Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1948
Page 6
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toga Six ~* Prescott News Wednesday, December 15 There will be choir practice and prayer service from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Central Baptist church. A'Teacher's meeting will be held t First Baptist church at 7 p.m. FfByer; service at 7:45 and choir at 8:15. A >mf<i-week meeting will be held at First* Christian church at 7:45 JKm. The Presbyterian choir will meet at the church at 7:15 p.m. for practice. The Christmas Cantata "The Music of Christmas" by Ira B. Wilson will be presented by a Choh- of women's voices on Sunday evening, December 19 at 7 p.m. The Methodist choir will have choir practice at the church at 7:30 p.m. The Men of the Presbyterian church will meet at the church at 6f:30 p.m. for supper. Visitors will be welcome to atend the program bcgtnnig at 7:30. Tom Mull, publicity director of the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission will speak and show a motion picture. Friday, December 17 The Benjamin Gulp Chapter B.A.R will meet at the home of Mrs. J. B. Hesterly at 7 p.m. The betrothal of Miss Marinell Daniel to James T. Williams Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wil- fiams is made known by her par- 6nts, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil D. Daniel, Prescott. The marriage will be solemnized Saturday, December 18, in First Methodist church, Prescott. The bridc-clcct attended Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia. Mr. Williams, who served two years in the Army, attended Little Rock Junior College Arkansas A & M College. Monti(Sello and Columbia University New York. Subscription Ratei: (Always Payable It Advance): By city carrier per week 20< per fnonfh 85c. Mail rales—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller on< LaFayetto counties, J4.50 per year; else whore $8.50. •' —•-—- -•*- ••!».-» ink., . —...,,,,,,,, ,,_,..,. Stcrlck Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich pan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madisc, A-vo.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Granc Blvd.; Oklahoma City 314 Terminal Bldg New Orleans, 722 Union St. The Woman's Federation of the Presbyterian church met Monday At 2:30 p.m. in the McRae Memorial room at the church. Mrs. Vernon Fore presided, call- iVig the meeting to order with the the song "Joy to the World" followed with prayer by Mrs. Fore. Mrs. W. C. Reaves read the minutes of. the last meeting. The Federation will meet the second Monday in January at the church for an all day study. Luncheon will be served at noon. At the conclusion of, the business Mrs. D. L. McRae Jr. gave the devotional for the afternoon using as the topic "Making the Most of Special Occasions." . Mrs: W. C. Reaves and Mrs. Bob Reynolds gave an inspiring Bible lesson from the Book of Acts on "The Church," ! Hope Star Stor of Hope 1»99; PWJI 1727, Coniolidatod January 18, 192V Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. t. Palmer, President Alax, H. Woshburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star bulldina 212-2M South Walnut Srreor, Hope, Ark. Al«x. H. Wathburn, Editor & Publisher Paul M. tenet. Managing Editor George W. Hotmer, Mech. Supt. Jttt M. Cails, Advertising Manager Entered as second class matter of th. Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under th« Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newfpopor Enterprise Association. National Advertising Arkansai pallid. Inc.; Representative — Memphis, Tenrt. Member of th« Associated Preu: Th. Associated Press is entitled exclusively ti the use for ropublication of all tho loca -lows printed in this newspaper, as well a: all AP news dispotehci. Truman to Hit Hard for New Laws By JACK BELL Washington, Dec. 14 — (/Pi—Prcsi- lent Truman seems likely to signal a legislative speedup when ho -eports personally to congress on he state of the union January 4 or 5. Few expect the new session to Droduco any major laws before Wr. Truman is inaugurated for his OPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, December 15, 1948 'irst full iry 20. But there While House term Janu- arc that the A three-act comedy, "Silas Smidge from Turnip Ridge," will be presented in the nuitorium of tho Prescott High School on Thursday December 16 by the Junior High School Dramatic Club. Two performances will be given, a matinee at 1 p.m. and an evening performance at 7:30. ' The play is under the direction 08 Mrs. Charles Overstrect. Funds Will be used for the Junior High School, library. Admission prices will be 15 and 25c for the matinee and 20 and 35c for the even- Ing performance. The P.T.A. met Friday, December 10 at Park Elementary Build- Ing. Group singing led by Mrs. Edxvard Bryson and accompanied by Mrs. Lucille Elgin was enjoyed By all. Miss Gardiner presented a group of children from the Primary Building in several Christ- Krjas songs. Rev. Wagner of the First Christian Church gave an inspiring message of the > Christmas story in Which he described his visit to the Holy Land. A donaton of $10 was given to fessicmal the Business and Women's Club on P ro- th c -••vw.u.iuj. ITUIJU^H ,-> \_iuu uii inu Goodfellow Baskets" to be given |p needy families in and Prescott this Christmas. Room prizes were awarded near to i Akuwtt* jv* i£.ui3 wui U clWUrtlLll 10 Mrs. Cummings 2nd grade, Mrs. Hines' fifth grade and Mr. Kasley's senior class. „..*,. ^ nii_ i3*£,lio lUUt, U1U Democratic leadership plans to strike hard for its program while he November election honeymoon still beams over the lawmakers. This probably will involve shov- ng aside for the time being the civil rights proposals the president s expected to repeat in his message. He is said to have decided to report personally to congress a day or two before the November 2 election results are officially canvassed January 0. Leaders said this would not mean that the controversial civil rights issues—including proposals to ban state poll taxes, make lynching a federal offense, curb job discrimination and eliminate Jim Crowism —will be by-pnssed pcrmanetly. But the Democratic chieftains apparcntlv have decided that the best time to make hay with their program is early in the session before a threatened civil rights filibuster can gum up the machinery in the senate. Mr. Truman already has made it clear his program will be built around the Democratic platform and an expansion of tho proposals he made in a 21-point message to congress on Sept. 6. 1945. Thai apparoantly moans he will suggest—among other things —repeal of the Taft-Hartlcy act, standby price controls, lon^-rnnge housing legislation, a higher minimum wage, wider social security benefits, a national health program and federal aid to education. , Senate Democrat will begin laying down their organization lines at a meeting December 31, when the present 80th congress meets to adjourn formally. Senator Barklcy of Kentucky, the vice president-elect, told reporters yesterday that all policy decisions will be delayed until then. It was learned, however that leaders have decided not to make Miss Carlene Brunei-, Mrs. Floyd Hubbard, Mrs. Walter Nutt, and Mrs. Hody Butler, attended a District Lunch room meeting in Mau- nolia on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ingram and children spent the weekend in Hot Springs with her mother. Mrs Annie Hill. R. P. Hamby spuke to the pupils of the 4th, 5th, and fitli grades at the Park Elementary School on *nday afternoon on the subject The History of Prescott," which was well received by the pupils who *"" et '"' '-- history of Ar- are studying the Kansas. Mr, and Mrs. Eldon Smith Laneburg were shopping in Pr cott Saturday. of . Mr and Mrs. George Havnie of North Little Hock were the' weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haynie. Mrs. Frank Turberville, Mrs Orin Ellsworth and Mrs. Ik-rvey Bemis spent Saturday m Ti-xui- kana. Diamond Mines Not Very Productive Little Rock, De has the nation's only knowi diamond deposit—but production isn't very high' A report from the U. H Bureau . Of Mines says the diamond mine potential is a quarter caret stone tor every J3 tons of ore pr<j<:<';:.sed An extensive investigation of the mineral deposits near JUurfree;; boro, Pike county, was conducted oy the bureau durin;,' the war When industrial diamonds were in great demand. In its report, released yester 4ay, the bureaus said it drilled -VJ test holes at the- mine fii-lds and recovered 32 diamonds, 'j'he aver age weight was .: The largest stone „„., mateiy one and one quarter carat ..The report said Jour of the Qsamounds have po.v-ible quality and the remaining '•>'<-, i rial value only. —NEA Tclephoto Patricia Styles ( 28, daughter of Hal Styles, radio school owner- and defeated candidate for congress in 1944, who, according to Los Angeles police, shot and wounded wealthy broker Nathan Sugarman and then committed suicide. — fUP) — gambler „ - , -.iy in his and police were on reports cropped up Tampa Fears Another Gang Slaying Tampa, Fla., Dec. 15 Jimmy Vclasco, Tampa and political organizer, grave today the alert as . ., _ ^i—" "^ that his death might be avenged by another gangland slaying. Vclasco, 36, was murdered in the Latin-American city section Sunday night by a man who stepped from the shadows and pumped five bullets into his body. He was buried here yesterday. His wife and 13-year-old daughter were with him when he was killed, but they could offer little help to police, who admitted they are without clues. All the widow could tell them was that Vclasco's assailant muttered words which might have- been "I've got you this" time" or "I 11 get you now." Vclasco was the only Spanish member of an Italian gambling syndicate here which reportedly does a $5,000,000 business'annual- ly. He also was a well-known poli ticnl figure and a staunch supporter of Gov.-elect Fuller Warren One report said he brought _ , v ^ w . „ unit* in.; JUU\.t UiUllfjIll, down the wrath of some underworld characters by boasting that reprisals would be made again them when the state administr tion changes hands next month. any attempt in the senate to deny co m m i t t o e chairmanships or places on important groups to those who leaned toward—or even openly supported — the states' rights ticket which cut Mr. Truman out of 39 electoral votes in the South. Neither will there bo any effort, these leanders said, to take committee assignmenU away from Senator Taylor of Idaho, Henry Wallace's running mate on the progressive ticket. There Seems to Be That U. S. Code Was Cracked Through Washington 'Leaks' By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst The congressional inquiry into he case of the "pumpkin papers" md other alleged Communist spy ctivities has evoked from Assist- int Sec-rotary of State John H ,'eurifoy the belief that foreign na- inns cracked a top-secret pre-war government code with the aid of Kipers sneaked out of the state department a decade ago. "What I regard as most serious ibciiit this whole thing x x x," he s quoted as telling the House Un- American Activities committee, 'is the fact that these documents vere taken out of the state depart- nont in 1937 or •;«), and to me that neans our codes were being read foreign nations during the whole period." Those two years, as World War 1 was boiling LID, were a period of global feverishnes;; and .stress. It > at times like this that nations ieek to probe the .secrets of one nothir. and spies are everywhere. Looking back in my note's I find hat at the end of September, '37 1 recorded: "If any further proof were i tual Europe is beset with wa: lungers, it could be found it- "•- and naval and possibly diplomatic secrets which other nations want." Moving on a - few months to March of 1£I3!1 my log shows that 1 recorded this: "The Pickwickian ;tSt boy who is making the public 'flesh creep at the moment seems to be the spy. I What with the ifjystorious American spying, tho grim treason trial in Moscow with its allegations of British and ' German plots against the Sovjel regime, and spies heads popping "'-jap and pup- ping off all over Eurone. there are enough thrills and chills to satisfy the most eager arm-chair seeker after red-blood adventure. "As a matter of fact there doesn't have to be an 'H' in the month to make spies in season. They always are with us, and the United States has its quota aloiu; with foreign countries. Naturally when the hounds of war begin to bay a! (lie moon, the spies start to scurry about. There is much .more activity now than in tin; peaceful limes Still, even in the dull .doi;- constant procession ufsuics before j ve';lr-; Kussian firing squads. Whenever ' ' ' . days there arc enough professional need- nosy parkers in America to make a I'oorl-'-'ixed army." So that was the position ten -»«;o;»/^^^^^ v-on's t et! SUnK ' y '" KlnU "S l>:"-tment. However, that wasn't i, v ?&^ K^-s: IS S'^S^Hiv: »SHH3 ; ^ tt loi a (.ouple ot years, j German agents involved in th- includin;; ;\ red-haired ;:irl, arrests v.'ere made in widely si'i>arated parts of the country. No matter !io\v nuieh we- may 'iislike the idea (and \yc dislike it ph-iilyi secret agents still ar.' i-e- t'arded as essential to cveiy na- t'ai'i and liave been since the uavs when .Muses sent twelve men to ••<nd the epidemic has inten.Mlied as development,; have brought fmm Moscow charges that Japan and Germany are preparing tu make v.'iii on the Soviet Union. "Kycr.v country employs ! i.-.utii in war and in peace laj-!- the cyos and ears of .. and caiets each |j!H-nts in k-rroting out tin vas approxi of other nations, eiilier k- tion oj Spie: inu tii lor offensive operations, i! lliis moment art- '.valk- ti'eels of Washiisj.'ton. ;,iid everv other c-;jpi|;<l ni ibe u-.u'ld. - I'nited Stales has iiiiliui! \- j"s|jv the land" of Canaan | up Ms strength and rk-hes. Jjy the i'.vav. the repent of tho',.- s'eulh': of ^ild lh;il Car.aan was "flowing with liVlilk an(i hoifv" iv I'lrubably tiie I must l:iiin..\ii oi im kind. COWBOY BOOTS Majorette Boots Gene Autry cowboy boots for Childrens Majorette boots in white or brown with tassels. Sizes 8i to 3. the kiddies. Sizes 6 to 3 5,95 to 7.95 Men's Pajamas Striped patterns and assorted colors. A!! sizes. 2.77 Sport Shirts Give him WINGS or MARK TWAIN sport shirts for his Christmas. 4.95 Men's Socks 5.98 Cowboy H»3ts Children's cowboy hats in tan, red. green, gold, blue and black. 1.98 . Wings Pajamas Sanforized broadcloth WINGS pajamas. All sizes. 3.95 Men's Gloves Just the Gift for Him WINGS DRESS SHIRTS We have a complete stock in white and fancy patterns. All sizes and several collar styles. 2 95 3 50 &»,s+f <j.«JV Men's Shirts Mens Dress Shoes Sanforized dress shirts in Brown, tan and black in fancy patterns. All sizes. many sty | es . All sizes. TraveSing Kits 1.98 Leather Gloves In black and brown and they are fully lined. 2.98 Men's Ties Assorted patterns and colors. Regular 59c and 69c All ( wool gloves in brown Leather kits with zippers. Assorted colors and pat- values. 2 pair . . . $1 Shaving Sets c to and tan checks. 69c They are fitted. 2.98 to 4.98 terns. 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