Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1938 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1938
Page 2
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t>AG£ TvVO HOPE Sf AR, HOP«, ARKANSAS Star Star of Hope 1S39; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1921. 0 Jttstice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. -„ £ Palmer & Alex H. VfMhbunO, at The Star building, 212-214 South 'ulnut street, Hope, Arkansaa, C. E. PALMEB, President ALEX H. WASHBUKN, Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press (JTEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rale (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per »eek ISoj per month 6Sc; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstend, Nevada, i, . toward, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. '. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press Li .exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to tt or jpt otherwis4 credited in this paper and also the focal news published herein. Charges on tributes, Etc.: 'Charges will be. made for all tributes, card? rf thanks, resolutions, or memorials, Concerning the departed. Commercial icwspapers hold to this poUcy In the 'news columns to protect their readers Tom a deluge of .space-taking memoriali. The Star disclaims responsibility 'or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscript*- i By UK. MOKKIS F1SOBKIN Editor, Journal ot the American Medical AssocUUon, i«d •( Hyjela, the Health Magazine. Ne\vFood and Drugs Law Contains Strict Provisions on Labeling (This is the fourth of five articles by Dr. Flshbein in which he dls- - cusses the powers of protection af- Corded by national food and drug legislation in the United States:) The new food and drugs law contains among its provisions one requiring that whenever a preparation contains certain definite ingredients which are known to be potent and sometimes harmful, the name and quantity of each of thesemust be shown. The ingredients concerned are: bromides, ether, chloroform, acetanilid, acetphenetidin, amidopyrine, antipy- rine, atropine. hyoscine, hyoscayamine, arsenic, digitalis, digitalis glucosides. mercury, oubain, strophanthn, strychnine, and thyroid. This is an important list which everyone ought to remember. Whenever a product contains any one of these substances, it is not safe to take except with the advice of a physician. Government Quick Service Immediate Payment Bring your Samples to ME. TOM KHiSEH A .Government Licensed Classer. Hope, Ark. There ure certain drugs which ;ire known to be habit-forming, "or which jiru suspected of being habit-forming. Whenever these drugs or combinations are sold, except on written prescription of a doctor, dentist, or veterinarian, the label must show the'.name,* quantity, or percentage of eachione of these substances, and must contain the statement ''Warning—May be habit- forming." ' ; The drugs concerned are: ' alpha eucainc, barbituric acid, betaeucaiiie, brcmal, cannabis. carbromal. chloral, coca, codeine, heroin, marihuana,"morphine, opium paraldehyde, peyote, and sulphonme thane. When such drugs are dispensed on the prescription of a physician, dentist, cr veterinarian, the .label must also be as described, unless the prescription is marked by the writer as "not refutable," or unless the law itself prevents refilling of the prescription. The public also secures additional protection from the fact that, under the law, drugs, diagnostic and therapeutic devices, including those sold ,on prescription of doctor, dentist, or veterinarian, must be labeled with adequate directions' and 'with adequate warnings against "use in any disease or as used by children when their use may be dangerous to health. The provisions of the law with respect to purity and labeling of cosmetics are rather general. 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CHAPTER IV " "°* Wil^ M3H V 1IWIV, 4-11111 HU rpHE taxi veered to the curb ir wouldn't quite be iible to figure •*• front of the Claremont Apart- out what -I'm doing up here, ments, and Bob Tail's foot was " tn «r. Is there a buck wny out tried to make his laugh * sound easy. "Simply ;hecause she Jiasn't been 'his .wife long '"' enough to be mixed up in whatever it was that brought Lud Dombey to his last tune tonight. But we've .got to find her, that's certain." Ho opened the.door into the hall. "And we've got to get out of here. Grab your hat." "•Why?" "It'll be better to bo scarce than to try .to explain ;to Mike Punphy why she isn't here. And ments, and Bob Tail's foot was .----- — on the running board even before of Atnis Place?" it stopped. Hurriedly he paid the driver and waved .him on. A wiivfi tuiu wuveu nun on. .n **J^V^-A muium un.- viiva^ »uu a quick glance told him that there worn as maid of honor. On her was no police car parked nearby He hoped that Officer Dunphj 'i'ver slippers nnd the gown hadn't come in a taxi and be- -Bopping beneath the sport coat trayod his easy nature by rushing were .on incongruity, but she gnvo things. • • iio thought 'to that now. "We can !et out this way," she told Tail, In the entrance way of the Claremont-he.almost collided with a woman 'on her way out. She was a striking honey-colored blond, almost too fragile and beautiful to be real. For a scant second her eyes met Tail's, then, turned away. She hurried on and down the street, leaving a wake of not too faint perfume. Tait grinned to himself and let out an .involuntary whjs.tle. At another time he might have .speculated a Jittle about that •beautiful blond—but not now. He scanned -the • mail-box board, ; found a neatly lettered card with the names: Myrna Rogers—Anne Lester. Their apartment was on the third floor, and in his haste Ta.it scorned the automatic lift. The stairs he took three and four at a time. * * + JJE listened a moment at the •*••*• door before hu pressed the bell. To his intense relief ther.e was no sound of Mike Dunphy's! indiscreet, blustering voice. But when Anne Lester opened the door-her distracted eyes .told him: that trouble was brewing. "Myrna's not here," she said. "What shall we do?" Tait stepped inside the room and closed the door. "No note— nothing?" The girl shook her head. "I don't believe she came here at all from" the'.Pacific-Plaza." : "This is bad," Tait told her. "Dunphy, from . pqlice : headquarters, .is. on" ,his .way .here now.. : .It's' going .to ~ look .bad when he 1 finds.she. isn'.t .tpjje had." .Hejheld ! Anne's 1 gaze. . "Arc you sure , you don't know where she might be?' 1 . Anne shook her head. "I've been trying to think—ever since'; I got here. The-Vthe only posslr : ' bility that came to me is—is-thati what happened at the Gqitieh' Bowl made her lose her head." ; For a moment Tait did not answer -He -tried-to -fathom beyond Anne Lester's seemingly frank glanqe; ^Listen'," • he burst out, "do you 'have any reason to believe that Myrna killed Dombey tonight? There must be—" He stopped, shrugged his shoulders. "It wouldn't do any good to ask iyou that. Even if you thought ishe were guilty, you'd lie for her." Anne Lester's answer came swiftly. "You're .right. I would. I'd go further than that for Myrna. But she didn't do it. She was in love with him. Couldn't you tell that when you walked up to that table tonight?" "I'm afraid I had something else on my mind. You see, I'd just lost a job and was trying to figure a way to get it back. That's what ; I should be doing now. I wish I knew why I'm not." Anno clutched his arm. "Please help us. 'I—I'm afraid. I knew something was going to happem tonight. I kept feeling it. And I know this is going to mean trouble for Myrna. We've got to find her. We've—" She caught her breath, lookefl up at Tait with a sudden new fright. "They might be after her now! If they wanted to kill Lud Dombey, why wouldn't they want to kill his wife, too?" under such conditions as are customary. Coal tar hair dyes are permitted, except flyes for eyelashes or eyebrows, if there is a cautionary statement on the label. The purveyors of cosmetics do not have to list the ingredients on the label. Under the law, however, a cosmetic Anne nodded. She had wrapped in ulster around the dress she'd . ne od was a smart brown felt. Her A Book a Day By Bruc* Catton Tliclr Triumph Wns Fruitless The tide of history may flow in n strong, steady current, but it has odd Unit" eddies and bnckwaters now nml then where it seems to reverse itself and flow cusses one of them in his new novel, "A Day of Battle" iDoubledny, Durait: $2.50). wns 'buried in >the ruins ,of a general collapse within half n century. Mr. Shehean paints n fine, blood- and-thtinder picture of the battle. He sketches in Marshal Snxe and the irresolute, unkingly King Louis, and •by way of contrast tnoves back to •Versailles every now and then to show cwith Voltnire. His character sketches are excellent,' und his whole narrative is an ironic and Illuminating portrayal of a rotten- ripe society hurrying to its own doom, of half-blind people living under the Thiu-aday, October 6, lf)S8 The reversed flow to which Mr. She- shadow of inevitable destruction MI,., •- ' •• '"•• ••••••:•- !.. "• I....I. thinking nil the time that they were moving on to a glorious destiny. Drivers Graw Beards to Make Show Realistic JOHANNESBUKG. - ,0P) _A "bus boys' beaver club" hns been formed by young munici|jal bus drivers and conductors who pledged themselves to grow beards before the end of Ihv, year. This is one of the developments in the beard growing campaign being carried on all over the country to make the celebrations in connection with the "Voortrekker Centenary Celebrations" as realistic as,possible. m turns his attention is the battle of Kontenoy. In this battle the decaying but still ri'-splcnilctitly chivalric empire of the French Bourbons scored a resounding victory over the up-and-eoining British. Marshel Sa.xe, the bloated, drop- sci.il genius who commanded the Kiench army, apparently won a decisive and significant triumph for his master, Louis XV. Hut in actual fact the battle meant nothing whatever, ll look place in 174;"': within a few years France had lust both India and Canada, her sea power had : been broken and England luul replaced hei the dominant power. And the monarchy vhich Saxe fought for so valiantly uirrying do.wn the hall. 'It was not a moment too soon. Somewhere below them :boomud Vlike Dunphy's bellowing query, • 'Where would be the apartment, jelongin' to Miss Myrna Rogers?" Tail could not hold back a smile. it was like Mike to .disturb the andlady and assert his authority rather than quietly examine the names on the lobby board. But right ... now Tait was glad for Officer Dunphy's idiosyncrasies. "Get your thinking cap on," Tait told Anne when they had gained the street. ".I'm going to rent a car—taxi drivers can talk in court, and we might find later on .that we'd rather not-have thi.-j little jaunt on .record" He took .Anne by the ,arm, hurried her along. "I know u car rental place a few blocks from here. And while we're walking, try to figure out where we might have a look for Myrna." Anne stopped momentarily, made a quick, .excited gesture. "It's just a chance." "What's just a chance?" "The cottage. Or the shack—as Myrna .called it. .Her .father left it to her. It's the only .thing he did .leave, because he was a happy-go-lucky sort—but Myrna loves the place, and was always trying .to save enough to have it fixed' up. 1 ' "Where is jt?" "Out 'near Belleville, in the country.. .It's at ;least a three-hour drive." what .makes you think- she'd go there?" "She and I spent a week-end there one summer. I remember now. > tBat-.s.hq .sjud.-flhatl'if sh got inter fvpuble^lbst'her •!„„,. „» anything like that—she'd go .bjjf there and'think it over. She 'w'a's naif-joking, of course." * * * TRAIT quickened his pace. "It's •*• .a good hunch, jiist the same. Remarks likq that come back to a person when they're jn a 3am. We'll go there. Bu.t .isn't -there 1 iome spot in town she might .hit? Another friend—or a cocktail bar?" "I don't think Myrna .would take her troubles to anyone but .•ne," Anne said staunchly. "And >he never went to cocktail bars alone. I don't think she'd do it now." "Okay. Then we'll try .the place in the country. At least,the drive ill do us good." In a few moments they were wheeling along in a rented coupe, sound tov/ard Belleville. The Iraffic was light at that hour, and Tail's headlights pierced quickly •hrough the .city. He and Anno ivere silent.until they were on the aorth -highway. Then Tait reached nto his pocket and -brought out Vlyrna's handbag. "Ever see that before?" "Of course. It's Myrna's. She lad it tonight." Tait nodded. "There was a gun n it, too. Did you know -that?" (To Be Continued) trai-liveno.ss. or altering the appearance of the user. This is, of course, a ver> broad definition. Any toilet article that is promoted as having power of preventing, miti- galing, or curing disease is considered to be a drug, and is subject to the net s<> far as relates to drugs. There is an elaborate .procedure provided for enforcing this law, and then- arc opportunities for heavy penalties. Any law, however, is effective •only to the extent of tho amount of money and personnel available -for making the nccssary investigations and for carrying out enforcement. HEATEDS FLOOR FURNACES Phone for -Estimate Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-r-Electrical Phone 259 AMinncsoln zoologist snys thnt mnny fish enjoy heing tickled. So nftcr tliis, fishermen, the first step should be to locnle (he little devil's ribs. The wcittht of dniry cow volume of milk she gives largely the amount of feed s«ry. 'Hut Slimmer.I,ei\vos SysteiirWenkent'iI hy Atu.inrln anil Biliousness. ,llelp lineiH.v Jliilimt with Nnsli's. 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Got Nush'.s C. &''L. Tonic-today, you risk nothing ' > iFor sale .in Hoix. 1 by Waicl & Son* ili.lii.rvi.> i_ i i-.tr) in n 11*1 j LI, . vtiuo%:<n jr i/un • VH" . (J'UI r»iU U III < I il/|^v >>J TV *l I VI crgy t'> return, by aiding the climina-1 And -all other.good drug stoic Government Cotton Loans Quick Service—Immediate Payment Cotton classed 'by a Licensed Government .classer in our .office. T. S. McDAVilTTA COMPANY I Hope, Arkansas] •Si- is any substance intended only for cleansing, beautifying, promoting at- SEE JETT WILLIAMS For Quick Service when making your Government Cotton Loans. Classed by a Government Licensed Classet, 108 South Walnut Street ARKANSAS I MOTOR 'COACHES BEST Schedules Lowest Fares To: Every enjoyable mile of Arkansas Motor Coach travel costs you less. Newest buses, with every latest safety device, make AMC travel a lung riynembered pleasure. 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