Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Describes Week (ContinuedTfrom>a«e One) ities of Great Women," address by Governor, and "Education for Ef« ficient and Satisfying Family Life." Of course there were many others but Ihpe were of special interest to me. There was homemade fun for the family, swimming o r just chatting with your friends. Late every evening we City Meat Market Choice K. C. & Native Meats Sea Foods - Poultry Prompt Free Delivery Phone 767 Evan Wray LeR O y Henry all looked forward to getting our camp paper. I wish all of you could have seen the beautiful things on display. There were rugs, quilts, bedspread* pine needle baskets, dresses, ant many other things that I cannot attempt to name. You eouln sec that someone had been bosy from all the pretty things there. Hempstead county had the honor of making grade A on the scrap book, tfernoon dress, church dress, house dress, and B on the boy's suit. I know you have never scon more beautiful handwork in any fair than we saw. Friday morning we were all up early and ready to start for home. Several of the buses stopped in Little Rock for the free movie. Our bunch stopped for sightseeing and shopping. Wo left there about 10:30 o'clock. Had dinner at Bentoti. After a very 'en. yvwwvwvwwwwvwvww ijSUGAR,';:. 46c •« Cherry •'I Bell 10 Lfas. FLOUR 48 lb.Sk...$1.39 24 lb.Sk. .70 £ CORN MEAL 24 Ib J. Fancy Cream 38c £ POTTED MEAT j-10 Cans for 29c £ Ralston Corn Flakes g 13 oz., 3 pkgs 25c |; \ L A R D—Hillbilly 38 Lb. Carton 81c£ 4 Lb. Carton 41c^ HOPE STAR^ HOPE, ARKANSAS •*•'•,,*! '. "--vr-.-* joyable trip we arrived at the city hall in Mope about 6:15 o'clock. Of course we enjoyed every minute of our trip but as the old saying goes, "There's no place like home," BARBS COFFEE Pearberry Pound . ....... .. PEANUT BUTTER Quart Jar .... ..... ...... 23c£ Country Gentleman .. TOB.—2 Sacks for.. IScj CRACKERS :• 2 Pound Box 15 C :" .. ASK ABOUT THE FREE SACK LAYENA |J •j Feed your Hogs Pig & Hog Chow for faster gains $ '"and less cost. See our pigs on display. Ij \ Feed Purina Layena for • more eggs and better 'quality eggs. 20 egg car| tons free with each sack 1 Layena. Feed Purina Milk Chow, •! the best milking ration•; known. Contains— S M-M-T. Ii i i ALL KINDS OF FEED Feeders Supply Co. The Hope Star Is Across the Street Th Store With the Checker Board Sijni The Czechs have discovered by now that sanctions speak louder than words but that nobody ever asks them to say anything. t ,T" a * robber in Oregon who uses a hook and Ifne to fish money from people's dressers is no sportman. He never throws back the small ones. Ho for the frontier life! Except in Europe. An orchestra conductor says the concertina is the greatest of (lie musical instruments. We say it's accordion to how you look at it. Who's Who has just been enlarged by 2545 n.w names. It's ton early to say yet how many hit-si/.ivs Dial enlarges. Weavers in Jamaica arc now making sport coats out of bana fibers. Doubtless this makes them easier not only to pool but to slip on. It's getting to be a terrible drawback not to be a minority this year. Hermann Goering is reported almost recovered from his illness. It won't be long before he'll be .sitting up and receiving medals. MIND Your Thursday, October 6,1 THOSE CHILLS AND FEVER! Take Thit Grand Medicine for Malaria Don't suffer like a dog! 1 The minute you feel a Malarial chill or fever coming on, start taking Grove's Tasteless" Chill Tonic. This good, old medicine will soon fix you up. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic contains tasteless quinidine and iron. It relieves chills and fever due to Malaria and also tends to build you up. That's the double effect you want. The next time you suffer an attack of Malaria, try Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, This is no new-fangled or untried preparation, but a medicine of known merit It's pleasant to take as well as effective. All drug stores sell Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, SOc and $1. The latter size is the more economical. KROGER f!jpS&ZZS^3SZ33K>£iZmsCS. ' MF* V Stf: -Tou'llbe ashamed...// YOU PAY MORE FOR THESE ITEMS ELSEWHERE!" * reu oo«'i ms« A fruit' no «»«w sntio ""i-coios or OTHCTS GROCERY PRICES G'OOD FRl-.-SAT.-MON. OCT. 7-8-10 COFFEE g s 35c Mountain 00ft Dozen Pan Ea OOC Rolls Free! Produce and Meat Prices Subject to Change With MarXcC SALAD DRESING EMBASSQYu , rt 22c PURE MUSTARD £rab '" y 2 Qt! 19c SUDAN SPICES 3 20c Country Cluh Co. Gentleman 3 No. 2 Cans CORN 29c COUNTRY CLUB OATS 2 B ,, S , 15c ( STANDARD PEAS O NO. 2 |r L Cans IOC AVONDALE FLOUR 48 CREAM MEAL 24 LARD COMPOUND Q DIXIE OLEO 95c Lb. Bag Bag 3?C Pound 00* I Carton QIC Country Club i |O-j k CRACKERS IOC 1 Pound Box Pound 20c L E T T U C E— 48's 2 Heads IOC COCANUTS Fresh—each RED TRIUMPH POTATOES 10 Pounds 19c SWEET POTATOES 4 Pounds lUC BANANAS Pound 5c Fancy Delicious APPLES Dutch Cookies Lb IOC POTTED MEAT—3 for . lOc CRACKERS-2 Lb. 15c CHOC. DROPS, Lb. lOc ORANOE SLIES, Lb. .. lOc Wesco Feeds $•1.75 Dairy Feed $-f.29 16%—100 Ib. I — Laying Mash 100 Pounds FREE BREAD , . , if elert faill to suggest Clock Bread when filling your grocery order, A^k for FREE Kroger'f Clod Bread — day tile, any variety on display. CLOCK BREAD 2 20 oz. Loaves 15c SALT MEAT, For Boiling, Lb, .. LAMB LEGS, Ib. 23c Shoulders, Ib. l7Y 2 c CHOPS, Ib. 25c BACON SKINS 7 1C 21b. Armour's Star Box LINKS or BACON—Pound 29c Kroger Sliced BACON—Lb. I Bring Bucket ,,r Jar f ft I Peanut Butter, Ib. lUC BEEF ROUND, LOIN STEAK, Ib. . 25c THICK RIB ROAST, Ib. 22c FANCY CLUB STEAKS, Ib 29c BULK KRAUT, Ib. IPICKELED r. I PIGS FEET, each DC PORK FIRST CUT CHOPS SHOULDER ROAST SAUSAGE—Lb. 22lc CHILI 191 K. J. Caplinger, Market Mgr. KROGER Cecil W. Dennis, Gro. Mgr. ACCIPT THI* AMAZING BUY mj fcro,a U«B. UKZ rt u »ell or I* OUAIANTit oe» «n wc; w ,j ( rt p| act it FRE oUwi brind <rc wU «* the wme item. rt 8w< u eM of p,^ MANNERS T. M. R*|. U.-t. Pit. O* Test your knowledge of Cdtfect social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative Answer* below: 1. ts it all right for » girl to invite n boy with whom she has had only a few dates, to be her guest at n club flanoe? 2. Should ;\ stag dance only svlth one or two of the most popular girls? 3. When a m.-iii takes a girl to a dance, is he responsible for seeing that all her rlaiiccs are taken? 4. Is it customary for a man to have as his supper partner the girl he took In the dance? 5. Who says "I'm sorry" for a misstep while dancing, the girl or the man—or the one whose fault it wns? What would you do if— You arc ii Rii 1 who has a date for n dance with a man who is a very poor dancer— (a) Dance ;it loast the first find last (lances, nnd the ones before and nftcr intermission—or supper—with him? (b> Dance just the first dance with him? (c) Eit out nil the dances you have with him? Answers 1. Yes. 2. No. 3. Yes. ' ' ' 4. Yes. 5. Always the man. Best "What Would You Do" solution—(a). (Copyright 1038, NEA Service. Inc.) Say We prefer to be feared rather than loved, and we care not if we are hated because we have nothing but contemp tol those who hate us.—Benito Mussolini. Nothing will take the kinks out of a workingman's back as effectively as ballot dancing.—Kenneth Whitney, machinist of Pueblo, Calif. I'm no alarmist, but a quick survey of the American merchant fleet doesn't give one very much to write home about.—Rear Admiral Emory S. Land. Tile rising flood of unemployment is slowly but inexorably eating into the income of the middle class.—William Allen \VTiitc. I'm learning to talk rough enough now to make the ranch go.—Mrs. Roma Ware, former New York society figure who "h'as' taken up' rahchirig in' "Nevada. I I wasn't the tiniest bit afraid.— J Natalie Bio, steamship passenger off the Atlantic coast, who wished out loud j for a hurricane shortly before she'got! one. I'm not crazy, but I don't know why J did it.—Leonard Jacobson, brakeman who threw the switch that wrecked two trains in Arizona. '•> . Australia's first mill for extracting lung oil, used for paint making and i similar purposes, was erected at Mas-1 cot, an industrial surburb of Sydney.' Ostrich eggs were used for cups in ancient times. MEN— SEE US FOR HANES Underwear TALBOT'S HHHES WHITER SETS A Brand-new, Grand-new Ideal Knit Short* Wlnd-Shleldi No-ButUn Shorn HANES WInUr S.u-th. mU.Ing link between Summer and Winter underwear—are offered in four practical, popular jtyU.. You wear a •leeveleis or ihort-nleev* middleweight under.hiri. Then you .top i? ?» ?. pair ,?, f . No-Button Short., Kmt Shorts, Wind-Shield., or Snuj- TUe.. All are knitted middleweight. 1 ' 0 ."^! i? ° ut . do o" without un- table bulk indoor. 1 Well-known HANES Union-Suit!, 8Vc, up; Shirtj and Drawers begin at Sic; leys' Union-Suits, 6»ej Merrichild Sleeper), 7'c. P. H. Hones Knitting Co.. Winston. Solem, N. C. SITS SO 0 ™ 69° fie garment MERCHANTS! Order Your HANES from Wm, R. Moore Dry Goods Co. MEMPHIS Children's School Oxfords Mndc by Frtodmnn-Shclby and guaranteed all leatlicr. Composition sole for longer wear. Sizes up to si7.c 2. Kit up the kiddies now, sors 98c Boy's Sanforized Overalls Made with high back. 8 o/.. denim. Sanforized shrunk, full cut, six big pockets. All si7.es up to size 1G. All seams triple stitched. Now only . . . Friedman-Shelby Scout Shoes * Men's and boy's all-leather scout shoes. Good composition sole to take hard wear. Boys Men's $1.39 $1.49 Men's Ribbed Unions Men's heavy weight ribbed unions. Ecru color, full made, knitted cuffs. Stock up now for the cold weather ahead. Sizes up to size «. Men's Dress Oxfords Made by Friedman-Shelby and guaranteed all leather. Wing tip or bluchcr styles. Made with full composition sole to stand the hard wear. S1.98 Hawk Brand Overalls Men's and boys' HAWK BRAND OVERALLS. You all know the quality and workmanship. Vest or suspender back. Values galore for every member of the family. Every one a ROBISON VALUE that SHOUTS economy. Prices are down . . . quality is up. Now is your chance to buy quality merchandise at the lowest prices in history. Yard Wide Fancy Outing's Yard wide Fancy Ouliiitf.s, assorted patterns and colors. Buy now while you can save. lOc yd New Fall Prints Fu.st color prints in the now fall patterns. 'Beautiful new fall colors and guaranteed fast. We Give Eagle Stamps lOc yd •M^H^ Our Pride Domestic Bust quality LL Domestic. Sea Island finish. You all know the quality. Buy now and save. 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Buy a supply now at only .... Men's Fall Hats The most stylish hat a man ever put on his head. All popular fall colors and young men's shapes. A real value at only .... Ii r Sport Oxfords Ladies sport oxfords in black or brown. All styles including Unpopular new "wedge heels." Your choice of sucdc or cnlf leathers in many styles. Boy's Dress Shirts Here's your chance to outfit your boy in Dre.ss Shirk at a real saving. New fall patterns, guaranteed fa.sl color, full cut and well mudc. Sizes to 14',g. 49c Hope The Leading Department Store Geo. W, Robison £H Co. Nashvilfc Prescott

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