Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1948
Page 3
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-* j'5'V* 1 ''?, 1 Thursday, December 16, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Poae Threa octal an ersona I Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Friday, December 17 The Builders Sunday School Class - of Garrett Memorial church will have a business and social meeting at tho home of Miss Rulh Ml- len Boswell, 30G S. Pine Street, Friday night at 7:30. All members are invited to attend. Friday, December 17 The Cosmopolitan Club will have its annual Christmas dinner at the Hope Country Club, Friday. December 17 at 0:45 p.m. Hostesses will be Mrs. George Kobi.son, Mrs Royce Smith, Mrs. Edwin Stewart Mrs. R. L. Broach, Mrs. Keilv -Bryant, Mrs. George Newborn ancl Mrs. Henry Hayncs. Friday, December 17 The-Jell B. Graves Sunday School Class of First Methodist' church will have their Christmas parly at the Parsonage, Friday night at 7 o'clock. Monday, December 20 Miss Cnrlenc Brunei-. Mrs Henrv Haynes, Mrs. Basil York will be hostesses to the Friday Music Club, al the Hope Country Club Monday at 7:30 p.m. For' trans- .porlation call 843. Mrs. John Britt Hostess To Iris Garden Club The Hope Iris Ord-r^n Club met Tuesday in the home of Mrs. John Britt for a one o'clock luncheon, Mrs. Rob Jones and Mrs. A. A. Albritton were associate hostesses. The Britt house was beautifully. decorated with greenery, red berries, silvered magnolia leaves and poinsetlias, at points of vantage. The mantel was centered with a 'huge red candle and banked with .greenery and nandina berries. The dining table held a lovely arrangement of nandina berries" in a crystal bowl, flanked with lighted red tapers. The three course dinner was served from card tables centered with a miniature tree. Mrs. Jack Prit- chelt gave Ihe opening prayer Mrs. A. A. Halberl presided in the absence of the president, Mrs. Herbert Burns. Recordings of Christmas carols were played followed by an inspiring Ch'ristim.s story told by Mrs. Charles Tar- ploy. Gifls were exchanged from a beautiful tree with Mrs. A A Albritton distributing the gifts, Mrs. LaRoy Spates won first place for wearing the most attractive self-made corsage from her flower garden. Eighteen members were present for the meeting. mooting were read ancl approved, session. The minutes of the last Mrs. Marion Buchanan, program leader, introduced Mrs. Wm. P. Hardegreo. who gave a Christmas story, entitled "The Little Fir I roe". Mrs. C. F. Hawor'i sail" "O Holy Night" and 'Lullaby of mo Madonna" accompanied at the piano by Mrs. C. C. McNeill. Mrs. V7. O. Boene ;;ave an article on 'Christmas Decorations", followed by a round table discussion by Iho members. Carols were sung by 'h;' group, accompanied by Mrs. McNeill. Gifts were- exchanged from a ooaiilimlly lighli'd tree. Tho hostesses served a delicious sandwich and salad plate to 19 members and •no guest. IVlrs-. C. F. Haworth, Mr. and Mrs. Fin ley Ward Entertain with Christmas Party Mr. and Mrs. Finlcy Ward entertained with a Christmas dinner and party for employees and their families. Wednesday evening al 7: DO al Hope Connt'ry Club. Tho red and while color scheme was used in Ihc decorations of the club house. A delightful four course dinner was served from small tables cornered with nandina berries and greenery with red tapers. Following the dinner, the guests enjoyed dancing and playing bridge. Gifts were exchanged from a brilliantly lighted tree. Mr. and Mrs. Ward were assisted in cntcr- i.imini; by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sloan. Those, enjoying the occasion were: Mr. and Mrs. Hulcn White. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Warren, Miss Marjorie Braclen, Mrs. Bedia Carver. Johnny Cox, Johnny Browning, and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bader. •"inQ (loinn Miss Norma Jean Archer of riortln'/estern University, Evanslon, Illinois, arrived Wednesday afternoon to spend the holiday' season with her parents, Mr. and Mrs K. L. Archer, Sr. M'-. and M''s. James Gaines and daughters, Sandra and Jan spent Tuesday night ancl Wednesday in Little Rock. Ships, Planes Must Bypass Eniwetok Washington, Dec. 15 — (.'?) — The United States soon will issue a new warning to ships and airplanes to stay far away from its Eniwetok atomic weapons proving firounds. The present ''keep out'"' order was issued about a year nfjo. prior to the tests of throe atomic \veapons last sin-ing. It was worded to cover only the calendar year 1948 ami thus expires at midnight December 31. An atomic energy commission spokesman said Unit while the new jorder has not yet been dratted it undoubtedly will be prepared within the next few days. This lime, the order will be phraser! to run indefinitely. Actually, the test area is covered by two zones. The inner "restricted /.one" embraces .Eniwetok lagoon and the atoll on which a permanent weapon testing laboratory has been built. This' /one is in the center of a "danger area" encompassing about 39.000 square miles of water. It is the one to be covered by the new order. | In setting aside the inner zone, the United States did so permanently and officially informed iho United Nations of the action. Eniwetok is in the Marshall island group, about 200 miles west, and south of Bikini, where the Ifllfi "Operation Crossroads" tests of two bombs against naval vessels I were conducted. Last year's "Operation Sandstone" test were carried out in April and May. The forthcoming "danger area" warning does not ncees.surily indi- |cate that new experiments a'ro due 'immediately. Of this year's Eniwetok experiments, little has been announced other than that three weapons "of improved design" were tested and that the experimenters wrc satisfied with the results. Waltz into Darkness By Willioni Irish Copyright by William Irish—Distributed by NEA Service, Inc. XLII They floundered out into the backyard of their house. and out through the gale lhal led into it, from the lane that, ran behind the backs of all these houses: down that to its mouth, and from there onto the sideward street. Then along that, and around the turn, and into the street that ran behind the one their house had faced upon. "The station." she kept saying. "The station Oh try. Lou.' It's jiist a few short streets ahead. We'll be safe, if we can onlv reach it." On and on and on. (w figures, breaths sobbing .,, v,.^,, , throals. ','" make a bargain H was in sight already, across i sf '";. win a . dpl; iy- the open sciuare ahead. " try to blend forever into one. Then, despairing, failed and wore separated, and one slipped down into darkness and one remained in the light. She drew her lips from his. for sheer necessity of breathng. There was a smile of ineffable contentment left on his. there where her lips had been. "And that was my reward," he sighed. His eves closed, and there was death. Sticks With Wife Who Went insane Car Production Continues at Pace I the United States .sometime yesterday, but there were, no ceremonies and it is doubtful that the narticul.ir ear or truck ever will |bo designated. The. final U. S. total for 1948 i» j Detroit. Dec. 15 —(UPi— The U'--peeted t.n {nil just r,0,00<i units U. S. auto industry today predict- j^hort of the ;>U-1ime record of, 5,ea n second straight production I'' 5 '" 1 '' 120 vehicles produced 1,1 1929. j.vear of more than 5,000,000 vc-} ' ' — (UP) —jhicles in 1JM9 will) more of its out- _ _. „ , . passenger ears for the do-j B * D *wn's Early Light market. New York, Dec. 15 ;Martin Dehrens began life anew to-hint in Uiay with the wife 'who killed his jmestic • two children. It was a Christmas [present from the judge whu re- William J. Cronin, managing di |viewed the charge of homicide rector of the Automobile Maiuifue- j against her. jturei's Association, made the pre- When Bohrens came home to his 'diction as the industry counted its apartment from work last May 7, j second-best year in history, ho found his wife Kathryn. 27! on Th( , n.OOO.OIKIth vehicle made in tho floor bleeding from self-in-fliot-i ]|M8 rolled off an fissenihlv line in ' ' A shudder ran through her. as though the throes of dying were /o lurching in IKM ' herself. She pleaded with g in their ! m - e:llll - (1 to "ini. She even tried jfering ---'•- - '--•--• w jth death it- ' Lilac Garden Club Meets With Mrs. Rettiri Mrs. B. L. Retire; was hosi.oss to the members of the Lilac Garden Club, Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock with Mrs. Win. P. Hardegree and Mrs. F. R. Moses, co- hostesses. - The Christmas motif was carried out in tho house decorations using rod and green leaves forming .poinsettias, and chrysanthemums. The mantel held a Yuletide 'arrangement of Santa Clans and his reindeer. The Lord's Prayer was repeated in unison at the opening of Iho meeting. Mrs. A. E. Slusser, president, presided over the business Mr. and Mrs. James Kennedy and '•on, Bruce of Bay City. Texas arrived Wcdnesdav night to spend several days with relatives and 'Viends here. Mrs. Ch'de Robertson and son of Arkadelphia was Tuesday guest of relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Hamm have relumed from a business trip to Detroit. Coal Sales Are Below Normal in Arkansas Hospital Nnrec Branch D" charged: Buddy Harris. Lcw- isvillc. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. C. A. O'Neal. Hope. T.inda Herring, Patmos. Discharged: Fran!: CoLjbill. Fit. 3, Hope. .lorephine Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Boatman. Fort Smith, Dee. 15 — c;i')— Coal dealers in Northwest Arkansas have some full bins on their hands and it's all because of the weather. Several of them reported yesterday that coal sales have been below normal because of the mild weather during most of the fall months. And mine operators report slow business. About 250 workers have been laid off in Sebastain county coal fields because,; pi' , reduced operations. However.; the' mines are expected to hit full'production next month A spokesman for the Arkansas Oklahoma Coal Miners association said several operators have limit ed production to three days a week, the operators .have caught up with the backing of orders. open square ahead, the station square, the hub of the town— or so she told him, he could no longer see that far before him — when suddenly the combination of their overtaxed strengths gave out, her arms, her will, could do no more, and he fell flat there in the dust beside her. She tried desperately to bring him up again, but she'd weakened so that his inertness could only brim: her down half recumbent he = ! rle him. instead. "Don't waste time,' 'he sighed. "I can't —Not a step further." She strm^led upright again. drovo fingers distractedly through he>- hair, looked this way. that. Then bending to his face, to give him courage with a kiss, ran on and left him there where he was. She disappeared into a build- in;;' fronting on the square, with a lighted gas bowl over its door- 'v.iy and the legend;. "Furnished Rooms for Travelers." In a moment she returned to view again, beckoning to someone within to hasten out after her. "Here." she cried. "Over this wav. Here he is. Help me get hmi to one of your rooms." A shirt-sleeved man lifted him bodily in his arms. The black sky over the station Sfiuarc, pocked with stars, eddied llus way and that just over Dura nd's upturned eyes. Then it changed to gaslight Dallor on a plaster ceiling. Then this slanted off upward. gradually dimming, and he was being borne, up stairs. •'I'm sorrv it's so high up," the mpn said, "but that's all I have." '•No matter." she answered. Anything." "No. wait! Oh, just one minute more! One minute give me, and then I'll let him go! Oh, God! Oh. Someone! Anyone al all! Just one more minute! I have something I want to tell him!" She flung herself downward over him. and her hair, coming unbound, fiowed over him, covering his face. The golden hair that he had loved so. made a shroud for him. Her lips sought his ear, and she tried to whisper into it, for him alone to hear. "I love you. I love you. Can't you hear me? are you? That is what you always wanted. Don't, you want it now?" In the- background of her grief, distant, dim, unheeded, echoes seemed to rise around her. A muffled pounding on the door, clamoring voices backing it, conjured there now. at just this place, Ihis moment, who knows how? "Open, in there! This is order! Open' this door, hear?" Their meaning could press, their threat could fright. For she was somebody else's prisoner now. She had escaped them. Moaning anguished 11119 a heedless ear: "Oh. Louis. Louis! I have loved you too late. Too late I have loved you." The knocking and the clamor and the grief faded out, and there was nothing left. "And this is my punishment." THE END led razor slashes. On the bed lu I fount! the bodies of their children 1 Kathryn May. 10 days old. and (Patricia Ann, one year, smothered by Mrs. Behrens. j Psychiatrists said she was suf, from a psychosis brought on j by childbirth. She was committed j to a hospital for the insane. In the ensiling months, everyone I but her husband forgot, the case, j Then ,•] week ago tho hospital judged her cured. She was turned back over to Ihe district attorney's office to face a second degree mur dor charge: Mrs. Bohrens said she killed the children because their crying an noyed her. When Mrs. Bchrens was brought before general sessions Judge George L. Donnellan. her husband was in court. - , "IM like to take my wife home Where joy Christmas." Behren.s said. "I'm sure- we can start life over again." Judge Donnellan cleared' his I Rfrf throat." I believe the interests of I 2r justice have been served." he said. Then he paroled her in the cus tody of her husband. "I'm so glad you stuck by me " Mrs. Bchrens said, as she a'nd her husband kissed. | Cow-birds lay (heir eggs in (he I nests of other birds, for tho foster [parents to hike care of, but die? ; you ever catch a ^epsjipwjl _in .the i act? Few persMa.f-'.'hVe,,'S'lta' | there's a re;.isoi'i i show that Hie . i (ioes her dark (I?!<nds>W the' dim light of early thr.fn. ; I* CHRISTMAS a police do you not not im- af- For Any Home Chrisf-mos Why not give something for the Home this Christmas? We have a complete stock of gifts that will please any one. Come in and select yours now. . "GE" REFRIGERATOR DISHWASHER KELVIN ATOR REFRIGERATOR Prisoner Faces Trial in Death of Another BENDIX WASHER BENDIX DRYER Thev e co silver ev passed through a doorway, the coiling brightening to tarnished Fulton, announce tho arrival of a daughter on December 15 19.13 Admitted: Mrs. O. G. Boatman, Fulton Mrs. Add Nivins, Blevins. Fos- Your Entertainment - Thursday Features — 2:00 - 3:54 - 5:34 - 7:34 - 9:37 BETTY DOUGLAS / Features — 2:00 - 3:49 - 5:39 - 7:26 - 9:20 THE rr IN ¥¥' PLUS Color Cartoon "RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED RAtN- DEER" Special filmed for Montgomery Ward, Inc. Starring e ERROL FLYNN ® OLIVIA deHAVILLAND STARTS SUNDAY /J LISTEN TO THE PREVIEW OF WEEKS PICTURES — KXAR SUNDAY 12:30 following the soft, spongy fluff of an ignited gas flow. "Shall I get you a doctor, madam?" the man asked, as he gentlv laid Durand on tho bed. "No, not yet. Leave us a.lo'ne' trcrether. f'll let you know later. Here, take this for now." 'She 1 lirusl. some money at him through" the door. "I'll sign Ihe registry book later." She Blocked it. came hack (o Durand. She running Barkley Pledges to Fight Against inflation Pine Bluff, Dec. 15 — (/!•>) — A prisoner serving a 15-year sentence! at Tucker Stale prison farm prob ably will face trial in Jefferson circuit court here for th death of Jimmy L. Dodson, .'M. a fellow convict. Assostant Prison Snpt. Lee Hens- lice identified James E. Wilson, j convicted in Grant, county on a charge of assault to kill, as the prisoner he said attacked Uodson in the prison stockade last Sunday. Dodson died Sunday night. Dodson was convicted in Pulaski circuit court on a j charge. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINE • "GE" WASHER YOUNGSTOWN KITCHEN BENDIX IRONER ESTATE GAS RANGE BENDIX and "GE" RADIOS 215-217 S. Walnut Phone 21 grand larceny I dropped an .-; ini- down beside the bed in plo'-ing attitude. "Louis. Louis, did I once Want money, did I once want fine clothes and jewels? I'd give them all at this minute to have you stand strong and upright on your legs Iv-tore me. I'd give my very looks themselves—" she clawed 'at hoi- own face, dragging its supple checks forward as if seeking to transfer it toward him. "—and what more have I to give?" The tears were streaming in reckless profusion from her eyes she who had never wept in' all her life. His fingers reached tremulously to trace their course. "Don't weep any more." he whispered. "Don't sneak. Just put your lips to mine fell me goodby with that" . Kiss of .farewell. Their very souls seemed to flow together. To New York, Dec. 1G — (/I 1 ) —Vice President-elect Alben W. Barkley pledges that the now administration will fight for anti-inflation legislation, repeal of the Taft-Hartley law and other parly platform planks-.' • Public: .housing and extension of isqcial. security benefits also will be iamohg the administration's legislative, goals, the Kentucky senator i said last night. . Barkley spoke at a dinner-sym- .posium on "The Outlook for 1949," sponsored,, in his honor by Town Hall. -. The new administration, he •noted "is committed to oppose a na- tiooal sales tax and to reduce laxes for low-income families. •"whenever it is possible to do so j without unbalancing the nation's economy." Barkley recalled President Truman's recommendation to congress that the excess-profits tax be rccn- acted, and said: "I have no information as to whether that recommendation will be repeated, but unless increased income should be necessary, or unless congress should be convinced that a rcenactmenl of an excess- profits tax would be essential part of an anti-inflation program, I am 'not in a position to predict that sue ha tax will be reenacted." jj{ "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" ^ " •&zzzz&tf?fiyiz^^2zz&&zz^^ You coir pfeale any one on your gift !i$r when you ' give them ..a pair of the'se House Shoes; We have a complete stock for each member of the family. 4AAJ t«c£ 9 ^ In quilted ray/i satin, lined with crepe. Sal in ribbon ties. Tea Rose or White . . . also in floral print on white, pink, or light blue- Small, medium large. 1.95 whi e you s eep. K I C K E R N ! 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