The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1934 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1934
Page 9
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1984 Foui Imix>ilecl,Bieaks with '( ^Administration During LITTLE ROCKi-AVk. (UP)— Four i.lmes during the 73rd congress Uie Arkansas delegation broke from' the adininlstrniion leadership In impoitnnt legislation The first, time was on the modl- ^fication ol the VoUttacl Act to 'lennlt J2 pe> 'Lei^iWr next v,as BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS Autumn Brings Cozy Costumes •tfi« Home Owiieis, Loan Coipora I tlon oigani/atlou on Die bash of political consldpiatioas meinberihl)), all -j eineri)), al Wmocra|j!, Included ! i,enitois Hat A Jfulki D L) Olou'i, John Miller, 'Tilman B Pa'iks H"arts»l Ragoi^: and Divld D,rTeny >» OnSj ' Robinson andJPullei voted foi the beer bill l^obmwr i *nd T^rry> voted fto sustain ilv presidents veto and against lull pay nient of the Vetennl' Compensation Tlie uilirr dclrgation turn• ed thumbs do*n on the Nonis HOLC amendment Robln<-on Tmy and Ragon turned against the administration ony- once each: Robinsori anil 'I%ry .on the' Norris amendment and Ri b on on tilt beer; bill Terr} did not get to Washington until £evtn Important measures had been voted on Ragon left about the time of Terry's arrival to accept' a feaei-al jmigsliip at Fort Smith. Of the 21 major ballots taken in the senate and 22 in the : house. Mrs: Caraway turned from the administration leadership tnost frequently Si\ times she stepped outside the ranks to express het Individual \iews She opposed beer, was the only one to oppose the ^Agricultural Adjustment-- Act, .the oiilj one to oppose continuance of the Civil Works Admlnlstiation voted to override the presidents veto voted for the veterans payment and against the Norris amendment. Fuller and Paiks cast thiec bal lots each against the administration The veto, the veterans and the Norrjs amendment drew Fullei a'iide Beer Jhe veto "and," the veterans took Parks outside the ranks and hL, vote on the Norris amendment was not recorded x Cravens, Druei, Glover and Mitl<T broke from the leadership "•i beer, the veto the veterans and the Norris Amendment. Sixteen times Arkansas solid vote suppoited the administration On tuo othei occasions Mrs Cira- WflS ballot v,a the only break Town's Civil War Vtts Dead SUNBURY, Pa (Up)-beat), has WILL KUIU1E' il>ei ly Stores S|x>nsoi 'Eiileilaiimicnl and &\- hibilion at Memphis ' .... Cuouis will colc- ili Mi Hih nii'ilvorsurj no\l week ftlth n food slio» (nid hoii'.a- 'lulrt e\htbUloiii In the noithllnllot ji:lls Auditor,inn, „( Me m |,|,| 6 O pon- i»ii Monday ni|jh( ,u MO p.m., vvlth a ita^p sliou of 14 actt. of )ilgl, Mas \imle\llle nml \\iih ollici fiilvitnliimeni <nUi itloinoou niyt Mrs Ad»le drum, clmlimnn n[ tile «nj<- aim menus committee ol Hi 1 -' Junior LenKiiB, nml vurloiu lumbers, of Ii1p orunnhalloii will «'H at lioste«-», lor \\lilili (ln\ ull Ifti&iv In tlie HUM els nf (In- show for Lhcli dimlt-ililc u dirtuUtigs Mujov pmcs »-tll- i)> ,i\«hr-i"l "'"ell iftoino.,1 mid iilBlil. In aiUH- llun 10 iiasl.tLS of Kioccrlc's niuj oth- '»• valuable items r ov thb lio'inu.'/rhs (,'raiul prl?2 of tin \uck tin fi)llq iiicWIf ; II) be given nwny ~" I'Ja.V. Sainjiles of fond predict! i:ii.t£r'jstlng souvenirs will 'be i. r rat«l (o visitors'•ntlmillni ' sliow. rrcd Monies!, president' of •.'My Cnsli Oiocors, Is. innking llils an Imnordim'community exhibit, us products of Mciniilm mumifiicliirer'i .i(ul tliose of (he Irl-slatc nren will l)e on exlllbllion will) oilier' food iii«liic(s from .every section ofi Ui« country. Ah outstnnrtlng feature will n seci.-on (Icvolftl exclusively to electric [incl gas n])|)l!nnccs and nil , pre- Lib- Perfect to country ^eek-ends, footb-,11 games and Infonm) d, is ,n tou, 1le these Pant™, U«.tls The double broiled Creed coat (Ml) ot fuz<y holue ,pun ccaibmrng blacl and red brown threads IwjMfour pockets a turned doja colla, , and notclied lapel, It, »o.f pmiled swan The- other-tmitjon^rigWrcoiisurf!, ot btaek,-«l,,le-and blacl and red brown with a scarf at r.d ouf!, ot btaek,-«l,,le-and-fcrt-chccked Uted coat Arnlg , black skirt and ,i led loatex *ool blous- The fiont of the smirl i»a8, rf ci toil in ij be buttoned Lnck to form a t«\edo lln- 01 fastened high ilout the neck Union Ht , taken the last survivin Civil War veteran here ins John A Sipe who shook Ilncolns hand at tin time of Lees siirren der at Appomattox Courthouse. Son Trying for Varsity , Where Dad Starred STATE' COLLEGE. PK. (UP) _ William E Dunn son of Pe'in States first Mi-American player | William T (Mother) Dunn is a carididale for Penn Stale's fresli- inan football team. Yoiing .Dunn . is six feet, six Inches in height,' the tallest member of (lie freshman class. His 15V. D football shoes were the largest ever ordered lor a •Pain iithlele. The elder Dunn,.who was on Walter' Camti's All-A'mcricaii loam in Didn't Say. a Word WEST SCARBORO, Me; <UI'» — in™ • ' " Edgar Pclkej Ji 34, recent!, 1908, is -a- pricliciru; plijs cmn mtpl"nde<I not snlltj io a charge o Hawaii. His son trai-lcd fiirthe llnicenj nitliolit ca>ing a vioitl H than any-other ctudcnt to ^nrolll's a denf mute Rt',Penn Slut! Legion to Print 0\vn Paiicr RALEIGH N O CUP) — yhL North Carohin Animcin I c»!pn has decided to publish its own newspaper. The first issut; will no out-tt) 'the ll.GGO-L^ionMiilre's in this state. ' for Phone 777 Night— Sunday— Anytime Quirk and Wrecker Service Philjips Motor Co. Meet Your Friends At The AMERICAN LEGION DISTRICT FAIR Legion Park-^CarutMrsville, Mo. WED., THURS., !FR!., $AT V and SUN., Running & Harness Races daily 35-Pc. Band Society Horse & Pony Show Each Night 10 Free Grandstand Acts Sol's Liberty Shows on Midway Poultry, Frui|, Vegetable, Cotton, Agricultural, Fancy Art, Dairy and Other Exhibits Public Wedding Friday Night Fairgrounds Admission 10c-25c Faces New Trial In Wife's De^th Missouri P«n Gridsteri Have Full Schedule convli'liM of ..the murder ol hta second wife, UIKII \vlii> n I n t; a U. S. «i"i|iicniR court re- YorBii], M*iJ. Cluirh'rt A, Slii'i'Hrtl,i kboro, .U. S>. uriny, retired, ugiiiii will I'mu In tiilci.M null I at Kmi'. IK Cll\ Oil (, simo Ills fii^t roiiUitlon, Mivjoi Slioptgil ot tils tlisl «lte'« tlctith u I so It planned ky tin tou'iiimuit liiolun cqul)>nu,i\t for the hoiiiL Munj enttrniniiiB icnlmcs v,ll l»e ineTOilecl In tlie floor- sho« 5nt! nftcrnoon at 2 30 nii ( l n t fl SD^nl nlglil. IticliidliiK tin. ruinous Mjlton Webb oichostm »Hh M|n Fll/n belli MeD-nld Tlic^tnse slin\i »m be arranged bj Miss Doroilij Wj- ckotl nml Miss Annh RIIJ Duvull with Bill Durteis muster of CIH monies 01) Y, Mo <U. ,_ Missouri ]«i)licntlni) football I ""Jf, 1 ; htil n full schululc this toll , Mullen, olinplnln mil phjsl- .n! illi«toi, line booj.^1 conteMi. 01 the io»\lu 1) unit llie Mt$. soinl UtilU'rsltj sctoiHl (intn'lhc Kliksvllle 'ivnrhcrs college, the . School of Mines jt Kqllii unrt olliei Institutions AH gauus v,lll ? |il«l*!l oil thn tulsoii arlilhon 1'luSeiii will )iot be kimti by ii^iii?,, only by number. All eon- vlcls c\tcpt llios" In soMlar> con- Tlic wnsoiij maikliig the (list time lootbjll Ins bwn plasctl lieic »'so »ili fei\l«rt Intia-muial 8«nns UP' vteii toll block teams nin Jo, )><> amipimced I o »an football men. thinking ibout clothes ' and ten datis' Cniltlco said tllat'ji beer Is Taboo, and lltat every team member I" Led rtt 10 . ROXY Last Time 'Today?; " Mallnrc Carideo Has Strict Rules For' Grid Team Memberc, COhUMDIA Mo' (Ul>) —Cpiicll rinnk C'niWco lifts InW ilo\sn atiln- gini rules (or mcnibeis o[ tht Uni -iilti of Mhtmul foolbnll qiai 'All pluyers \\lll iitUml \\enilng corUtno) Uonseis open tlllil fiolits and ft lirljiit, (.hcirj FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEM'. Rugged Fabrics are popular this fall SUITS thtii fealurij"tlie New Roudi W7 ! - ft b Weaves mid Merit Clothes. Tliev'ie limiv . . tlie\'ie knoltv thfVie loughi But you ncvci <inw hottei looking buitmgs inul vou ncvci saw boLtei looking siiils' Action backs and pnitli pleat tliemes modilicd foi titv wcai and eolois soft enougli to melt \oui lioail ']li(.<=c aic obviouslj the suits \\clldiessetl mun will be wearing nil fall, ami- winter. 19 75 $ to 45 LEATHER JACKETS Soft iiiid supple (u u | e.\|](»ii<iivc looking , 3Uii1'I,ovv in Price - -•- '*•$.' $8.66 and $9.50 r: ^ Blue Mellon J;ifJ«f.s - - $.1.50 Up Dobbs Hats $6 and' $7 Stetson Hats. 86 and §6.50 Worth Hats $5 ^ JEnnnerson Hals $3.50 and $3.95 Knit Ti Arc Agnin the Vogue New Silk Ties 65cto jj.50 Mens Fall Oxfords Numi-Bush S6.75 to §9 Foi'iiiiie §4 Edgerton S5 R.D.Hughes&Co. ' : 3 Doors West of Kit/. Theatre See These New Arrow Shirts —STRIPES —PATTERNS —SOLIDS —WHITE Dozens of sparkling new patterns from which to make your fall selections . .. styled in typical Arrow fashion. fil-95 '.'82.50 Friday & Saturday — 10e ."25c fiAINS, WHIT. in 8 WITHOUT PAWfe > LIUI* J ilL m \.\\9\ }\ •• Vnfrjt> (fj by WIJ1 \t\\\ SICtMFs (M SERIAL - - CA8TOOX-A Thursday & Friday Mat. 2-30, 10-21c Nile d in— 10 35c Not Only The Greatest Love Story in 1934 Years, Byf The Grandest Spectacle As Well ! ! !, mm mm mwmtm mumai Pepper Pot Cartoon , Variety—"Old Kentucky Hounds"." •J Radio 'Musical Short Coming Sun,-Moi Dick PoM'ell and Ruby Keeler in

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