit thorn. Tory "Cowboys" The term "cowboys" tirst was used during thc American Revolutionary war. It was applied to a band of Tories who stole cattle from both sides. « CATARRH SUFFERfRS SINUS FIND CURS FOR MISERY DUE TO NASAL CONGESTION. SUPPLY RUSHED HBREl Relief nt last from torf«re at e\n\lf, aatarrh, and hay fever due ti* .lasnl conffe's* lion li Keen todny in report] of uiicce-u with 4 formula which hns the »<r»«r to reduce n*>al crmjrestlop. Men and women with agonizing fltnus hendnches, clogged nostrils.' earache, hnwkinff and sncezlnff misery 'tell o! blessed relief after uslni? It KI.ORONOt, eosU S3.00, but considering resnlU, thl* I* not «xpenslve, amounts to only pennies pef *o««. KLORONOli (caution, use only at •lr«cted) sold with money-back guarantee br JOHN P, COX DRUG STORE Mail Orders. Filled West Bros. Gifts that are Plane Producer Los Angeles county, Calif., holds first place as producer of airplanes, having II plants engaged in manufacture of aircraft and aircraft engines. All the things you need fb sef a grand holiday fable are gathered together linger one roof at A&P. Prices are thr'rfty too, Because A&P keeps prices as low as it can i make them. Shop at A&P today! '' . .'- ASP Grado A Mincemeat "•Ann Page Salad Dressing Ann Page Pure Grape Jam 2 Ja b ; 39c Ann Pana Stuffed Olives , v &™' 43c ANN PAGE SPICES Ground Ginger 2-oz. cin. I2c Ground Nutmeg 2-oz. cm. 23c Ground Cinnamon 2-oz. ctn. I2c Whole Allspice I'/j-oz. ctn. 7c Black Pepper _2- oz . ct n . |9c Nectar Tea Bags 50/& 43c Eight O'Clock 3 & $1.15 , RED CIRCLE B£ 44C BOKAR COFFEE /$. i£ 47c M Betty Docker Crustquick Tender, Sweet lona Peas Gold Mndal Apple Cider Sunnyfleld Cake Flour Enriched Flour Sunnyfield Enriched Flour Light Crust Libby'i Deviled Ham Martha Lynn Thin Mints For ChiKon CaVe Wesson Oil No. 2 Cans **£'• 65c ^ 33c 2S Ib- bag 1.75 25 & $1.97 NC °;; A I9c Ib. pkg. 47c 5 Lbi. $2.45 * $3.85 Jang Parker Dixie Spice Drops 12-0*. 35c Jano Parker Caramel-Pecan Breakfast Rolls 6 ,[",. ?9c Marvel Enriched Sandwich Bread u-oi. I8c NABISCO ANIMAL, FLAGSHIP OR MICKEY MOUSE COOKIES ,3 2 &' 23c ti. 39c if Warwick Milk Chocolata Christmas Assortment 2 t $1.17 Raisins Cluster 15 ox. pk;j 31c Large pjpcrihc)! Pecans Fancy No. 1 Walnuts , ; Nof t pari;!t Almonds New Crop Brazils Feficy Mix Nuls Peaches 1 li). |)U«. 31c Apricots 1 IV pkw. 43c Bulb Dates 1 IV pk).;. 35c Ib. 19c ib. 45c ib. 45c ib. 35c ib. 43c T.OOS Oranges (:• j Grapes Po:«l Celery \Yiiic.-;:>j) Apples L^'cicjs Apples 8 Ib. bag 33c 2 Ibs. 25c Ib. 17c 2 Ibs. 27c Ib. 15c BUY "SUPER-RIGHT" MEATS Pork Chops Pork Roast Pork Roast Pork Chops Pork Steak "Super-Right" Center Cut "Super-Right" End Cuts Loin "Sjper-Riqht" ' Boston Buff "Super-Right" End Cut IB. 55c ^. 45c "Super-Right" From Boston Butt IB. 47c IB. 45c ib. 53c Picnics S—i.erj Bacon Squares Dry Silt Bacon ib. 49c ib. 39c ib. 43c Arrr.our'l Star Sausage S'-!ect Oysters Mtfd'i'jrn Shrimp Perhaps the Continued From Page One an eager follower of Dr. Sun, and already had won his spurs as a military genius. He, too, came from a family of means. Five years later they were mar riccl, despite the fact that she was a Christian and he a Buddhist. Her mother had objected to the match but gave her consent when Chiang promised to study Christianity. This he did and three years after their marriage was baptised into the Christian faith. Since then the Chiangs have been known as exceptionally devout. Madamc's influence in the gen- plunged into affairs of state when her husband became head of government. She frequently has been referred to as "the brains of China," and generally has been regarded as to all intents joint gen eralissuno with her husband. Madamc's influence in th a general always has been great. She has been his councillor, and has pprformc'd notable service as a bridge between him and the Western world. Many times she has acted as his private interpreter, and as envoy extraordinary on delicate missions. She has been credited with creating China's military air service. But always she has, submerged herself. So runs the story of this great marriage until it would fill a book, but we need add only one more incident to complete the drama. Back in 1936 the generalissimo was taken prisoner by rebels in Sian province, and for thirteen days his life hung'in thc balace. It was then that Madame Chiang gave perhaps her greatest display of devotion. She boarded a plane and flew into the rebel cainp in Sian to live or die with her husband. Ultimately he was released and China gave her thc credit. SYou'll enjoy shopping at West Bros, and Iwc have a complete selection of gifts for revery one on your list. Come in and shop for all thc family. We will gift wrap your selections FREE. Give her one of these pretty new Here is a gift; that will surely please'her. Smart new dresses in styles, materials and colors that she'll want. Complete range of sizes. She is sure to want a We have a big selection of new purses to match her new outfit. All colors, styles, and sizos. China Reoorts Continued From Page One Claire Chonnault's China Air Transport company and completed the withdrawal of its personnel and dependents from lhal north China city. The planes did the job in a nightlong shuttle to Tsingtao. Contrary to general reports, Peiping's south field was still operable this morning. The Saint Paul, a plane chartered by Ihc Lutheran mission, landed there again and took off for Tsingtao with a load of passengers. (The plane made two .trips to Peiping yesterday.) Part of Blame Goes to Business Men Fort Worth, Tex., Doc. 1C —(IP)— Business men — the same onus who moan the must about huge federal spending and high taxation are too often directly responsible lor the increased government ex penditures, tax experts ot oil companies were told here today. 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