Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1948
Page 5
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Wednesday, December 15, 1948 ' HOPE STAR,HOPE, ARKANSAS Pegs Five BLONDIE t). NOW COME HELP MAMA PUT HIM BACK By Chick Yountji OZARX IKE By Roy Gotta ; COME PUT ME \ BACK THE WAV } YOU FOUND ME') Ff>.EE AT LAST, r ...~ ll '"\ /!tlk ESCAPED WHILE THE X DOLL AND HER THUGS JJBS&2: £ WERE FROZEN TO J^S jp"" ' \ W .. . THE RADIO/ J f- J4 / *_X^ OFFICERS. *i"'iv?\.«/»'••'• **.*t •*'**'%' r ."•''•T < «*'•*.•**'•"}** "'*•'• *' % ™ ***'•*•*•'"^Vvd ' v^£ ?!>?*»•"/*"***!» ; *1 ~ v --'***w*.!/.'.'/1* :-!*.\*'. .-".>--v'-'.--jft.»-Vi'.!*-'•'- * -jVr *1(.V>»».. ^ f?s< *)'t3SJSja ^..l NUMBER GANG... Tl SCORING PL/\Y ; BEEN SAVING ALL! SIDE GLANCES By Galbraifh VIC FLINT By Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lone CARNIVAL By Dick Turner THINK THERE YI DON'T KNOW ALL ...BUT YOU COME DOWN IM AN HOUR AND I'U. HAVE PRINTS SURC/OLD AITHEA MAllOY 13 SO/WE PUNKIN5 HEREABOUTS. TMATS WHY THE WCHT BE KJ6EP.PRINTS\THE BACKGROUND OF CHIEF SENT/W OUT ON THE CASE. ON THOSE PIKES OF (THIS CASE, UEUTtNdNT, BROKEN BOTTLE, FLINT?/ BUT I KNOW THERE'S WEU, INSPECTOR GROWL TAUGHT WHOSE? V/HY? xf MALFA MILLION DOLLARS AllXfD UP WITH THE ME TO BE SUSPICIOUS OF AW MONEY OR WOMEN.- 81 LesLe Turner . .VANISHES WITH'& Y HE CWJ'T ESCAPE ' \VS INCREDIBLE, INSPECTORl A ' M\55 JUST GfXV/E WE SIR ROLftWD'S ITEMIZED J.U OF HIODEM GOOD.'SET COPIES-OUT TP ALL PLACES WHERE KB WAV •VRM TO DISPOSE OFtHEROMAW STEftNG-ER IN EN&LWVID...ON F00S AND ftPPfxREMTLV WITHOUT COMFPC URATES.,,\«\NISHES IN TUIM MRJx, SPICUOUS AS A BAUD- OUT BRITAIM RUN .ft W.m, M\MG THW PHOTO ",v-;->-.--.-.(-^:- -N-;*' .•.•-•.•"-•:V'pi,--T*i'-sviT t A *• * » i|i» i»*ti>r»» Mfp,RS!p|pr ITEWS! MURDER SUSPECT STILL <?v Carl Anderson COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. ' COPR. 19«8 BY HEA SERVICE. IMC. T. HI. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF "If we'd borrow enough for a new car, we might not be *, able to get the car right Way, but then I'd have enough "if you please, Matilda! We refer to it as a champagne cooler, not a growlerl" for a new coatl" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 60IM To PUKCM Mose. our. FUNNY BUSINESS tfy Hersftberget I'LL. GIVE IT TO/ A BUGLE--WIFE PLAYS BAS- PIPES! A. ZITHER- WOULD BE TME LAST V* '^ :5 2sO \ L \ f >!)} 1 '— t4 3L \s* 8y Walt Dime? DONALD DUCK UATE? LATE? V ME AM T' SAV VOU'RE LATE?.'x< SO AWFULLV > LATE CJONALO.'/ LOOK WHAT J. GOT-—\ TMATS NOTHIMS---LOOK. AT TH£ LIKE WE'VE GOT/KING SIZE/ c 'Sort of a handicap—the wife doesn't play a very fast game POPEYE IMAc3IN£ COP SETTING FRESH \VlTH ME,' \VHV, I MV WIFE ZEL AN' STAYS ' V. COPR.19*11 UV HEA SERVICC. INC. T. M. HEC. U. 5. P*T. Off. -> , ILL RIDE HIS TAIL FFTOM HERE TO HCCk- AN' TUEK HIM OUT AN A-l WRECK,' THINK YOU'D PULL !?M-lK C"N ' PAL OOP Thimble Theater BERPEE T PAT \ "v^u OUT \ OF SHAPE",' SURE, IT'S GOOD PLACE!! * By Edgar Martin By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSfe With Maior Hoople OUT OUR WAY DLP/ I40V4'S TH/XV ? DID VOO ASI-C W "RIGHT, DRAT fl "VlUCT WASTt4£ NATIOKJAHTY OF ^ A TKE A\AM vJHo LOST THE SATTL& A HAPOLEO^ \v OF \\IATERLOO?'-"-HW<-I<AFP.'TH'E- 1A CORSICA^/" ASL& e^r 1 aue&Tio.Ni is IMEPTLV PUT, SIR.-* LOSTTHW BATTLE.'-^- V'SIOO CASH AMD no\ME\feR, o v coues& j^( A HFETi,\\e SUPPLY OP NO, 1 HAVEN'T YZ^'f WELL, JUST DON'T _ WDTICEP "THAT TH' MOP IS SOAKIN' WET — WHY? BUGS BUNNY EMW= HAVE O\E") HEY/ TH' O 1 - SUPER. IS COAGUUAT'N 0=\ .' MV SHOWSS.S AN' i GOTTA CLEANED U T 1 ^^ PARTY .

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