Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1938
Page 3
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Friday, October 7,1938 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ABKANSAg PAGE THREE Friendship Friendship i.s a chain of gold Shaped in God's all-perfect mold: Each link u smile, u laugh, a tear, A grip of the hand, n word of cheer. Our friend is an unconscious parl Of every true beat of our heart; A strength, it growth, whence we derive God's health that keeps the world alive. Can friend lost friend 1 .' Believe it not The tissue whereof life i.s wrought, WeavinK the separate intn one, Nor end hath, nor beginning: Spun from subtle threads of destiny, Kinor htnn though of man can .see, God takes not back His gifts divine, While thy MUI! lives they friend i. thine.- Selected. Love Finds a Way— In and Out of Jail jectivc. After a report of the District meeting recently held in Stamps, Mrs. White introduced the teachers, officers and standing committees. In the count of mothers, Mrs. Ilyalls m registered the majority. The Indies Aid of the First Christian church requests that any one hav- rummage for the Saturday sale please call cither 427-W or 815-W. ing Miss Ethel Hose, Otis Rose and mother arc spciulinK Hit week-end with relatives in Memphis, Tenn. The different circles of the Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet Monday afternoon nt 3 o'clock as follows: noon at 3 o'clock as follows: Circle No 1 at the home of Mrs. J. W. Branch The following interesting announce- South Main street Circle .No 2 a I Ihc ,m-iit in this morning mail not only home of Mrs. Malt ; Gatater and Muss brings a lot of jov nnd cheer to the'Van Galslcr. North Hcrvcy street ^ - lcm ls to i Circle No. Sat the home of Mrs. A. F Hancgan, South Elm street. Circle No 5 will meet Monday evening at 7:3( at the home of Miss Edna Earl Hal South Main street wilh Miss Miirthi doting parents, but also strengthen the "grandmother" ro- Mtion of the writer of this column: "Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Marshall of For- I lest City announce the arrival of Fredric Calvin Marshall lit on Tuesday, 1 October -I. Baptist Hospital, Memphis, '1 enn." —o— Mrs. Dick Fnrstor and little son. Mrs. Alston Foster and Mrs. Billy Bob Ilerndon have returned from a visit with relative:, and friends in Shrevc- port, lu. '--.-"' . '" —o— vootl P. T. A. held its fir.st .school year on Wed- at the Urookwood ^school" with'h,splendid response from the" mothers. The meeting was opened by Ihe president. Mrs. Eugene White. Mrs. S. L. Murphy, program chairman introduced Mr:.. A. C. Kolb, guest speaker for the atfcrnoon. who gave ;i rno.it interestini; and helpful devotional. The president's message wits Hivi.ii by Mrs. Uewey llendrix and Mrs. B C. llyitt gave'the P. T. A. ob- Canllcy ns joint hostess. Mrs. T. A. Middlebrooks and Mrs. Dolpb Carrigan are guests of Mr. and Irs. J. W. Berry in Smackover. TIM: HOUCATS WIN Last Times Tonight "Spawn of the North" J'ealnre Starts 7:15-!)-.:iO SATURDAY Big Double Feature 10c 15c No. 1 Charles Starrett —in-.- "Colorado Trail" No. 2 "ARMY GIRL" Also TOI TYLER'S LUCK Kids ... 100 Flying Fortress Airplanes Will Be Given Away Saturday. What Happens When Sisters Become Itivals in Love'.' 'FOUR DAUGHTERS' SUN-MON-TUES \ ENDS FRIDAY Till: IIAIIDV FAMILY Love Finds Andy Hardy SATURDAY DOUBLE SHOW ''Stage Coach Days" AND "Smoke Tree Range" PLUS \V1LU U1LL IIICKOK lOc 15c SUN-MON ''TEST PILOT" CLARK GABLE SPENCER TRACY ANEW SERVICE "ECONOMY BUNDLE" Pound InTludes Everything SHIRTS—OKKSSES— l''LAT\VORK, Ete. Washed and Ironed Phone 148 COOK'S White Star LAUNDRY & CLEANERS Will Probe Senate (Continued from Pago One) I was it breach of the Treasury De- larlment's own regulations; that it van violativc of sound administrative M-inciples; that no excuse is In be bund for it, and that Ihc aclion of the collector i.s t<5 be severely condemned." Legislators said the commillec, if t wished, could ask Ihc Senate to pass i resolution censuring Magruder or recommending his removal. U also night consider remedial legislation covcriiiR such cases. Kinds No Support of Charges The committee said il found no support for charges, that Henry W. Webb was dismissed from the post of Mary- ancl FHA director because he refused to support Lewis. It considered reports from seven (her states, voting to investigate chiirge.s of political activity by Indiana WPA employes and deciding to continue its investigation in Georgia. Illinois and Wisconsin. It dismissed political fraud charges u.aile by Representative Comer Smith (Dem., 'Okla.>, defeated in the .senatorial primary, and said there was no h:isis to reports the HOLC employes were assessed for political purposes in South Dakota. H approved the removal of George Turpin as deputy United States marshal in Nevada, finding that Turpin "had been engaged in excessive political activity." Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance SPIRITUAL WORSHIP Text: Exodus 20:4-6; 32:1-8 John 4:19-24, LAST TIMES FRIDAY 'International Crime' with ROD LaROCQUE Comedy and Travel 2-FOR-1 CLIP TIBS AD-WDM. ADMIT ONE ADULT FREE WITH ONTJ| PAID 20c TICKET Open 10 n m. • Shows 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.j Another Swell Show JACK RANDALL —in— "MEXICALI KID" -Also— No, 5 "UNDERSEA KINGDOM" PLUS Johnny Arthur, Tom Kennedy -in- Half Way to Hollywood AND KRAZY KAT CARTOON "LITTLE IHICKAROO" SUN. & MON. Gene Raymond Ann Sothern —in— "She's Got Everything' Also—Grand M-G-M Musical "Sunday Nighl at Trocadcro" Hearts Arc Trumps—News One thing that stands out strongly and unmistakably in the history of the Children of Israel is the insistence upon the evil nature of idolatry. The moral degradation of the ixjople and much of the misfortune that came upon them is almost invariably attributed to the turning from he worship of Jehovah to he worship of false gods. Why should this be'.' What is the difnrcncc bclwen the worship of an idol and the use of a symbol in worship? In Christian churches, there are many images. The difcrencc is that a symbol, stands for something very real; when the symbol itself becomes an object of worship instead of a symbol, the resulting worship is idolatry. But it was not this alone that was in the mind of the Hebrew laedevs anci prophets, who so strongly denounccc the worship of idols. Deeper dowr was the fact that idolatrous worshi] was associated with immoral and corrupt practices. The opposition to idolatry was social as well as religious The leaders of Israel did not wish to see the people corrupted by material ism and false ideals. There are those who make mud of the fact that the religion of Israe was centered around the worsliip of tribal God. That may have some aspects Methodist Meet to Close Friday Rev. Workman to Bring Revival Campaign to an End Here The Rev. James W. Workman will preach his last sermon in the Methodist revival Friday night nt the acr- vicc beginning at 7:30 o'clock. He will leave by train at 9:30 for Fuyottevillc. National Spending Is Hit by Chamber High Cost of Maintaining Present Spending Is Pointed Out truth, but the real significance of th Old Testament lies in the extent t which it is not rue The importar WASHINGTON. — (/!') -- The United Slates Chamber of Commerce issued a pamphlet on taxes and government spending Thursday and in it noted 'Ihe Rev. E. If. Martin, who ha.s been leading the singing and brinijing special solos at each service, will be >resent Friday night for his last time. Thursday night the largest congre- ;alion of the entire meeting was iroscnt. The balcony of the church •as filled with young people. Several ircsentcd themselves for church ncmbership. At the Sunday morning congrega- ional worship at 10:50 the class of new neinbers will be received, and the rile of baptism administered. The pastor will preach at both services Sunday. A cordial invilalion is extended Ihe public lo allcnd Ihe closing service Friday night. Dictator Injured (Continued from Page One) 'disturbing trends in nalional fiscal policy." The publication, entiled "Ftacts— About Taxes and Public Spending"— contained these statements: "The cost of government—federal- stale and local—mounted from $8.918,000,000 in 1923 to S1G.900.000.00 in 1937, or from $79.9C per capita to $130.75. "At the present rate of public spending it would take the working population of a cily of 150,000 inhabitants about 150 years lo support the federa government alone for one year. "Governments of all lypes collcclec in laxes $7,234,000.000 in 1923. In 1937 Ihcy collected SI 2,300,000.000. "If every dollar of income of per sons receiving more than $5,000 a yea were to bo taken in taxes, the sum would pay the cost of numerous gov cmmenls for only aboul six monlhs fniddle-of-the-road. "England arid France," Mr. Wash- bufn said, "being part of the European continent, know that which Americans constantly overlook—that in all Europe there is a constant threat of food shortage, and the struggle for human existence inside Germany, in particular, has become almost unbearable. "The area of Germany today is two- thirds that of Texas, but she supports a population 12 times greater. Czechoslovakia has the area of Arkansas, but also has 12 times Arkansas' popula on. The land of Europe is relatively Id. The land of the United Slates is datively new. America, attempting to pass on the problems of Europe, Ls ike unto a well-fed lecturer attempl- ng to advise a half-starved and men- tally-harrassed audience." Czechoslovakia, the speaker point d out, was a country which other na ions put together after the Work war—and which other nations equally wiftly took apart 20 years later. From behind Hie bnrs of the Davidson County Jail at Lexington, N. C., of which her father, T. C. Kimcl, was jullcr, Lula Belle Kimcl reflects on her sadly misplaced affection. She fell In love with James Godwin, "lie of n pair of desperate criminals confined in the jail. He. promised to turn honest and go to church on Sunday. She freetl him and his pals, mid gave him her father's revolver. Since, their escape they are reported to have murdered one man, killed another and committed n series of holdups. Lula Belle's father locked her up, then resigned in liumilinticn. The prisoners were, recaptured. unified republic by binding together Czechs and Slovaks remaining within its narrowed borders. The first step came with appointmenl of Dr. Joseph Tisot, vice president, of the Slovak People's parly, as "prime minister for Slovakia" in the new Prague government. His appointment, granting the Slo- thing lo grasp is that, in the worship! v ? k « autonomy within the framework of the Irue prophets and saints rfj of the Czechoslovak-government, was Israel, there was always something | emphasized, and emerging, larger than the worship of a tribal God Almost from Ihe beginning, Ihcre is Ihe emphasis upon the one God. In Ihe early pages of the Old Testament, we have the conceplion of Ihis one God as personal. Man is made in His image and likeness, and is Iherc- forc linked inevitably with his Creator. There, right at the threshold of religious fait hand experience is some- thng on a far higher plane than idolatry, or oven the worship of a tribal god. The promise to Abraham is "In thy seed shall all Ihe nations of the earth be blessed." There is something larger than tribal vision. When we come down to the prophecies and the Book of Jonah, we have strongly emphasized this fact that God is a God of mercy who i.s related lo other than the "chosen people." Else what i.s the meaning of the reference of Jonah's journey to Nineveh and his Mr. Washburn said Britain r rance sat around the conference tabl with Germany and Italy—and Britaii tnd France oughl lo know whether th Lime had come for democracies I 'ighl for their lives. He said he be lieved most Americans trusted th Brilish lo acquainl Ihemselves wilh th economic facts of Europe before go ing to war simply for the sake of name—"Fascism" or "Bolshevism"- Diplomat Collects State Tax Refund Arkansas Pays Back Latvian $1.65 for Gasoline Tax Charge LITTLE ROCK—(/P)-Alfred Belmanis, Lalvian minister at Washing- on, Friday collected $1.65 from the Stale of Arkansas in selllement of his claim for gasoline tax. paid the state during a cross-country tour this summer. A voucher for thai amount was issued to Belmanis by the State Revenue Departmenl in response to a request tor the refund on account of diplomatic exemption from payment of such taxes. The tax was collected July 30 on purchases of 25.1 gallons of gasoline at Benlon and West Memphis. Thecricket's note sometimes is so loud that it can be heard a mile away. and trusted Britain still more since Prime Minister . Chamberlain had proved to the world that its largest nation, while uncfraid, considered war to be not always inevitable. For H yean Vieki Advertising hat been patted upon by a Board of Phyticiant HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Bert Well I), Pastor Slovak People's par- which formed a coalition with Iwo oilier Slovak polilical groups—the Nationalists and Agrarians. The Slovaks, holding Iheir congress al Zilina, reaffirmed Iheir independence but promised co-operaion with the Czechs in an effort to maintain the republic. Slovakia will have four ministers in the Prague government, in addition to Dr. Tisot. Slovakia will be in charge of everything in its lerrilory excepl foreign affairs, national defense, administration of the nalional slalc debl and Action of British in Europe Praised British Realize German Pressure for Food, Publisher Says The courage of Great Britain in daring to find a way to keep peace when mast of the world expected her to make war, in the recent German- Czechoslovak crisis, was praised by A. H. Washburn, Star publisher, before Hope Rotary club Friday noon in contraction of loans. Dr. Tisot andi The publisher his four ministers also will sit in the Mr. Washburn criticized thai section of American journalism which emphasizes Ihe quarrel between Fascism and Bolshevism, asserting that, as someone has already pointed out. il is merely fanning Ihe flames of a "religious war"—the religious wars of old being fought on Ihe interpretation of j a word. Czechoslovak Parliament. ! The seat of the Slovak government undoubtedly will be Bratislava, principal city of Slovakia. Bohemia Nearly Surrounded The Czech half of the republic—the old kingdom of Bohemia—was almost in a state of siege from slowly-encirc- effort to avoid his mission? It is the «"« German domination idea of that narrow conception of reli- Th ' Papeete faced by Bohemia, as Sunday is Ihc closing day of Ihe at- .endancc contest nt the Gospel Tabernacle Sunday school, when a record attendance is expected. There were 106 last Sunday, so make plans to be prc.vent, help swell the number and receive a blessing ius well. Tlic annual Sunday school picnic will be held Saturday, October 15. The pastor Rev. Bert Webb will occupy the pulpit Sunday morning and Sunday night following the evangelistic services which closed last Sunday. Children's Church, Christ's Ambassadors and Bible study meet al 6:45 each Sunday night. Spend an enjoyable hour Sunday night at the Tabernacle, it is Hope's full gospel center. gion. centering around a sectional or tribal God, in conflict with the enlarging conception of a God of the whole universe. The story of Ihe meeting between Jesus and Ihc woman of Samaria at Jacob's well, as told in the Gospel of John, is very filling linked with Old Testament passages. When Jesus expounded to this woman the nature of God and the nature of true worship, summing il up in the words, "God is a spirit; and they lhat worship Him must worship in spirit and truth," he was not stating somehing new, but was inorprcting the very highest in Old Testament religion The process of the devclopmcnl of the worship of God as the Loving Father of all mankind is one lhal is going on today. There arc individuals and peoples that arc away back in the tribal slagc, for whom God is linked with sectional and national inlcresls and prosperity. said the battle oi ideology — Fascism versus Bolshevism — entirely overlooks the philosophy o: democratic nations, which holds to the 666 FIKST BAPTIST William Russell Hamilton, Pastor a rcsull of a decision of the International Sudelenland Commission al Berlin were: 1. Occupation of a fifth zone which gave the Germans a major portion of the famed Moravian gateway fortifications once pronounced by a French military commission as "slronger than the Maginot line." 2. Virtual isolation, since rail communications and highway would be barred by German control under the commission plan. 3. Los of many coal mines and industries under the fifth zone arecmenls which the Czechs characterized as "summarily approved without asking us. •1. Loss of telephone connections with the outside world. Telegraph arid radio would be the only communications left. Non-Nazi Refugees Fear Trap The predicament of thousands of non-Nazi Germans, Social Democrats cures MALARIA in 7 days and relieves COLDS Liquid, Tablets first day Salve, Nose Drops Headache, 30 mln Try "Rub-Sly-Tism"—World's Best Liniment USE VA-TRO-NOL IN TIME- IT HELPS TO PREVENT COLDS DEVELOPING Here's specialised medication for the nose and upper throat—where most colds start. Used at the first snii- _._ _ fle'or sneeze—a few drops up each nostril—It helps to prevent many colds from developing ... Even when your " ~ lead is stopped-up front a neglected cold, Va-tro-nol clears away clogging mucus, shrinks swollen membranes— . .->• ^ helps to keep the sinuses open-lets you breathe again! VICKS YOU CAN FEEL ITS TINGLING MEDICATION GO TO WORK V/A'TRCHIOL Used in more homes than any other medication of its kind Dozen FRESH EGGS 25c BEST Country Butter Pound 35c •J Quart MILOM SALAD DRESSING 24c 50c O'CEDAR POLISH 50c O'CEDAR MOP—Both For 89c MIDDLEBROOK'S SERVICE GROCERY I Phone 607 210 So. Main and national mtcresis ana ,*«,£.»,. Communlste who fled Sudctenland But there is an increasing number of :,„„,.:„, n t p,~i, ns | nV Bkia was Every House Needs Westinghouse > Radios j Refrigerators ) Washers ) Cabinet Ironers | Hand Irons ) Percolators | Sandwich Toasters | Waffle Irons Hope Hardware COMPANY The study of the "Ten Commandments" and the "Teachings of Jesus" in the adult and young people's de- artments of the Sunday school i.s al- racting a great deal of interest. The ttcndancc should be even larger next Sunday. Graded lessons suitable to :ach age arc taught in the younger lepartments of the Sunday school. All lepartmcnts assemble in the educational building at 9:15. The subject of the morning sermon vill be "Blessed Poverty." This scr- non will be based on the fir.st Beati- ,udc, one of a series on "The Stairway )f Happiness." The public is invited lo hear these messages of helpful inspiration. Baptisl Training Union meets at 6:30. There was a large increase in attendance last Sunday. Each union i.s starling the new quarter's work with great enthusiasm. "Saving the World" will be the topic of the Sunday night sermon. The song service opens at 7:30. Everyone is cordially invited. men and women who see lhat God is the God of the whole earth and the God of all peoples, and that His chosen are not those of a particular race or •cgion, but the devout souls who devote themselves to doing justice, loving , and walking humbly before God. There God reveals Himself, and there is found the true worship in spirit and in truth. Patmos Veteran to Be Honored Sunday William A. Powell to Be Presented Medals for Service GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST Sunday school at 3:45 a. m. Preaching ul 11 a. m. by Bro. Hollis A. Punic. B. Y. P. T. C. al 6:45 p. m. Preaching al 7:30 p. m. Ladies Auxiliary meets ul the home of Mrs. Oscar O'Dcll at 2:30 p. m. Monday. Prayer meeting at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. Come and worship with u.s. The Leslie Huddleston post of Uv American Legion will hold a presents tion meeting at the Patmos High Schoo auditorium at 2:30 p. m. Sunday honor of William A. Powell of Patmos who served wilh distinction in the World war. This is a county-wide meeting and all ex-service men, their families and friends arc urged to be present. William A. Powell will receive at that lime the Medal of the Purple Heart, the Medal of the Golden SUir and he Victory Medal. The history of the meduls will be explained by his comrade in arms Arthur They're New. They're Smart. They're Sluiming. WHAT? Costume Suits LADIES Specialty Shop 6 the interior of Czechoslovakia was jrowing serious. 'Scenes bordering on )anic were enacled in Prague as the 3erman circle drew slowly around the capital. Jews were trying to leave the country but were afraid of being caughl in the Sudeten aeas. "Selling Out" (o Reich We were sold oul once; we are now being sold out again," Czcchoslavaks cried when they heard about the fifth zone division. Our hands are being lied. We appeal lo Ihe world lo aid us against trickery at Berlin," were some of the bitter comments. A Propaganda Ministry spokcsmai .said the Czechoslovaks were certain that plebiscites provided for areas no predominantly German would be forgotten in the rapid surrounding of Bo- bcmia. Some officials said that evei if they were held they would be "mere gestures" to strengthen German influ ence. The Czechoslovaks criticized harshl> ,sc of the 1910 census as a basis for ctermining the division of population 11 the fifth zone areas. The Foreign Office spokesman said 'ojtcch Mastny. Czechoslovak minister o Beralin, attempted to present his ountry's case to the French and Brit- sh delegations during Ihc four-power •onfercnce al Munich. They refused to see him," he said. •yet they calmly sat down and proceeded to hand over Bohemia to Ger- H. Wade, also a recipient of the same medals. The program will last an hour. The medals will be presented by K- McFaddin, his commanding officei Camp Pike. The program follows: at 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Advance of colors. Invocation. Address of welcome. Responses. Music. History of Awards. Musis. Presentation of Awards. Retirement of colors. Adjournment. — — ----- •!»»-«•* red whci Barber: "Was your tic you came in here?" Customer: "No, it wasn't!" Barber: "Gosh, I must have your throat." •~ - <P » <•> - • There are nearly 250,000 public schoc- buildings in the United States. iiany. Missouri Sends Richettito Death Lastof K.C. Station Massacre Trio Is Excut- ed Friday JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.—(/^i—Adam Ricbelli, the last survivor of a de.s- pcralc trio which Irrorizcd the Midwest a few year.s ago; was executed in Missouri's icthal gas chamber early Friday for his part in the 1933 Kansas City Union Station massacre of four officers and their prisoner. •**-» Girl friend: "What does davenport' suggest to you?" Bov friend: "A city in Iowa?" Star Per former ushers in new Style Cade with stunning designs that lei'finote next uctir's mode I T all started wilh "catwalk- cooling," on the costly racing cars of Europe. They were shooting at better aerodynamics, not new styling— but they touched off something that will rc-pattcrn cars everywhere before it's done. So let your gaze take it in. Spot the radiator grilles... down low! They're key to new-day design. They're also placed where air pressure's grealest-your engine cools under forced draft! Under that comely bonnet is the engine with more abundant life- thai quick quiet Buick Dynaflash valve-in-head straight-t'/£/f// WHY: — la, <>•• 's Sh ""room Jcr " choss C ,M ARE Under the roomy Body by Fisher arc the great slow spirals of BuiGiil springing, and the true "full float" ride. And in that body, is new wide-paned visibility—up to 413 more square inches of glass. Gome sec it. Just as it stands there, tuned and poised for your service, it seems to have drawn a deep breath and to be ready lo fly! NO OTHER CAR IN THE WORLD HAS ALL THESE FEATURES •fr DYNAFUSH VAIVE-IH-HEAO STRAIGHT-EIGHT ENGIKS -fr SUICOIL TORQUE-FREE SPRINGING * GREATER VISIBILITY * HANOI5HIFT TRANSMISSION * SEIF-BANKING KNEE-ACTION FRONT SPRINGING * TOROUE-TUBE DRIVE * TIPTOE HYDRAULIC BRAKES * CROWN SPRING CIUTCH if "CATWALK- COOLING" * OPTIONAL REAR AXLE GEAR RATIOS if FLASH- WAY WREaiON SIGNAL-^ROOMIER UNISTEEl BODIES BY FISHER Hempstead Motor Co. MAX COX Owner

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